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A son of a New York firefighter, Griff Lynch felt called to the sea even if it didn't necessarily agree with him. Luckily, there is more to do with the water than just sailing on it, and Lynch has found himself in charge of a business that is leading the way in trade on the East Coast. On this episode of Difference Makers, Lynch details what all goes into running the Savannah port as well as the ports in Georgia at large while also recapping their past fiscal year and the many programs they have in motion. He also goes into how international trade is affecting Savannah and the effects of the China trade and tariffs on GPA.

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(8:46): Evolution of maritime work

(16:58): What goes into vessel planning for the port?

(19:47): 2019 fiscal year wrap-up for the Georgia Ports Authority

(23:56): What sets the Georgia Ports apart from other East Coast ports

(27:32): Mason Mega Rail

(33:50): Big Birth, Big Ship Initiative

(43:11): The current state of international trade and how it works in Savannah

(46:05): How trade from China and the rest of Asia affects the Georgia Ports

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