Making A Profit in Gaps & Futures Trading

In episode 206 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I get interviewed by TraderNick and share my best tips on lifestyle, traveling and trading, and more!

Are you ready for it?

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In This Episode, You'll Learn...
  • What are the places that Etienne goes back a lot 01:31
  • How Etienne manages trading and traveling 02:04
  • Which have been Etienne's most memorable moment from meeting traders all around the world 03:54
  • How long has Etienne been trading 06:18
  • How to go about finding people to invest in you as a trader 07:45
  • What are the common traits Etienne finds in consistently profitable traders 09:30
  • What are the trading styles that have resonated most with Etienne 12:30
  • What is holding you from making money consistently in the markets 16:05
  • Is trading a science or an art? 19:34
  • What is Etienne's trading routine 26:08
  • The reality of a consistently profitable mindset 30:30
  • Focus on your own first, the money comes later 36:17
  • Manage money correctly to avoid working double 39:48
  • The value of mentorship 40:51
  • And much more!

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