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Latest iPhone Creepiness, Privacy Rights, Apple Bugs, and Why Your Company Culture Ruins Developers

· transcript
On this episode of the Devcoaches Podcast Pat and Morgan discuss an article that talks about new features in the latest iPhone that could eventually be leading towards future functionality that would enable people to have a creepy level of information about strangers. https://blog.bigscreenvr.com/what-iphone-x-tells-us-about-apples-plans-for-ar-glasses-c23c3264eb88 Imagine being able to replay any memory recorded on your contact lenses and the ramifications of how that might impact society. It leads us to discuss an upcoming Supreme Court case that could have enormous impacts on digital privacy rights. Do we want to have privacy or do we want to have smart phones?https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/27/us/politics/supreme-court-fourth-amendment-privacy-cellphones.html Twitter thinks Morgan is a 40-year-old man. She cleaned up her history to see what kind of impact it might have in the future and we start talking about whether or not social networks can actually delete the information that they claim to delete. Apple has had a handful of very high profile bugs recently including the letter "I" displaying weird and the word "It" being randomly capitalized. They also had a huge security issue where you could log in to your computer with no password at all. We discuss these and how people trust technology far too much and a handful of enormous bugs we've run into during our development careers. We discuss an article "Why Your Programmers Just Want to Code" which is about how a poor development culture can lead to developers learning not to give input on what is built, so they becomes obsessed with how it’s built. https://medium.com/maker-to-manager/why-your-programmers-just-want-to-code-36da9973388e Later we discuss how that leads to another issue where many technology companies become focused on choosing cool technology rather than solving the actual problem that their customers have. https://medium.com/web11/tech-driven-problem-solving-39681fabd6a1 This eventually leads to a long conversation discussing how current trends are leading toward all development being done in Javascript even when it's likely not the best tool for the job. We also talk about Angular and how it's the current big framework that's being shoehorned into projects even when it's overkill for almost all of them.
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