In this episode, PC Test Server got some updates and the Spring Event and LPVE Smallville are coming/here. Depends on when you listen to this.
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00:00:09in the Great Hall of the Justice League there are assembled the world's greatest heroes Superman
00:00:23Wonder Woman
00:00:42Super Friends
00:00:51their mission to fight Injustice to write that which is wrong
00:00:59ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the DCUO Source cast I am of course tracks and alongside me as always is super Patriot what's up everybody else and alongside him via the interwebs that we have vagrant gaming
00:01:17what's up guys
00:01:19so I think I'll so much for doing this and I hope everyone enjoyed the pre-show there's a first time you play music through stream only and apparently there was some pick up still cuz when I hit mute on my xsplit to like you know mute the sound I expected stream music to keep playing because I said to stream only but that was not the case apparently think you guys were telling me so you guys still hurts vagrant and soups and soups is amazingly races story if you didn't want that so it's okay so if you miss that during pretty sure you definitely missed out that was some fun stuff
00:02:04can I have a couple of updates from the PC test over we have random acts of stuff to do and we also have of course I give away at the end of the night we have a $20 PSN card and 22511 20 PSN card and 125 Station Cash Card for the PC users that can also be used for a month of membership monthly membership
00:02:37so let's go around suits how was your week that's your bad not too bad
00:02:45not much really happening yeah
00:02:53describe you sir. Nothing happened this week those weeks where nothing was nothing major was announced or I'll just kind of waiting for halls of power part 2 game update 47 in the meantime we're just playing the game doing stuff we normally do so
00:03:11nothing too crazy there may be some last night either
00:03:17not really so well I guess my week has been tremendous not really it's just been a normal week so this week to do some stuff we we bring some stuff there's a lot of updates from PC test thankfully cuz it it was it's been awhile since I actually posted my
00:03:49not video but a forum post talk about some bugs that were going on in resource recovery which is like the buggiest duo probably the funniest thing in Halls power party do I ran the raids but to me of course I haven't read the rage but I'm sure if I ran them I probably found some bugs to but resource recovery may you fight one boss and you are done you cannot pass that boss no collecting go no passing $200 or so they fixed it
00:04:23because it needed it bad needed that so basically each other boss it was the brewmaster it the roommaster was able it did a panic and now all the Panic or now stopping at they fix the bug where you lose control your character you can't really do anything you still die and you reset it fix all that fixed all that
00:04:49I'm really happy about
00:04:52so let's going to come look at the test and it's now for what happened on today likely yesterday happened yesterday yesterday is on the PC update says server we got Legends PVE trigon's prison
00:05:08all right trigon's prison is now the PC test over to be tested out and the first thing I have to note in Penryn thank you so much for posting the feeds on to the forums I'm really sad the thread got locked and destroyed because that those pictures helped everybody who understood what the feets are and the reason why I got shut down was for stupidity reasons
00:05:32but not going to go further into that too much but peace but legends trigon's on your break
00:05:39yeah go ahead and send it.
00:05:49That way there a lot more open with what we can say so what's the update with the new LV PE we have a tiers of 10 minutes speed feet for trigon's prison a 10-minute speed fee
00:06:09so I guess, kind of tough
00:06:13so now we here in toughness from this
00:06:17that was how I'm here now
00:06:19is that what's happening now or complain that is going to be too hard no no no the complaint has never been about it being challenging the complains always been about not being fun very true
00:06:33why you waiting to open up that can of worms again to say to your ex cuz we can get Brittany in here and I'm sure she'd be more willing to add to the conversation she can sit over there wherever she is over there and mess is a message 42-inch at soups I'll let you handle I need to bring up the he's going to need shade order 313 this is not a drill
00:07:01not sure what that means it's probably bad for me though I know it's probably bad for you you'll be missing sharpshooter in the feet now that was taken away
00:07:14I'm sorry I got so many more Safari this weekend and also on the same docket Legends PVE bludhaven will be ending on April 29th right so next Wednesday I believe it is yes next Wednesday will be the last day that you can play Legends PVE bludhaven
00:07:45so that means I guess we have what wait what was after bludhaven
00:07:50Smallville Smallville Mobile on life it was crazy cuz I forgot I forgot it's not like it's a
00:08:04nevermind I'm not I'm just not going to say anything
00:08:15I cannot
00:08:18there it is okay apparently I guess it got moved over to mess was nice enough to bring it back for me so thank you much for the link to the thread cuz I tried looking at her earlier and I can find it
00:08:33so I might why is all the team ups with Guy Gardner apparently it's what I read it first everything was Guy Gardner to even do this so we can look at on screen
00:08:49bring up right now
00:08:52Lego guys ever went on screen can see this
00:08:57I guess I messed it up really screw over
00:09:03right select the TV is on next so look at the Feats we have the PVE hobnobbing if we each prominent family of Trigon that's normal in the Highway to Hell feet 10 minutes. 10 minutes right there
00:09:17then the the team ups Kyle Rayner and how Jordan kilowog and atrocitus Superman and Kyle Rayner and Nightwing and Doctor Fate does the hero team ups
00:09:32okay next we have for the villains we have Guy Gardner atrocity atrocity since nestro Phoenix Palace and Sinestro Deathstroke and the Joker
00:09:46and then the team checklist for all that stuff so Joker dresses Sinestro Guy Gardner for villains and then the Nightwing Doctor Fate Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner for Heroes
00:09:59it's so Lantern heavy it's just a lantern heavy it really is it someone that its own asked why I trust this was all for the good guys and I'm like you know a trust this is is it is a KERO
00:10:17and he can be a feeling this well if you know your Lantern lore which I'm wearing my Red Lantern ring by the way cuz someone said I wasn't I wasn't supporting my Reds enough
00:10:27I got it right here on me but yeah of course and some people were asking where all the females at
00:10:38well my feet while the female Legends characters that well Wonder Woman Circe and Wonder Girl kitchen there.
00:11:03so I wasn't sure seeing Wonder Girl are in the instance so those are already it's Nate right those are restricted cuz they're already in the instance oh my God Michael grid no I don't want Arkham Asylum watching TV do you need to smack yourself sir for the love of God exhibit have one it would have one team up in it would be called play this once
00:11:35and when I saw the list I was actually curious on why we couldn't why wasn't there a cheetah
00:11:44not saying I was like oh well we need more females in here I even think that I wasn't caring I was actually concerned like you know we could probably put cheetah because she was actually controlled by Jacob the guy of lust in his instant so having him or having her come back in this lpve would actually be like story-driven a little better yeah but there would be no cutscene for it so let me just write down my own story real quick it would make sense that she's not
00:12:22and every cuz yeah there was she was she was controlled by Jacob so
00:12:26what we kick their ass one that doesn't that doesn't mean Leaf reader
00:12:33I'm going to go with Streeter
00:12:36I beat her up and I freed her I don't know guys this was a tear ago but I'm happy to see that we at least have Doctor Fate and Felix Faust in for the magic element of this and it now that I just thought about that it back on my Superman really shouldn't be in this instance
00:12:59what's his number one weakness his number to use magic he is weak against magic he's going to get stomped in here
00:13:16and LSU goes around snaps until it snaps people's next before they can do anything you know some Superman does he snaps next
00:13:25he kills people and cries a lot too
00:13:31he does cry
00:13:34but they go there's a new feature right there Britney have after you madam
00:13:41but it definitely it cuz like even the Joker's like why is a joker in here he should be here
00:13:47yeah your Joker you crazy. Once again once again next time we have a theme night and Marquez done that's once again next time we have a theme night on FNL Legends tour and spill wants to question my
00:14:03bearings bring this up cuz
00:14:08yeah bring this up why is the Joker in Arkham Knight trailer house prison Tony and bust their MEPS I saw that I might not have the chat on my screen but I have it on my other screen I definitely see you from Tony and bus what you got their shapes calling in
00:14:34we always at work so call me
00:14:39yeah he got he likes you better so
00:14:44give me a second here
00:14:48I heard anything about Kryptonian Buffs right I know
00:14:53if it's not in a patch notes yet into a future kryptonians getting a buff when they're part it paired up together like Batman and Robin.
00:15:08that would be cool to get little things like that again yeah it would be pointed out with this this is only on the PC test right now but there is a thread I think backing of Wednesday last year because I saw a green name reply to on the forums this is about DCUO not working on Windows 10
00:15:36and it has here in these in the patch notes fix the bug that was causing the game to crash doing the startup screens wind run on Windows 10
00:15:47so Windows 10 is nothing coming out this summer it's nice to see the dco is prepping for that release
00:15:55really awesome
00:15:58and then some big stuff here the ohmygod if you ever see talk to see me talk about the I don't think I actually talked about the iconix but the the hunt test after number one Sushi trial in the ages of Truth the iconic solos those challenges are now using an easier difficulty setting and will probably drop Loop I'm telling you now I'm sorry I'm sad and I didn't record it beforehand I think I might have maybe I might have done like on a stream or something but doing those iconic I couldn't get to the first boss
00:16:38I was getting wrecked by the three main groups sunlight right
00:16:48take it we're not doing that we are not bashing the Sexes cry babies because they don't understand what anything not doing that
00:16:58and then the stop flattening okay I have to make sure I say this increase the amount of damage reduction when you I'm sorry increase the amount of damage reduction you were see when your CR is at least two full tears higher than the Target in PC also corrected in an accuracy for when the shift into high gear that affected certain CR ranges basically making a tougher than intended at certain CR ranges
00:17:33this is basically Fixing a Hole solo old content thing
00:17:41what does good I'm not sexist men say I was sexist
00:17:47Tycoon Maps
00:17:49I love the ladies and sometimes they belong in the kitchen
00:17:57that we do have a sap flattening there and that is going to fix the old that's going to fix where people can actually solo old content now so you have to be
00:18:08two full cheers higher than the NPC to really bike quote unquote solo content or quote on quote death Mike content
00:18:20greatest if you didn't come from you o
00:18:25okay thank you taken it came it was weird here in sexiest from grid but hearing from a woman understand
00:18:32why is chicken specie in the kitchen soups cuz she's cook bacon for everybody is so good
00:18:47it's a gift of the Gods
00:18:51but that is basically it from the PC from the test over that was actually yesterday today's update with the love seeing test updates
00:19:03today's update was very special and the reason it was special was because it was color coded
00:19:12MEPS put colors on
00:19:16on the on the patch notes I'm so happy you did that forever ago man
00:19:27we-cycle for the card decks now I can't pronounce the rest of it
00:19:31no I mean we got lights in and we're trying we're trying to really push him to do the color coding thing it was really cool it's it's going to be good
00:19:44alright so let's see I'm looking all they fix some stuff at Legends
00:19:49it's not car. There's no Cody this meeting list it's not cold until you actually make it a coat I told you the codes in the CRT Maps that's the way that's the way you need to work it okay
00:19:59it's Gotti color coded
00:20:03at least rainbow colors every other words can be a different color now I can see it as characters be maximum damage prevented by the following abilities has been increased by 50% Cat Woman smokes Cloud cheetahs bloodcursed cersei's age of immortality sources member Heritage Dodge Roy's Grill of rare Phoenix. Sasso Shield Guy Gardner is hard light barrier Jon Stewart's constructive Shield, Conyers Mind Over Matter Robin staff Larry Saint Walker sustaining Spirit shazam's Mercury's Escape steals prototype protective barrier Wonder Girls Racer the function and Wonder Woman's Brasher depression the natural damage prevented has been increased by 50%
00:20:45oh my God it was not into India violation in say anything
00:20:50no no grade I signed at Daybreak in Dai I did
00:20:54Daybreak has my name to
00:21:01and I have three things apparently the the leveling side missions will no longer unlock even on Thursdays
00:21:12and just for the record sorry Maps
00:21:16how many side missions will not unlock their not supposed to unlock or at least I guess once camping 47 comes out they don't like right now right with replay badges
00:21:26Alicia is going to stop at Gameday 47 where you can't even do it
00:21:33that's cuz you could say I'm working
00:21:36are they to make it to where you can replay the Central City missions in bounties so players can just knock out that 500 Bounty feet those Legends changes I just talked about or us or them puffing everyone else instead of nerfing others after they discovered in an error
00:21:57Beyond up to something as usual admittance to the fact that
00:22:11the kryptonians particularly Superman is underpowered
00:22:17I think he's working as intended
00:22:21that's not what I just heard if they're doing these Buffs to all the kryptonians that note that the latest changes I just mentioned about the DeShields the following abilities have been increased by 30%
00:22:40yeah they haven't talked to anybody
00:22:43oh and taking in chat at some point we need to praise death dirt so Praise Him everyone praise him I want to see chat praising depth
00:22:54he must be praised
00:22:57I'm not sure why but we'll just go with taking sets
00:23:04I will because dumb dirt at a lot to do with a lot of things before seeing a P-47 particularly the interrupts
00:23:12and transfer windows and breakouts and all that stuff I think is also doing the combat parser as well right
00:23:19I cannot recall that responsiveness I think so yeah I'm looking at the threads combat parser from Deb dirt yet
00:23:31we have to praise him at least twice daily to maintain his favor understood
00:23:37praise deaf dirt racing
00:23:43so that's really what's been going on test server
00:23:48we owe he fix voice chat last year yeah definitely
00:24:03definitely I mean you're going to use it right
00:24:07but then game chat the in-game chat no it's already got to League
00:24:24what happens when you recruit in a console player though on the way you guys going to do then most likely we won't go PC elitist wow
00:24:44dang Maps yes Baker Place DC
00:24:56it's your fault
00:24:58love you buddy that's going to be like a running joke on your now who's bigger
00:25:07and a lot more people can say
00:25:14so honestly that's really all that I had on the docket say the least toxic on X and I'll run sitcom times at all
00:25:47I anything going on with you
00:25:51what do you eat with the PDP side of things
00:25:54I'm honestly I mean I'm because I can't get on test right now I'm just waiting for 3:47 to see how things go on in those regards what is the tone. By interrupt windows and everything like that I'm really looking forward to you I wish I could get on test right now but I can't
00:26:17you care you just refuse to I know cuz you're literally can't right now
00:26:25I do remember now
00:26:29the fridge Ross I'm not sure what's going on with your video for you cuz we're still going no issues on my side thankfully
00:26:37I need a piece of what someone give me a what I got nothing to knock on wood
00:26:48Michael Greg wants to know if bigger and got the $0.15 he sent for him last week PayPal attack got maybe 5 damn
00:27:04changing up a lot it's the Congress debate is if it's the 8th they tweak some of the mechanics with dealing with combat like yeah so you can't get like you know quantum gravity field three times in a row you will eventually become immune to it for a couple seconds yeah
00:27:27Derek Trucks jugnu that on top of
00:27:35your breakouts going to be in your breakouts going to be more responsive immediately responsive and as well as I'm trying to break out yeah you're not going to get blocked broken after you let go blocking yours to Taps into a freaking melee combo
00:27:56exactly I mean I remember I was on Live this week and I did I did arrange told attack so I had to little icon above me and I went to block and they overlap each other time
00:28:20I was just looking at like why is it overlapping why is this happening I'll be blocked sometimes I'll get lucky and will counter both of us
00:28:31not so deadly 47 stops that thankfully stuff like I'll count them they'll get back up immediately or they'll go to Canada not even like you anything like only strong enemies of course they'll get knocked down but it don't break the break Alba flashing white and then you can still in the nail BM you for a little bit but then after while they mean it goes back to normal wear like you can still knock them down there not breaking up and getting back slowly again
00:29:09oh I have to bring a ball sometimes we'll just ignore it
00:29:14I mean I'll get the immune whenever whenever they're flashing white yeah but then but I guess when I think it went after the white ends they get knocked down but then they won't get right back up
00:29:31when can we expect to see update 47 alive I'm hoping not for another 14 days at least bugs yeah there's there's the white one I'm hoping that it does that because you know there's a lot of buddies but also I'm saying at least for 14 more days because after 14 days and all that all my rent will be doing all my boots on my main frame so I can just pay those with my Triumph and I won't have to worry about
00:30:06Washington reset it for game update for 7
00:30:12so I got a bunch of weird crap this band the code for 7 plus years Games been out for for know so yeah
00:30:29but you also said Bob's at dirt rewrote the way, that works on their end so it makes less jumps so it makes it less jump servicer before it gets to you
00:30:41that's awesome will beans. Don't take the 14 days is like the gold the heart that that's that's what's your Patriot specs that's what I'm hoping that's what you don't open me that should have said something like so would you guys be mad if we had any Monday I think I could I could see that
00:31:09but yeah it's state still has bucks and it's really hard to test this because you're testing both game update for you 7 and you're testing Halls of power part 2 the combat responsiveness is part of both know the game's 8:47 because of the NPC scaling because of the stat flat you really have no Focus basically on all of the past content pass lower content and then you have Halls of power part 2 epic test as well and it's rough trying to get like a need some people to run with me over here to the old stuff everybody's like top of all that
00:31:56and we have like Smallville so we haven't like another 30 days coming up that we have tried on the test server so try calling really isn't on the
00:32:05important list for me right now it's still working the games at 8:47 and then Halls of power part 2 ending Trigon
00:32:13Trigon I guess I'll get you just for funsies whenever I can but games 8:47 we still have some issues where
00:32:21honestly it's with the Syfy tonight mentioned earlier if you're too full cheers above that NPC then you should be able to sell the content
00:32:33well now we're now we're back to the issue at hand where the Loire content with players at that level or going to just have the higher-level people just plow through it that's testing I have to do on the test server but it's kind of hard to do because and maybe they maybe it got fixed the staff flattening but there's a post in the forums that set that was talking about where his CR his Maine CR like the overall CR was he was 114 and then he is equipped was CR 42 he went back and got some Tier 1 Stop he went as a CR 42 I quit CR 42 went to Halls of power part 2 content in new Justice open world and was still able to and still able to do everything there like he was at level
00:33:23so basically they they literally proved that the SATs don't matter it's just your CR said that they can change it to where the difficulty will reflect your equipped CR it says overall and the overall CR and still needs to be relevant because it's going to determine you getting into that content but the game wearing is going to determine how much damage you can really do
00:33:52then what's the point of stats lecture your stats are your stats are in the gear for that CR apparently not if I wear tier-one stuff in my cr's 114 it's all in my inventory I can just go to contact their change his changing that he's going to change it to your equipped CR instead of your car it needs to be worse that's actually matter yes yeah that's what that's what he changed it to don't be lazy about this yeah I can't I would not be at that point that I just be asking myself what the fuck am I putting my stuff for then at that point
00:34:36so but I now want to know about if I'm if I go into a tier-1 alert
00:34:45to help someone out as a CR 114 as a tier 7 player or 2 or 6 or whatever
00:34:52I don't want to go in there and I really don't want to one shot anything I really don't I want to go in there and what we had let first week of test that's what I want for high-level players were you still you can't you should be able to one shot them but you should still put the work in you still need to get the team work in and the NPC's know the NPC's themselves or going to do damage based on your CR
00:35:20so if I'm 114 and your CR 42 in Tier 1 we're going to have different damages we're going to do different damage and we're going to take different damage because he re CR 42 he's going to be taking more well I'm so high and I'm going to be taking less
00:35:39but now I'm looking at the Damage Done where I don't want to just One-Shot these things for these guys I still want to have the team or expect
00:35:48that's what I want
00:35:50oh yeah I mean of course
00:35:54cuz I'm only my Munitions and I don't like seeing I don't like running in there and finish just getting one shot while I was like I'm twiddling my thumbs just going from one place to another
00:36:08no I'm supposed to talk about skill points or something what's going on with skill points here
00:36:16me nothing's really being done the skill points
00:36:20are they I agree with dark side to a to the point of where if we cute or something and we want to go in without the max amount in that Q it should ask do you just want to go in or have an option where we can run with less than that amount because that way people can run seeds and black tan and stuff like that without getting a full 8 man
00:36:46yeah I'm I believe having the option to either solo queue or Solo in a group I mean queue up with a group it would be it would be beneficial to you some of those players I think doing that might help out the groups are at level get groups because as met said before it spread the people who are high levels are taking a spot that an at level player can go into
00:37:16so I think having the choice in the Q systems like you want you solo or group and you choose group boom you got them right there and you want to solo you go in there and you're on your own buddy
00:37:30I think players are talking about how many skill points a player should have
00:37:37I think that's all going on why do a video on your orbital video about Ford for DPS to do between 100 and 200 skill points and I did the same for support roles and the differences between stats I mean you know a couple of especially for trolling yo was very significant I know for fire taking was huge the difference between having a hundred and I think I had 213 at the time the difference was huge huge in that regard for trolling it was the same and even and even said yes I leave for healing as well you know losing out you lose a lot of chance with
00:38:29only I haven't hunted skill points in those being late like that but
00:38:37yeah but the fire take you one on my God it was like I couldn't believe there's there's like no way in hell I'd want only have a hundred skill points right now you know I'm going that way I don't have to answer this question with Emperor Jared so if I put on tier 1 gear and I am a CR 14 should I be able to go back and lower content-based am I equip CR will I still receive March or no no no no no no no no I already thought of when they were going through this cuz
00:39:17Lord knows I can just see it now you know you have no people out there was like a full set or buying full sets of each Tier gear you know and you know for there a mark farming and all that content yeah it's the overall CR is going to determine the constant you can go into and so when you're looking at the halls of power part 2 stuff where if your CR is greater than 135 you will not get marks from that instance that's regarding the overall CR your equip CR is going to determine your stats where what content is going to basically destroy you
00:40:05or if you're going to destroy it
00:40:14still looking at chat the other disgusting disgusting skillpoint stuff
00:40:21and I mean taking come let me take his post right here I play with three healing also healer for each power the three altar between 97 and 120 skill points and she can Soul Hill anything and she's right it depends on the player and the role
00:40:38yeah right skill points and everything I'm just saying you know
00:40:50you know I don't know if you can have if you know an extra 20% chance for your credit heels you know why not more of hitting York written on the hill that should be that's a good thing you know it should be something to your people want to have
00:41:10I don't know what no one feels like going back and doing Feats that were three tears ago because they
00:41:18that's feel like doing it better lazy right now it's I will try and do it but if I can't I'll just come back to it and I'm basically that player where I'm going to have to go back to the old content and just run the feet and I have no problem running in the instances I need as a player I don't want to go in there when I'm going into these groups I'm going in there with the mine said alright I'm going to help these players I'm going to get my stuff done and we're going to do it around rocket sweet and then it comes in me with one shot everything like yeah I don't feel like doing this this is lame
00:41:59is NSP I don't if I sold or something I'll try it but I'm not really a solo player for me to get it done I'll get it done with the group is a group old be on the same page as me getting it done
00:42:13yeah I mean like Britney says there's other people that want to get the old content done but they just want to try and get it done but
00:42:24cat real quick Brittany while you're in here I've come to the conclusion that you cannot freaking stun but I'll out of that damn charger block birdie does until after issue with it survival mode yeah
00:42:41place now
00:42:43just saying in twisty heat I mean that right there that's
00:42:51and if you want to do that that's totally fine but I mean
00:42:58I've me 45 minutes that's 45 minutes that I'm willing I'm willing to take because I'm in there doing something
00:43:06that's its ass be done
00:43:12and good job Maps yes there is a new style fender on the test server which I definitely streamed about I didn't release that video though dang it this is the tier vendor Styles yes yes Yep this is going to be Tier 1 through tier 5
00:43:34all the tears are going to be on the vendor at TenMarks of Bakery each
00:43:41and they're also roll locked as well so when you're going to the Tony and stuff it's only going to show your role and the DPS roll
00:43:50oh so you can't you can't buy the bulb work in the medical so if you're ready
00:43:58Janna medicos if you're at roller that's just you know thank you people have to switch powers and all that that's just money grabber for Respec tokens or 6 is on the rare style fender
00:44:21that I got added there is the one that's in the chat is the Barta and Mister Miracle style supposed to be on the rear style Bender as well
00:44:33that's like the new set that just came out I'll expect that the drop stop probably should be on the roast of Ender
00:44:43I didn't see the drop it was the waiver the Barta and the mister miracles
00:44:50but actually log in right now
00:44:54I should be fine let's go ahead and login be right beside it
00:45:02only passed out okay
00:45:07and that's it loads up
00:45:14there see if you switch from flight that means you got to go do all your freaking races wherever I removing you pick me up oh ice cream was just rough
00:45:31just rough
00:45:35let me log into the test server
00:45:39don't even show it on stream
00:45:47log into my Rage 2
00:45:54pixie walk okay ever go from pixie walk to miss pixie I tried double jump and I get sad oh yeah hahaha
00:46:05my apologies in Avengers in the agricultural section right
00:46:12yes aquacultural area aquaculture
00:46:23Monday Monday
00:46:26so hope everybody's ready for that Swamp Thing
00:46:30where is that clamping
00:46:36alright so here's visit unit. That bad
00:46:42no that makes sense
00:46:45so here we are with Z that you get your cheer ones here you got your speed force got your face and you got your steel suit the house of L the hair strength and dark Specter the high-voltage which and since I'm on my tank I got the I got the bulwark set here and then I have a Sunstone Zedge so I need her all these are ten marks of Victory each
00:47:14locksmith reach I got the tear for the strength of the ram part of the lion spare the Stag and then the last a word
00:47:28or roaches or roach thank you my everyday life
00:47:39so shut it
00:47:42yeah but there's a thing called freaking phone that accepts sounded out
00:47:49it could be Spanish and they say things weird
00:47:54of roach he called it come on man I'm a roach this is the last a roach
00:48:02going with it and then deep rifle set
00:48:06and that's from n out if you pay attention here when you look at the sons of the price will sit here actually says requires sons of Trigon so you have to have that episode or the episode pertaining to those styles to this tear in order to get these so you just can't you just can't buy these straight out you have to have the episode
00:48:29and a lot of Amber when he was watching my stream agrees that we need to rename vending unit oo to visit unit double O7
00:48:40cuz we need a double O7 but in the game
00:48:44that's why I want
00:48:47alright so it over here on the rear stop in there when you got your hive Defender yet your sector agent sector incendiary the Nordic stuff and the
00:48:59the vestments of Rage which are still like the pricing of tier vendor
00:49:08on the vendor but I feel we should change these
00:49:14that's actually been that were racist lady interested
00:49:20yeah it's it's been like that since since I episode so I don't know I feel like now if they change it people get up work but at the same time it's like a shut up just shut up and also really cool now and maybe I don't know if it's on live or not cuz I don't really ever go to the sky whatsoever Amazon Soldier set the hoblet the porch or all on the vendor now including the Imperial insect to pull Mark for March
00:49:56607 Elsa said hop lit
00:50:00hoplite I'm sorry I sound it up I'm sorry hop lit
00:50:08hoplite whatever I wish I could understand if there wasn't an e at the end
00:50:16what okay popplet whatever whatever cold March is that okay is that you play World of Warcraft and they never say things like this I've never seen that word I've never seen those before hoplite highly doubt there will of Warcraft doesn't say that at least once somewhere in there dialogue take time this podcast to Google and Poplar hoplite went to go try Lantern you know if they get a tribal scene with but he can't stand a freaking hoplite
00:51:00I have chosen dyslexia
00:51:04you should have a chosen dyslexic
00:51:09look like to have dyslexic maybe yes anyways the Imperial insects of time traveler the psycho stuff along set the Mayan stuff Brainiac Invader and sear Patriots first favorite the sharpshooter's
00:51:34Joe Diesel Invader sector 363-601-3601 dropped in the rates for a like to receive Manhunter Style
00:51:54you want me to say Cerberus
00:51:57are so embarrassed
00:52:00Cerberus Cerberus I know my Greek come on I know some of my Greek I know my Greek goddess all right that's that's that's alright I was in freaking not running
00:52:10at the finest the other day and pixie called hippolyta hippolyta
00:52:16so nice
00:52:21and the ancient Amazon Noble set and then yeah right here to the miraculous helmet and the Furious stuff
00:52:33and I'm now off the bat I can say that I am actually not been to the actual vendor for all the power part 2
00:52:43I do not know what said that is because I actually look at it because I don't want to look at cuz I look at I'm going to buy it and I don't want to buy it
00:52:53so I guess the miracle the miraculous and the Furious set drop or drops I guess
00:53:01I just didn't expect him to already be in the vendor at lunch
00:53:10and apparently people trying to figure out where carrot the tier vendor Karen where her name came from and people think it's a mess if it makes you feel make you fill out buddy if it makes you feel any better I'll leave my sidekick after you all right when we can name or psychics
00:53:29next customize them
00:53:33anchor what's up with that Maps this is why he didn't answer your call
00:53:46are getting ready for it
00:53:48it's going to be awesome though but I feel like we're going to see less features cuz of it
00:53:54it's all going to be just straight up content
00:53:58I will see I have faith in my developers and if they were going to be no time
00:54:05yeah I'm I am actually at that place too it's weird yeah I'm like if there every month they're working on two things at once cuz they really so we said about two things per month
00:54:19yeah two piece of content
00:54:21yeah they're working on two things per month not really sure how they be able to fit in other things you know
00:54:28we also know how far ahead that they've already playing the stuff that's true
00:54:35who's winning we never have access to a their test server
00:54:51I guess they only have the game that we have
00:55:00baby's only test server only but the miraculous and the Furious set they are on the vendor sending Victory each for the rest of in there
00:55:12Adventure unit oo is going to be 10 marks of victory for the old content
00:55:19which I can honestly get down with that
00:55:26why can't vagrant do math
00:55:30Okay so
00:55:32oh I mean if the stream is doing well for the game
00:55:41I know they're on the rare vendor on vending unit 22 there right there the bottom
00:55:45I just came from there
00:55:49okay so
00:55:51where is obit is that the one that says in still really understood what I was saying
00:56:04tell me tell me where Obama is I know where in bought is obots over by still works thank you
00:56:10Metro grouper is she on I don't think she's on this character I don't think I'm friends with her on this character
00:56:17probably not
00:56:19you're still okay I need to know your name Brittany God
00:56:23oh yeah day hairstyle vendor there is a new hairstyle I heard there was a new hairstyle
00:56:31Bushcraft which one was it what's it look like it was a granny style
00:56:38calm down in the chat they need to add
00:56:45Searcy and mirrors hairstyle Salon with the Amazon Fury
00:56:51hairstyles to the game
00:56:55what was the Z100 what the hairstyle that was new
00:57:00I'm sure I hadn't like women only
00:57:06that's long
00:57:15oh it's a collection got you new collection style understood
00:57:20okay oh my God everyone's yelling at me I don't like the yelling oh my God
00:57:26why is everyone yelling at me
00:57:38all right I am on my way to Metropolis in so
00:57:42well thank God someone in chest was laughing at that
00:57:52I got you to talk about something while I'm flying
00:58:00so they aren't out of all the masks that they've introduced to the talking about introducing which Legends which would you like to see next for PVE Legends
00:58:12PVE Legends is it your favorite
00:58:18you should you should have said something like PVP Legends you know something I enjoy
00:58:24or out of anything that I could play and possibly see myself having a little bit of enjoyment
00:58:36I don't know I haven't done gorilla Island in a while
00:58:41yes I can see girl I am going to be grilling Island hard mode for bludhaven or gorilla Island so seeing those alerts it was kind of jarring to go back to them cuz I barely remember them we can't have a no Ensign sells elf elf PVE until we get in PVE
00:59:10pijat I would be a good one now but
00:59:13I'm wondering why we never did get a hardmode for bludhaven order rely on that would have been a good to your for alert sync for them
00:59:23yeah I think they may have been on the track to introduce those
00:59:28but they took a lot of heat for inner and outer back caves
00:59:34shoot that was 3 hours trying to stop doing that I would be surprised
00:59:44I stopped doing it now okay you guys don't want any more freaking on you
00:59:48your content that far in front of your marks in paint fine fine fine for cheer for the same thing for grow Island
01:00:05after your vehicle
01:00:07alright so so Decon and grid both link this picture of the Joker 75th Anniversary happy birthday Joker by the way the suicide squad wishes you a happy anniversary
01:00:25but it's apparently I guess is this supposed to be Jared look Jared Leto as the Joker cuz I'm getting creeped out just a bit
01:00:37a n and emeralds to be creeped out about this too cuz I'm going to put this up
01:00:45they're scoring right here in the corner where everyone can see it
01:00:51Lego happy birthday mr. J
01:01:00Brittany you can stop pointing I see the bot I see what do I go
01:01:12she wants to see me fight okay well I'm going tank all right I'll go and take wise for this oh my God it is so much okay
01:01:22stop pointing woman and I don't have supply drop so this'll be fun
01:01:31do you want her to do you want to get her stop playing you a girl that stayed over on top of her
01:01:47not doing too bad
01:01:54not doing too bad at all
01:01:57course I'm not bro my God why my so high
01:02:02weed weed
01:02:14Smoke Weed Everyday
01:02:21alright so I just created oh well okay I really should have the damage open but I'm not worried about it so Britney is nice enough to help me out I Got Crystal beside me
01:02:34how's Crystal for tanking nowadays
01:02:38are you at Brick why do you have the wrong pet out she's DPS
01:02:47yeah we don't get the are you dpsing or are you taking it cuz I can't see the icon I'm taking DPS roll
01:02:56that was based upon your roll what damage they do
01:03:00yeah I think crystal is solely DPS in Brick is solely tank hitting hard
01:03:10I'm not sure maybe she's holding up Rotel go she's dead she so life nevermind
01:03:17I can't see the text for second I'll be right back guys
01:03:26oh I reach crash that sucks
01:03:30which happens of course
01:03:40I would like it would you like start these mini boss fights here at the scoreboard will pop up
01:03:46herbal tea little thing
01:03:54so I'm taking like 300 something damage
01:03:59so it's not he's not like overly destroying me and I'm not destroying him either
01:04:07I think I'm hitting like a T800 with a good credit when you can try a weapon combo weapon mastery
01:04:20make 7K with that with a short one
01:04:27maybe try my big one
01:04:32big weapon crit I was like 10K it wasn't even a crit
01:04:51and bring you surviving as well so we owe but isn't like necessarily wrecking my world I'm sure if I was if I was DPS I would not survive this
01:05:01rain head at least it still feels like a world boss now he does and he really does
01:05:08I'm not overly one shotting him this is the difficulty that I would like to see that would be okay with and he's down
01:05:17actually I think I still have my parser going I did too. Like 217.3 seconds that's my GPS flat white
01:05:33earlwolf 4616 / second my total damage I did was a million a million
01:05:43Britney if you can share that with the chat
01:05:47sure what
01:05:50I wish you all the damage I did to the boss total was a million
01:05:57Asian change by Alison tank world what was the score of the world boss that you just
01:06:07it should spawn Route 4 Fair like really fast trying to find another one
01:06:20yep Heroes guy say the world
01:06:24to see if I can find if we can find his other spawn point
01:06:31Ezpz icr 89
01:06:35and I'm 113
01:06:40so it's not necessarily
01:06:43two tears I guess
01:06:47they're going fight something like Starfire if you can find her boss so freaking oh yeah yeah alright so greatly I go find weather wizard
01:07:07and she'll find them I know she will
01:07:11Bible was the one who reported weather wizard one shot her not to one one shot one shot
01:07:23and he still over here in the China District
01:07:33women of course I don't know where he is I'm done with him he's not on my radar anymore
01:07:40I never come to Chinatown to do 500 bounties
01:07:45that's not the point I said you are not done with him then sir I said I was done with him. Done with him
01:07:57Tracy join my league lacrosse player comes I mean I have really active I like Mary yeah but I'm cool so I don't follow those rules
01:08:20you suck you think you're friends with him or something
01:08:30I got it
01:08:35enough item see how Hardy is
01:08:40see how you get revenge on Bizarro
01:08:53how do you ping the map goodnight
01:08:59I'm weird derp derp derp derpity derp
01:09:14not I'm over GPS
01:09:17no balls
01:09:21I don't get it why am I never going deep stupid controller
01:09:27never wants to do at 1
01:09:31and that's definitely not my GPS back
01:09:38that's definitely not it either
01:09:44oh son of a bitch you know for somebody that I smacked around in PvP on tests are not too long ago you talk a lot of shit
01:09:54much better way to go
01:10:16oh what the hell
01:10:19someone else is here damnit well that kind of ruined everything
01:10:25are he died fast in there he did because we had you were sitting there waiting too long somebody washing machine caught up to you
01:10:33no I started it and then the quantum dps came in the store them which kind of just be at the purpose and be sewing in
01:10:43darn it
01:10:47so I guess I'll go fight Bizarro
01:10:51I had radio carrying me you were as you were taking whatever whatever you were healing with a hard light DPS
01:11:06oh wait I have to go all the way to the Little Bohemia the fly there as if
01:11:15oh is it this is one thing I want to bring up to is it just me or did targeting get broken again
01:11:23I think so what I mean by that is when I switch targets I'll Target the healing Barrow over in the corner again instead of the enemy right in front of my face yeah I listen at 2 when yeah that's what I mean is Target broken again
01:11:43if Maps could take a look at that you know please cuz I'm tired of trying to switch Targets in the middle of a fight and then my characters like oh you meant that healing Barrel 3 miles away right that's what comes up on your on your on your screen is like you meant this one like no
01:12:07yeah turning seems to be going towards eat
01:12:11yeah issue tracker that
01:12:17where does HQ tracker
01:12:21Tekken get to it
01:12:23the fort down with tracker ASAP
01:12:26Miss tracker tracker
01:12:32I think I might get Jared Leto on my phone this is he's going to do brilliant as as Joker
01:12:39talking about like the Arkham Asylum
01:12:43Forum thread or it will if you go to the Arkham Asylum it there is the link that goes to the bug tracker that you sign up for and it's very detailed bug report
01:12:55oh gotcha. Yeah I'm there now
01:12:59it's really nice
01:13:02you probably beat me here Britney because I was teleport in and out flying there
01:13:09and I'm entertaining people on the air webs all right where you doing eating
01:13:20yeah my bad
01:13:31it's a nice little system though that should definitely be made more known
01:13:38oh yeah oh yeah I just destroyed him
01:13:43and I got to feet
01:13:47GTA V cheats
01:13:52so I did
01:13:543355 thousand damage Dam
01:13:59yes I you were hitting him like a really hard I was going to make things even easier now
01:14:06let's see let me look at the damage here and I know I saw a huge crit
01:14:12yeah I wasn't a crib but I didn't like Jeff explosion Damage Done For 11k there is a dreadful blast damage them for 17K
01:14:22like cheese
01:14:25crazy hydrofoil explosion critically damaged Bizarro for 58000 damage
01:14:36so in-your-face Bizarro
01:14:40play we could still basically just one shot them
01:14:43yeah well that's not even more so one shotting them
01:14:50technically their house was raised so it's kind of yeah it is kind of the same thing
01:15:00body issue that Darren sniping up on the issue tracker right now is the targeting
01:15:06bigger repeat it just so we can get vocally once once more
01:15:11basically in the past there was a specific update that I can remember what update it was I think it was like in the 20s or 30s or players were experiencing targeting issues were when you were switching targets the game would try and snap onto just random objects and wouldn't snap onto enemies that are nearest to you that seems to be happening again where I will Target a barrel that is literally behind me not even on my screen instead of the two enemies that are in front of me
01:15:45yeah I was a class that's a very old bug that I may take it fixed
01:15:52but now it's a
01:15:54creeped out like it was really technically a bug it was more of like a big knowledge that the targeting wasn't the best so they tried to improve the targeting but I think I've proved kind of went back to its old ways
01:16:11at least it feels like it
01:16:13yeah I'm really hoping they do something to you about this one thing it's on the issue tracker right now the boat tracker what's that going on with fire
01:16:23text saying words like you know when you use the power you know and go to the current current affects and then go to Crater Face you check your name power now gives you the email says you get plus to switch Alpha 12 seconds this much healthful seconds this much ristow for 12 seconds and it says - 80 healing received sell for 12 seconds and then undercurrent be Buffs it has in a power minus 500 restoration
01:16:55I need to log into my fire cheat on test right now
01:17:00so I can see what you guys were talking about so I used to have both and Nate's right
01:17:09yeah just tired just if you just start you know activate any power and then you press up on your d-pad there and I go down to current effects
01:17:23and then click on the innate power
01:17:26alright I sure this is a tanker all right
01:17:31oh yeah
01:17:37will just be considered a bug
01:17:40yeah I guess would be a bug instead of a new future
01:17:46sure enough - 80 he only received
01:18:00what what's this is been the issue with fire the entire time that would be hilarious
01:18:08it is cuz my name power gives me 1300 restoration for sale within the innate power it takes away 500
01:18:22this is okay so this is bad
01:18:26but yeah basically as far as I can see it's it's just a map of the coating that's gone wrong that's all set.
01:18:40know how long that's been there I don't know
01:18:46Britney as I wonder if if it if that's from everyone complained about fire
01:18:53I can do that
01:18:56and honestly I I never look at the current affect stuff because I don't either
01:19:05Jessica just from where is designed it's it's just horrible to get to the keyboard you hit F1 you scroll all the way down on the controller d-pad and you have to scroll all the way down bass lot slower on controller I'm guessing
01:19:21waiting for my mouse is just like to will swipes and I'm there
01:19:28but Tis the life
01:19:33La place where he shakes his head he has the stats to these are his stats as well
01:19:41this is a lox ball which it's very rare for me to ever say
01:19:46because lock is lock is awesome
01:19:49just fly planes fire that you could you please ask him why the advanced mechanic does so poorly compared to other powers
01:20:03lock thing is to play the power everyone is Raging on do fine with it then shake his head at you
01:20:14where's my thing just my thing though when is Vance mechanic first came out for fire I straight up asked what the oh my God I straight up asked
01:20:33for the specific rotation everything
01:20:37store fire
01:20:40for the advanced mechanic he gave it to me I did exactly what times are told me to do and it's still not that great and
01:21:03so this is this is a bug that is on the issue tracker and now we haven't live in front of 81 people
01:21:12that this is a thing
01:21:15that we shouldn't be seeing
01:21:17the negatives like that
01:21:20can we be seeing pluses soups
01:21:24we shouldn't see a current debuff that's for damn sure
01:21:29Juggernaut in PvP
01:21:34how do I answer this what looks like it looks like it looks like there's a roll debuff on them and when I use a power I'm definitely not having anything red come up on my
01:21:55I actually can't I got it miss my fire tune
01:22:01fact oh my God that draft Flashpoint emulation
01:22:08taking my level of my fire tune
01:22:14I switch backfire I'm not switching backfire I love rage
01:22:19treasure where's my ring
01:22:23hey I miss fire I do fire is still my passion but
01:22:31blame the devs if the devs didn't bringing rage I would still be fire
01:22:36and it feels so good
01:22:42so good
01:22:47I do have a nice dude but
01:22:51my students actually on PS4 on PlayStation
01:23:01just taking up space
01:23:06no no I didn't say Nerf rage there's there's nothing in there if I mean we're not Opie you're going to be late leave my Rachel and we did nothing wrong
01:23:24will let you know what we don't need no roof and we don't need above we are just right
01:23:30and I'm sticking to it
01:23:39I love my rage love it
01:23:43the bite so I have now been officially taken if we can update the tracker for that fire issue that 81 people have seen this thing and everyone knows about now
01:23:56everyone knows it will be looked at just bump it up pump it up
01:24:02that is crazy actually see see if that debuff is actually working
01:24:08or if it's just like an typing error in the throat is actually reducing your restoration or does it just say it's reducing your restoration I got my pen and paper let me find out in that issue tracker it does state that there is a math issue when you're looking at your stats
01:24:27so I will look at that right now is give me some math I might need Britney's help
01:24:33not because it's
01:24:36what's the word I'm looking for
01:24:40Brogan no no me making fun of Britney cuz she's Asian now have a math problem what's that called
01:24:54alright so I use my power and restoration
01:24:59I got my handy dandy calculator
01:25:03cuz I'm not doing this math in my head
01:25:10so there was an 808 805 difference between
01:25:17erase my my bass Restoration in when I used inability
01:25:22so let's see when I use an ability
01:25:25now going to my stats I should my current above should be
01:25:30I should get 1305
01:25:35and some pussy get 1305 so if I add my face to 1305 we should have
01:25:46oh oh damn yeah yeah it's happening man that's happening
01:25:51it's actually reducing your esto yeah PS I'm supposed to be at 5654 and then the debuff of 500 dropping down to the 5154 that's that's that's a her is that on live
01:26:16I don't know like I said it will be hilarious if this is the issue that fires been having
01:26:24that would be funny as soon as I clock in that fixes this and we start seeing Siri page like I don't know what happened is great again
01:26:39I'm doing fine with it
01:26:45banking Wise Wise p p s y as in I mean it needs too much attention
01:26:54that it does
01:26:56what are the classes I have actually never played though fire
01:27:02yeah I have waited one thing I played it during live but not till not to end game during lunch I mean I will say fire that's a skill that's a skill power or you need actual skilled play at Power
01:27:17I need to know the ins and outs of fire rather yeah you need to know
01:27:25weapon combat mechanics you know farming Blues is like a big thing for fire
01:27:37yeah I want to say ice is kind of easy mode because all I really do is to Shield yourself and call it a day DC Universe Online
01:27:48that's true that's the way I described glasses to my friends I'll be like it'll be like so how does ice play and I'll be like think of Paladin
01:27:58big big of a paladin with a constant bubble
01:28:07and what you think rages 2D case
01:28:10bullfighters used to be DK's that's true there is there essentially fires like a blood death knight and then rage is like its own spin on blood Death Knight
01:28:27independent Earth is like a take the aspect of having higher Health from druid
01:28:44bear tank Yankee
01:28:48good stuff
01:28:50SD card for your information I was a very good fire tank and I did and I do miss it I do miss having that skill with rage rage is about timing it's about listening and hoping to God the audio
01:29:07if you as long as you have good sounds you can do it you can be a rage is quite easy
01:29:17vagrant was vagrant was is Hunter in DCUO
01:29:23was is what I'm not sure where this is going with that
01:29:36but we're not going in too much of a fire right here we we we we have visually seen the issue that has been going on
01:29:44and now and I 81 people can confirm it and MEPS just said that postage EU 37 / 47 they're going to be looking for more balance
01:29:53so will I guess every update though will have a little sprinkle of something that'll either fix a power or bring it more in line
01:30:03especially us since we came from Wow and we we know what it means for AKA balance and touch every single hotfix
01:30:16that's the way I World of Warcraft worse NeverEnding beast and a can get really really troublesome
01:30:28and I also want to call them folks calm the fears down with this stat flat need an NPC thing as we seen the test over and I am getting it a lot on my one video my first video I talked about this and then I'd like hair here's an update and then people comment like I hate this apartment lady she was like did you read did you read the update did you watch my video I'm pretty sure if you watch those your your your whole world ending skew of things is going to stop if you watch the other tells me I don't see a lot of people know that they just see how they react and they go by what other people tell them more than you know looking up the information and solves and finding out or you know looking at the information is provided to them by other people so they can make a judgement based off that instead they're just like
01:31:27yes I yeah it's like I have saw somebody you don't like what I like this is this is and I'm not going crappy heals it anyway cuz you know crappy for the most part doesn't do that I mean he's got strong opinions about things but you know sometimes I don't agree with those opinions but at least they're educated opinions you know that shows that someone's passion about the game yeah but yummy he finally found a couple couple of videos that we're highlighting some combat mechanic issues right now he's our old videos for one and for two days
01:32:08yeah man in for Tuesday really like I like stage setup to demonstrate some of the issues that we're going on with combat mechanics
01:32:19and you know he saw they saw these on a tree to put in your Twitter I'm out the other day and he was talking about when you say what the hell is this can't be right you know you have it and the person who made that video I'm not going to say his name cuz he's nothing but and you no problem child in my opinion says you know he replied to him and said that yeah you know they yeah these to be only been like this for a while they're not going to fix it cuz they don't listen to anybody in the community and your anytime you know we try to say something to him and all that they just argue and say all everything's fine don't worry about it everything is nothing's wrong it's all it's all working as intended and I'm talking about I've never seen this just saying that that's how that's where the Devil's Due that's constantly reinforces in heated post that we are looking into it we appreciate it I know
01:33:20I know this you know this you know and awesome note that the person who posted that knows that you know who said that knows it for sure 2 but
01:33:33because this guy's got an axe to grind
01:33:38you know what are you refuse to admit to it you know refuse to admit to that and everything so I called this guy on it and I was like I was actually you know if you know you read the patch notes for testing all that you know there's fixes for all this on test right now
01:33:57and yeah I couldn't crappies like all good you know that I'm glad they came through the other you know looking into it and I hope I hope it I hope it fixes at all you know I mean but that's what that's what I'm saying is let you know I mean a crappy no he was just going off the information he had available to him but you didn't know like saying you don't you don't make any assumptions like you know all the dads don't care about any of this shit you know anything like that
01:34:24they just so you know he was just like man. You know this this is broken this ain't right but the other guy is this is just kills me you say yeah the other does don't care and everything I might need seriously I mean
01:34:37as much as I've been harping about how many people have heard me talk about the combat Mechanics for a long-ass time they've heard you talk about it like almost every time we're on here together you know I mean it's not something that's I
01:34:51yo unknown to the desert is definitely not something that's ignored by them
01:35:00holy smokes okay so I'm right now running the the iconic solo The Hunt to test out the difficulty it's easier than what it was
01:35:14but oh my God it's something like some pretty wicked damage
01:35:21unless you're like a strong opponent you're basically getting one shotted
01:35:27holy crap traffic it kind of feels like
01:35:31almost that's the way it would be if you were playing as an icon
01:35:36yeah if you want that icon experience I guess you're going to freaking get it now
01:35:41bosses I hope we're still pretty pretty tough though
01:35:48okay I need to see what my share can storm killed someone
01:35:57I mean geez
01:36:01sure can storms hits like a beast so it is it's definitely
01:36:09it's definitely not easy I'll tell you that I may run this on live and Ryan on Tazewell to get like a side by side comparison video your first boss little Vinnie who is I'm only doing melee attacks I'm only doing melee attacks
01:36:27and he
01:36:30is just getting slaughtered
01:36:34I wonder I am so
01:36:37oh okay nevermind. Not towards the actual Hunters solo but I'm excited for serums
01:36:45oh yes I was really looking forward to Atomic coming out first so be honest with you I think I think I know I would have to at least think I don't know why it's probably cuz Atomic is going to get new power interactions that they have to create well serums I don't really see in a power area interaction for it
01:37:08I just wonder what kind of drugs are we taking
01:37:23Doraemon in Chattanooga Venom boo should be removed from Iconic powers in that at the serums
01:37:31that would have been funny if that if they did that cuz I mean it would make sense but a lot of people are kind of well at least used to be used to it I'm not sure if anyone really uses that anymore used to be like the ddps thing
01:37:47oh yeah I see use it
01:37:53sorcery DPS is sometimes think about using it with weapon a destiny that way you're technically having two prox happening with your weapons
01:38:12by what to say the difficulty iconic Visions is his weapon pack confirmed rave wear
01:38:21New York Avenue that was okay
01:38:30I feel like my soda didn't do jack
01:38:33you didn't even use your soda I did now I saw it
01:38:41I technically that makes sense you're not supposed to let that happen
01:38:48how to call you out on it but I know you like it like has it as a person playing the instance they would be like oh maybe I shouldn't actually get caught let me let me do it you know oh I found the plug
01:39:04because he's playing again and the mobs are back
01:39:09oh holy crap unless it's supposed to be intended
01:39:14no I should have just been able to walk Sue Wright
01:39:17yeah that's the way it's supposed to be cuz you're not going to get
01:39:24you're not going to get any any rewards from Benny again
01:39:31they got it takes me sucking at this to find a bug you're welcome
01:39:37and let's see about this let's see what happens when I hit this thing it's warm going to go back off
01:39:42all right. Go back. Go back and do like girl Island bludhaven in oolong Island and stuff like that and see how broken the Arkenstone runs them
01:39:56now that guy is dead and I got to look for the freaking code again
01:40:06maybe I wiped on purpose ticking
01:40:11did you ever think of that madam
01:40:14I fail test she was going to be like busy tonight she wasn't able to watch the show or be available for it but she did have her kids birthday and then the other kid need to go to the doctor and yet here she is running her mouth are freaking me a chat during the show
01:40:35instead of making bacon is there anything else that we should talk about
01:40:45that's how I know if it does really now I'm just going to try not to fail this is done
01:40:51it's a slow week it is
01:40:54that's not a bad thing is more steps coming there silent can't wait for
01:41:03elbow drop
01:41:06oh I got to I got to write in a radiant Aura by the way I got one for like
01:41:17keep it up
01:41:23so can't wait for the day that they're like alright here's every single survival mode have fun
01:41:31I am almost done with the instance luckily now I got Johnny blowtorch
01:41:38sure you actually okay yeah he's by himself
01:41:42now you just need to power them just melee them doing damage to him he's below 50 now
01:41:55I feel like they lowered the house on these bosses
01:42:00Ronnie's mother should say
01:42:06major Cody Wise it really wasn't a typical instance if you knew how to counter
01:42:12which some players still don't
01:42:28alright so boss time and we'll we'll Ended as soon as we take care of his boss
01:42:35and I will try not to be so if I do and I have to start this over again I'm going to rage it in the show
01:42:45we should just skip some of the dialogue though cemento after watching this 9 million times yes I wish you could skip cutscenes
01:42:57play thanks for the story-driven I really want to get into right now
01:43:12yes I would love to hear more about cross place myself Britney
01:43:18Crossway is going to be glorious
01:43:25I don't see that happening until at the earliest like summer at the latest next year
01:43:33next year was Christ what's wrong with you nothing
01:43:39he's got to poop and he can't just like
01:43:45you need to poopy okay there's a targeting issue cuz I was targeting Spain and I switched over to the healing bro. I used too early.
01:43:59Yes I told you you hard targeted the healing barely even though Bane is much more of a threat and was actually closer to you yes
01:44:10I said in my my suggestion is should you should either be able to toggle to where you don't count or you don't Target passive objects during combat
01:44:22or should I or should just be you will always Target enemies or something like that but
01:44:33go put the put the thing down I really I do go back to martial arts that was stupid of me to go to Jewel pistol I try to be cute and it didn't work
01:44:49open Songza sick if you know how to use it though if you know how use it
01:44:57and Soles for like 2 years now and something that everyone needs to keep in mind is that when you're in an instance you need to wait for the scoreboard to come up before you leave the incense isn't that right Britney
01:45:14if you leave too early accounts as you leaving it yes because she definitely did not get her throne of the Dead Elite progress token because of it that sucks but she ran in and got her token but yes
01:45:33that's right pretty I called you out
01:45:43all right
01:45:51and with that it is time
01:45:55Susan for the Shameless plug yay
01:46:01damn damn damn girl to hurt
01:46:10Just Dance Fitness been confirmed transfers to my person to die in the bulb
01:46:15text Diane okay that's true
01:46:20that's true that's true alright be sure to follow us on the Facebook and on the Twitter just type in DCUO Source Gas or just type in DCUO or you can also type in DCUO and follow the main Game Twitter when Mets wants to feel like tweet and stuff and sometimes that's when he's not doing anything
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01:49:07it is a Friday night I got to get out of here you don't think I have places to go to I'm supposed to be celebrating my best friend's 30th birthday and she's not my best friend she's just a friend from childhood that I reconnected with and she's hot so I really should go there but I'm probably not
01:49:29FWB I don't know Kidz lingo these days
01:49:35oh my God I got you nevermind I got your Timberlake movie understood all right I'm sorry oh yeah that Mila Kunis movie yeah I understood
01:49:53what Justin is the is a great performer right he is a great Entertainer and I might not like his movie or his music but I love him and movies dudes funny
01:50:05it's okay
01:50:08I don't do Snapchat I don't do Snapchat that's that's a big no
01:50:15dang why not you want pictures of my friend is that what you want double tsyn
01:50:23we need 12 on 13 years old
01:50:28anyways alright thank you all so much for watching State team for the giveaway coming up in just a moment they have so much watching will see you guys next week SNL returns next next week as well so you see guys then later
01:50:44bye bye bye

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