Today we are talking about storage boxes and other storage material! I love storage boxes.

I have many types in my house and repertoire ready to use with my clients when we are organising their home. Put a little label on top and you are organised for life, or until you move home (or don’t maintain the system, but that’s a different blog).

There is a time and place to use storage boxes. A space may look amazing in a photo with many jars and boxes, but if it is not functional for your day to day life, then there is no point having so many of them. I always suggest to clients and followers that they should start with the decluttering and organising of the space, before buying the material. I carry material with me to sessions, but they won’t come out we have decluttered first.

In this new podcast we will talk about: * When to buy storage boxes and materials. * Which material is suitable for which area. * The process before buying and using a storage box. * Different uses for material that you may have in your house.

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