An app that will help you read faster. The first reviews are in for Solo: A Star Wars Story. We celebrate mothers in the form of Yo Mama jokes. Fox cancelled some really well liked shows but there may be hope for one. World of Dance renewed for another season. Ricky Gervais has a new comedy coming. Skip to my Lou? Late night mom funnies. What word do you often misspell?
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00:00:40wars story so low let me do that again before we get to solo Star Wars story what is the app that you're gonna tell me about session on even in its not even an apt it is a web sites and it's called spring reader for a breeder always
00:00:59know my went to spreader dot com no news to now it's fine it's no there really of the by the link Streeter S. P. R. E. D. are so when you go you go there in you paste you copy and paste something in that you want to speed
00:01:16read took to be a really long document and are something like that and then it came you can do training there they said you can read three times faster and be more productive in life so when you go in hits read they say that the average the average
00:01:33words per minute is two hundred that's how many the average reader words some of the average reader reads permit two hundred words per minute but you can speed it up and their point is this when you stop sub vocalizing some vocalizing is when you read and you're reading
00:01:50it aloud in your head but your brain can take in information taken words quicker than I can speak it or you can speak it so some people even do it if you watch someone read in their in their mouth actually like each the sword like yes yes that's
00:02:06so annoying here's a here's the thing that anybody can try next time you read an article or a book you just do something with your time like to have you do like a so that you don't try to sub vocalise in men read while occupying that muscle and
00:02:20then you start to read faster but on speaker S. P. R. E. D. E. R. dot com I you can do a test and you can amp up the words per minute are you on the page right now I am okay so hits breed okay yep there names
00:02:35go to settings okay and how many words per minute to they have it set up does it ever go to settings so once you get to read it takes you then it says speed okay no okay but look right below that bottom right it says settings downward there
00:02:51I got a car okay and it says words per minute how many are in that box on when I click on it it does lack support right now okay when I click on it so when I click and nothing happens it doesn't it doesn't take me anywhere it
00:03:09just says S. come over here really fast had I think it out we see I mean I had a letter asked how many do you have it's not three hundred so go to three hundred are just click out of that now press play okay I'm pressing weight get
00:03:23I can't click out of it all I gotta let me out %HESITATION even better than I go what happens when parents breeder it shows you you set the words for a minute and then it just flashes one word at a time and then you're reading it and then
00:03:39you go up to four hundred words per minute and then you'd keep you can keep turning it up as you learn to stop so vocalizing and then you can go to eight hundred words per minute and you would be amazed at how fast it moves and how you
00:03:51can still retain all much on trying to mimic are you watching it yeah but you're right I am saying it okay not my head but go faster but you're not you're not I don't do this at home and we're not like subjecting our listeners we were back here
00:04:10is Steve hello everybody this is really I bet this is like a very common issue like I have a friend who she can read so fast and so she's always winning games you know because she can read reading clues faster rules every everything so actually one time she
00:04:29gave me a card and she's like really still reading the front of the cart and I'm like yeah like you know when you're watching television and %HESITATION text will come up or at the end of real house ways for example they'll say %HESITATION destiny continues to support the
00:04:47give you a synopsis of what what the person's doing now or at the end of a movie at you know what I'm saying for me they always go too fast I not even done reading it and they move on to the next thing that's how slow I read
00:05:02yeah it's a problem when I watch TV or a movie on TV I know that's if I if I could have a thought a super power let's call it a regular power I would love to be able to read triple the speed that I can read now right
00:05:18but it's interesting when I when I speak out loud it doesn't seem like I have that problem because I can see the words I had before I even get to them and I know how to get to them anyway that's not why you called to quote Steve Patterson
00:05:34reader dot com breeder reader spree or S. B. R. E. D. E. R. dot com got a radio guys when we say everything entertainment you bet your bottom dollar that we use that word entertainment liberally at times because I tell you about a speed reading happen we will
00:05:54fully commit to it I know okay so anyway do you want to tell me about so we play just little bit of the trailer of solo a Star Wars story they had their big premiere on may tenth okay speaking a lot of this is a nice little segue
00:06:07because I feel like the Star Wars movies oftentimes start out or at least the original did you know with text yeah yeah yeah and it it goes it that you know how they do the the letters come out your real big in the us smaller and smaller like
00:06:23I already that that's exactly why can't hide Australia doubt that it's a tattoo did someone get to know how to read what here's a little bit of a soloist children in a tie with the early reviews are saying they had wire what do you think well what all
00:07:03right so fell in love to eat so much of this is so low a Star Wars story this is a prequel to setting up who Han solo is okay so this is going back to earlier and Han solo's life this stars Alden Ehrenreich cute ten Donald Glover childish
00:07:20Gambino is in this as Landau calories him they had the premiere and I really really like what I'm hearing I had zero expectations there was a party that is almost ready if they just said this movie is that wrapping up wouldn't care I just thought oh this is
00:07:34over reaching here into the Star Wars universe but there was a TV spot the came out last week that I thought looked really fun in the early reviews that I'm seeing gather here on digital spy dot com saying this is so much fun so many folks saying it
00:07:52was surprisingly unlike any Star Wars movie before yet perfectly captures the tone the adventure characters and humor of the Star Wars franchise a lot of people us calling it charming there were a few grumbles about it take a little while to find its feet maybe be in there
00:08:07they're being a bit of a bloated third act you can say that about almost any action adventure movie we can always trim up that final action yeah act up but they were saying this is a real Star Wars movie us folks on Twitter thing solo was a blast
00:08:23in these are critics so low is so fun so low is a ton of fun a lot of people just saying this is a fun adventure movie and if you don't know much about the Star Wars universe this is a fine place is going to ask that is
00:08:36so it sounds like something you don't have to have seen all the movies you can just go see this one I I mean I saw the I saw two Star Wars movies and I know who Han solo is so I think I might jump jump on the ceiling
00:08:48by me more reviews saying Star Wars fans you are in for a friggin sh good thank the maker it's good so good you guys want to do this together no yes no I mean no no I wasn't talking to you guys by the way she still on a
00:09:04Bluetooth call she is in the schools okay that's good to know one solo solo so story very cool Hey when we come back %HESITATION we've got a special segment for our moms I know we're not gonna ask the best advice that mom ever gave you know we don't
00:09:24want to know an expression that your mom always used in your house growing up everybody does that we want to know what's your best yo mama joke yeah we're going old school honoring mom in the art of the roast you got a yo mama joke keep it clean
00:09:45don't swear six five one six four one one oh seven one we've got a list of some good ones we would love for you to contribute as we honor moms with some laughter that's coming up next on the don and speech on my talk one of seven one
00:09:57everything entertain it's Jamie progresses number one number two employee leave a message at the paging me it's me Jamie this is your daily pep talk I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your acappella group Matt harmony but you will bounce back I mean
00:10:12you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool it should be you given me the pep talk now get out there hit that high note intake mad harmony all the way to nationals this year he was a casualty insurance company affiliates price
00:10:26and coverage match limited by state law welcome back you're listening Steve show on my talk when I was seven one we are everything entertainment happy mother's day to all the moms out there everybody going to be a great weekend Sunday's gonna be beautiful for race for the cure
00:10:46going to be great degree in honor of all the moms that you know and love we thought it would be really fun to take on some yo mama joke yo mama jokes we're gonna say the sentimentality for somebody else somewhere else you know what I mean yeah yeah
00:11:04you can get that anywhere any where but how often in the year twenty eighteen do you see two people say let's just spent four minutes and go back and have a chance if you have any they'll be shot two four one six four one one of seven one
00:11:18Donna yeah you ready I'm ready Stevie who you are you sure you're ready do a yo mama I got you you start to solve ladies first always saying kill okay yell mama's teeth are so yellow when she smiles traffic it slows down so you're not and that's what
00:11:47you have to do after your momma jokes is always got to be that vessel you know your momma so stupid fees broke into our house is still the TV she chased after them shouting wait you forgot the remote yeah so her blood type is ragu oh snap that's
00:12:11a good tell you in reference yo mama so old she walked out of the museum and the alarm went off is a relic your mama so fat she brought a spoon to the Superbowl dying it %HESITATION during it yo mama is so ugly her birth certificate is an
00:12:33apology letter you know what I mean yo mama so lazy she stuck her nose out the window and let the wind blow it we all yo mama so ugly I know of Sarasota Butch all so she looked out the window it was arrested for mooning sure yo mama
00:13:04so stupid it takes her two hours to watch sixty minutes okay okay that's an old school was yeah going old school yo mama so stupid when I said drinks on the house matter yes I did she got a ladder she thought they were your mama so short you
00:13:26can see your feet on her drivers license okay okay yo momma so fat and I try to do about your mama's so fat she stepped on a scale and it said to be continued to be live your mama so old her social security number is one located at
00:13:54stupid yo mama so fat I said yo ma when she goes camping the bears hide their food it is then feel my so stupid he put lipstick on her fore head to make up her mind okay now okay now I think we're working on the same list so
00:14:20try to avoid that was just mean spirited bloodless they all are ya so for the ducks and throw bread at her I said you know my so the dogs thoroughbred at I got you I got you guys got you your mama so dumb when she went to the
00:14:44movies and saw the under seventeen not permitted sign she left to go get sixteen of our friend as you go this you go yeah mom I was so ugly she throw a boomerang in it refused to come back it just kept growing there hi your momma so old
00:15:07her breast milk is actually powder all my words all yeah it was so she stared at a couple more shoes for twelve hours because it said since rates you know what I mean said concentrate your mama so dumb she went to the dentist to get a Bluetooth yo
00:15:35mama's so stupid when they said order in the court she said okay yeah I'll take a prize in a shake your mom is so fat when she went to the beach all the whales started and we I'm yo momma's cooking so nasty I said yo mama's cooking so
00:16:02now see the flies got together in fixed the hole in the window screen no I mean wearing one test out you could make it we patches happy mother's day to all the moms out there that fun and that's old school when I was in fourth fifth grade we
00:16:19would just go away find to each other's mom's nuts great not personally in dollars artists are fine when we come back fox just cancel some fan favorite TV shows we'll talk about thanks for listening to my talk one of seven one everything entertainment would Steve that Sam what's
00:16:41your name Steve Donna Donna and Steve it's the don and Steve show Donna Valentine's the Patterson how aria roll roll good role only fifty today gang where that sweatshirt this is a throw back day you can do a little Cuba tonight at your house Hugo oh yeah here
00:17:01have been under the blanket laid a candle love it I you know I just want to mention the reason that we were doing those yo momma jokes the reason they popped into my head a school bus driver here in Minnesota was just busted for looking up yo momma
00:17:18jokes on her phone while she was driving kids to school and she is facing fifteen counts of child endangerment reckless driving that is not funny but I was like wow she looked up your mom funny you know yes it's not funny we don't we want everybody to be
00:17:33safe don't text and drive down to that stuff but that's a funny finding not like you know that I was waiting on all day but I was googling your mom and then we started to feel a little nostalgic and what we're thinking remember yo momma jokes by the
00:17:46way she's in plain hall already done so there now you know I feel better about everything I feel real real good I'll be home to bed Big Bend Dave Clark five seven eight a body that is our royal sounder caller seven eight six five one six four one
00:18:11one of seven one wins your way into our royal wedding party Saturday made the eighteenth may the nineteen a week from tomorrow a week from tomorrow you come and watch that %HESITATION with all of us in the Twin Cities live studio the my talkers will be their twin
00:18:28cities Leiber's will be there it's gonna be great okay a question please I'm I know it's a PJ party so we're encouraging people to wear their PJ's what if you don't wear any I don't own one pair of pajamas what you're buying me clothes like your I'm just
00:18:44hanging out around the house twice sweats where what's it sure okay well thanks that's at least a good thing I'll do that even aware of you know I'm not sure in the reason why I'm not sure I guess I'll wear some sort of Peter's thing but Elizabeth and
00:19:02I once went to the library to be doing a couple of TV cut in Brazeau I don't know if they want us looking like run TV are looking like we're in PJ is well I think you should be in PJ that's cute okay that's like a cute thing
00:19:14for TV okay anyway a TV news speaking of fox just canceled three comedies Brooklyn nine nine have you watch that scene because I remember you talking about it I have not it was recommended a couple weeks ago they said all men if you %HESITATION if based on other
00:19:30shows we're talking about having a lot like for instance new girl love new girl they said I should check out Brooklyn nine nine I saw a clip the clip look really funny yeah I'm surprised to hear that a guy can I know also the Mick people love that
00:19:42show super funny that got canceled and the last man on earth also got canceled against fox wasn't happy with the ratings or I don't know maybe they're feeling better about comedies that are gonna be debuting in the fall and yeah so there's gonna be more information on that
00:20:01next week during upfronts well here's the good news for any fans of Brooklyn nine nine I'm sorry guys Ryan I'm sure you're right in the background we needed to talk to that Darcy he's got such a the loudest voice eve ever made a loud voice that's in trying
00:20:15to be quiet and not he was not here there is no the quiet there is no quiet it's just one of the risks of hang out the very quickly that will %HESITATION talk with our winner Hulu Netflix CBS and NBC all four of them have already expressed interest
00:20:30in acquiring Brooklyn nine nine so if you're feeling sad today about Brooklyn nine nine I got a good feeling that within the next seven days it will officially have a new home will be but I think you're right okay cool cool cool hi Nicole Nicole very you want
00:20:47the teachers do you wear well you know I just bought some new ones that you secret so it won't be easy really easy yeah do you do you well they're alone he pajamas really killed now who are you gonna bring with you to call that is a good
00:21:06question I'm gonna have to %HESITATION cast my resources are you a morning person %HESITATION not always but %HESITATION I used to work at Starbucks and that helps me get up in the morning that makes sense you know that you're coming to hang out with all of us you're
00:21:22gonna feel up and Adam I will definitely get up and out of the house also more so excited I was looking to I wanted to tell you also we're gonna have breakfast from keys cafe and bakery young men to be super super fun and we're going to be
00:21:37watching together great prize giveaways to that we're going to have I believe one of them that really stood out to me %HESITATION a brand new TV at TCL TV all that sweet so hopefully you're a winner but will be so happy to hang out with you in the
00:21:52morning of the royal wedding all originated through CEO yeah Hey that means we got put make up on alright who share in that part yeah I know now you that's asking a lot okay Nicole we'll see you a week from tomorrow okay bye that's going to be fun
00:22:12everybody's going to be all cutesy would see with their feet sees slippers the slippers things and like that are you are you excited about the world of dance being renewed world of IBM it's I get it there a lot of dance shows there are a lot of singing
00:22:28shows are a lot of talent shows but world of dance is much less a like a talent search as opposed to just a platform for incredible dancers it premiered for the first season here in the United States last year on NBC Jay lo Derek Hough in neo where
00:22:46the judges it was so much fun in the production value was fantastic even things as nerdy as the lighting and the camera work work killer and they had a lot of Regis known at dance acts that we knew about that were incredible so it season two is gonna
00:23:05be coming out this summer it has already been renewed for season three years so if you like the if you like world of dance electing shows in general this is a whole lot of fun and it's very different from the the maybe the other most popular non dancing
00:23:19with the stars show that rather talent show search show yeah which is so you think you can dance so yeah I think you can tell it's I like that show a lot but world of dance it's just better it sounds like it's maybe looks more expensive does yes
00:23:35and I mean they had like the jabbawockeez you've heard of the jabbawockeez maybe there this killer hip hop dance crew of course you haven't done a now but god the I think you're really big into the underground hip hop dancing record any who they were on last year
00:23:49they had just some fat in fact the guy who had one so you think you can dance was on world of dance so that shows you the step up that you've got to be to even get that we had a a Minnesota girl to who I believe Larkin
00:24:03on the phone not mistaken you went all the way to the finals that's awesome okay I'm glad you're excited about the all check it out sorry right yeah I think I'll be OK up all often of a hairball I repeat your base is returning to Netflix cool he's
00:24:21got a new scripted comedy series it's called afterlife but listen and if it does not sound like a comedy at all okay he's gonna star is Tony who is it radiant outlook on life chefs following the death of his wife Lisa after debating and ruling out suicide I
00:24:42mean is it sounds funny no he resolves to spite the universe by doing that whatever he feels from that point forward so he sees it as a gift everyone in his life tries to save him from himself you know what that but then again Ricky Gervais th always
00:25:01has like a darkness to the shows that he is and that's the truth yeah so I don't know I don't know I hope this is good yeah many times is a simple it's like well I think it's just it just said more than a mere mention yeah yeah
00:25:16so that'll be coming to Netflix I don't know what the date is on that will keep you posted as soon as we hear about that okay all right hide Stevie grab bag there are some fun TV news happy for the Brooklyn nine nine posted quickly go back to
00:25:30that because if you ever have a favorite show the gets cancelled it is such a bummer if it feels like it's been canceled before its time in if you immediately hear about it possibly finding another home because thing Tim Allen's show last man standing yet it seems to
00:25:43have found another home on fox but that took a year this only happened at all yeah that's true this is only happened to me one time that shows in canceling we wanted to be one that I can remember anyway and that was men of a certain age I
00:25:58loved that show yeah absolutely loved it and then they yanked it and I'm like this is such a good idea it was almost like a thirty something for men sure except they were more like fifty something right you know it just it was it was it had drama
00:26:15I just like a different world yes yes yes it was so good but anyway I digress up when we come back we got some things that made a smile today also our Facebook question for the day which was what word do you commonly misspelled they came to my
00:26:33mind this morning as I misspelled yet again the word strength you know what my word as well winner I always misspell Weiner how often you spell it that's an excellent question but as you know the rules are no call us so there you go we'll get to some
00:26:54of that coming up next on my talk one of seven what come back to and Steve schy my top one knows in one everything entertainment don't forget to download the new to cap it is amazing it's vastly improved a little love it love it too you will love
00:27:11it too and I can win you some fabulous prizes the more you listen the more chances you'll have it waiting tool weird face I was smiling now that we call the okay awesome on mother's day is this Sunday race for the cure this Sunday I'm sure we're gonna
00:27:29have a lot of people on our my talk TDS come out and you know it's here on the people who are right actually running I will be got about a hundred forget people that are signed up my talk is given the racial be skipping during the five kids
00:27:44are you mean I will be skipping the race no I will be skipping you have to present will be physically skipping with my feet you know like skip skips Skipton Lulu skip skip skip to my Lou you said skip to the light wasn't sure if it was the
00:28:01or Milo it's my Lou who's glued I think it's good to my Lou that's my wife knocked him to mother my Darling you should lose the bathroom Lou as I don't really need a skip ten miler skipped into the loo my Darling in the U. funny how these
00:28:17things are coming up like these these are all the live stuff skip to the to my Lou scared to my Lil skip to my Lou a popular children's song the seats by the judge's song how it is spelled as to my it has parentheses the loo popular American
00:28:34partner stealing dance from the eighteen forties of Donna %HESITATION it was also a popular lyrical game in Abraham Lincoln's youth with verses such as hurry up slow poked out of what the heck does that mean I don't know hello is and what will I do welcoming warmth in
00:28:52an ice breaker what is it I'll get another one just like you fly in the buttermilk shoo fly shoo all your member that part no it's a Scottish word for love all of them I love you this whole time that you were just being cheery as you went
00:29:08potty I kind of did say points you can talk about anyways so %HESITATION met mother's day getting back to that high we thought it would be fun to end the show with the Jimmy Fallon doing some some of my favorite mom quotes from you guys here goes first
00:29:29wins from at Victoria pike she said yesterday my I'm orderly tai chi latte from Starbucks the energy yes you coffee this one's for Matt it's L. J. she says when my mom would drive us kids around should break really hard to make as lean forward and then say
00:29:52ballots from two months add some pubs ski she says my my made up her own saying in the nineties talk to the %HESITATION because you into my Beth rob three to five she's and the big day room Jules read one is one that others were having roast pork
00:30:35for enter as to what was that you saw the phrase I last one her a platypus she says we can find the movies you want a Netflix O. while someone else is probably watching out that's money that's fun mother's day are a our question for today is on
00:31:03what where do you often miss bell you don't misspell is probably something I would misspelled it could be one of them some cinnamon on what our sentiments tough is it to end to end and renaissance is very cool challenging as well hazel Weiner is a before I before
00:31:21I yeah well I do sell it right then okay leaner meaner Pentecost Pentecost Pentecost who works at a church that's Nancy definitely that's a tricky one I think you did spell it wrong there too as it is because it's Stephan mate defying neatly yeah D. fine eight Lee
00:31:42things define eight Lee toilet was another one elementary separate and nauseous restaurant is a good one I have to really think about that yeah I have to say it I have to say rest horror aren't they in tea is the aunt there rest my doesn't no rest notes
00:31:59rest are it's at our E. S. T. A. you are right calendar %HESITATION Kalinjar calendario Lendore committee smell committee C. O. M. M. I. T. T. E. triple doubles right yes he's gonna correctly okay withdrawal that's all spell that W. I. T. H. right with draw wall who
00:32:28lecturing the pencils go W. I. T. H. D. R. A. W. A. L. correct people forget that last day diary is a tough one thank you Lindsay the the diary is to separate all those people do is set up our as EP sap aw a are separate its
00:32:52S. E. P. E. R. I did not know that wait all that wrong is in itself a raise a separate separate okay okay high receive breakfast inconvenience pickle and Nicole technician %HESITATION necessary how she felt it wrong there too should he did Otis it too or did you
00:33:15know he did he felt right N. E. C. E. S. A. R. R. Y. no no to ours so to ours isn't there to seize now there's one aren't there to seize how well that was a question I want to ask you to if I were saying Nine
00:33:33Inch Nails is doing this or are doing this I would say is nine is it is one thing Roop replace it with the group is not the group are okay the group this group is the owner and deodorant refrigerator scissors scissors is good Bradley what's a word you
00:33:57often misspelled I often miss bell things like are you playing games strength anything I'm no no I'll leave the rain can trace we forgot like I've talked with the word strength %HESITATION nests necessary stuff Caribbean somebody said that can be charging gotta go beyond two bees Carib bean
00:34:24all Carib bean bean and you know it's not a two separate because there's a rat and separate yeah oh good wine net good one and %HESITATION in it carribean is the way you say that word to and I only know that because I had done on a commercial
00:34:41one time anything else the carribean not Caribbean yeah it's carribean his they corrected me and said can you please make sure you may be in the people were they from the carribean there the carribean it was some white lady from cottage Grove carribean yeah but I feel like
00:34:58who cares can we write a good one this please Caribbean Caribbean will carribean cruise lines which also are awesome in what's all going on I would love that I have very bad vertigo and we have to take pills every deadline your line how do you answer Brian looked
00:35:19down Bradley it's a bill Friday you're gonna change my god we're going to try and you have no idea I spent like fifty dollars what is it you should get reimbursed for that that's all I'm gonna say Donna what listen Caribbean yeah yeah that'll resume you had some
00:35:39white lady named yes suse how you please say carabiner all are mere word more comfortable here and be an area but be end to say that we're going to breed this one strand of your body care of being done with your show alright so Callinan Bradley are coming
00:35:58in next happy mother's day every did all the moms we love you he we I've tried to say things we take up our starlight lounge presents massive box of what a great honor it's lights for this next one too much but there it is gonna get things just
00:36:23right like progresses name your price tool tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options and your budget and now the lights are back on again truly can you and now it's completely dark casualty insurance company affiliates price and coverage match limited by
00:36:42state law dropping drug prices I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute president trump has outlined his plan to lower the cost of prescriptions drug makers would have to include the price of medicines in TV ads in private health insurers will get negotiating power with drug makers our
00:37:00plan will and the design is double dealing that allows the middle man to pocket rebates and discounts that should be passed on to consumers and patients former New York assembly speaker Sheldon silver has been convicted on public corruption charges there's a wildfire blazing north of Prescott Arizona evacuations
00:37:19are ordered at least two homes are destroyed the most popular baby names in twenty seventeen hour my captain reports for the fourth year in a row Emma was the top girl's name on the boys side Liam was the most popular in twenty seventeen and the popularity of the
00:37:35name Alexa is dropping maybe because of the echo voice assistant I'm Jackie Quinn

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