Zach sits down with Ryan Salvas, Design Director at CW Keller and Associates, to talk Design Technology, Ninja Turtle action figures, Stranger Things (spoiler alert), and whether or not sufficient time has passed to be able to listen to Metallica's Load album and not judging it against the rest of their canon.




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00:00:00I can always pick two and then it's like the 3rd person is always like oh, we are letting Jesus
00:00:07to be really quiet I usually do just be sitting there with his eyes moving back and forth listening to the conversation we had like like like the Last Supper hello welcome to the design-wise podcast Zach Downey Brian Regan we have Brian salvus design director at CW Keller & Associates
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00:01:00okay welcome to design Life podcast this is Zack we do not have Brian today he claims he's sick I find that very suspect he's lying but he's decided that he cannot interview Our Guest today Ryan salvis so yeah what's the story there Brian set up an interview with you and then claims he's sick can't do it and Boston and he was really excited wanted to get me down to New York and do this if you are hearing this I hope you're getting help you get well because we need you around
00:01:54what are these dead on this is going to be a show because he's so loud that we always have to turn them down so everybody can show other people hanging around Ryan what's happened since we left each other at shop so you started it just the Millennium you started was right after Shop Auburn or were you somewhere else
00:02:53siding around it very warm and money goes a long way and you starting this integrated design and construction and so I went down there for a while and it was right about where my wife was pregnant and we decide to get out of New York Escape From New York yep we were we were down there for a couple years teaching doing a bunch of research what was the studio
00:03:36I was sucking your check and I mean I did a little bit of job with Josh is doing which was the integrated design construction program which for those of you who don't know what it's kind of half it was a graduate program a half construction track have design track students working on kind of this collaboration project nonprofit stuff and it was a lot on their sustainability side glasses there I was mostly teaching 2nd year to do things it is like no way it's the study abroad because it takes 2 hours to get there going to be like Salma and kind of these rougher areas but it's just a lot of mine was in school we went to when I was still attack we went to tour we drove down from Virginia Tech that or some of the the places it's incredible work that is it really is
00:04:36and more ambitious on their projects community center community like reality library in south of the Town needs and then all the $20,000 house so if you can't you know $20,000 will buy you a trailer home but what else can you tell me when I was down there for a couple years and then you know we had a lot of family up in this area and Boston area so we move back to Boston and I'mma wife is Connecticut
00:05:36Boston and then I was doing um I started out at some teaching up there at Northeastern and then I just teaching the tough tough road I found that myself to do with kids if you have a kid like this is great for Summers off if any of your Summers off and you have a side yep gig that you can kind of fluctuating can I go between if you don't you know I think what are you up for Ameren Technologies I we don't have a job so that's when I went over to Island which was kind of a modular fabricator work
00:06:36used tire shop days they were doing I think they finish the Barclays Center for Barclays they didn't do the Bastille for the outside of it that was a yes I do but they were involved around over there finishing up the Oculus and some of the staff that they provided like the Armature Syracuse right now it down the is this whole leg no man's land but anyway so we are working with them and I just I just had it I like their story I like the idea of modular and how that could really change Construction Construction going in that direction right part and maybe it's not quite there yet but it did you
00:07:36yeah and it's your choice
00:07:46the whole the whole process anyway the whole the whole thing there is it in this is a fabrication issue and so just to preface for those listening to Stafford station now so I think
00:08:13where where a lot of that was going is that we had I think I'm fabrication you if you always go rehab real estate we can get to land and build a factory right now and I think you guys had the benefit of being unique bubble in the city the next place rebuilding a factory is New Jersey and we just can't leave such a hard time attracting talent because it is such a problem with me I told you to convince you to move to Alabama and use the same techniques on people to forget the New Hampshire
00:09:13I mean to find clothes they are actually the most likely pad is hiring people who were who would be who would be moving so people from like Indiana Family Care
00:09:50learning new stuff at the new technologies all that but at the same time if you would have really really ready to settle down or like mid-30s yes going to hit like the old PSN you guys why did my dissertation and yes I'm at Sierra Taylor which is a
00:10:29I know we are I have a really hard time like I feel like if I gave him a business card would be like literally Out The Ledger it was a Millwork company and I know 45 years ago and then it slowly transitioned into I'd say the last 15 years we started working within a day or two Ronnie and Marco Thorpe that kind of formalism red Fabrication in this project on this kind of Cambridge Law Firm which is this
00:11:24it was like this kind of digital fabrication project was like bread sliced warm but you know what the time it was doing we were doing it all at a 3-axis CNC anything that had to be done had to be done by Craftsman after the fact for post-processing Salt Lake hand sanding hand shaving in emerging forms cuz you know when you look at your like it's a very dated like it looking like
00:12:18what kind of push that process and use that to can I invest so I think from that point the company which is smart they said okay we're going to go straight everything going to do is Rhino base now which is the time pretty pretty bowls for a Fab shop dead rhino Centric and then just started continuing to evolve and what really happened is that they were they were so good at Millwork and all the kind of connection details and all the coronation that just kind of experience and I just added to the layering of the digital concrete formwork like ovens and billets inform work and stuff like that for we were doing the stairs for the Apple headquarters in concrete formwork
00:13:18casting right to the quarian so there's just like a ton of stuff that were experimenting on and there's a really nice balance of going down the shop and saying like there it was built something and I had a hard time finding a place like that or you like the 101 it was always like a shop or you spend so much time with your Rising about how seems to be built in like planning it down so it was not always kind of was disheartening to me you sent all this effort kind of figure out the best way to do something and then I mean being young and saying like this is why I think this was going to happen then you realize that contractors don't give a fuck about what architect designed by just going to do it
00:14:18right like you know like how do you leverage that the fact that they're going to build it how they want to build it right we have that direct connection to house being built as opposed to you sending it over to contractor and then going out on site for a construction ministration being like what is that at all but it will you do it like whatever you feel like having the having the ability to go out to the factory floor or in your case a shop floor and like help direct the work and then have that feedback into your own design process so you know next time like oh my guys know how to do it this way and this is the best way to do it for them I'll just in bed that knowledge into the the drawing or design next time and we're good to go on the most interesting challenges right now that we have is trying to the same problem we had with you know we had a shop was trying to figure out work slow right in saying that we push
00:15:18the model the modeling to the farthest extent right and the model at all of our approvals are based on the model another is no shop drawings Mill you know we've developed the entire workflow where we want to do that but then it comes to the point where has to go down and get built and you're no you go downstairs and it's a bunch of Millwork people who been up to company for 30 years and they want the Cinematic you know how do you communicate to go all the way back to square one and do you know
00:16:18what is the best platform software platform handle complex machine but like the mouse button configuration on like a rhino setup is like an alien to them the machine they're using I couldn't cut sections and they're just all junk and they're just not great so are you doing that training or not we have somebody we have who's awesome
00:17:02but she one of her initiatives is teaching his Rhino training in in for the shop need came from the shop and then like you know what I know and then kind of know as opposed to the other and what you see is like you blow come out of school knowing Rhino knowing software International that download Machine when are they they bring their knowledge needed the kind of institutional knowledge of having built for a few years up to the designs are getting really we're getting we're getting kind of the sweet spot where people who know how to build or learning software which I think is the right way to learn that is so backward that it's it's like a dresses like a CNC like a 5-axis CNC every single fucking 5 axis CNC has its own programmer
00:18:02that's like it's such a bottleneck to get something out from a design and from kind of nesting and you know that all that she cuts and Leon's everything in the g code to the machine machine we just have a hard time like we if we do the machine directly if you have to hide and things the five axes we're doing so we moved we don't do three access anymore CNC everything is 5 axis CNC and the rhino in a we've used all different can packages there just not great for five axes they don't do you want the computer to know that is a hole from here and not from the other side the ramping in right now
00:19:01you're not there yet we're using Mastercam right now like 5 people in the entire country that have the skill set that is like really good at 5 axis CNC programming for fabrication and said where those people I don't know yet when I'm sick I'm sick right now so hard questions today about the kind of Leverage in construction or what how people want to build things I think what is been really interesting to me is developing like understanding where did Bill fabrication can actually help in the process and I just making like a pavilion or something was kind of just formally driven to Miami where we were helping me with Grimshaw or doing this
00:20:01fix fish tank that the frost Museum and this is in a martini glass hammer shark tank and all the concrete Subs you know they want to do columns and slabs and the former for, since that's all day right that's what they do have that mean they have they have an extensive knowledge on how to get something to a certain plenum right like staging systems in we want we want them to provide the tin for like the cupcake the structure and we just want to provide like that little paper thing
00:21:01will provide you know we'll get essentially bring our formwork down two of us series of levels that you support us from evil. It keeps your liability your ass down to a very minimum and we all will laser scan all your spell your structure we know where everything is and we're going to basically it's there's a lot in that it will just coordinate that we realize that they were just way over engineered flashlight that's the kind of stuff I think like there is a huge opportunity to an understanding how trades want to work and just kind of helping that process along with modular to like how we go about lifting the mods and putting them in and and what the different Union guys are requirement there like who's moving the thing around at what time and and what
00:22:01I love care you can expect from a certain group versus another it becomes a real challenging and knowing how to design to accommodate those aspects is critical to the success of these projects
00:22:19so we'll talk about stranger things all right
00:22:32what is finished you just finished it on the train ride down alert alerts listen it's it's September if you haven't seen stranger things yet I haven't got to see Xmen apocalypse but I bought it isn't finished it we bought that immediately when it came out all by the way you mentioned me a text or something whether or not that you and Josh were having a conversation about whether or not Metallica's load album is now acceptable right yeah yeah yeah so you know after I got that text from you okay
00:23:32so I give it a listen right after that and I bought that came out on this is like 97 98 and I'm super excited there still some songs on there that night that I really like the hits you know where it when it sleeps or whatever maybe a couple other ones but it is a different Metallica is a different band you considered that it's fine so I'm with you there and it's more it's more like blues-rock sort of a completely different thing is I was flipping through like New York Times style magazine yesterday or not yesterday a couple days ago and it was a picture of a fashion picture like some like Armani I don't know what it was but it was no I don't know what time it was Kirk Hammett in like an Armani suit
00:24:32hello. I guess the cover of that album is disgusting as concept art talk to you ever listen to everything is like if you come if you are listening to all the first I know how many were before that albums before coming at it from today and you're listening to one of their work load is all right
00:25:31color hair dye to use and it's a show is so good it's incredible it is so good 80s references 83 in Indiana does 182 to look into some bad stuff yeah yeah I recognize the style Virginia didn't change style we're a little bit behind the times so yes it would feel to it
00:26:25what you think this whole veil of Shadows things pretty awesome right this in remind me if I wanted to be the Dungeons & Dragons kids but I just wasn't I'm too good at sports I'm more of a Steve I want you to dungeon dragon kid but I was like the air I had moved on like there was none of which I think the whole veil of Shadows thing was very nice I found the reference to like light and dark World in Link to the Past pretty pretty telling
00:27:16I yeah I'm I'm a huge part of the whole show is just the
00:27:24I got a big fan of the same spot on what they're talking about right I probably I'm probably do another watch through to take out or anything yet there's a million Easter eggs that I've been watching a lot of mr. robot the marketing be on the show like if you look up any of the references in mr. robot Easter egg websites look up all the different code things that he's working on a little like there was like they set up like a
00:28:17Hotmail and things you can get out there yet I've got to watch it but it was fantastic the character who is like the evil Corp guy just reminded me so much of my Patrick Bateman from Oh you mean American Psycho Bernie Madoff kind of guy
00:29:17where is the first season was so I can watch him hack with that like bumping send music in the background for like hours straight there something I don't know what it what point on in season one but we were both like oh Tyler Durden this is going to be like find something awful and comes that shit I can't pick that stuff up in my head I miss that entirely cuz I'm just too into whatever's happening currently but stranger things
00:29:57I'm trying to like it wasn't going to any ATM I try and get my kids into a TV shows which is like a slippery slope Voltron or late night I don't understand what's going on and I didn't like slowly get to the seventies and sixties and like we're watching Fraggle Rock yeah now we're down to like early Mickey Mouse Winn-Dixie's the racist one
00:30:58it just totally to give me three weeks
00:31:18yesterday it's crazy so your training right
00:31:29no it's it's interesting it's a tough learning curve getting through all that stuff I don't really know how you do it yeah I think I feel like they're really two to quantify that we should probably have the Jenny and Jennifer in here to confirm if what one what year was harder or not but you guys every time I mean some ways it's easier right people which means or dislike like it breaks them
00:32:29pick something up at the store and one of the daughters want to go with me cuz it's okay fine I'll take you to the store pick up milk but let's call the secret mission to make it fun to do that but then the other one wanted to go to and I can't take two by myself get the milk it's whatever so then my wife had to go and take the girls take the other girl on it our own secret mission it to a different store but having one kid at a time like just walking around with the one was amazing what people feel like this is crazy it's so it easier
00:33:16so we would do like
00:33:18we would have sink like single parent days I would stay home all day working the House drywall or paint or something and then Jenny would take the kids for the whole day at the park whatever like this that's that's got like and then the next day I would do like Sunday I would switch leaving the house now like one back to normal now give us take the kids in like having a dedicated day for the kit like that was so useful cuz we could each get whatever we want to get done and Jenny's constantly complaining about like she have the actual to the time like we need to start doing that again
00:34:18fantasy football Dynasty that's what's worked for me last two years I got some games and watch football in Monsters Inc phone watch
00:35:09no microphone handle Football under 5 minutes of death of the luftwaffe movie
00:35:29kids learning how to ride a bike it's also exciting School data the hell stop right above each other you can't just get your feet parallel to the ground and then you can stop by like 20 miles an hour into a huge garbage bag full of dirty diapers
00:36:29I've been watching a lot of Disney movies worth watching Aladdin and there's a scene where they're chasing the bad guys are chasing Aladdin and then he he runs them into a cart of manure which is the same the same Troop that happens in like a Back to the Future 2 right into the Sinclair. We set it all out riding around in Beetlejuice
00:37:29mr. clean
00:37:33Shut up today that you have to look so good I finished steer for the second time spear nice yes I'm reading timeline. Rhythm timeline is quantum physics and time machines so far so good and then I was reading Neuromancer or real good
00:38:33it's not ready player one video game references yourself which I enjoy it but good it's just the writing I do like it I like Neuromancer is a tough is a tough one because it's so it like it's close enough to reality now you get it right but it's so so far removed and it's time. Yeah I like what they are projecting that be that is like I have a hard time like getting past where we are currently yet to like get me to that when we were talking about put your head in like that like you think you like it's 1989 or 1991 something like that and yeah I think about it
00:39:33accessible then Neuromancer Duramax alarm. Timeline was is what I'm ready now and I read a lot of a lot of kid movies release the Crichton ones I've read Spear of red drastic park World Books like that was just so you know you like you just don't go by writing this letter so I just go to my bookshelf
00:40:33yeah there was one of them they're trying to figure out who blew the possible in like yeah, I saw the movie and that turned me off of my feet so bad I fell asleep and he has like these weird Japanese
00:41:17take a look all right to you right now
00:41:28let's see I do a lot of Metallica Metallica am I go to work I do want to Chopin kind of classical piano trip on I guess they're into
00:41:54atlanta-based rappers that culture that they're just better like it said like Andre 3000 Outkast nice and his woman all of the 8-Bit sound from the songs for all Metroid they're awesome
00:42:40I think I might like this that you know I don't know why this I tried to Ping Josh about this to see cuz I feel like he mentioned his band to me a long time ago and I was like I got nothing but there's been called baroness that I think you would like baroness baroness baroness I just found this out cuz I bought on Robbins but the guys are from Lexington Virginia originally but then they there in Savannah Georgia who's between there in Auburn in Savannah Savannah to Auburn
00:43:34it's far it's time to drive through Savannah and stop there on the way to back here to Boston in the summer is the stuff Savannah's nice from afar University to School of Art design the spinner College where is the jelly in the donut in America Boston and huge disparity now
00:44:24what's your favorite sci-fi film
00:44:30how's your wife not like that was talking earlier about like leaving not not going to work on some days like that was left 4 dead shopping we went to a movie I remember correctly this when we were in the India room like me and Tyler and a couple other people were in the Indian room and you guys came in through the side door and said is like you and Josh you're like
00:45:18we're going to move it like 2 o'clock in the afternoon
00:45:23comicbookmovie right
00:45:32and that was like the first time I did that are bad influences the Rhymes Google looking for a job I just played hooky from work and I went to see Mad Max and it's awesome like me and one other person in the office that does movie we were flipping through Amazon Prime looking some to watch we saw that that was on sale for like 10 bucks but let's do it and it's a great movie this year they had the company that did all the um the footage of the digital footage for the film so they were just using drones stitching together they would just run drawings take out HD video in N stitch together and then use that footage to create virtual environment for like the like the big plateau
00:46:32that's how they did an awesome by far the best AAU session ever been to cuz I had nothing to do with her because they were taught yeah exactly he was talking about how they were they were they were developing the technology to a point where they could all the different things and they were they were developing for like the cars they would develop 10 or 12 different versions of each vehicle so one would have like a flag and then next one would have a different flag and so that they could they could run a scene George Miller would look at me like I like that but could you do this this mess and then they would have a different version set up they would throw that into the render engine and then within 10 minutes they could rewrite the entire Cena level
00:47:32all the special effects did the majority of that movie without CJ I'm going to need a while to wife
00:47:54I think that's my favorite episodes coming out tomorrow Monday is a fashion designer Alexis watch her favorite movie was a grown-up and I love Kira the Ghost in the Shell all the kind of plastic for us and mid-nineties in Ruleville Virginia so there to that I saw which were Acura and Ghost in the Shell and I love them but other than that like I don't have a lot of exposure to other animes and they're always ones that like seem cool but I was like this looks like a thing to get into a neon
00:48:54where do you start the hits okay speaking of which
00:49:30the top one because everybody always references like NES game but it's definitely retro this one is 25 years old and I was always begging to those fighting games
00:49:57flat this is probably why you weren't big into the den you couldn't get into the Dungeon & Dragons crap I love
00:50:22LSU college classic game as a lineage streaming like I've ever Castlevania on NES is really good and I'm ever Castlevania Symphony of the Night or is it like Super Castlevania whatever was not a lot but I want to listen to those like symphonic rendition.
00:51:19okay what's your favorite childhood cartoon
00:51:27Ninja Turtles Technodrome Ghostbusters ecto-1 like somebody else's and they gave it to me as soon as I can missing offenders like call beat up like the one I had the April now but she's like worth a lot of money to get a foot with a manhole cover
00:52:19I forgot about the tank and he like fishes any believe you actually filled with water what the look at that guy people getting high making up characters Young and the first video game that really annoys me is that I could get through the part that everybody couldn't get through and then there was this part where was like top down View Drive El driving
00:53:19and now all I do is watch YouTube videos on how people PPG never so it's there waiting for me playing punch out and you guys just give me a hard times I play Starcraft on the weekend if we both just came in
00:54:19actually trying to do work what's your favorite beer by the way you wearing that he's wearing a harpoon shirt missing from the brewery by buying overpriced Boston sabbatical between jobs at or you got a couple beers that's a good spot to put them in a favorite beer
00:55:12you know it's a weird one because nobody knew it but my go-to now is a brewery in Newburyport Mass which is like just North Shore Massachusetts north of Boston just a good all-around IPA Centric I like Sixpoint Bengali tiger sweet actually I went to a bar last night and everybody has Sweetwater
00:55:53like the Atlanta beer awful it's just garbage but it's $9 a case and a shot of whiskey and a half of Ryan so
00:56:33feel free to ignore. Which is if you can have a tea party with any three people are alive or dead present future could be your future self past self whatever was going to be and why does it have to be to either you can be drinking this beer
00:56:51three people okay
00:56:54I have a hard time with the third person like I can always pick two and then it's like the 3rd person is always like alcohol
00:57:03Jesus to be really quiet I feel like every conversation is like the last supper I guess just a lot of awkwardness I love Bill Hader Bill Hader when you get Bill Hader there you immediately have like 5 people cuz he can do voices for everybody every time I like he's got good characters and he I like him cuz he just cracks up all the time I think it did look part of the Season without me anyway so don't hate her
00:57:55I need to hear Barack Obama would be good together yeah I think it be fun to Bill Hader Barack Obama and somebody in there like I don't want to have like a man panel into me smart
00:58:10Sally Ride The Astronaut nobody drinking is it the beer I'm just going to say right now I bet I bet you Sally Ride drinks you all under the table or he just feel like he turned everything in the wine
00:58:58in one sentence
00:59:10I'm going to take this from my experience which is not architecture cuz I don't work in architecture so
00:59:22architecture as Frozen music architecture is where dreams go to die I've never had a good experience at architecture is just such as such as virgins go to Diana's such as log off it immediately well Ryan thank you and Brian interrupt you the whole time you were listening way back
01:00:22Brian Brian Brian bye-bye

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