This week on the DrMarketingTips Podcast, Jennifer shares valuable new data about the buying preferences of Generation Z consumers and outlines exactly how these 75 million American youngsters could wreak havoc on the way you attract and retain patients in the near future.
The first generation to grow up after the iPhone flooded the marketplace, Gen Z readily admits to spending a majority of their days online. In fact, according to a recent article in AdWeek written by Sammy Nickalls, over 25% of Gen Z writes a product review every time they make a purchase. Every time. And, nearly 76% of Gen Z says they are either somewhat or extremely likely to trust online reviews above and beyond all else.
Think you don’t need to worry about Generation Z and all their quirky habits just yet? Think again. Ranging from ages 9-24 today, this ‘always connected’ generation is about to become your next patient.
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