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Episode 172- My whitepaper details my idea then why do I need a Pitch deck?

You are on a way to launch a successful Initial coin offering or Security Token Offering. so you were wondering you already have a whitepaper which has explains your Idea in great details then why do I need a pitch deck for? Let me explain it to you how your audience is going to be divided into four legions: 1) Retail Investor 2) Institutional Investors 3) Sophisticated Investors 4) Crypto/Blockchain Geeks so there might be people who after knowing your Idea is in depth and details, They just want to look what's going under the hood, How confident a CEO is about their Idea? Do the CEO itself believe that his idea is going to make a difference? Are the co-founder educated enough to lead the team? What kind of team is backing the idea that they are investing? So another question you might have is what the heck is a whitepaper or Litepaper? A white paper is the detailed version of your pitch deck well written by experts in fabulous fashion covering every aspect of your Idea. Lite paper is just a teaser or overview of Idea. So Now that everything is clear. Which kind of your audience needs what kind of paper? whitepapers are for - Sophisticated Investors, Crypto Geeks who needs or rather who understands the details Lite paper are for - Article writers, small investors About Speaker Krishna Jonnakadla, Krishna is a professional with over 20 years of global experience. He is currently the VP and Global Business Head of Swych Blockchain Labs that is targeting to change the space of global gifting and remittance with the help of the blockchain. Prior to Swych, he was the co-founder of Flit - The Fashion Locator in Town which he set up to scale independent and designer brands in Fashion and Lifestyle in India which is a $44 Billion market. Prior to Flit, he was the Co-Founder and Member of the Board at Mango Mobile TV, a successful online media company where he was responsible to scale the company's customer base to thousands across the world (excludes India). Mango Mobile TV is to date the largest library of Indian content with close to 10,000 Films, short films, songs, behind the scenes content and much more. He built Mango Mobile TV on a shoestring budget and had a successful exit when he was bought out by the largest stakeholder. Krishna has a long history of entrepreneurship and creation of thought leadership frameworks. His work in creating CXO mindshare and millions of dollars or new business and deals with Fortune 100 clients in North America won him the 18 Karat CEO Award for Consulting Mindshare and excellence. He brings significant leadership, innovation, and execution experience. ============================================================== Why this End to End ICO series? Because The less you know about the launching of an ICO, the more people you need to hire. Are you tired of reading those long articles about launching an ICO? Don't Worry We will save your reading time. Listen to our podcast on the go! Understanding the process of launching an Initial Coin Offering was never been Easier! Subscribe Today! Have a Question Comment Down Below.
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