NEW FORMAT. MAYBE. WE THINK? In addition to our usual 'guest' episodes, Jay and Chantelle will be releasing more.....random....episodes, where they talk about whatever they want, for around an hour. In this episode, they discuss Star Wars, spontaneous human combustion, the interior design challenges faced by supervillains, more Star Wars, horror in movies and novels, and why Jay hates trilogies. The Crime Friction Official Theme is “Book ‘Em” by Karl Ove Sneezegård, of Karl Ove Sneezegård fame, Commander of the Dark Hordes, Herald of the Red Wolf, wielder of the Axe of Hrim, night manager of the 7-Eleven on Church St., Dinosaur supervisor (the one who does his job, not the other guy), inventor of the aglet, extreme barista, and Bruce Wrangler, and Sith Mime.
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