In this episode of the DrMarketingTips podcast, Jennifer sits down with independent radiation oncologist Dr. Maneesh Gossain to discuss his office’s latest marketing challenges. Is the investment in your in-house marketing team leading to diminishing returns? In today’s internet-focused world, it’s becoming more important to find a variety of ways to reach new patients even as personalized reviews become a greater focus of patients’ online searches. Referral relationships with small independent practices have historically been the best way to find new patients, but these can be difficult to maintain as hospitals buy out more small businesses and add more independent physicians to their networks.
While reaching new patients is always a priority, Dr. Gossain also discusses the importance of personal attention and respect for current patients. With 2 offices and about 20 employees, it’s also important to look at staff turnover. Dr. Gossain explains how increasing patient happiness has led to a decrease in staff turnover and improved employee satisfaction. This has had a positive effect on the overall office environment as the focus can remain on patient care. This is especially important in a practice like radiation oncology, as most patients are seen daily for an extended period of time and there are more opportunities for communication.
Tune in to discover how Dr. Gossain has learned from past mistakes while learning to manage his office’s marketing needs. In this episode, we’ll uncover the two most important marketing tips to remember when starting your own small business as an independent physician.
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