Are you doing what you were born to do right now? Most people will say, no. Everyone finds their path on their own time but those who seek it will arrive sooner. According to Adam Force, Founder of Change Creator, we all have the entrepreneurial fire in our belly but we are the ones that have to light the fire. ... Read More
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00:00:00welcome to another episode of the dose of leadership podcast the show that brings you inspiring and educational interviews with today's most relevant and motivating leader each episode is dedicated to highlight reel life Leadership and influence experts who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of the truth common sense and courageous leadership and now here's your host Richard Ryerson hey welcome to dose of leadership so happy you tuning in let me ask you a question are you doing what you were born to do right now you're honest most of us would probably say no we're all sinking it seems like I know I've got a yearning in my belly I have for a long time and now I'm pursuing something bigger than myself we all seem to find it somehow or at least get an idea what we should be doing in our own time
00:00:55but if you're actively unintentionally seeking it out you're going to get there sooner than later my next guest Adam Force he's a founder and publisher of change creator of the question that was knowing him for a very long time he had worked 15 years in professional business World 10 + WebMD building strategies for them and for other brands around the world is Walgreens Cancer Treatment Centers of America Dove CBS Purina and many many more he's not spin or heart though you went on a trip to Costa Rica and then I kind of had an aha moment and realized he should be doing something more with his life easier to ask himself what was he going to be doing in the next 10 years on 2010 social entrepreneurship of the idea of using Audrey Premiership to change the world caught his attention
00:01:50it's the whole idea of using your entrepreneurial skills to innovate new ideas and solve all the world's problems or at least tackle some of the most meaningful problems I love that idea I love the concept of Entrepreneurship deeper than just for the sake of making money mean it is about making money because with making money you can change the world that's the whole idea behind it and Adam understands that concept and with that he created change Creator and that's how I found him in just an engaging conversation he has a podcast to but he has this is really a magazines a website and he does conversations interviews highlights those entrepreneurs those people who are tackling those issues and using their gifts or talents their leadership skills to do something bigger than themselves and I just love that idea and so I think you really going to enjoy this conversation with Adam and it was a real treat to have them on my show and I pay attention to the mindset behind his entrepreneur Journey again it's the same type of
00:02:50Sunset more talking about leaders what we going to do it doesn't matter you know even if you're in an organization in a business and you're not going to create your own business the concepts are still the same because you can make a tremendous impact within your organization and it's one of my biggest pet peeves are things I'm passionate about is getting people to understand how much influence they have inside their organization doesn't matter what your position doesn't matter what your title is you can make a tremendous impact because we have way more influence than we give yourself credit for and Adam gets that Adam understands that so listen to the mindset engaging conversation Adam I have about those nuggets about how all of us can do something to start to change the world or at least our part of it alright this show is brought to you by my legacy leader blueprint course just finished up my 15th
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00:04:58will Adams finally I've got you on the show Welcome the dose of leadership thanks for coming on hey thanks for having me happy too I join so sorry that we tried a couple times and because of my scheduling snafu is it hasn't happened but it's thank you for your patience and glad to finally have you love what you doing I love your story but let me just say you're out front you're at your initiative Your Enthusiasm the fact that you want to take entrepreneurship and and turn it towards good in and purpose of people's lights all that man thanks for coming on the show flipping a scrap man I flip the script and changed the direction of the world really at the moment right so it's kind of like you look at the data and you're seeing how behaviors and attitudes are changing and I'm always the kind of guy that likes to get to the route and I'm like why is that like why is that all changed why are more people becoming you know cell
00:05:58directed you know creating is unicorn rolls as leaders and you take into it and there's just a lot of interesting conditions around the world that are kind of instigating those things and so there's just a big transition happening so we're kind of like riding that way then we're going to say hey let this is where it's going get on board you know she's 20 she better be turn turn 21 and she's kind of in this is kind of drifting kind of trying to find a way which I completely understand and she's frustrated him a message telling her all the time try everything surround yourself you know she was why I like this but I just don't know how not to connect right and I'm like this is the best time in the history of the world I think to be alive I really do I think it's it is the absolute most opportune time to be alive in the history the planet what are your thoughts
00:06:58and you know it's the Technologies blooming were more connected than ever it has its ups and has its downs but I think you're right that it's kind of like opening up the Wild Wild West again right it's like you had the industrial boom but now we've got this check from where you can create unique jobs and you can make money doing things that you never could have before so you're right that the doors are wide open and it's coming down to the creativity The Innovation and I guess ambition of whoever is you know running your own life it's like so yeah you're right there's a lot of opportunity out there and we're seeing it happened I was seeing just for example one of the statistics I love is that I don't know if you know the gem report it's the general entrepreneur monitor okay so they did a report 2017 they've been doing this for like 20 years they said in the u.s. 27 million working-age Americans are starting to run new businesses and that's a 16-year high
00:07:57already telling you like the direction it's it's happening there's more entrepreneurs they're creating their own life they're not just job Seekers or job creators and it's really exciting that is exciting I think a lot of time that I kind of unplug from the traditional sources of information the more I found that people were doing this there so many stories of people doing life-changing life-altering on positive things that are getting covered right I mean if you look at it and it's almost overwhelming and that that isn't that is an awesome that is an awesome statistic and that's encouraging it's on the flip side it it seems that this technology this opportunity it seems to created more anxiety more Division and certainly a lot of what am I supposed to do it's overwhelming it's not me it seems like
00:08:46there are so many people I'm using mine example with my daughter and even myself I like what how do I get connect this how do I find that purpose that tribe that why what I'm supposed to do on this planet we're still struggling trying to find out what were meant to do right it's not always easy you know it's so many people can have more than one thing that they're interested in so yeah I think that this is kind of the new Direction and I like to I would say this to my team and I think I have to make a TED talk with this title which is learning to survive again and what I mean by that is because of what we talked about before how everything is changing so dramatically you know it's no longer you're born into the world and just go to school get a job get married and we will hurt the linear internet we have your online business World communication is changing marketing is changing its will now how do I make my own way how do I make a money make money and learn to survive again like this is
00:09:46the new thing is it's no longer the nearest completely all over the place and you have to be prepared to go up and down and trying to figure things out now so it's kind of like the wild wild west on one hand that's so refreshing in a sense because the opportunities really are boundless I was watching a show on Netflix with my youngest daughter last night what kind of found out we would like to find a show goes to two different countries and just kind of Blends in with the crowd and find whatever he's eating it's kind of a food show it is a food show and he goes in but when you goes deeper deeper than that went to Thailand and Vietnam and he's going to be showing these kind of like just lay back and connecting with families and people and that's what I loved about the show look at the food was great but it was more the connection with people as I
00:10:46you just wouldn't know that unless you dovinh and just kind of experience at life and that's kind of what I want to do I mean that's why I created oh so that's why you probably because you want to add value do something that at least change your part of the world I don't know what you think I love that job it was a good condition good company you know very credible and you know after 10 years it's you kind of get to the point where the circle what am I going to be doing 10 years from now is the same thing and you start thinking well if I don't change my trajectory and do something different I will be doing the same thing just working for someone else doing this and it's not what I want it personal so that's where I started just exploring the idea of social entrepreneurship that was the label at the time that stood out and there was no there were no magazines I change
00:11:46Creator there were no courses in the major universities or anything and so you know after a lot of trial-and-error with several businesses I started I finally came to the conclusion of changed reader and decided I'll make the first magazine for The Purpose Driven entrepreneur and I make it my own definition so Fearless social entrepreneur is somebody that's kind of shift in the equilibrium of an entire system Eunice's of the world and that's a tough definition of change greater I'm just saying listen we need more conscious people who are creating his Lifestyles now forget the idea of business it's a lifestyle that is doing something you care about and of course the money comes in to support that lifestyle and so a change greater is defined as you know a leader that helps great adjust and sustainable World your Purpose Driven work that has a social Mission so it's as simple as that right just start making decisions that are conscious figure out how to support something you're passionate about and Play 4
00:12:46bigger than yourself I love that I love all of that and I think we were people sometimes I think it's stuck there was like I don't have the money to do that what you say to that because it always stop ourselves because we get afraid of the capital that's involved or not have any capital or maybe we find a supplement were so entranced I've been working corporated 420 as I got a mortgage look at College I got wedding so I got all the stuff it's crazy Adam I can't just pick up and go to Costa Rica and find myself I mean what do you say I mean listen this is a common Challenge and there's nothing wrong with working for somebody else you can find jobs to in the beginning right so you have this Mission are you want to do something different you want to change it up but you can't just flip the switch and be like did you have did you have mortgages all these things money unfortunately is a major factor in your life so I might answer is you're going to have to suck it up and basic
00:13:46straddle two jobs you're going to have the job so the only way you can get one thing right now is to do work is no one's going to invest in just your idea unless you have the next iPhone going to have to get a job and think of it as this is my funding and what my real life mission is is this other idea that I'm pursuing but right now that money will keep going in listen years I woke up at 4 in the morning I was working like I said for 10 years at WebMD but for six of those years I was in Philadelphia and I had to take a train to New York and every day and so for me to do a job on the side I had to wake up at sometimes 3:30 in the morning and then work at night when I got back and it was exhausting and it was hard but I knew there was something else I wanted to do and creating this magazine to give people a tool that I never had it to give exposure to all the amazing entrepreneurs out there that are changing the world deserve exposure that was so important to me and it played in my wheelhouse of publishing
00:14:46because I worked at WebMD you just got to do it man and it's not going to last forever there's a light at the end of the tunnel so you're going to have to sell fund yourself love that I love that whole concept is exactly where I'm at here today I've talked about it on the show I mean that's why I'm working at American Airlines as a pilot's why I went back because of the funding but at the same time all I do my passion my interest is this leadership change creation helping people find their leadership business so I did and I'm with you I mean that there are times even this week I woke up in like when am I going to be able to pull away from this American Airlines job it's a great job as well and it gives me a lot of freedom but it's not my purpose right and so I encourage everybody like what you said what you said was very gave me goosebumps because it it speaks to where I'm at right now and I know a lot of my listeners are there and that's what's so great about change Creator me and that's why I think I know that's why it resonated with me and why I brought it on the show because it's like yet
00:15:46text me there in into your point I think you would say the same thing I mean you look at yourself and you just I think a lot of times we wait for the checklist for the Perfection and just like I'm the store I woke up one morning and I got hit with an epiphany and I emailed 70 people to do the show and I made up the name of the show as I'm typing the email to the people to come on to my show if that makes sense so I didn't do it I didn't do a site survey on or if you know what's the best name for a show I just picked up Lily as I'm typing email to my first person to come on the show and so it sometimes I don't know sometimes good enough is getting up right away I think
00:16:32well what what's what's go back to your story I kind of been ingested we got Costa Rica and you've kind of found yourself an end that show I was watching last night about the food they kind of remind me I think I want to go and immerse myself in a culture and experience it I can't tell you how to people to that I talk to who kind of I don't know found a new purpose as I got away from there Rat Race so they got to where they went into a different culture just kind of hammer something something happens that would happen to you in a slightly so you know what went crazy City that lives in Philadelphia and my wife and I were in the very high-paced environment and it's stressful and I want to go somewhere that's quiet and different and away from all the cast
00:17:32finally decided off of dirt road and it was like it was so different it's very difficult to describe but it was refreshing and the only thing that is around me was just the sounds of Dino nature ocean there is no cities are people that were too close around and I just had to ask myself these questions okay and that's where I decided to know change my tree I have to start taking action if I don't want to be doing what I'm doing right now in the next five or ten years then I have to start doing different things everyday so that I can change course and it's not going to be easy but let's start now right so there was I was in motion night that was the name of my my Publishers know in the last Magazine with Muhammad yunus I said in motion cuz once you make the decision you're in motion you start taking small steps big steps whatever it is
00:18:32but the wheels are in motion and you're on your way right and that's how it happened but to your point you know I interview all these guys and I got to say 80% of them do immerse himself in a culture which gives them an experience that inspires their business idea and that's why we have a Travel section in the magazine and you know I encourage people to get out there see what other people's lives are like you know who getting embrace the differences and see if you know how they live even Billy Parish on the site and he was in the Himalayas on Glacier and he was so inspired when I saw it melting that he quit yell and decided to start the largest but you know this based on that inspiration so I do think it's important part is that experience in life it's all about perspective
00:19:32when you brought your perspective or you get the bigger picture and I think even talking with my daughter and even my expenses myself I mean obviously I think a lot of it for me when I travel and I see different cultures when I was in the Marine Corps traveling all around the world and seeing how blessed we are compared to
00:19:54so many you know what were used to and I think I could ease your like a magnet for opportunity as other areas it's like deflector for opportunity opportunity is not attracted to you it's very difficult and so you can't help but have like in part of great leadership is having great empathy because you have to understand the people around you and what's going on in the world then when you have that empathy you can make good decisions yeah you can help shift the way things are which is not an easy thing because it's culture man like it's it's been ingrained you know I love it you said that it's absolutely true of me and of the fact of having this emotional quotient this muscle exercising the EQ side of you having that infant sympathetic nature is tantamount to successful leadership I can talk about it a lot here in the show I can't agree with you more in the only way that
00:20:54the first why you got to be in love with the idea or the act of leading you got to be in love with the actively not the idea of leaving and I think a lot of times we would love with the idea of leaving or in love with the idea of Entrepreneurship promoting her business but you have to be in love with the act of in the act of it is pretty gritty and cry me it's dirty it's hard work but Demands a great deal of tenacity but the same time it's the only way that you can achieve the resurrection power that comes with that that's the only way in and in to do that you've got to be in love with the act of it which means you have to love people even know people frustrate the hell out of you you have to be in love with the idea of sacrificing yourself so that they can prosper
00:21:38yeah I mean there's no doubt about it you have to be willing to like Tony Robbins says in our interview is play for something bigger than yourself and when you find things that frustrate you it could be plastic pollution whatever it might be no you're going to take an action now as a leader in that space and you're going to naturally be authentic and genuine when you talk to people about it and that will that will resonate with people more so than starting a profit based company just because and talking about it where you're going to try to create a city but it's not natural rights having that natural weinman something that's important to you is very sustainable overtime and that's why I like this magazine I mean the whole idea here is we are exposing you not only to Muhammad yunus and Tony Robbins expert but we also have the spotlight in there where its people in with startups that are 5 years or less and we're showing you how they found their ideas how they got started how are they getting funding and you want to not only inspire
00:22:38for them to participate in addressing certain problems and categories but also learn how people are doing these things because they have the same struggles you know how do I get the money how do I get started how do I make a business plan remember this is like that new Wild West the nonlinear path and so we have to learn from people who have already done it and this magazine is essentially your mentor and that's what I love about you write the magazine the podcast it in and you said the key word there it's Ruben authenticity there's so much out there on the internet when were talking about entrepreneurship in the business space you know that the kind of cookie cutter hey let me show you how to make my I made all this money let me show you how I made all this money and it's just it's just kind of sugar coated candy plastic banana good-time rock and roll feel but it's it's the 20 piece that I think that's what I love about your stuff you're right if there's this level of authenticity let me show you the pic behind the curtain let me open up my heart and show you what's really involved yeah it's pretty grimy but man
00:23:38is nothing more rewarding than this that's what I love about your stuff man they're so passionate and they're so happy in their life look at Maggie doing and she moved to Nepal and she was inspired by this one little girl and this little girl smiled at her everyday she had like you know she was obviously you know under-served and developing countries and its change the way Maggie, and Maggie's idea was how do I just hope this one little girl and that's an important thing people need to realize when they have these new idea take your idea learn how you're going to help someone and just help that one person maybe two if your idea works you start stealing it up so don't overwhelm yourself just naturally
00:24:38genuinely try to help someone with your idea and so after she helped that one girl she has been skyrocketing ever since getting funding building schools out there just it's intense it's amazing that is amazing and that's great advice right I mean sex it's she's playing to that one little girl that one little girl obviously is your Niche but that's that's where the authenticity is involved in instead of sitting down and trying to think I'm going for you know Mark the 35 year-old she said this is my purposes I want to help with this little girl is not just the business model us yes there's differences and things like that when you add it impact portions your business model but it is also just when you apply we approach something with certain intentions you will start making different types of decisions and the decision-making really separates the Purpose Driven entrepreneur from the economically
00:25:38decisions you make the reasons and intentions behind it and the outcomes that you are envisioning
00:25:45you know I it's at the expense of
00:25:48and sometimes I ate it we can say like it is Purpose Driven versus economic and not the silly one is better than the other but I guess I find myself particula doing the show and he even coaching and getting coached myself it is all around the purpose in the why why we even exist I think if we don't do that and I don't know why I'm curious what you think about this cuz I think the problem is like with the rat race I think why we get stuck and why we think we have to do the the kind of economic core the traditional sense is because we are validation or at least we're kind of poisoned in thinking that are our validation is based on
00:26:31what other people think of us so we want every like us and then what we accomplished and so those are the two things that get a stuck in that hamster wheel Rat Race that we can see it's hard to get out of because if you're constantly seeking one validation from others and number 2 what it is you accomplished then you're always going to be an approval at instead of instead instead of trying to have a Purpose Driven Life I don't know what are your thoughts when you hear me say that everyday stimulus about how you should look how you should behave how you should you know to work that is all told to us and those in a week naturally lean into those things as being what's most important so the other part of it though is the fact that I thought
00:27:31and you're talking about that and I lost it have to be the most look a certain way we have to achieve achieve the happiness peace yeah but I had another thought to piggyback off it and I can it'll come back to me it'll have to come back tonight so I totally lost it but you're right for validation you know what it was it was the Fear Factor you have to realize what we are taught how to grow up and get a job and do all these things this is what we know and this is what is comfortable so people have a certain level of complacency and it's very scary to step into the unknown and to say you know okay I can do this you know and what if I lose this money what if you put $2,000 10000 to a business and you lose it can you accept that loss and move on most people are too afraid to take the risk and they would rather continue with what they already know
00:28:31and that's a challenge and I challenge you know I have faith in my life then I think many other people do so the culture doesn't like in Grain the validation factors and all those things but it's also what you know and being afraid of the unknown that's what's so great about studying you know what we're talking about here in terms of leadership and Entrepreneurship and a Purpose Driven Life and as you studying you know this from from talking to people who have a cheap great deals of significance in their life that the fear and uncertainty never goes away it's part of the price of admission towards a life of significance it doesn't go away and so if it doesn't go away then and that's normal I mean that my day got home I went on the show was when I talk to see forwards and I asked him about the specific thing about fearing you laughed at me since I woke up this morning you know leaving I want to put an apostrophe people find out that I'm not you know
00:29:31trying to cheat in so okay if the fairness or you never goes away then there's always going to be a dragon to slay I'm going to stop spending my resources and trying to prevent Dragons I'm going to spend my time resources becoming a dragon slayer is that right yeah I love that I mean I think that's a good way to think about it you're right the fear never goes away and problems you can have a start off of your guy don't have funding I got all these problems and but then even when you get 5 million now you got 5 million dollar problems and fears of losing the entire business you learn how to embrace it and use it as a motivator and accept things and I always tell people to unlike if you did x y n c and you're afraid to lose that money or make this think about all the possible outcomes you can not try and nothing will happen or you can try and you fail but you learn a huge life lesson and get a lot of experience or you succeed and you make huge step
00:30:31in progress but either way if you tried its progress leave that in your ear making progress that's so it mean that is the philosophy we need to embrace it becomes if I think everything can change if you realized two things for all that you're always one decision away from dramatically change in your life one decision from dramatically change your life and second of all if you stop worrying about being wrong if you just stop worrying about being wrong your whole life can be transformed and I did Caesar said than done but if you break it down to those two simple Concepts
00:31:11hey you know your life can be completely different but you have to take action to him and you just because the feelings are going to go eat it's some point you have to take the step off the ledge you have to leave without the parachute yeah damn it that's freaking scary it's a hundred percent true and here's the thing to people through ice anybody listen it's like you know you start taking these steps and you always start small right like get your feet wet but at the end of the day you have to put yourself out there and you never know what opportunities are going to fall into your lap you know so I'll just give a quick example of the reason we were able to connect with Muhammad yunus was not because we had a plan to reach out to show the great example as we want to show cap which is a impact investment conference when the biggest in the country and it was in September 2017 while our team was out in San Francisco we were there for the conference that was it but then we found out that Muhammad yunus was speaking at the Commonwealth club and so we reached out it was like a hundred bucks a ticket and we were able to
00:32:11sold out but we were able to get in as media we connected with their publicist long story short we interviewed them you put them on the cover of a magazine and it all happened but only cuz we went out to this conference you put herself out there the Opera next opportunity kind of fell on her lap right yeah I love that story it resonates with me deeply when people ask all the time ago how did you get so and so on the show and I don't mean to be flipping about it but I said I just simply asked you know and the ask isn't it isn't formulaic I mean sometimes I reach out on Skype sometimes I like you said I'm in a conference and I bump into somebody somebody there and I find a publicist I find ways right I can I put the check it's different every single time but at least you try to try to connect and take the first step I think I think it happens all the time to you like you can connect with someone then all the sudden they refer you and this happens I did a harrow request you know help a reporter out I did a request
00:33:11operation one of the leading Trends experts Daniel it was all a byproduct but it was not my intention but like they're the point I'm trying to make his if you're not taking certain actions don't get these opportunities so you like look back you like man I never would have had this happen if I didn't do this if I didn't do that right when I talk to people in the woods always inspired me is invariably almost everybody I ask is it was achieved a certain level of purpose-driven significance they almost invariably say man I have no idea I would be doing what I'm doing today but there is because when they were fate or presented with opportunities they always said yes and try to figure the details out later and I'm absolutely it's been 2 years now and we have changed a lot we we learn we pivot
00:34:11change your narrative a little bit know we were all about social entrepreneurship in the beginning and I'm stepping away from the terminology social entrepreneurs getting into we want to normalize the concept of Entrepreneurship and we were saying Purpose Driven and mission-driven and things like that but it's not just about shift in equilibrium of a system that's about being a leader creating a sustainable world you know it's just taking those actions and we're just going to flipping the script a little bit and not trying to label it and such a you know narroway I know I love it I know this is why I get your stuff resonated with me is because it comes down to the tenacity on the hard work in the authenticity of those are things that resonate with with what you're trying to do I mean it's exactly what I mean I think I know that's how I pivoted this show to a meaning of the beginning it was about you know corporate leadership and now it's like it's really about
00:35:10dealing with limiting beliefs and self-doubt and taking it to me and I almost put entrepreneurship synonymously because if you're going to be a great entrepreneur you're going to have to at some point understand what leadership is it was about it really comes down to it to love and and an empathetic and Megan sacrificing yourself So Others May Thrive and that's to me is what you're talking about here with social social entrepreneurship to me that is or change crater is is leadership sacrificial love to try to make the campsite better than you found it that's really what it boils down to it really does people concept but it has like a huge deep ocean of you know the information in in-depth behind it you know but it is a simple concept that up front
00:36:09making a campsite better than you found it in and went underneath another that umbrellas are a lot of richness in a lot of again you can't escape the hard work, Tennessee that's required for this but man the only way that you can and I use the word resurrection power because I feel that that's what happens when you tap into a Purpose Driven Life right it's a red there's a resurrection power that comes with that and again making the campsite better than you found it so you're going to hear from every every great leader around the world Tony Robbins Arianna Huffington you know whoever is it could be the Dali Lama they're all going to tell you to stop wasting your time with these lost missions a for-profit you know you can't buy the happiness money will come if you're doing something that you're passionate about give it time put your energy into it and play for something bigger than than yourself I mean when you do that your happiness goes up and it's just something that is constantly pounded by the most successful people in the world and I think we did
00:37:09how to take a little of a check from them
00:37:15Steven pressfield the war of art been read that for when I coach people I have them read this book and its really 4 I think it was intended for creatives but C breast old I came across him one of the Marine Corps because you wrote a lot of the Marine Corps loves him because this book of field look on the Battle of Thermopylae write the 300 people printer Spartans that held off
00:37:56you know Tricia in that men the gates at the gates of Thermopylae anyway so his book. This idea that we have this calling we have this purpose that we were almost obligated the universe's is obligated as to to pursue and if we don't pursue it we should as he puts it we Shan the university shame the Angels but the problem is is when you're giving some sort of purpose-driven something that's the old guy playing above to where you're at and almost seems impossible that there's going to be this resistance is going to try to stop you whatever force that is you can believe whatever it is you know doesn't matter religion whatever there's an actual forces trying to prevent you from doing that and that's where all this. Certainly comes in it is point is if you do the work anyway and you work through that fear and uncertainty the universe has to shift it has to move because you're in it will reward you in some form or fashion and I just love that kind of concept that idea then
00:38:56a lot of what you're doing a change greater kind of speaks to me about that if you do the work anyway at some point the universe has to shift because you're making a new space I love that and I think it makes complete sense and I'm really horny and I always think about life is like an algorithm and then and I think similarly it's like if your keep doing if you keep using the same outdoor then you get the same results but if you start changing certain variables and you're consistent you're going to get different results right so so your point if you're willing to keep fighting through and do something that's different keep pushing and not what is what was before you're right you're going to get different results the universe is going to respond and it does
00:39:39I can't remember the name of this guy this or that he was a mountaineer in the 30s long story West long is that he got into a when Hitler invaded Poland he was put in a concentration camp for the remainder of the war so it comes out of World War II in 1945 so we spent 6 7 years beaten in a concentration camp Survivor but he's his whole body with his wrecked or I am his whole Purpose Driven of exploring and climbing mountains in mountaineering all that stuff was at the end but you work himself back up you should know this what I have to do I do it right in his book journals this kind of come back and play is this was in the fifties and you wrote that and he said that you know when you set your set your sights on something we all do if your purpose all the sibling impossible things start to fall into place you know because you're doing the work you know
00:40:39call comes here that the chance meeting with this person the funding that comes from there I mean you still coming to work but because you're doing the work and making the universe shift and these things have to come into play as I love that and there's plenty of examples of that time you probably even seen that in your life to absolutely I mean it happens all the time and to your point to keep pursuing these things in your things pop up and you're going to have your UPS you're going to have your Downs it's it's by no means easy you know but it's not meant to be you know as they say if you're comfortable you're not growing so uncomfortable do something different do the things that you would never do before yeah this is what makes your life changing and don't be hesitant in my mind I talk about things with everybody and that's kind of like my way of putting things out in the world you know cuz just like as an example I years ago I used to get a car service from WebMD to go to certain client meetings and stuff in the same guy would pick me up and he was actually the owner of the business and you know he was
00:41:39the lawyer and all this other stuff and we would get to talkin and I would tell him about things I was trying to do and all this stuff long story short you know years later he reaches out to me he's like hey I know that you're looking to do X Y and Z do you help with this startup you know and I got involved with them for a while and stuff like that but you put it out in the universe and you never know who's going to respond or share your story and connect me with someone else doing Adam Ant I love change greater I encourage all my listeners to go to his website change credit.com to listen to the podcast the read the magazine which I so love this and it's always something I want to do her dose of leadership have a magazine have a podcast I love what you're doing and the fact that it's only 2 years old is just amazing and some of the people that you interviewed to play Robins to Neil Patel the guy Kawasaki to Arianna Huffington a great job man and how can people connect with you learn more about you and learn more about change creator
00:42:39hhgregg.com when you do the contact form I'll get your note directly so I will always respond but we also use you know we have a little pop up you'll see my smiling face can I help you right there on the website you hit me up there I will get back to you so don't be hesitant to say what's up ask questions all those things and also you know I want to throw out and offer anybody else listening we're going to give a free one-year subscription to the magazine we work really hard to make a good user experience so it's on all devices right now mobile phone desktop and we even offer now the audio narration of feature articles for those guys on the go
00:43:19man I love that and what did General shops are in that Tony guys that mean Adam as the real deal he's not the VIP salesman you get on his list he's not going to be bombarding you with put some get-rich-quick scheme this is all about Inspirations all about hope it's about authenticity it's about real-life tactical inspiration to help you in your life you need to ship your knees oh and I couldn't I couldn't recommend this anymore I'll share a link in like the little sign up code specific to you your audience and yeah that can go I guess I can show notes are some jazz music. Calm and
00:43:58click on Adams interview in in the show notes will be a link to all this and I'll send this link out to my list as well tell everybody on my internal email list and so they'll have that as well awesome man well if you're right it really appreciate you having me here this is a really fun conversation and said yeah yeah we have a lot of similar you know thinking and values absolutely I'm glad to have you. It was an honor and privilege to have you on the show thanks for coming on I really appreciate it you got it man take care hey thanks for tuning in the show go to Richard rice and. Com or dose of leadership. Com and felt contact page and reach out to me let me know where you're at your leadership during also if you want access to my brand new online leadership course to help become a better leader go to Legacy leader blueprint.com fill out your email to gain access to a free 12 and a video that will reveal the top secrets of leadership and also show you how you can gain access
00:44:58exclusive access to my online music courses at Legacy leader blueprint.com hope to see you on the inside thanks for tuning in the show

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