Urban Renström, from www.urbanrenstrom.com asks are you ready to woo, coddle, and keep more clients? In this Swipe File podcast Urban Renström helps freelancers, coaches, and consultants mix the correct amount of email, social media, and content to woo, coddle, and keep more clients.
Think educational, money making #ActionStacks you #Swipe and use today.
Subscribe and Listen as Urban Renström passionately doles out his strategy fill MBA inspired #ActionStacks on email marketing, social strategy and content marketing. All this so you can woo, coddle and keep clients for more profits.
Urban interviews successful owners, marketers and super-star on-line experts to help you weave digital marketing path around the road blocks so you can woo, coddle and keep more clients.
With a mix of interviews, and monologue and audio posts, Urban dives deep into how Personal Branding, Positioning, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing will boost you past competitors.
Keeping one eye on the future of marketing Urban adds his take on Periscope, Live Streaming, Blab, and Facebook Live.
Websites are essential hubs and Urban chimes in on Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Copywriting, Landing Pages, online courses, course creation (eLearning) as foundational building blocks.
We meet prospects on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, using Podcasting, YouTube and they are not left out either.
The Urban Secret Sauce keeps your path clear to woo, coddle and keep more customers. Subscribe, and Listen. Happy #Swiping.
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since Oct, 2014


018 Find your Ideal Facebook Audience

· transcript
Do you know whom is your Ideal Facebook Audience? 2.0 B on Facebook, 1.3 B on Messenger, 700 mill on Instagram, and all you gotta do is sell one of your super specials special offer to everyone and you ll be filthy rich and fabulously famous!! Said no one successful. However successful Facebook marketers narrow down who they target and speak to their tribe and not the whole world. Why? you say? b/c you don t have the budget for mass market marketing and your product is does not mass market world wide appeal. Listen to the show and learn how to find and target your ideal Facebook audience. Download for free my Irresistible Facebook Ads Template! The Irresistible Facebook Ads Template is a framework to create thumb-stopping, click worthy, irresistible Facebook Ads for each and every campaign!! Learn the 6 base image types The *more* of this or *less* this hooks to hook people by their lizard brain The 9 key ingredients to irresistible ads. Download Now Links mentioned in this episode Episode 11 Facebook Pixel Read this Facebook Pixel Blog post Episode 17 Warm, hot, and cold audiences       The post 018 Find your Ideal Facebook Audience appeared first on Urban Renstrom.com.
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