This week we are continuing our theme of bringing you 25 (more!) ways to improve the patient experience. From enhancing your patient parking to accurately communicating office wait times, this episode is chock-full of advice for keeping your patients happy.
There are many different touch-points your patients go through before even seeing a physician, and these are often the factors that can make or break a new doctor-patient relationship. It may seem trivial, but features that have nothing to do with medical care, such as easy parking and updated tech components, can be the deciding factor when deciding to try out a new practice (and are most often the topics people post about on review sites). Updating and personalizing your practice to what your patients want and need will greatly improve your practice’s reputation and result in repeat business.
The patient experience often hinges on small personal touches, like hand-written notes, or customizing your on-hold messaging system. Don’t let your patients feel like they are replaceable. Listen to their concerns – often they just want to feel like they’re in good hands, which starts as early as making that first appointment.
In this week’s episode, Jennifer and Corey discuss ideas to personalize the patient experience, such as providing additional information about the appointment upon arrival. We also suggest ways to make your office more tech-savvy, such as sending text-message appointment reminders, or posting an interactive parking garage video to your website.
If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part I and Part II for fifty more action-items. And stay tuned for Part IV in the near future!
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