5 Reasons Why Your Trading Strategy Isn’t Making You A Living Yet!!

In episode 207 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am joined by Alejandro from the DesireToTRADE Team to talk about the 5 reasons why your trading strategy isn't making you living yet.

Are you ready for it?

Watch the video interview!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...
  • 1st reason: untested plan 01:16
  • What is the process traders should use for backtesting their strategies 03:05
  • 2nd reason: not using high-quality data 05:32 Recap 07:03
  • 3rd reason: making a lot of mistakes in live trading 07:27
  • 4th reason: not understand the risk profile of your strategies 09:03
  • 5th reason: trading a system not suited to your personality and life 13:16
  • Open Q&A 19:16
  • And much more!

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