Daily Chart Trader Strategies and Indicators Deep Dive

In episode 201 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I am sitting down for an in-person currency trader interview with Jim Brown in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Living in Da Nang, Vietnam for over 2 years now, Jim has developed a methodology using technical indicators to trade roughly 60 currency pairs on a fairly high timeframe - the daily chart.

This trading methodology allows him to reduce his screen time to less than an hour a day, and thus enjoy the beautiful beaches Vietnam has to offer.

Watch the video interview! Topics Covered In This Episode
  • Who is Jim Brown and what he does 01:24
  • What has been Jim's trading progression 01:50
  • What is Jim's thought process of adding or testing new indicators 3:44
  • [Start showing the charts] 05:50
  • Jim's trading charts setup explanation 06:14
  • How Jim hedges his trades to manage risk 11:44
  • How long does Jim take to check his 26 pairs for trading 28:22
  • How can you get the indicators that Jim uses to trade? 30:59
  • And much more…
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