Sami and Aleen are joined by celebrity trainer Jordan Syatt to talk about the right and wrong ways to approach weight loss. They start with an exciting announcement about Jordan and the DST Live Show, then launch into a conversation about how not every workout is going to be a great one and why. They talk about Jordan’s 10,000 calorie challenge and how the scale doesn’t reflect weight loss as accurately as people think in the short term. At 16:00 they explain the importance of understanding what calories are. What’s the difference between health and weight? At 44:00 they revisit the “smash the wellness industry” conversation from last week’s episode. Why does bad advice seem to get more likes on social media than good advice? They finish the show with a conversation about different body types and why we need to stop comparing ourselves to one another.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive
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