We’re talking about ‘Diabetes, Sleep & Mental Health Issues’ on Diabetes Late Nite with musical inspiration from the iconic Phyllis Hyman.
Phyllis Hyman was a sensational singer-songwriter and actress. Deep-voiced and statuesque, Phyllis Hyman sang with a life-affirming energy and emotional intensity found in few other female vocalists.
Unfortunately Phyllis Hyman committed suicide, leaving a suicide note behind in 1995. Part of the note read "I'm tired. I'm tired. Those of you that I love know who you are. May God bless you."  It has been reported that she suffered from bi-polar disorder and depression and had a history of substance abuse which involved alcohol and cocaine. Who knows what accomplishments she would have achieved if she had lived longer?
Podcast guests include Alyson Williams, Queen Diva, Patricia Farrell PhD, Kristina Wolfe, 'Tabouli: The Story of a Heart-Driven Diabetes Alert Dog' Author Matt Pelicano, Elizabeth Vaughan Gallagher, Stacie Shonkwiler, and the Charlie’s Angels of Outreach with Patricia Addie-Gentle.
Throughout the podcast we will be featuring music from ‘The Essential Phyllis Hyman' album courtesy of SONY Music.
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