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This week, I welcome Jada Sezer onto the podcast. Jada is a plus size model, holds a masters in child psychology, she's a mental health and self

love advocate and a podcaster. Jada speaks all about it being okay to be exactly who you are, staying true to yourself, her modelling career and the pressures to conform, using social media to your advantage, confidence, working on yourself and owning space, not shrinking in it. She also answers your questions.


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00:00:00Welcome back to the tone and sculpt pod cuz it should go Chris each other and I am absolutely thrilled to be introducing today's guests. She is a mental health on body positivity Advocate as well as that she is an amazing beautiful model but better yet. She has a masters in child psychology. I am so honored and excited to introduce Jada sezer.
00:00:30Say welcome. How are you? I'm good. I'm not going to lie on that. She's so excited to have you all this, So I reached out to Jada and Friday. I must say that I was like hi. Hello, you know, I love everything that you do and everything. You just make every single women feel like it's okay to be who they are and that is exactly what I love and that's exactly what I want to share with my community and she'll miss podcast. So you do want to tell people a little bit of what you do and what you represent and then we'll go from there. So I have been a self-advocate self-love Advocate a mental health advocate for the Lost I'd say 8 years, but predominantly people know me as a size model my career kind of started when I was creating content for Instagram about 8 years ago whilst I was finishing up my mom.
00:01:30Child psychology. I was working with young people died eating disorders and body dysmorphia and I can understand what I want to take the bottom of where that's been from and people have lives of different reasons why they feel insecure about self-esteem played a big part in that and the way that we are represented or lack of representation in the media was one of the key reasons when you don't see yourself represented in these spaces, you must feel like you know, why they or you should adjust in change you all to fit what these I idolize version of beauty and I come from a family where the first thing that happens when you come to a house is that we feed you like encourage me to do Sports and being spaces that made me confident and spaces. What about my static? So I think
00:02:30And I wanted to channel that in some way particularly with the young girls. I was with every day. And so the content I was crying just basically spoke about that like being unapologetically, you know that you're nauseous know that you don't have to change our diets were just like you are perfect the way you are and also putting myself in front of the camera which while I was in the Moto I was studying of the student. Oh, yeah, try to make ends meet at three different jobs, and I can relate to that Heavenly feel like I died every is what you'll say it and this is so funny because me and Jada this is the first time meeting. So everything she's telling me I'm ditching reabsorbing it because I'm like, this is except. This is my story. This is exactly how I felt like what I can to make ends meet but still pursuing the passion that you have. So that's just incredible and I will have enough to that carry Ansari.
00:03:30Yeah, I guess you know you posted some pictures and they were different back. Then that was not really a bad moms have to talk fast as I used to go as well and I would like a free I never read magazines on my mom wasn't ever into fashion and the media we never had the news on so I was kind of the old Alice that bubble so I was doing but I started to moodboard pictures images of Logan looks like the only kind of cuddly women nice or full plus size models in America in New York and it was really really nice and completely but a rarity. Now everyone's like Super Bowl babies can find every shaped women online if you want to but by then it was really knew I didn't ever see anyone that look like me and somebody images went viral.
00:04:30Off to be the face of the fast of a place. I showed you in London Fashion Week and I was approached by a modeling agency and signed to them and then went on to walk the Mortal the last 7 years, but parallel to a continuous e created content. So what channel did my I guess my message that was bigger than just about the Lady Liberty confident about yourself a hundred percent. So you hear that all the time, but what does that actually mean? Yes, like your cousin telling people especially of you because you have a sense of responsibility with no matter if you have a hundred followers to a hundred thousand to a million you have a sense of responsibility to you for I feel like the words love yourself afro, not around very easily nowadays, but what's the meaning behind that exactly cuz like you you just told us you was signed to a modeling agency. So will they telling you to love yourself at that point?
00:05:30Smoking agencies have this concept of you looking a certain way. So did that make you feel pressured to then shift and want to become like the niche type of model is a treat yourself as they treat you the way you looked and never change that way anymore clean agency do any job that came about. All right. I mean there definitely was especially when I was living in New York where your mother so you can pay a rent of the back of being books on a job, which means you'll you'll pray that everyone else that went that it took me to get over the fact that if I tried to meet everyone's idea of what beats 4 was that every plant am I beautiful. Chop the way I'm beautiful for a more of a nuisance for Adidas like the different different types of looks like that's okay.
00:06:30When somebody. Louis MO Bohemian cuz that's what the style of that closing is get it as a model what can be destructive as if you constantly or anybody if you can see trying to be the average and by loot who you are and what it's me. Everybody else's expectations on I'm one love from everybody. But the point is you don't even want to be a hundred percent. Yeah, I agree with you and it's funny because it's like even with Fitness and because my Instagram is very it's 100% Fitness really it was incredibly it was a big pressure for me to not always have a six-pack or to not always be at a ridiculously low body fat percentage because well if your body fat percentage is a little bit higher than all you have to fight as a fitness Instagram. I said that you know, that pressure was incredibly intense at the beginning and then I realized just like you
00:07:30I'm not going to be everybody's cup of tea and it's like the minute. I realize that I became so much more content and happier. And I used to go to the gym for a very long time to look a certain way to please other people and I used to hate training. I stopped because I was like, I don't want to fucking do that. I don't want to do that. Why am I doing that? Why am I killing myself, TX to be this? You know, it's just on my lipstick is unsustainable. So the minute I stopped doing that. I was like, okay, I'm so much happier. I'm going to the gym and I'm trying new things and doing you things and I'm lifting more and I feel stronger and I'm doing this for me. I'm not doing this because Society tells me otherwise, you know, social media can be such an incredibly talks case and what I did not long ago is I'm afraid everyone that made me unhappy it was the best thing I ever did was people going to the grade check.
00:08:30Sounds like Instagram is setup is an aspirational to when we realize how Instagram works and how we can use it to our advantage. If you don't unfollow them and found anyone special to be expensive the content you create is that the reason it gets love and light and is a pod-like top recycled algorithm and content is because people desire to be that will take a piece of that in some way. That's why people's lives that look richer than yours. They look better than you that put together in a way that you want to be thoughtful cancel the two hits right and I spy gear spy you to decorate your house in a way that you'd like you can use it to her Advantage by think we become so must in it. We use it for the wrong reasons. We use it as like to measure up our lives in all the time.
00:09:31This is what she or he does. So I should also be like that. And actually that's not realistic using it to her advantage of using social media cuvilly Be Inspired. Don't let it be a detriment to your voice is a dry side completely unfollow people that on setting you not sense of conversation about school so that you can get a must in scientific. So you want to London and Sons open more about so it is understanding what social media been given this equipment this technology. We've been given these platforms and they haven't given us a hand look up how to navigate yet. So we have to do the walk to protect ourselves and that things that we put in our space I think something that I wanted to read out to you tell me it was something you said you like shit. What did I say?
00:10:31You said something that it just it was fries so nicely and I was just I just got to thinking about it over and over again you put there is no pressure on how I look because I have my life together and all the ways my mental health feels good my mind feels calm and I don't feel anxious and that translate into the way I carry myself. Yeah, and that to me shouts confident. You know what I mean that to me. It's like it's so true. And you know, who I remember not long ago. I had a shoe and I didn't feel comfortable with what I was wearing and I didn't really feel comfortable in the way. I was looking for those little bit bloated how stupid of me and like blow in his normal you get bloated when your on your. To get play when you has the best bicycle Bible whatever you blow it in the way of carrying myself was also like Shrugged and I didn't feel good and I didn't want to be there and I wasn't confident and comfortable in my own skin, and it's so true you walked in hits.
00:11:31And I had this Rush of confidence because it's the way you carry yourself. It's the way you smile. It's the way you are. It's not about the way you look you know what I mean for all I know you could be wearing like the cheapest dress I've ever seen in my life, but you could make that into like a fucking Gucci 2009 Dr. Phil. So crap exactly exactly what I've always been telling people that it does not matter where you are. It does not matter what you look it matter. How will you feel if my sister how you're carrying yourself? Because you could make the world of difference in your life the minute you stop carrying yourself with the utmost confidence with the utmost respect and the minute you have respect for yourself. No other company can shit on, you know, where the person to can mess you around. Yeah, that's exactly what you've shown and I mean you stood up in the women.
00:12:31Platform with nothing, but your underwear on and you were like, this is me take me as I come take me as I am and he when I saw that I was like I couldn't I feel comfortable in a selfie but I just couldn't stand on stage like that. You could well you could have a wife says we need to be kind of to ourselves once we stop being kind to Rantoul cancer cells as if we would talk to a child.
00:13:03That's when that's when the respect Rudy transpires because you got to have your own back more than anyone else does equal to the cost yourself better kind of nice. I like more selfishly than anyone else has become a line of the people to treat you the way that you want to be treated. If you don't tell them how hundred percent and do you feel like because you started doing that or whatever you started doing that it's reflected in your work and how maybe your manager treats U agency's treat you or companies that you work for treating you cuz that isn't changed because I've always focus on things outside of my body and my parents so I was never ever to find by just that growing up becoming a muddle. It kind of fits everything come it's heads because that might parents became my sole purpose but I don't like that always made sure I did the self luck and I took I took people and my father is on that Journey with me if I don't understand.
00:14:03Maybe I'm anxious right now by going to yoga. And actually I'm not Yogi if I figured it out and it works to me and maybe it will work for you or I'm not a runner Fitness shouldn't look like one type of body type because it's not so that's why I'm trying to get to the end and maybe hopefully you'll be inspired to get running to for the right reasons feel mine feel mental sanity for the feeding sensitive Forum to be a runner. I don't want to look like my far enough Away by the time I get on the I always say and I had this conversation with at least she's 16 they die sets her cuz I want to get inside the logang I'm being instagrama and you got his free stuff and it's reading tell me why tell me why why cuz the free stuff like is that
00:15:03Biggest life Papas free stuff that you will need something and if I do this all the time I buy on impulse I like that I never wear at and then I'm like wait, I just wasted money on something. I don't need on impulse just to fulfill a little void that I had a specific point and it's so funny you say that because it's like even Jack who's my fiance. Because we were together. I spend a lot of time on my phone and started hate when we was out in La I was doing a shoot. What we did is we took 2 hours just 2 hours just to ourselves, but I'll find the way lock them away literally in the car with the glove compartment lock that way and we went for a walk we go ice cream. We went for a walk and there is a moment's I'm going to remember
00:16:03I'm not going to remember us, you know, I just buying an expensive bag or you know, things aren't those moments are underrated and then not spoken about it because people can't monetize them monetize a moment if you just going for a stroll because how does a beauty brand make you feel like you need to go for a stroll? Yeah. How does it do it without you know, or it could be a fitness brand but he goes to that stroll in that peace will moment you have to look a certain way and you have to be wearing the right train is a you have to be a certain body fat percentage with your child just being that has school his school play the reason why but like I said, I would write is cuz I can't be monetized God. Sometimes I always look back and I think damn life is a little bit more simpler as a waitress.
00:17:03Is making like a 20lb texted me about twenty pounds. It would save me a nice man butt is on the way you can bet. That was a little life was more simpler. You know what I think you boys will question where you're chasing you chasing after because you're even running from something with Rachel running from shame, you're running from insecurity. You're running from a toxic relationship you're running from himself or you're chasing something like this. I don't like this and flashy call this whatever is a question with a song that's my biggest thing is and that's what I'm like does it fit with me? I'm not doing this for the right reasons because if it if it isn't if it's for reason of like I don't like this version of myself, and that's why I need to lose 10 pounds, whatever then I blow I need to reassess what's going on outside of me has two
00:18:03Hold me. Right. Now, it's not I'm not okay, if pressure I still feel that way. Sometimes when it comes to a can Brown do anything. Well, it's like a it's a maybe I lost a little bit more weight with it this different name. Would they want me more to you? Sometimes feel like that tension a I mean it is always times when you feel like associate in the world that you should shift and maybe get my walk especially for not walking and egopay right? And that's why I constantly had my own thing going on on social media and constantly with would create the kind of things. I wanted to see because
00:18:41Yeah, I also like these bronze low, they are super powerful and they are The Gatekeepers. It's up to us to redefine what we want to see because it's it's not we can trust mr. Tea brands not agree and it's just like when I done my primary video full trying to sculpt with releasing a new phase all the women are actual clients. So they come in different heights different shapes different backgrounds. Was it more challenging have a real people that don't necessarily do that as a nine-to-five job. It wasn't challenging. It was enjoyable. Like it's not a challenge if you enjoy something to know what it was like rewarding representing the mass. I hope it's not going to go out there that is like 1% of the population will create and content and is real women.
00:19:41Representation so ago using the campaign. Should be the norm. That's what I think. I'm so happy. You said that because it's like
00:20:01Why it shouldn't be a shock like if there's a billboard of a plus-size model doing a lingerie can pay. Why? Is that a shock should just be the norm to me? Like what the hell? Why is it on my God? It should be should be allowed to have cellulite and we are my best friend has a baby and the baby has cellulite to be ashamed of the fact that we are on this planet that you know, all Mom and Dad met at the spike of time and not it's so special and unique July's the way that your cheekbones everything that's formed. You'll sell you like that bump on your head that whatever is that is so specific to you you
00:21:011in I think it's 7 billion in this planet and the chances of you being created a that God knows how much you are so special and you can't forget that you can take it for granted the fact that you'll hit today is remarkable and why we getting Cooperative bloody bike cuz my bum's too big on my these trends that the pain constant nice way from being heroin Chic to now being hourglass Kim Kardashian figure chasing Beauty our entire lives yet feel so special right now. It's draining. You shouldn't be chasing the way you necessarily look you should be chasing the way you feel wanted even with clients of mine. They are these the scales have gone up. So, how do you feel tell me how you feel what you feel stronger? I don't have to go to my house exact no hundred percent. I I hate them. I think that piece of crap
00:22:01When you walk out and you feel strong for empowered you feel amazing, even if you didn't want to lock how and when you when you finish the gym session, will you go for a ride? And you do a complex? Ask yourself how you feel yourself? You feeling good? You feel more energized. Have you had a good night sleep? There is a things. I want you to tell me don't tell me that scales are going up. They don't know how much muscle you feel how much but you've lost so I don't want to know the scales and what they say. I want to how you feel. And what's the next thing was talking about this one thing. I've always been told by my dad and this is something I'll always remember he always asks me. What don't you want to be he doesn't ask me. What is it? You want to be? What is it? You don't want to be and you stop thinking about things. Why you something actually I don't want to make women feel bad that she I don't want to be a representative of you know, just being materialistic and you stopped to actually realize white than that for these other thing.
00:23:01I do want to be when you start getting offices of what you actually want to be because when you ask someone what is it, you want to be kind of get the same response. I want to be miss when I go out already this I want to do this or what is it? You don't want to be yeah, it's easier to identify that sometimes isn't it? Yeah, so I always ask before what is it? You don't want to be so what is it? You don't want to be you. I said really interesting. I'm done with nothing else that question. Actually, I guess I don't ever want to be one of these a flash in the pan and somebody thoughts.
00:23:40Ever compromise their integrity to meet the immediate. I want to be somebody that compromises who they are a very difficult question. It's a very difficult visualize. But the truth is you could always ask yourself. What is it? You don't want to be in this world. You don't want to be cruel. You don't want to be mean you don't want to be making women up with other women are so insecure uncomfortable and then naturally you figure out what is it? Your purpose is in this life and that is to make every single woman because of where she is or what language she speaks is one picture can make such a big difference in her life the same body shape the same background.
00:24:40Culture, she just needs to feel something and that feeling is is what it's warm out of them for yourself. Like how you show up for you. How you talking to yourself? What's yourself to look? What do you what do you say be mine for the fact there's messages, you know, you screw that you don't tell that to like a five year old who eat a cracked today while you... Like yeah. Yeah. When people tell you just love yourself love yourself, you know, that's hard. That's really pretty hard. And what made it easy for me was when I came to the conclusion that I'm not just going to try and love myself but more than anything. I'm going to stop bad-mouthing myself and that in time will lead to self love because you can't have that without having
00:25:40Kindness without being more self-aware self-love is a process and the same way people often often asked me. How are you so confident and I'm like confidence is a trick confidence isn't an end goal that your life and all of your your goals and dreams and aspirations will come true when you become self-confident. These things can be achieved now on confidence is not is a constant work in progress. It is fixed and I don't I don't want to be and I and I never got to be self-confident all the time when all around us in our life is setting us up to be that are better. So I'm going to go for some rapid fire questions and I just want a quick one sentence baby2baby phrases that sell goods. Are you guys and I'm going to read them out now and Jada will
00:26:40Okay, so we have one has social anxiety and the gym, how did you handle that? Okay, I love this. Cuz when I step is or the other day, I went to this region right and I put on the side Lil Wayne Shane some old school Lil Wayne. Made me feel so sexy and looks like a completely untrustworthy running at like 1 mile an hour. I've tripped at some point. I'm sweating over Pete be in am I so funny about the sexiest I've ever fell off and make a mess and it's just I was in my zone and when you're in your Zion how ever you may look like a real Madrid people. I know it's people would like
00:27:40Maybe maybe this is one of my mind. I thought that people were looking no in a sense of what she doing nothing and then they get back to that. Yeah. I'm not for me sexy just like owning the space nor shrinking in it. Yeah. I love that. I'm in this space not shrinking in it. That's the first I've had it and I love that CD Love by because as soon as you walked in the confidence was Unreal but it was like it was okay. How are love this one what we've been speaking about yet again, but just the kind of put everything in check how to set my own body shape and not compared to other people.
00:28:32I think it's similar to what we were discussing previously. I think the for me the best way to stop comparing myself to other people's bodies is what I still thinking about my body. I want to stop focusing on things outside of my buddy. My my pride is Bill on maybe how well I paint a picture and how proud I am that picture just joined and thought that we've just won or been able to do any move is what makes you pretty confident that if the boy doesn't actually it's just been such a i r to not listening to you and listening especially because of the industry that you are and that is revolved around image and
00:29:32That's what the modeling industry is as brutal as that sound it is what it is. It's how you look and the fact that you haven't allowed Society to put you in a box and told you this is the Box you're going to be in take-it-or-leave-it. You have kind of been like no, this is this is how I want to be you come put me in any box. This is how I look this is how I am and it's served. Do you incredibly well you are such an inspiration to thousands of women me being one of them and you know, I always have hit your stuff and I show Jackal the time and I'm like sock. I wish I could go up with on the way. I like that and he's that you could you could know what this is energy is what you you how you carry yourself. Space It is believed it.
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