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00:00:00this is divorce happy and successful the number one spiritually Focus self-empowerment podcast for divorced parents that's dedicated to helping you live the full feeling life you deserve and experience that happiness you long for let's get into today show with our hose W Mark Watts
00:00:25hey everybody is W Mark watts and thank you for coming hanging out with me for another episode of the podcast and in today's episode we are going to discuss I am going to share with you what I love most about being divorced so in these last few days of 2016 getting ready I'm gearing up for 2017 I hope you can hear it in my voice I hope you can feel it coming through to you on these podcast I'm excited for the new year there's a lot of great things happening I've got a new determination and a new spirit and in a New Direction with where I'm going with this and I want to pass that on to you I will I hope you hope it is invigorate you I hope you feel it I hope it you just you just take a hold of it and continue to go for the ride but not just for the ride go for yourself go for the Improvement that you find and so
00:01:25today's episode I really want to touch on the on the point because I here and I've seen so many people talk down about divorced parents about people children who come from divorced homes and I'm doing all I can to start to turn that around and to make you I want you to feel I don't feel bad at all I don't feel any different than anybody else I have a life things happen in my life and I take them and learn from them and I get better and I come back stronger and I keep moving forward and I want you to do the very same because you're part of me and you you are so amazing and I need you to remember that always and a push forward and be the champion in the superstar that you all are so what do I love most about being divorced
00:02:21it's I got a chance to find my own Rhythm all of us have our own Rhythm our own Vibe I own we have our will spirit with Spiritual Beings and we by Nature move a certain way we feel a certain way and that's that's what's beautiful about all of us is that we all are little bit different and we bring a little something different to the table and when you go through a divorce in a bad relationship you're in a place where you really need a change your rhythm is thrown off and that's part of the reason why you feel bad is your you just don't you're not yourself you're not where you're supposed to be you're not doing what you supposed to be doing you don't feel the way you normally are supposed to feel you're not supposed to be inhibited you supposed to feel free and loving and powerful and used to
00:03:21to be patient and there's so much to you that you love. You start to lose at least I have a speak for myself I started to lose when my marriage was going downhill and it wasn't a good match and we were falling apart and you're worried about so many different things and uncertain about things and there's fear for the unknown and on and on and on you're totally forgot who you really are so with that chance to find my own Rhythm opportunities start over but you know this time I've got a little bit more experience I got it a better understanding I've got some wisdom now and I've got the freedom to create something totally new while I'm detached from what I created I help created no one put that on me I helped create the situation from which I come
00:04:21I accept full responsibility but I do know this that I wanted I so desired to be loved by somebody that really wanted to love me the way that I want to be loved and that's cute because you've got to understand what it is you want and how you want it in order for anybody to give it to you so that was a real key for me coming out of my marriage and it moving into my post-divorce life and I also I wanted to be loved by somebody that I wanted to love me and someone I wanted to love because I had come I was coming from a place where I needed to make a transition and that's not an easy transition and it was tough and there were a lot of emotions and there was feeling the feelings of guilt there were feelings that like I
00:05:21lost like I quit like I wasn't deserving of anything better but I had to but I knew and I went to search and I had to figure it out when I wanted and as I start to find that Rhythm you know I started to really things started become clear when I started to find that new Vibe I realize hey that's that's my stuff that's me right there that's where I'm going that's what I want your Reverend TD Jakes talks about success having a rhythm will you got a rhythm I've got a rhythm we've all got a place of power and you can't anybody throw you off your Rhythm don't let anybody ruin your Vibe including yourself
00:06:05really including yourself because no one else has control over you no one has control over what you do no one can't control your Rhythm you are so powerful when you are in concert with your rhythm with your natural Vibe with who you normally are with the power that's been given to you that we often times giveaway or we don't use it to its full extent cuz sometimes we are afraid of that power that we have you know sometimes we are afraid of what might happen but sometimes we are afraid of the power afraid of who we really are
00:06:44and we can't do that we are who we are for a reason we got gifts we have powers that we are supposed to display a share with the world we're we're here to serve so you've got to find your rhythm in your Vibe so that you can serve and once you doing that that is the greatest feeling in the world and that's where you got to go because when someone slows down my vibe that hinders my progress and I got too much stuff to do I got too many things that I've dreamed about that are right at my fingertips the clock is running and we don't get that time back at all you can try but you don't get that clock back you can turn the clock back
00:07:29so we don't have the luxury to let anybody disturb our group your that was a song out years ago Don't Disturb This Groove I'm not letting any by disturb my groove and I'm asking that you don't let anybody disturb your groove no matter how hard they try no matter what they say no matter what they do or don't do this is your game I Jay-Z said I don't care who got next I got now
00:08:00so you want to follow me into the new year remember find your own Rhythm find your Vibe find your beauty found your power and let's take this thing in 2017 in a totally different mode totally different attitude so if anything I said today serves you at all listen to a more than one be sure and share this with anyone you think it might serve as well wherever you hear this subscribe because I've got a lot more stuff coming up got some things I want to share for you so you get a better feel for me so that you will understand the power that we as a group are going to unleash in 2017 so it's all I got for you today look forward to talk with you again tomorrow until then continue to do the very best you can for yourself and for your kids because that all moves you toward your own personal post-divorce paradise and you absolutely
00:09:00100% deserve it can't wait to talk with you again tomorrow be good now by you've been listening to the divorce happy and successful podcast if you enjoy Today Show be sure to leave us a 5-star rating and review on iTunes until next time stay focused and keep moving forward

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