This is Alex, Eva’s dad, writing.  Last month, I took Eva on a daddy-daughter date to Dodger stadium.   Eva had been asking to go to a Dodgers game for some time now -- and I finally got the tickets and put it on the calendar.  I turned out to be an incredible evening -- filled with memories that she and I will never forget. I always knew that Eva was a powerful young lady -- so I guess it should not have been a surprise that minutes after telling me it would be amazing to come home with a foul ball -- she indeed had a foul ball in her hands.    I have many friends who have been to hundreds of games and have yet to catch a foul ball, and Eva got one at her very first game! As Eva shares in the episode, the whole day and evening was magical, and Eva shares a powerful lesson that I’m sure both kids and adults could hear about how to make your experiences in life magical -- even when it is not your very 1st Dodger game :)   Enjoy!

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