America's problems extend far beyond Russiagate. In fact, they extend far beyond porn stars and having half the cabinet under investigation, failures in Puerto Rico and near nuclear war with North Korea. They include unprecedented levels of overt corruption in the White House...but perhaps worse for a system that depends on checks and balances, they go further to the fact that no one in Congress seeks to call out or stop that corruption. Or gun violence. Or the war on science. Or financial recklessness. Or any of the other ills that currently plague the U.S. How did we get here? Who's to blame? What's to be done? Tune in to find out. Or at least for therapeutic purposes.
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00:00:17this is deep State Radio coming to direct from our super-secret studio and the third sub-basement of the ministry of snark in Washington DC and from other undisclosed locations across America and around the world
00:00:35hello and welcome to another episode of deep State Radio I Am David rothkopf I'm your host I'm in the third sub-basement of the ministry of snark here in your nation's capital joining me here Evelyn Farkas of the Atlantic Council add loose of the financial times and at ISS in London England the deputy secretary-general or whatever your what is your type Deputy Commander Field Marshal Deputy Deputy director-general Field Marshal doctor Professor Corey sake at her desk working away in into the London night today as it happens I normally don't say this but we're recording this on President's Day and you know this isn't Alexandria Virginia by the way where where do you know they're these parades and and the praise our offer George Washington cuz George Washington is from Alexandria Virginia
00:01:35is the native son here and I was watching some of it earlier as it went by and I actually got to chill and the chill was associated with the fact that George Washington establish the office of the presidency of the United States and set an incredible standard history changed on to personal decisions of George Washington not institutional not winning the war first he was offered the title of King and he said no I will not be king I'm going to be a president we fought to get rid of kings and secondly at the end of two terms he said I'm not going to stay in office for the whole of my life I we're going to have an election we're going to we are going to make the presidency not a lifetime appointment and if he hadn't done that
00:02:22history world would have been different and he did it and it was right and it's based on his character as an individual and everywhere you walk around Alexandria I feel like I know where this is going. There's blue yeah well I'm I'm scared of the imagine if he knew where it was going well actually he did in his farewell address he warns of precisely the kind of thing that we've ended up with now but as I walk around and I see these plaques or I see the parades today I think how did we get from there to here it's not just stumbling it's not just a precipitous fall it's a calamitous unthinkable
00:03:04ball and I just give you one example of this
00:03:09the we we we talked about the Russia investigation let's set it aside we talked about bad policy decisions are governments it set aside all the regulatory pullback let's set aside the bad climate change let's set aside not having a science advisor having some 31 year old kid is never done anything is the only science person in the White House let's set aside let's let you know set aside the North Korea nuclear war Raam Rumblings and all that let's set aside Puerto Rico or a fifth of the population still doesn't have power 5 months after natural disaster the sexual harassment that pornstars the payoffs to the pornstars and so forth and let's just take one thing the president of the United States has a club that he owns in Florida called Mar-A-Lago and if you join that club you get access to the president
00:04:09and you had your picture taken with the president and as in the past weekend the president ask your advice on things like gun control and you pay the president for access to the president and then same time his son gets on a plane flies off to India where they're selling apartments in India and if you pay $38,000 or something like that for an apartment you get access to his son who by the way although he's just a real estate figure is giving a foreign policy speech while he is in India and if you're a country and you've got a Trump Tower in your country even if you're an autocrat even if you're anti-democratic even if you're a murderer like duterte
00:05:00you will have better relations with us then if you're not the truck we have gotten to the point of tin pot dictator ship pay-for-play US government and even if none of these other things existed we've always had some corruption we've always had money in politics but at this place we're at the president is actually profiting every single day selling access to his office he's selling off the furnishings and I was in the Clinton Administration I remember when you know people said oh my God there's people in the Lincoln bedroom because they gave a campaign donations and an end Charming now is that wrong yeah that is wrong and is Citizens United wrong yeah that is wrong and we're Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was all that stuff from that was all wrong but we are orders of
00:06:00attitude away from that we are institutionalizing corruption at the highest level in the United States
00:06:08seems to me that that has a damaging effect not only on us as a democracy and as our character as a nation but understanding of the world. I think it in calcular let me just say that I think the road to be a rap musical cold Washington and there's a great one gold Hamilton but Ron chernow is better book is the what he wrote on Washington it's actually even more griffing I find goodness that is Hamilton book and foot for a number of reasons but I think you've you admitted David you too very important gifts that Washington gave to American Express gold card to an end to world history that he refused a type of Moana and that he left off the two times he also gave a third which is that he was urged to wear his uniform in office he was a Dodge truck at the time said that would be a breach of civil-military relations
00:07:03Corey Corey is it to send a photo of Washington Corey is a descendant of Washington in that respect and probably so I am wanted to stop my answer by agreeing with you about the the weld historical importance of the man who was from This Town Alexandria what are the effects of trump they are incalculable they are I mean I think you know I think of my Italian friends when they talk about the affected by this Coney I was based in the Philippines for the financial times for 2 years and so I know a little bit about detecting but they interviewed him so you're not having that having observed what Crooks and sex can do in much less for the best countries in the United States I'm very pessimistic about our ability to reup our standards or expectations of Public Service
00:08:03I doubt I'll be all right there's of a politics being in any shape or form about any kind of value Trump trump is a bit rating that's what we are adjusting to what is becoming becoming normal is very hard to is it's very hard to reactivate back to the standards we had we had before we are so unsure couple you mentioned stormy Stormy Daniels it wasn't even 7th on your Wii U agricultural set aside policy and it was it was like $0.10 on that the best argument ever heard for brexit for the rest of the cost if you'd like but everybody would switch out you lose bull 17th Drive-In
00:09:03who's taken to calling you her present husband wow set the out the answer is in a 11:14 it is incalculable and he is is is cumulative at you know an end us especially pernicious every day it goes on every person who gains access every picture that gets taken every speech that is given this way every cabinet post that is giving away for these reasons and half of the people in the Trump cabinet are now under investigation by the way for one thing or another which is really bad I'm here
00:09:51do a personally owned property and conducts government business there to his own at enrichment and add we don't bark and all bone up on the emoluments crisis yeah it's really true we are we are being slowly acclimatize to the horribleness of this in a way that is going I sell them been as scared for my country ass listening to Ed a couple of minutes ago cuz he's right it is actually hard to return to a Stan once you have compromised it you know there's a saying in the military that every time you walk by a breach of the rules and don't correct it you just set a new standard when I think that's the point that bad really is what I wanted to try to you and talk to you about Evelyn because we all knew Trump was a bad guy and if you really want to get an insight into this by the way I strongly recommend if you haven't already read
00:10:51Jeffrey toobin article in the current New Yorker about actually it's the February 28th cover dition about Trump's beauty pageant in Moscow cuz if if you really want a certain get a sense of how we operate and how the Russians probably operated on him at the same time you you know you get it from that but it's not just Trump Evelyn because if there were if if the Republican leaders on the hill head half a human spine amongst them yes this is where I wanted to go because because what he's doing is look we have a whole whole body of law which is negative law there are no laws that that prohibit Trump from behaving as he's behaving because it's it's relied upon culture in an understanding of what the character of a president should be from Washington on and so now it I think what we have now is a situation that calls for legislative and judicial activism
00:11:51need to step into the breach and say unfortunately our democracy in our culture and our society has eroded to the point where we elect this kind of person and it's not just him he's surrounded by like-minded people and if if there is no counter to this if there is no active isn't on the part of the legislature first and foremost and then the Judiciary which will then interpret between the legislature in the executive that people will continue to emulate because we have of course within every human you know that they the the negative in the positive and often times people need the example provided and the end and many times they need the the the potential punishment for acting in a self-interested fashion so I think the answer the ant the antidote it resides in the other branches of government but I think that Corey is something that doesn't get discussed a lot I don't think it gets understood overseas now you're over there in that you know the u.s. colony as we liked
00:12:51the 50 best steak around there I'm sure that you're at easy for everybody talk about Trump in the US we always do this why was Mega country one person but
00:13:13the leadership of the GOP on Capitol Hill right now
00:13:19is as weak and as short-sighted and is vino as it has ever been and they're letting this they're letting this happen
00:13:36David I don't know if I should thank you dramatically underestimate other historical incidences of venality on the part of my political party but I did but I leave it to you to correct the record
00:13:57but it's second point is that I was having lunch today with a stellar deep State Radio nerd here is the defense correspondent for The Economist magazine the outstanding Matthew symons and he was 20 out to me that do I really count as the Republican voice in this constellation on deep State Radio anymore given how often and I am in close and careful alignment what's the criticism of my political party and I want a shirt that yes I am the Republican voice for exactly the reason Evelyn and David just emphasized which is we need to win this argument in the Republican party and we need to win it by 2 we put up for congressional seats by who we put up for Governors bite
00:14:57and not allow our fellow Republicans to avert their eyes from the erosions of our Democratic Union by saying but judges or but tax cuts because it's wonderful to have Republican conservative judges confirmed for the court and some Republicans are very strongly in favor of the tax cuts that have been passed but I weighed in the balance of the damage being done to our Democratic Norms we need to continue to have this argument internal to the Republican party is not going to be good enough to leave it to to the republicans in Congress who are failing the test at the festival I want to say you're absolutely right Curry cuz I think somebody has to say that to you secondly she's been waiting for so long
00:15:57applicants need to do it for themselves for the sake of everybody else the likelihood of that happening is is I think that is Slim at the moment and I think my son best measure of that is the fact that Mitt Romney is seen as the night on the White Horse here and Mitt Romney is I think I'm more of a weather vane than a man of principle he has delivered during the campaign and since Trump won some very strong Clarion Kohl's along the lines of what you did for Republicans to stand up a principal for Republicans to ReDiscover what that supposed to be about not trying to blame me but he's also you know that money had the chance of being Secretary of State I baste himself to an extraordinary degree I'm in order to ingratiate himself unsuccessfully is it turned out with Trump the fact that Romney is seen as the new Macau
00:16:57who himself wasn't always McCain is to me a warning sign of weather of the Republican party's ability to take you're absolutely correct advice Corey will let me pick up on that going to slightly different direction Evelyn and I'd like to pick on Corey's party a little bit more aggressively here
00:17:21the number one recipient of NRA dollars in the Republican party on the hill is McCain with seven million dollars or something like that from the NRA Trump got 30 million that's the National Rifle Association for those of you outside the United States an organization that is responsible for the fact that the United States now has 300 million guns in it and leads the world in every form of gun violence by far and an organization that has perpetuated a myth about the United States Constitution that it actually gives people unfettered right to guns which in fact if you made the Second Amendment it does not do it says in order to you know an ableist to have malicious people are entitled to have a right to bear arms which was by the way
00:18:21Corey would refer to this if I didn't fraud cited by a former Republican Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court as and call the front end and and you know we talked about National Security all the time around here
00:18:42the biggest threat to us life and limb of all those that we can sight aside from self-inflicted diseases and other kinds of things by far is gun violence and the Republican party with the funding of the National Rifle Association is the party of gun Insanity in the United States and they trying to say we're strong and national-security but it strikes me that you can't be strong on National Security and still perpetuate this notion that all Americans should have as many guns of whatever kind they want and you also can't be strong on Law & Order because believe me if you're working on a police force in the police department in a major urban city especially and you're dealing with the kind of weapons that people can buy on the open market in the United States with very few checks then you are not very happy so right now
00:19:42shut up. Rosa but folks will be back next week is in a minivan driving down the New Jersey Turnpike as we speak after 3 Day weekend anyway sorry gone to me is interesting and and and surprisingly that that constituency has not been able to assert itself against the NRA I don't quite understand that but the Republican party I do believe in this respect has become captive to the NRA on the issue of gun control and all I can say you know my my my my greatest hope and desire when it comes to gun control is at the minimum can we please become more like Australia and ban automatic weapons do a buyback they may have band actually even more than automatic weapons I don't know what it is but after their largest school shooting which occurred in the past and it took a lot of political on
00:20:42the part of the Prime Minister of the time I don't recall now which one it was I was just busy with pretty how it goes not this was Keaton 42 took the courage it took paid off because Australia now has I don't I don't even know what the statistics are but it's been if you can show it on a graph it's it it's a complete you know free fall in terms of gun gun violence and death of working with 65 million people has few up homicides in Chicago with 3 million people hiding money it's about it for the same reason I thought you almost exactly the pirate I was Australia that was a school massacre in dunblane in Scotland and a traumatic tightening up of gun the country in Europe which has the least controls on guns with Rob that has the most guns in homes because they have a citizen Army is Switzerland and Switzerland has a homicide rate I think five times higher
00:21:42anyone else in Europe so that's to me case closed but for example the assault weapons ban started in the Clinton Administration and ended in the middle of the Bush Administration and and the Republican party has an issue after issue been for this kind of freewheelin view towards guns and that includes all branches of the party I mean John Kasich wants to run possibly as an independent has an a rating from the NRA and has been voting CertaPro gun stuff for a long long time how do you reconcile that with concerns about us National Security
00:22:28so I so wish you actually wouldn't put me on the spot on that way and that because I always get jittery when are foreign policy podcast talks about domestic policy issues like this that said it does seem to be that the solution to this problem has to have two elements one element is that it's actually quite shocking to me that the number of school shootings that we have had in the last several years
00:23:11mobilized parents to to force this issue on the Republican party I'm actually it just as a political analyst I'm shocked that that the party hasn't come under much more pressure but we now begin to see for sample major Republican donors say they are not giving any money to anyone until you get sensible gun restrictions the second thing that I noticed that is changing is that
00:23:41while we may have General civil military concerns about Veterans as an organized political force I I think the right way to think about veterans in politics as a civil military issue is that they ought to be treated as one interest group among many others right wrote Aryans and and church groups and everybody else who has particular areas of knowledge and interest to contribute to the common good and one of those areas that I noticed in my Twitter timeline is circle of friends at which is probably better time is that veterans are mobilizing for gun control anyway I have not seen the mobile eyes on other issues and that will at you know maybe Evelyn is right and that Republicans have
00:24:41so lost our Lord that were anti law enforcement atro Russia and therefore irredeemable and that is the view of of several prominent former Republicans are pagan Max boot Eliot Cohen I myself I still think the Republican party is redeemable and that the way to do it is an inside-out conversation where we Republicans need to be concerned about the safety of our kids at Central issue of our civic virtue in a way we have been failing to put you on the spot and and and and and and make you uncomfortable with the discussion of what you think or what you have framed as a as a domestic issue but at
00:25:41eating outside so the recent assessments by top US National Security officials said the deficit was the biggest national security threat that the United States faced our financial condition was and and I think one could make a pretty strong case that if you look at what are real National Security concerns are they are things like the state of our financial help the state of our environment the state of our schools and the state of safety and streets in particular when you talk about security if one thing is killing
00:26:22you know the majority of Americans are bringing violent death to the majority of Americans we ought address it and I thought when Cory was about to begin and say you don't hear the things that could change this you know all it would take would be for the next three school shootings to be committed by Muslims you know and and and all of a sudden the Trump Administration being entirely different place a little probably about banning Muslims and shutting not gun control and not gun gun control but I think you know if you go back as Corey almost inevitably would to George kennan's Long Telegram it out written at the end of your earliest days a week if you look at the last two paragraphs of the you look at the very end he talks about
00:27:14that in American strength begins at home and we have to be an example to the world and we have to tend to those things within our society that keep us strong and clearly if you look at what has broken down we still have the most powerful military in the world we didn't need the 80 billion dollar boost were giving it was by far the technologically we leave the world we are unassailable on all those things so what's going wrong why are we struggling and if you look at things like these other issues whether it's guns violence schools racial division in equality Financial weakness that's where America is being threatened that's where the source of our strength are being threatened and and it seems to me we don't
00:28:01we make a mistake by siloing these issues off from each other yeah I mean I would dispute one aspect of your question I don't think I'm technology Americas unexcitable I think I think what China is doing but I mean that's not the greatest danger to America is America the moment I think it said so so in this business administration one of those of the biggest dangerous to global stability to if not the biggest in in some respects I think it's been apparent for a long time and if I'mma try to push this Evelyn can come correct me but Imma Try to explain me ready pivoting to America here we need to be rebuilding at home whether it's alright your gation system whether it's our infrastructure whether it's our ability to do practical politics cuz that that's you know fundamentally broken
00:29:01I'm at to half a properly regulated Financial system and indeed to have things like safety in schools and I'm all rational or enforcement approach to God in all of these things obviously have been obvious for a long time I'm Republicans like Corey Democrat so Volcom basically agree you know when that when they're not being required to wear that party hats on the TV show will basically agree that rebuilding at home is is the source of the best thing America can do in terms of its Global role in foreign policy and that includes of course I'm behaving like a model democracy again because America is soft power and how it's democracy is seen and how it functions or doesn't function is it key integral part of America's America's power I don't think that mean I think that's a no-brainer and it has been for a long time might might
00:30:01problem is that saying it don't make it so it's it's it's just so hard to see where we get from this deeply toxic position that we're in which is getting more and more so the group based more more racialized as time goes on and Trump indeed is you know he's he's not going to be campaigning on middle-class economic issues when he's when he's campaigning for reelection he's not going to have a record to run on the midterms are going to be about that they're going to be about NFL kneeling issues they're going to be about things that inflame group identity and differences and what what's disturbing to me is a and if he's done it once and it can work again on balance probably wouldn't wouldn't predict that it will but it could it could happen again and if we get Trump twice
00:30:53that is way worse than Trump twice this is really this is proof positive the system is broken it's just a fundamentally make a disaster than than Trump once can I challenge you because you brought up my party and Obama and I think actually President Obama also had it wrong because you can't separate these two things it's about principled courageous leadership and that's the same leadership that has to deal with the domestic issues as well as what's going on globally understood because where he have a strong voice domestically he was an an international he had a strong voice yet in both cases he saw of an artificial Division and I would argue certainly in the international Case you you can argue he did not live up to his rhetoric with his actions and domestically you probably could also make that case I mean I think
00:31:53little too early to assess you know whether he might have done more in his second term to head off some of the problems we're we're we're experiencing now with regard to the the divisions within our society we might as well I don't know that's why I'm saying a little early but, he might have used to actually do something
00:32:17we can immigration week on guns week on this Russia thing we can foreign policy was he a good man was he Sincere was he working hard was a brilliant was he in a did you do a lot of things great yes would we take him over Trump in a heartbeat yes we take Peter Rabbit over drunk that aren't me but but but the reality is that on a bunch of these things Obama didn't do very well and it doesn't suit it doesn't protect the Democratic party oh no Obama was a hundred percent right institutions President Obama never understood and appreciated the role of Congress he he looked at the individual members and you can look down sometimes disdainfully based on their resumes as you might do if you were a Harvard Law School graduation but you're missing the point then because your point is these people are microcosm of the United States whether they are
00:33:17right as you are or not it's your job to try to convince them to try to figure out Bill Clinton or LBJ style how to use them in order to achieve your political purposes and she's you got to work so well he didn't
00:33:36steer them for
00:33:40that he makes a case to the national public for right but his but his cop out if you will was the executive orders using executive orders to push through basically short-term changes because he didn't get the consensus of the American people through the Congress you didn't get it legislative into law Trump is doing the same thing and I think again is a failure of leadership what year did Corey take it from the perspective of the historian honestly I was people here now I'm working on a book on this and I'm really trying to come to grips with this and I see a lot of look on what the past and the baby boom presidencies and the fact that if you look at Clinton Bush Obama and Trump and as I said before on the show interesting Lee Clinton Bush and Trump rubbed born in the same year and this was you know George HW Bush with the last of the great greatest generation and she sort of passes
00:34:40and now we've had 25 years of the baby boom presidencies and we didn't let you know a lot of the things that the greatest Generation did essentially Reinventing the International System reinvent domestic system in St how do we deliver a better safer World Tour children this generation has not done and we can say well I like this about Glenmore I like this about Bush or I like this about Obama there's nothing to like about Trump but we can say these things but what I'm getting at is I think there's some longer-term trends of foot hear Trump is as much a symptom as he is the disease
00:35:17yeah I mean I have not thought of this before David so I'm going to Columbus OH leasing my way through it as we're talking but I agree with you that a lot that there are periods of time in American history when people lose confidence that political Elites have their interests at heart and that the political system is producing outcomes consistent with their interest and that's when you get up surges and populism right it said failure system to deliver what people want and answer they get aggravated with the system and I can think of at least two periods in American history maybe maybe three and which that's the case the first the 1820s with the passing of the founding fathers generation and the rise of the rescue in front
00:36:17men like Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln struggling with the slavery issue unsuccessfully at the second. I have time that I can think of that has that has a similar feel is the 1890s the Gilded Age where you have such disproportionate been in the system between rich and poor and their you do have a successful management of it cuz you have the rise of leaders like McKinley and Roosevelt and ultimately Woodrow Wilson to you
00:36:58access social welfare who Institute federal taxes who who Foster trust busting and they status rid of the unions study sang this this social friction one other. Of time that Kanye West has suggested to me I oughta be in the mix for this is the 1960s when you have the passing from power of the World War II generation and you have the rise of their children right where if you think about America in the 1950s it's
00:37:40is almost will fully innocent that ties 15 million Americans came of age fighting Nazis and Imperial Japan and once I had done that as 20 year olds they wanted to be Insurance actuary is an advertising executive boring safety jobs and then their children rebelled against that and so so yes I do think there are periods of time in which the system comes into Challenge and the system has on at least two and maybe three previous instances been a right Itself by Democratic means but that's where I think Donald Trump's corrosion of our Democratic norms and practices actually makes me scared that that this round may be different than previous rounds where we found our footing are we we don't really have much time
00:38:40but I just saw it was great very good that we are not fantastic transcribe is a part of it is I don't just blame Trump I don't just blame this generation of politician I think the intellectual
00:39:11discussion around it the pundits and so forth ever come so caught up in sort of Brandon so it did it's been a very sort of empty. In terms of trying to Grapple with these how do we make the world better for the next Generation issues in the fundamental philosophical issues I just 30 seconds each you but I just I think there is a big Detachment Detachment between the media political class and the average passing out there when there's always been some kind of forgot but it's more Metropolitan it's more Highly Educated it's more I'm group Sang Kee I think I'm the media and the preschool class that then it's have already been in in in the Mountain Time and I think it's just don't go back to since Trump anyway it's got was the very the very outrage we shall about Trump right brightly and righteously stops is thinking of of where we went wrong
00:40:11a white Trump is a symptom not of course it just I just thought about
00:40:18Courtney think about the 1950s and how one of the things people were worried about going against in the 60s were aware that the the structures of society and the and the bond that people had that they felt were too tight those those bonds of the local community the church religion your relatives you know people felt somehow really restricted and constricted and the interesting thing is that overtime those bonds have loosened and the internet and technology has helped loosen them further even though we have these now new connections with people it's actually lessened our sense of community it's too crowded is artificial communities and so I actually think in this area where we have literally and this actually something where I think the Trump Administration is not has not misplaced its emphasis is the Surgeon General is looking at loneliness the British also are looking at I think it was Theresa May for the prime minister of minister
00:41:18direction that the lack of community is creating literally physical illnesses psychological illnesses inability you know the village idiot or the crazy guy with the gun right in Florida now people did speak out but if you had maybe if we went back a little bit more to the positive elements of community I think maybe that's going to be the antidote to all of this internet and this this disconnection and the disconnect between Elite and local local I think people will turn back to the community you'll have experts back in the community your people of stature will actually want to learn and they won't feel who served by People Like Us did I pronounce that right anyway and we should have watching Peter Rabbit together is that is not that is exactly that's where we should go with this
00:42:11the Light of the Nations ever since the light of the nation to wrap up here you know it's very tempting for me to listen to Evelyn making this cry for family values and being tough on Russia and fiscal responsibility and you know all these things that Republicans used to think they were for her and and say what's going on here you know the Democrats are now you know but put Corey's for those things too and I think that one of the things that we Embrace here in the third sub-basement of the ministry of snark in the Deep state to the extent to which such a thing exists is that Community right exactly our community is that is that in a moment of Crisis like this these labels fell off and become meaningless and the reality is we all have to deal with climate we all have to deal with guns we all have to deal with the Russian
00:43:11we all have to deal with restoring American leadership in the world we all have to deal with failed infrastructure we all have to deal with economic mismanagement and that's you know where we're going with this at least that's where most of us are going with this that's where Corey is going it's where Evelyn's going at is going off to see Peter Rabbit by Ed goodbye. Goodbye Cory will be review good bye and goodbye everybody in the Deep State remember if you get 5 new people to subscribe will send you a monk just send us a tweet to deep State Swagger the Deep State Radio or send us an e-mail this is an incredibly great offer but don't lie because you know the Deep state where the Deep State we have ways of knowing and we can get back with you probably beginning with flag and a couple of your tires that's something like that anyway thank
00:44:11bye bye
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