In this episode I talk to Manuela Rink about her career path. Manu has taken a few roles over her still short career and ended up mixing two worlds that I personally never thought could really match. Let's cut to the chase, Manu is an iOS freak (in a good way ;) ), who is also a developer evangelist at Microsoft. We go over her career, her place at Microsoft and the role of an evangelist. And we finally touched on her work as a female role-model, being on the stage in an - unfortunately - still mainly male industry.
Note: I discovered after the recording that my end of the call is pretty low, as well as some weird clicking noise on the beginning of the recording that I could not really remove. Sorry about that.
- Manu is @codeprincess on Twitter
- Manu Blogs at: http://bit.ly/2ncf5D8
- "Mission to Mars" workshops: aka.ms/missionmars
- Music "Something Elated" by Broke For Free (CC BY 3.0)
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