Sami and Aleen are excited to invite DST listener (and email contest winner) Tara Delany into the Betches office to tell her personal story. They start with a conversation about body dysmorphia and how to change the way we look at our own bodies. They discuss her career as a flight attendant and how she learned to stop mindlessly munching on airport snacks and fast food. How do we control snacking without being too restrictive? At 22:10 they talk about the things that helped Tara lose a significant amount of weight and gave her the motivation to start running. Then we hear the story of how a crazy car accident changed her life forever, along with the inspirational path she took to restart her fitness journey. They finish the show with a conversation about the enormous benefits therapy can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.   And don’t miss out, Sami & Aleen are hosting their first ever Diet Starts Tomorrow LIVE Show! Purchase your tickets to the NYC show now by going to: betches.co/dstlive   Thanks to our sponsors...   Beauty By Design: Go to beautybydesign.com/dst and use the promo code DST. First-time customers get 20% off!   ThirdLove: Visit ThirdLove.com/DST now to find your perfect-fitting bra and get 15% off your first purchase!   
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