From Electrical Degree To Trading While Traveling

In episode 202 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I sit down with Austin Semeniuk, a Forex trader whom I met in Da Nang, Vietnam. He is currently traveling while making an income from his trading.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn...
  • Who is Austin Semeniuk and how he got into trading 00:28
  • How Austin went from newbie to profitable 01: 38
  • Austin's opinion on free forums and chat rooms 03:06
  • What are the steps that Austin took to develop as a trader 06:12
  • You need patience to develop your strategy 07:29
  • How does Austin trading style looks like now 09:29
  • The value of a mentor in your trading career 11:07
  • How was Austin's transition from learning to trading full-time 12:54
  • How to become a top performer 15:20
  • The importance of keeping a journal 17:10
  • The challenges of going from a full-time trader to traveling trader 17:53
  • How to find Austin 21:15
  • How Austin got capital to trade for a living 23:06
  • Austin's risk management and mindset secret 25:10
  • What are the plans and goals Austin has for the future 26:56
  • And much more!

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