Baby MommaAnna and Hughes cleaning out Edith’s room after the fire, find a picture of a small childTim Drewe suggests Edith be Marigold’s godmother - sort of. Mrs. Drewe doesn’t look very pleased.Edith asks Robert if she can “take an interest” in Marigold. Get Away With YouThe committee/village is trying to find the best place for the memorial. Robert says center of the village, but they want somewhere quiet: the old cricket pit.Hughes agrees with Robert - memorial should be in town. Carson: I was disappointed in his Lordship, but I’m more disappointed in you. Hughes: Every relationship has its ups and downs.Carson to Hughes: I don’t like it when we’re not on the same side. Hughes: We’re different people. We can’t always agree. C: I know, but I don’t like it. A widow convinces Carson about the memorial site. Her son pays respects to her husband on their day.Carson tells Hughes he decided on the village for the memorial. He only wanted to be convinced. His walk convinced him. Carson: There’s a bonus. It puts us back in agreement. I’m not comfortable when you and I are not in agreement.Hughes: You’re very flattering. You talk like that, you make me want to check the looking glass to make sure my hair is tidy. Carson: Get away with you.Hughes: I mean it. Stop Flirting with the DogMary says she’s going away with Annabelle Portsmith to drive around.Anna tells Mary to choose clothes carefully that she won’t need help taking off. Mary: Well, I’ll have his help. Anna nervous about if they call Lady Portsmith.Anna: Honestly, m’lady. You should hope I never write my memoir.Mary asks Anna to buy contraception.Blake is coming before Mary leaves.At the shop, Anna takes off her glove to reveal that she’s married.She lets a gentleman go first. Points to what she needs in the book. The shop keeper gives her a hard time. “I can see you’re married. But you don’t want any more children. There’s always abstinence.” Anna pays quickly and leaves without instructions.  Bates asks Anna why she’s not going with Mary.Anna says it seems unfair that they treated her like that at the shop. Suppose she was a working woman with 8 kids and isn’t want any more. Wouldn’t I have the right? I feel like going back and ordering a baker’s dozen. Mary: One’s enough for now.Blake tells Mary she should have told him he wasn’t the lucky winner. Mary: Well, I don’t seem to have broken your heart. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you. It’s only lately that I’ve begun coming out of the mist. Blake: That’s why I came here. To wish you luck in person.Brixton is flirting with Cora.Cora showing Simon painting. Robert sees them.Blake tells Mary to be sure before she makes a decision. But that she is cleverer than Gillingham, and that won’t work anymore in this century.Mary says she’s not a housemaid drooling over him. Blake says Plantagenets are as susceptible as housemaids when it comes to sex.Mary tells Anna she wants to marry again, and she absolutely does not want to divorce. Her grandparents lived in vast quarters, but things are going to be closer for her. She wants to be sure she wants Gillingham as a friend, lover and husband. Stirring the PotClarkson tells Isobel about insulin.DC: I’m glad you’re back to your old interests.Clarkson: Why do you say that?DC: Mrs. Crawley’s been distracted lately.Isobel: You make too much of it. DC: Do I? Mama PatmorePatmore asks Rose to ask Sarah Bunting if she would tutor Daisy.Sarah agrees to tutor Daisy.Robert: So every time we entertain, we must invite this Tin Pot Rosa Luxenbourg?Sarah turns down dinner because she doesn’t want to put herself or Robert through another test of strength. She tells Branson he may have been in Rome too long. “You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.” She tells him he can’t have a future there with those people. He tells Robert she couldn’t stay, and he says, “What a relief.”Mary: I have a feeling Branson is turning back into who he really is. What will happen with Sibby?
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