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In the chaos following World War II, one of the most fucked up spoils of war were Germany’s greatest scientific minds. The US government covertly began a campaign to bring these morally reprehensible, brilliant minds to America to privately work for us without the public’s knowledge - calling it  Operation Paperclip.In part one of our coverage of this Nazi scientist & physician soiree, we discuss just what exactly the Nazis were doing during and at the end of the war, the men charged with finding this out, the men pretending to try and flesh it out, and what happened once we realized the advances they had made for both chemical and biological warfare. Turns out, we didn't really care what these men did as long as we got to use their brains. The promo at the beginning of this episode is According to An Idiot go subscribe now! Follow them on Instagram!  Be sure to subscribe, rate & review us on iTunes! Follow us on Instagram! Check out the book we got the bulk of our research from: Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists to America by Annie JacobsenSupport the show
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13,000 episode downloads / month
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