Hello my friend; I'm a Medical Doctor and Founder of doctoronamission™.com Coaching YOU to Live a 100 Years Young + Healthy with Lifestyle Medicine. I believe you are your best doctor, you just need a health coach to guide you. My Mission is to Empower YOU with the tools to Reclaim YOUR Health. We moved here from USA to NZ to offer the family a different way of life, and yes, we have gotten that. The girls even have the gorgeous Kiwi accent...I am still working on mine matey! I love to do anything that keeps my fitness going. I enjoy biking, walking, trekking and training at the Gym. Michael and I have been in love (yes,marriage!) for 36 years and we are excited about reaching 100 years young, together. I thoroughly love my walk with God, as my christianity is the backbone of my life. Your friend, Isabel. Isabel Bertran-Hunsinger M.D. (aka Dr.Isabel) University Of Colorado Medical School 1991 Southern Colorado Family Practice Residency 1995 Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practice 2005 Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine Member of New Zealand Society of Integrative Medicine
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Hello everyone. It's Chef Michael, Culinary nutrition expert @ doctoronamission.com.This is massively important because this is going to be around an area where we just don't tend to talk a lot about it. I mean, we seem to always want to talk about physical health and working out, which is fantastic. Physical health is very important. But there's also what's called brain health. Now today, why I want to talk about this is because it is so, so important. So here, I'm going to be quoting you from and kind of paraphrasing a little bit from an article that just came out today. Now this is stuff that we've actually known for awhile.The article is entitled the Diet that's shrinking your brain. This is about the lifestyle choices that people are making and all the world currently. Okay. So here's what it's about now, the average person, I'm just going to read some of it because I need to, the average person is eating a lot more calories than they did 50 years ago, and it's having devastating results on their brains. A new study warns people are eating an extra 650 calories day.So basically, maybe they're eating like an extra burger and fries and soft drink a day than they did in the 1970s. This is from the Australian National University professor Nicholas Cherrybomb, his new research published in frontiers and neuroendocrinology brain, said there was a clear link between brain deterioration and unhealthy lifestyle choices, brain deterioration. Um, that's not good. So this study, research and reviewed results from 200 international studies and basically what they found is there is a link between type two diabetes, overweight, obesity and rapid deterioration of brain function. Another problem is that people are eating too much of the wrong types of food, such as fast food, processed foods, that are low in nutrients really has no nutritional value, and very high in calories. Wow. Now let me just point out a few other things I am reading in here even more worrying is that the damage of brain function, brain deterioration starts a lot sooner than people think.Yep. We'll talk about that in a moment. We've found strong evidence that people's unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise for sustained periods of time, meaning over years, put them at serious risk of developing type two diabetes and significant declines in brain functions such as Alzheimer's, dementia and brain shrinkage, and cognitive decline. The article states, people are eating away at their brain with a really bad diet, basically eating the wrong foods, too much food, and little to no exercise. It is people's diets in childhood and young adults and as adults that are crucial. Wow. Okay. So bottom line is, as is Dr Isabel and I have been talking about recently, is that we now know that the brain doesn't just automatically shrink. You know, when we're forgetting things and we have cognitive decline where we're a little bit foggy and as time goes on, let's say it's in a person's forties, 50s, 60s or later, we would always before just say, oh, it's just old age.Well, it's not just old age. This has been coming on because of the choices we're making, especially through nutrition. And so we've got to understand, folks have to understand this is so, so important that the brain is elastic. It can shrink or it can grow or it can stay the same. And how do we grow the, grow the brain by using it, by also having proper nutrition lifestyle. Exercise energy, exercise doesn't have to be pounding in weights all day long, but just movement, movement, movement is so great for the body and for the brain and nutrition. And also now that around 10% and growing around 10%, currently of the world's population is either in prediabetes or type two diabetes. That's one in 10 people you probably already know somebody or you know, um, I mean, prediabetes means people don't even know it. They're probably overweight or obese and they haven't been diagnosed as type two diabetes, but they pretty much are. They just haven't been diagnosed yet. One in 10 people already. And that's getting, pardon the pun, bigger and bigger. This is so important to understand the fact that we can prevent, we can reverse. We don't ant to be going along inlife and then, BOOM! Do you know somebody who has cognitive decline? Alzheimer's dementia is having brain problems. If you do, please understand and know how Yucky that is and you definitely don't want it to be you and you don't want it to happen to any of your friends, your family, your loved ones.It is so, so important to learn about brain health and how to keep your brain sharp till the day you die. All right, bye for now.
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