The Killing of Marilyn Monroe is an explosive new 12-part podcast from the creators of Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death of Natalie Wood. Marilyn Monroe’s name, beauty and legend is still as iconic today as the night she died 57 years ago. But unlike the legacy of her stardom, shadowy conspiracies and unanswered questions continue to linger over what happened in the hours, days and weeks before the blonde bombshell took her final breath, naked on her bed and surrounded by a deadly cocktail of prescription pills. The coroners verdict: “Probable suicide”. Yet many believe it was murder. This original 12-part series investigates the secret life Marilyn hid from the world, juggling affairs with Rat Pack crooners, President's men and mob bosses… and chronicling every encounter in her infamous “Red Diary”. Some say she knew too much, got in too deep, became a threat to the most powerful and dangerous men in America. For the first time, and in unprecedented detail, The Killing of Marilyn Monroe will uncover exactly what she knew – and what it cost her. The series premieres on 8/19/19 so go and subscribe now.

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