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00:03:18thanks a lot Matt great to be here you know what we want since our mission today is to talk about lots of ebook design Nitty Gritty you know what the covers look like how the table of contents were typographical do's and don'ts really you know our goal is something much larger than working our way through a nip pic list and I are here today to talk about all the ingredients to a great reading experience and the stuff that will ruin things for readers no print books I've had a few centuries to get this stuff right from Big Six Publishers down two small Indies really know and have perfected the art assembly teams of writers editors interior designers to craft books if that readers love and they love to pay for a Sony those Wrestling book world are still trying to get all this stuff right and when you think about it we're really in the early days it's been less than 4 years since the first Kindle arrived and it's been hard enough work
00:04:18for publisher simply trying to get their product in the e-book pipe pipeline you getting it polished hasn't always been a priority now is the time to start making you look sparkle and shine which isn't the same adding enhancements things like video and attractive bells and whistles what Anna and I are here to talk about today is really sweating the small stuff right this is powerful is a great reading experience can be as mine Bell thing and immersive and lose yourself in the pages as it can get in all get disrupted by the most seemingly minor things I'm a little reader with lots and lots is minor annoyances and you would drive them away from the thing that they love and not to mention deliver a message that you booked as a product that's less value and worst Northwest and it's French counterpart
00:05:13our tour today is going to go from the beginning of the book to the end and I are going to do a bit of a tag team through this talk will cover each of the big categories that you see on the screen right now and it's going to kick things off by starting with the first thing that greets a reader the cover
00:05:35well we were researching this presentation we looked at a lot of books on a lot of different devices and the Very randomness of the things were going to show you reflect some what was most reader's experience is and is going to be as they continue to read more digital books that is they will be seeing the text that you take care of on a multitude of different displays the starting with the cover I can say you all to cover is very important and you all would say yes yes it's very important but I really mean it one thing about looking at the public domain titles if I can collect seven different covers or so-called covers and one green just for a comparison
00:06:25these are not the covers that you would necessarily speak on a library pager and advertising page this is what the Reese's when they open their reading device and you can see at the top vices are all in you which one would you rather read would be a question to ask yourself if you look at the screen some of the the opening pages are not very inviting some of them don't tell you very much some of them Dive Right In some of them think the author is much more important than the title some of them bother to tell you who the publisher is my recommendations as well go along would be by all means do a cover by all means use color by all means advertise the Publishers named about everything else yes it makes a difference
00:07:17so going to the next slide
00:07:22I wanted to show you a combination of one book this is an Alan first mystery from Random House Spies of the Balkans in the library page you would see the cover on the left this is clearly the paperback edition book cover part of the series and they are all very similar on the right you'll see the publisher is gone to the trouble of making a special inside the file cover of very readable very scalable which egg on the left is not that's why it's fuzzy because I enlarged it and this is handsome this is a great way to start your book and I recommend it to everybody
00:08:12in the next slide
00:08:18on the letting the top you'll see another approach of the Kindle library I believe and on the top left you'll see the cover that you would see looking at a list of library book in your Kindle library the image on the right is the custom inside the file cover image the first 60 when you open this book in your reader and you'll see that vintage books has given their own particular treatment to this vintage ebooks at the top and everything else needed to one color so it is available very good looking on every possible
00:09:04this is another way to go in the lower right you see Jamie Gordon Florence this Rule and Chris is the national book award winner of the e-book publisher so no reason to throw out such a fabulous cover with its seal of approval on it and so this is repeated in color in the same reader inside and out here they're using the same cover inside
00:09:32and on the next flight I just want to reinforce my message
00:09:39by saying whatever color black and white customer not don't
00:09:45I have no cover at all because this is what you'll see be the most embarrassing one would be on the right this is Gupta Google ebookstore would ask you to imagine the cover here as they say that's their fault for no cover at all if I were a publisher I be embarrassed so please make a cover for your book
00:10:12moving on into breeding reader when you're done with your cover you may find you have a title page again I've been seeing seven or eight different editions of Daisy Miller by Henry James and Penguin book has let's call it a default title page it's not designed it's not you know if you don't spend a lot of time in it but it tells you what you need to know another piece of front matter that you'll see
00:10:45from let's see
00:10:48would be
00:10:51the Publishers information which inexplicably is centered in this particular file not hear the case we're clearly the book file was converted an imported into the ebook form about a lot of regard for how we face is going to look when I size the pipe up or down I'm getting a very peculiar read this information in addition this information is being given a full-page in an e-book version do I really need it right in front of me in the back to be someplace else it's something to think about the
00:11:35next slide I am yet to get a little trickier here is a book I really enjoyed reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies from QuickBooks and they went to the trouble of emulating many of the parts of a classic print publication including a bee sting on one of the characters in this gorgeously record black and white illustration which looks great when you are looking at it and vertical reader mode and at the top right to see what happens to it if you turn your reader over to the side
00:12:15don't look so great
00:12:18in the lower right-hand column we have another from the same books that had another illustration at the bottom we got cut off lyrics There are two more curlicues that suddenly take up a page of Their Own
00:12:37so what you have to do here is if you are including illustrations another front matter of any kind is figure out how this needs to be scaled in order to be looked at correctly in every aspect do you need to rear-ender your images squared-off do they have to be to sit flush left or Justified to avoid the center problem that we saw on information page can they be combined removed what what year did the first can be very important and when we get to navigation you'll hear that the reader doesn't always see first what you put first
00:13:21either I think it over to you oh no here is another example of what I'd like to think of it as a missed opportunity this is a traditional card page from John banville novel The Untouchable John banville has written a lot of other book here they are this isn't even all of them because they are centered and they go on and on and on the last ones angles on the pages of sounded you
00:13:52as a eBook reader I don't know why I'm looking at this what I like and what I have a right to expect as if these titles are hyperlinks that they might be sitting there with those picture of their covers or something to attract me or interest me there's so much more information that could attach to each one of these titles has his further the interest of the writer in the publisher that well it makes perfect sense in a printed book and it is traditional book making to have this it's just not quite enough so in thinking about front matter and thinking about what we normally just put into the e-book as a conversion from the prince let's figure out how it really works better and it's key version
00:14:42you're an example of a problem I see a lot here's another card page this is Alan first card page and you'll notice that the first title is indented that's a small problem but it comes probably because the coating tells you that the first paragraph has an indent in its style and it's treating this page like a first paragraph We need to know that every page is handled
00:15:13the way it should be handled as not like regular. E-text here we're looking at the event sprays or in this case review and blurred again put the front of the book could be in the back of the book it looks good everything is flush right the way it should be another question is you know should have refused like the hyperlinks in some of these other things beehive in a way that gives the reader more acts through the book
00:15:50and let's get the first matter that I think this is the last day that I wanted to show you who is the author page again this is pretty much the standard off your page that you see in a print book including a the specific vintage logo at the bottom vintage international and knowing what we know now about social marketing and authors websites and so forth it could be so much more the author page on the card page could be combined this could be a marvelous segment that really connects the right or to the office
00:16:30oh yes here is another piece of front matter from The Outsiders novel which is a map and a map will see it again later because of transitions but I just wanted to say when I see a map on a computer device
00:16:53you know I I think interactive maybe there is so much more that can be done with the Mathis as a piece of front matter then just illustration something else to think about in the front matter department so let's not leave front matter to be just static text when it can be dynamic
00:17:14so now I'll I'll take over for a couple of slides and circle back a little bit to the to the copyright page and you know this is a this is a page that you're looking at from a book great book I'm reading all the pleasures of reading an age of distraction but a couple things to note here first of all it's the third page in the book and I think a publisher needs to ask themselves why is this page field with legalese as it is the third thing that you want to show a reader certainly is the way that things have traditionally been done in the world print books but there's now is a good time to reconsider is this the message you want to deliver the readers including things like where your offices are located why do people need to know that Oxford has offices you know all of the world probably more significant problem with the copyright page like this is that it's pulled straight in the front book so if you look in the upper right hand corner with that big red arrow is it has information
00:18:14in about what you can and can't do with this publication and the message being delivered to the Seabrook owner is by looking at this screen and by buying this book you're violating the terms of the agreement I mean obviously I'm making fun here but it's crazy that the publisher is left in legalese that in that in this way should alienates the reader thinking they would have automatically or they've already done something wrong and then at the bottom of the page is the information about the fact that this ebook is printed in the United States on acid free paper again for any close reader who's going to be coming across something like this it's going to make them think that the publisher doesn't care as much about this particular book
00:18:54I want a contrast that copyright page with another one from the book that was just published earlier this week a great novel I've just started it from Helen Schulman of this beautiful life you what they've done is decided to put the copyright page you're looking at the TOC here put the copyright page at the end of the book which to me totally makes sense and maybe even separated out information about the publisher and let the reader decide whether they want in for info about where the publisher is located so I think that's a great decision now looking at the actual direct me to self ear you didn't have to read all the details you can see this one is done especially for an e-book it has all the information about what license right you get as an e-reader and it has the correct I asked very nicely done
00:19:48the next kind of information that potentially comes at the front of the book of the also could be put at the back is tekala phone this is a book that the pager looking at here is a book that was published about a year ago a great collection of essays on the future publishing called The Book of NM Pub in to me the reason I love this particular call phone and it's you're looking at the first of two pages I'll show you the second page in a sec is it really delve into details about not only the team behind the creation of this book but how they did it the tools that they use a little details about the history of the font on the second page of the telephone personal information about what people on the team doing in the skills that they bring to the the active
00:20:48reading this work and I think this wouldn't be simply of interest to Geeks in the field but readers were interested in these in these creations as works of art so I don't think it it it it would it would be frivolous to put something like this together for everybody and I think it really drives home the message that the publisher cares about what they've created and that then really sort of emphasizes to the reader that what they are holding in any book is a valuable product and it if it gets them to think about maybe potential in the long run paying more so now we're going to move on to the second section in the second category navigation and links this is the part of the book art of the book and includes everything the table of contents the hyperlinks footnotes any kind of language will ways to should move through the text we're going to cover in this in this section on Ann's going to start things off
00:21:48I'll look at the table of contents
00:21:53you would be surprised at how many books do not have a hyperlink table of contents as far as I'm concerned this is almost almost well at this point in our development of the book it is a disappointment to a reader to when they have a reading device that enables searching through a table of contents and linking and your book doesn't do it here you'll see a very simple contents very simple links and you can also see that in fact if you were to make a custom front matter or even enhanced front matter or back matter it would be very easy to call out all the different wonderful things you have put into the book by hyperlinking them in your content
00:22:51there's really late there's really nothing much more to say that this is what we should do
00:22:56this is not a beautiful presentation of type of this is one of the additions of the Henry James the public domain novel I think might have been the penguin but the what I wanted to show you is that you can jump back and forth from the preface to the text from the preface to the contents by clicking on the hyperlink header this is something the logbook don't bother to do but is a wonderful embedded in the file navigational tool that you can use
00:23:32your header can take you back to some other part of the book
00:23:38this is a look at what a Google book looks like in iBook there's some good and some bad on the left I would say oh I have no idea what image got lost over on the left and there's a word brakes at that I would be very upset about if I had it in one of my book this is the kind of thing that you just sometimes have to test every single device in order to find on the good side of this is a screenshot of what reading a Google book looks like as far as navigation goes which is also something that we are talking about now you'll see that not only does it tell you that there are 282 pages in this
00:24:28there are 11 pages left in the chapter and you're on page 24 of well I'm not sure what but anymore but there we are I think that this is a wonderful step forward in in location thing if I can coin a phrase
00:24:51this is my favorite screenshot of the entire presentation this is to me the most elegant way to transition from one page to another that I have found you'll find it in many readers you have the option of a page turn let's see there's a jump dissolve in a couple of others here is not only a look at the turns page and see part of the text coming through the sheet at the bottom you can still see that you have 87 pages left and then you're on page 24 of the lopping 1504 Pages that's cuz I like my type large this to me is is a beautiful reading experience I love it
00:25:39and I recommend it
00:25:41Peter I think you're up next
00:25:47so now we'll take a quick look at that put notes and endnotes another example here in the don't, and I don't think we're going to kind of talk too much on some of the pitfalls of straight conversions from print to ebook but here's a really egregious example from the Moon Willa Cather novel my Antonia what they done here in this addition is really nothing they taking the things that are the end of markers you can see the red arrow at top indicates the turn to half notes in the back of the problem is they have an infant have included that haven't made any of them are active and what you need to go through as a reader app on that icon circled the bottom of the screen that pops up a table of contents menu in that menu you need to then select the explanatory notes night then
00:26:47call up once you get to the explanatory notes section and probably the worst the worst thing about it is that for this addition they charge about 9 bucks and there are free editions available some better I could die so really not that's not a great job this is a quick shot at what you are looking at once you are are in the in the end notes it's it's something really to be avoided thing that I wanted to just make a quick note up when it comes to liking is the actual size of the footnote or the end of marker and the screenshot this is the Kindle app on the iPhone the one I don't know about any of you listening
00:27:47there but for me I typically have to go through on my iPhone two or three Taps to get this thing to take me to the end note or the footnote section one thing I think about is the frustration that their causing readers in a way that they could bump up the size of the hyperlink markers knowing that many people now are reading on small devices like smart shots falls under the category of you honey but it's a it's a journal but it does so many things so well that actually want to come back to it a few times over the next few minutes and what they've done here in the reason why I wanted to show this screen is it that include and add right at the beginning of the week before the table of contents a hyperlink to the to the advertiser in this case the University of Chicago
00:28:47any preserve yet and that's important for readers who are reading a journal like this because half of the fun if you will ever have a journal is advertising their other Publishers strip out ads and it's not only lost Revenue opportunities but it misses overlooks actually enjoy that while the question of whether to include ads and books too pretty I think one thing that this particular implementation shows is the ways that Publishers could think about doing things even if they're not going to accept advertising the way that they could link to related books like the ones that and was talking about earlier that an author has published the other example
00:29:47I wanted to show also from the vqr is it the end of this particular issue which is about the whole issue is dedicated to the ranch what they've done on this screen and the next reptile show in is a section called from the beach you are bought a collection of Articles from the archives on a ranch
00:30:10you'll see here on the second screen delete articles these go directly there specific URL that go directly to the articles on the website a very nice thing that they do you within the app in this this app is the iBooks app is if you tap on the links it trigger triggers a pop-up box that asks the reader whether they want to leave the iBook app and go to Safari which is nice it gives the reader a choice and then if you say yes you go specifically in straight to the article on the website again I can think of all sorts of examples where is thinking through how to integrate the content in a book with material that they have on a website related articles other books are online discussions and this station offers a nice example of how you might want to go about doing something like that
00:31:02so now heading back to an offer our next section on on page layout
00:31:14back to some of what we talked about reading the reader and also and navigation for example chapter openers one thing that is not hard to do in ebook file is to set page breaks no matter how your your reader wants to in what order your reader May access the information in the ebook file starting them off for example at the beginning of the book or at the chapter break time can be very important here is obviously a file that was just converted from Prince
00:31:58and it had a very elegant and very sparse chapter opener as a single page I'm not saying this is ideal but you are you know that you have just begun the first chapter now you're looking at the the first text page of chapter one and you'll see that the style allowed for an indent and a initial cap large initial tap to tell you that you're starting
00:32:30what however you choose to launch your chapter or section in your style
00:32:38I would recommend making something of it whether this is already embedded in the fridge Edition or whether you're thinking through a new
00:32:47start your chapter with something special you don't need to necessarily need that first page here's a book this is actually we're back to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies I think here's something that I didn't do too well in the opening chapter Department in my opinion they combined the chapter number they left no room they large cats don't correspond to the size of the numeral and then they did in all cap run in there is a tendency to use all caps when small caps would have been used in Prince was great sitter a little more faith in a little more Elegance would have helped
00:33:34back to the map from Spies of the Balkans in the horizontal view on the reader for this book instead of getting a single page view with nothing else for the map you get the map + 2 chapter opener this is kind of nice when you happen to be holding it horizontally chapter opener is looking a little a little
00:34:02chunky to me especially next to such an elegant map I wonder if the designer might have thought of how this would look in a large pipe it probably looks fine when smaller
00:34:20here I am I want to talk about some of the other things that happened in page layouts I have highlighted the oil cap versus small cap and am more finer text style would have put that in small caps and I think there's a good reason for trying to do that on the other hand is text preserve italics and good spacing indented paragraph and extra spacing between sections in the case of the supposed to sections or something of a timestamp and I'm all for that the line spacing might have been is something that's adjustable in some devices it looks a little bit close here but this is one of you and one type size where the Justified line is looking pretty good and pretty readable
00:35:17okay Peter over to you
00:35:26so here I'm back onto my Antonia I'm going to go through this one kind of quickly because it it said it overlaps with what and says this is a view of a screenshot of a print edition very nice section break in the e-book Edition all sorts of problems that I'm not going to harp on tons of reader confusion in the I think the big takeaway here is when you don't QA you don't run across problems like this
00:35:50but back to my my house at the beach you are and this is a great example this isn't the iBooks app this is regular current or I should say previous ePub 2.1 but the dominant flavor of Iggy Pop and look at the way they've been they've beautifully done what is essentially a block quote in the home on the right side of the page really really nicely done I'm going to show you a few more examples later on of other type of graphical layout things if pqr has been able to do with regular and I think it's really going to take your breath away
00:36:29the next example is what you're looking at here is it is a screenshot of a print book from Milan Goldberg's wickets remedy great novel and one of the things that she does is that throughout the book in the side and the margins she has these little sidebar quips who's commenting on the main action in the in the narrative in the narrative the main narrative is told by a third person narrator so you're accustomed to reading the main block of text and then occasionally your eye wanders over whenever you decide to read side notes now take a look at how this appears on the Kindle
00:37:15it's really it's really poorly done granted some of this has to do with the limitations of the E reading device that this appears on and also the limitations of a hub to .1 but look at the way that those side side notes are now render stuffed into the the body tax the flow of the body text the suicide notes appear in bold face lie Force the reader to read them at a particular point and the effect is really damaging on the overall tone and pacing of the book ePub 3 offers a lot of Hope with some of its multicom layout possibility should this is something that for publisher she works and authors were experimenting really be able to take great advantage of okay third of four sections topography this is snow really a huge area that controls a lot of the reading experience on mobile going to look at it
00:38:15in the slides ahead of things like hyphens and dashes in italics and smart quotes and that's where I'm going to start with the issue of smart quotes hear the problem problems are our shut up all over the face I think what's compounding and exacerbating things is it the publisher of this particular Edition Bragg's in the subtitle that it's carefully format let me go on to not format it so careful what expectations you set here as you can see what the big red arrow they don't actually made me neither use Smart quotes nor do they use double double quotes So they really I could make it difficult for the reader to make their way through and it I think it's worth a quick note to say angle why are smart quotes at some of my column curly quotes important and it's really simple matter it's a way of making the punctual
00:39:15consistent with the van that shows to hear if you look in the if you look closely this is a serif font with the nice little courage at the end of the letters so when you have Smart quotes you sent me of these perpendicular lines that are really at odds with the way that the books in the body text it's ugly but but noticeably Charing Cross the line
00:39:40the next thing that I wanted to talk about it's going to take a couple of screens to show but it it has to do with the question of how headers are styled and if just to take a quick step back know if it's the purpose of a header and purpose of a header is to show to give a reader a sense of orientation we are they are in the outline if you will of a what's the biggest level of importance and where am I getting into the details and that's why in a print book and you're seeing a screenshot from a print book hear the font size are used to convey hey now you're at the parts level of a book and hear you at the chapter title level and hear you're at the you know the first level Hatter in the second level had her so let me walk you through just a couple of quick a couple of the next screens with her from a wonderful book called presentations then and what you're looking at it print Vision so this is the beginning of a part in the book called the
00:40:39free wonderful graphics and then I'm in extreme City opening of chapter 8 which is called the art of being completely present
00:40:55and then Within chapter 8 you see the first top-level header Steve Jobs in the art of the swordsman and then the next header down this subhedar called the mine that is no mine now let's take a look at the e-book Edition
00:41:10everything's the same no diversity whatsoever no signal to the reader that delivery the name of the part is different from the title of the chapter and I think it gets worse in the screens ahead
00:41:24here's a little bit more body text
00:41:29and here is that first level header Steve Jobs in the heart of The Swordsman the exact same font size as both apart
00:41:39name and the chapter title
00:41:42and then the sub Hatter the mind that is no mind still the same so no signal no help at all to readers about where they are in the text and helping them get oriented and I think that's something that really can easily be done with a little more attention to detail back to Ann
00:42:00now I'm going to discuss one of the things I hate most and that is double hyphens versus m dishes as you can imagine I'm an advocate of the M Dash but that's not all there is to it another problem with him dishes is that
00:42:20correct height setting would have you close them up
00:42:24that means no space between the end of one word and the beginning of the next word around the M Dash this poses a big problem with almost every reading device that is but as you and Marge the type and the line breaks change you either cause the dashes to prevent breaking around them or to have too much braking around them so that the pager looking at now is the highly enlarged piece from Daisy Miller that happens to have three and dashes and for some reason Daisy Miller is Edition has hit it right and
00:43:08faced after the end of this allows the line to break as you can see in the second line from the bottom and actually it's a good idea the end of problem is pervasive and this is one way to get around it
00:43:28here's my other biggest annoyance and I'm really screaming about this one a lot of text files turn out to have spaces before punctuation no one thinks about what allowing little spaces before punctuation might do when you in large type in a reader at least two highlighted Pages show you what happens if we got quote Mark hanging out we've got a? Followed by Straight quotes the one on the right really has a lot of egregious errors but look at what that looks like it's something that the publisher will not think about until it's too late but it's something that good QA should be able to catch
00:44:17what's next Peter
00:44:20you're next again to back again to reach you are and some of the wonderful stuff that they're doing here which is specifically using different phone treatments for each editorial element to look at this page we've got the rubric which is the editor's desk the article title the author photo credit and the body attached all in different fonts this is all regular text Pub 2.1 everything here is selectable and they've done a beautiful job here no Graphics at all and they really personalized and design this page in a way I think that start making a reader feel like they're reading a book or publication that somebody really cares about
00:45:04same issue from the bqr this is really it just took my breath away when I saw this this is Adrienne Rich poem look look what they've done here with the space and line breaks which is so important of cost of course for poetry now the real show stopper I think is what happens when you bump up the text
00:45:28pump up the text in this against the iBook app and the the the spacing in the indentation is is Preserve
00:45:39it's been screen shows both two different font sizes side by side just really demonstrate that point that they were able to preserve the spacing even when the reader controls the size of the font these guys deserve to be in the in the e-book Hall of Fame so it's well worth your time going to check out
00:46:04here were talking about reader AIDS which really means that anything that you add to a text file that helps the reader get through the book and learn more or do what with it and I we're not really talking about video or other enhancement butter example
00:46:24this reader in the Banning book The Untouchable has an annotation and highlight feature that allows me to for example highlights this paragraph and then on the next slide
00:46:44find it in notes and Mark and if you see at the bottom there is my highlighted paragraphs coming up along with all these other really hard at the key words that I really need to look up one day when I get a chance making sure that you're at your file is annotation friendly is absolutely worth it. Something I wanted to point out in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies they went so far with their parody is to include a discussion guide at the back of this book which is a lot of fun this is shelfari this is the Amazon social encyclopedia per book and I believe this is for the Hans fallada book a list of characters and synopses and as you can see
00:47:44all the extra that you can have this is a wonderful addition to books especially books that are difficult are considered difficult anyway and well putting together your book file you can put together files that contribute to this information and makes your ebook all the more valuable
00:48:07and a couple of examples for me on the under the category of reiterate the first one is a very simple one in this is really not eat book specific but I think it's a wonderful idea this is from The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks lacks which is a as the story is told to non-fiction story about the great development and science but as the story is being told there's a lot of flashbacks from the present-day to back in the forties and fifties and sixties and all that the publisher does is that at the beginning of each chapter include a timeline from the 20s to the 2000s and they indicate where the action take place with that little arrow treatment and the bull Chase indication of years subtle but very nicely.
00:48:52the next and last thing is from a publisher call Shmoop was kind of a silly name and they're kind of a cliff notes competitor and they've done something that is really clever I think it should have set aside per second your opinion on the start of ethical value of something like Cliff Notes but within this book which again is Manzanilla they include links within the name text to some of the supplementary information like chapter summary and Analysis of key quotes to hear you looking at a page within the body text if you're interested in a summary of the chapter you would click on that link
00:49:35and it would take you to this other section of the book that gives you a quick Cliff Notes style summary and then nicely they include a link to get you back to where you came from so we try to Sprint a little bit towards the end to leave some time for questions that was the last example that we had what I wanted to do before we hit questions if there are any it's just give up quick list I will go through this this is going to be on the B archive version of the other presentation which will be up at the child book world.com but a quick summary of some of the top of the top annoyances and watches that we covered during the during the presentation today so maybe I'll kick it back to him to Matt and see if there is any questions either that he had or from the audience that anyone wanted us to to to touch up absolutely Peter and really great job both of you and an on this one we've actually had
00:50:35why do people not coming through on both on Twitter and through the queue in a box but if you have any additional ones please get in them in there and I'll try to get to them as well so earlier on we're talking about question apples disallowing two other additions in any of their ebooks for iPhone Apple should deal with something like that on a card gauge in particular
00:51:08well since the card page was with mine I guess I would say that I think that the issue of Publishers not wanting to reference other Publishers has is not a new problem this is I remember this happening you know before even in Prince I think that we all know that apples and all of the various players preferences choices and the and so forth change over time if I were making any book today I would link it where I choose to Lincoln and let them give me a hard time about it until they change their mind so maybe you could try linking it to your own publisher site which will not be at which will not change necessary website you know that you can redirect from another site that you might not have their other you know you can make it back to the Apple Library if that feels more comfortable in
00:52:08you want to change the link for every Edition but I would I would just push the possibilities I guess at this point there's so much to still experimental I'm sorry I just said I would push the possibilities Peter on this may be a question that's a little bit more towards you are more technical experience can you give a few small steps that a publisher can take to make better ebook better-looking eBooks from the finances may be tight for somebody who may not be able to go back and forth on Q&A with their conversion house or ones that want to start implementing a better best practice
00:52:50you know what's funny I would I would include Q&A as one of the ways that for bootstrappers and people on a limited budget really can make great strides that you know granted it does take additional time and mm and if you don't have people available and eyeballs available but you in it QA seems to need to be replaced all the insurance for those who don't know the lingo but just simply on multiple devices seems to be one of the things that most Publishers are doing and why am I totally sympathetic a publisher with a backless cattle on a thousand two titles has a problem with scale but smaller publisher whose maybe talk to you about a dozen or two seems to be in a better position to to to to put a set of eyeballs have people read through the manuscript
00:53:50one waiting to make a lot of improvements we had this question on Twitter in a few times in a few in a box we talk a little bit about the fact that there is bad CSS implementation in the mobipocket format not too much into the lingo essentially things that look great in ePub may not look so great in your Kindle file because of the way that Kindle and OCS yeah smoking jackets and comfy chairs and to point out everything that's don't forget my friend are slippers yeah that that's not working and then this questioner is obviously has a lot of real-world experience and in the trenches running up against the limitations of the ear eating systems in and I think rightly Amazon does deserve for things like Wichita
00:54:50limitations of Moby and it's no secret why you are was able to do what they did in an iBook because Apple has pushed iBooks further along do I have any special words of wisdom no other than to knowledge that this person and these people are not making this stuff up this is this is a true problem I mean I have a certain degree of optimism that just as the world of web browsers the software improve and the and the state of publishing got a lot easier as browsers started to stop implementing should have one off should have special techworks back in the mid-90s on that web publishing has become marginally easier and 15 years later I do think we're going to see the same it's frustrating and it's slow but we're going to see the same when it comes to EPUB ebook reading systems but it's not going to happen overnight we have a
00:55:50I just wanted to ask this because most people still do all their reading on a laptop that the the app for any of these systems are as important if not more important than a dedicated device and how it looks there and those are very likely to improve were quickly I would say Peter I have it I think you handled the 80s C-sections I want to ask you why do you say it's necessary to have a hyperlink to TSC when most devices already have a navigational TSC built-in have Toc that is physically within the book and is not part of the ncx but you talk a little bit about that I have some opinions about maybe I'll kick you back to and she did handle that section of oh and I'm happy to all right well if I covered your opinions if I have it
00:56:50you know one thing is that clear thing in any kind of book the TOC does is that in every use of it in in in meta data in basic information and online and in the book hyperlinked or not it's a chance for the publisher to reveal to the reader what they've got the the
00:57:15the navigational devices that has that a nap might have might give you the following choices beginning
00:57:23front of book end of book and other things that don't really tell the reader very much about your particular book The TLC is your chance to highlight your content and tell especially a nonfiction that also in fiction with chapter titles for example instead of numbers and this and be very powerful it's help the reader that there's a lot there a lot worth looking for the reader May jump to a place that they wouldn't have seen before if they didn't see it in your TLC and then one other thing I would add the one other thing I had is that also we're in the process of educating all readers over the next couple of years about how these apps and ebook devices work to not all readers are going to automatically know to check the sort of special icon that summons the TOC and what they want what they will never miss is the page front of that so
00:58:23teach the babies that provide a certain level of redundancy makes a lot of sense I think anybody who is worked in a library understands that there is a process of Education going on today with how to even read an e-book and how to start navigating this so Peter this is a question for you what would you suggest for side bars and potentially endnotes those are things that you're constantly especially and nonfiction and very difficult to handle in one column here like an idiot device like a Kindle or a Sony yeah yeah so I'm not sure whether the question is talking about what kind of content to include more I'm guessing it's more how do you implement how do you take sidebar material I will say that my current publisher of Riley has done I think an amazing job
00:59:23and really paying attention to in a one-column presentation the way that side bars can be sutley but noticeably distinguished in a in a styling way so your signaling the reader with a very subtle indications is basically you should have been look at yourself but it's basically just know I should have stroking style it says okay body text now you're reading a sidebar you keep the lines that go on either side so your your your continued you know you know that you are reading sidebar even if you go across a couple of screens and then you say okay now I know I finished the end of the sidebar and now I'm back to body texts take a look at O'Reilly book that's been published in the last year or so may affect the across the entire catalog and you'll see what I'm talking about and I think they've done a really nice job of signaling the distinction between
01:00:23one thing that I would add to that as well as something that Liz Kessler over and shut said in our new workflows ran short on production webcast we did earlier last month was that when you come to these types of design decisions it's best to get all and all hands meeting put together will you put together some sort of checklist and company-wide decision on how you're going to handle problems like side part is you're if you're solving that problem with every individual book it's going to take you a lot of extra time end up costing you a lot money and I'd like to jump in on on the question of custom front matter for e-books because I'm sure I just said I wanted to jump in on the issue of custom front better for e-books because it sounds arduous but in fact it can be complicated figured out in advance and then just implemented for each book and it is so worth Wild
01:01:24okay and unfortunately that's all we have time for today I want to thank her and structures Peter Myers and encaustic and I'd like to remind you to keep an eye out for breaking the page the next book from Peter Myers will be circling back with all of you tomorrow with the check list of you book formatting a design that was put together by and heater that is exclusive to the webcast attendees and two are Digital Book World members if you're not a member of DBW yet be sure to check out this look real.com joint we did not have a chance to get to your question we have year-round community on Twitter hashtag pound GVW you can share information and get your questions answered one thing that I will also add to that is there and some excellent community on Twitter at pound epr DC T-N-T production without vowels and I'm taking help you answer some of the more technical questions that may come up around ebook format again tonight so thanks everybody

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