It’s time for that Ganza, Ganza, Ganzaaaa! Tonight we are reviewing “Mowgli”, and hopefully Mowgli keeps us in the spirit of excitement for the eventual Lion King release as well as a lot of other classic Disney properties in the future! Was this a quality re-imagining? Or was this just another failed attempt at making a profit from nostalgia?
We’re also going to be reviewing a few smaller films tonight! Those films are “Ben Is Back”, “Roma”, and “Mary Quinn of Scots!” Are any of these films of enough quality that they could be considered for an Oscar nomination in a few months? Find out tonight! We’re also going to be answering your emails and phone calls on tonight’s show, making sure Martin has to stay extra late! If you have any questions for us send ’em over to [email protected]! Leave us your SkypeID and/or your phone number to be part of tonight’s festivities!
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