Concerned that Michael may try to bribe his way out of a ticket, Julie attempts to take matters into her own hands. Learn advanced Spanish while enjoying our fun exploration of the myths and truths behind the Mexican Police force.
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00:00:00Doorway to Mexico the Policia episode in today's podcast we get pulled over by a policeman in Mexico I hope you join us on today's adventure
00:00:16espanol de Mexico the doorway to Mexican Spanish City and I'm delighted to host this podcast program Doorway to Mexico is specifically designed with intermediate and advanced students in mine to increase your comfort level with conversation of the Spanish from Mexico and how many when you hear or know where podcast may not always be grammatically correct but it's hell real people actually it's fake in this podcast you would meet them I realized you didn't Michael and his family as they travel through Mexico and engage in conversations with logos from different regions of the country as always will listen to the dialogue first after work we'll listen to the beginning of my Roundtable discussion with Michael and his wife Julie okay so here we go remember don't worry if you cannot understand much do
00:01:13Gleason just relax sit back and check out the bonus materials on our website for the full translation emphysema school episodio is good
00:01:28remember that Danny maybe we can get some of those for your friends back home oh my God are we being pulled over over yeah but do they even care about that Mexico will see how much do not write him Michael Baxter are you crazy it's okay I've normal compared to act normal apical Bill Katina latest okay okay
00:02:19are there's no okay I don't even know why you pulled us over yet he hasn't told me it's kind of exciting exciting Danny we could end up in a Mexican jail this is not a movie
00:02:43yeah yeah 3.0 seem to understand that's in Eureka
00:03:00see if it's real are we in trouble. Officer lo siento official
00:03:25no offense taken me you by Motel SK I'm obsessed with you all the time does Historia De policias corruptos lo siento weather Quinta Inn North Padre Michael you're not offering of Applied are you know everything's fine he just up as cuz our trunk is open seriously oh my God I decided not to see estimate annual report report beginners simple San Jose Ramirez per hour
00:04:25exploding arrow middle and gun policy policy Mexico you for sending the report a key but yeah, ok Google specialist parasitic capacitance unit sentences in nose smith and williams Park Casino okay gracias entiendo entonces
00:05:25gracias Senor gracias that was scary
00:05:37cinnamon face about Lena. Adriana is going to be here this week. I really hope so and remember to get the most out of this podcast be sure to head over to their way to Mexico. Com exclusive online bought his materials on their website you find all the translations vocabulary lessons and taste for the cultural expressions from today's episode it takes time and practice to become comfortable with a new language and culture to that weird podcast and what is materials will be more ready for all kinds of conversations and situations with Mexican and Spanish speakers you and I don't know if I'm going to set up an attic on my college
00:06:17banana mini does the Champlain episode talking about the police in Mexico being American it's kind of frightening sing the police in Mexico you know in the back of their pickup trucks with their machine guns just not something we see everyday or we live right all the time all the time about people going over the border crossing the border and having a little bit of trouble with the police over there right now and I will have the opportunity today to find out from you you know what's the real deal with some of the police in Mexico and is the scary thing or not and you can tell me about Smith encounters you had or that you've heard about with a place in Mexico but since we just heard some of the dialogue I'd like to cover some of the Spanish okay one of the things well I guess there's two
00:07:17colloquial phrases that I wanted to talk about first London net that I know it covered up before but it's so common and he used it a couple times this. Look so I'd like to relook at that and also the word Canyon Richie used which I know it's also pretty common and would like to look at that so the first clip I like to ask you a plate is when he was responding to Julie about the corrupt officers in Mexico remember he says don't worry about it no thanks necessary man but no way The Kissing You Oughta then he said Lynette. See you in pain though I translate that is truthfully I understand right yes, or actually I do understand
00:08:17de los policias corruptos I really understand about the corrupt police Siesta so that probably has its it really is a problem right as truthfully or actually use it in a natural way to the SK no quiero estudiar the truth is that I don't want to study but let me ask you a question but not so is this something you would use because I think when I hear it I almost translated in English it sounds like for real you know lots of people in ago safe for real to mean truthfully it's a very cool cool way to say the truth so in this example you said Len
00:09:17asking if you're still there someone might Kill la Kill say for real I don't want to study that's kind of how it sounds to me right now to listen to all right now that's an exclamation you're saying are you telling me that like in a soccer match right that actually lost against Mexico I think you said or lunetta lynetta me Papa make us to go so for real my dad punished me
00:10:17Eliza Fiesta on coming already so you said the truth is or for real I can't go to the party Mountain mellow Vegas even or even though you're begging me right like for real I can't go or so good meta is something you'll definitely hear is it a Mexican phrase or Latin American Fraser you're not sure. Definitely heard a lot about this problem of police he said Siesta it's spelled c a n e you come way down Canyon course it's the same word you mean that it's a problem or its
00:11:17A+ FCU como esta muy muy dificiles than we do. No I don't get them where they said it was Otto in a new sentido diferente, oh that was great in English it's very very similar to the word insane because something if it's if if something is a problem we can say like the history test I had it was insane that could mean like it was really tough it was really did see a sector example of how it's like when it's bad or something is like insanely bad or difficult
00:12:01later but I can't blow I am I la pelas to go super can you not see Adam McClure no se como se cual es la pelea less to go or Let It Go sing us to go super lucky to the same what do you think I look at the El Nino this is what is so can you and I don't know how was really tough time with cheesy mac concert Concierto stop at supercon yeah it was super Canyon it was alright it was insane
00:13:01Platinum said that concert wasn't saying it would mean like it's really great but if he said portable demasiado crowd it at the Messianic and then you could also be like El Concierto estuvo super Canyon could not also mean like it was really great hanging on The Bottom parody see more more difficult. I never saw some medicine on Sunday. They are good kids I will catch the fee seal oil Christopher sandoe
00:14:01s'more with something to put under for the super Canyon, Santa Clarita translation with insane like right now everything that's happening in the world it's the same one of the other things I wanted to ask you about just out of curiosity I don't think they use the word pull over and sit in Spanish the way we use an English like when you're getting pulled over by the police or if you ask a taxi to pull over if you have a word for that right by me, then there is a palabra, Nelson Anarchy in El sonido see that what that the two words that people in Spanish use for pull over our product to stop or did that I think of it than it is to tame but that also means to stop that's why
00:15:01you know what play that clip where he used the verb that then if he told us why he pulled us over
00:15:10get something Cee Lo Mary Jane Doe
00:15:19right that was yeah he was getting a little frustrated he said like what are you talking about case Dundee siendo he said level 2 that is Kate lost that to a the truth is I detained you or I stopped to I pulled you over your trunk is open and all the suitcases are falling all over the place and I think he said he told us maletas so I guess if I was asking why are you pulling me over I'll probably just say why are you stopping me or why are you detaining me t.v.s it be quicker. Fernando why did you stop me examples
00:16:19have you ever been pulled over by the police in the Toledo they pulled you over right they stopped you before the police I was just wanting to ask someone to pull over then like if I was on a bus and I said he can you pull over for the day but I guess Part II Nicole said that like a koala
00:17:19because I have to get something out of the truck the trunk write it down 50%. I will grab something out of the trunk call pull over a pullover sweater little sympathetic her CCO because I'm going to get the mask identity theft because I want to talk about the police thing you know the experience of getting stopped in Mexico but really I mean do you know
00:18:19Mexican Nationals or Taurus that have been pulled over and if it has to pay money like that what happened to him
00:18:31videos of Migos with Emma Steadman all the ways to be solo por El momento asparagus the rest of my conversation with Michael and Julie is available on our website as part of the what is materials for this episode the bonus materials also include a full translation of a dialogue from the episodes along with several extra pages of explanations and grammar test specifically designed to give you the tools you need to sound as natural as possible don't wait to Mexico it's a labor of love connecting different cultures through language and exploring the ever-changing world of El aguaje Mexicano Feliz to be able to share these with you this language that I love and remember you can also reach me for personal 101 in Spanish lessons online just contact me at the way to Mexico. Com for more information if you want to give us a table
00:19:31getting to Mexico but I can put at 7:40 miss most of the activities in San Diego
00:19:46I love you

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