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00:00:00hello completely optional knowledge listeners this is Andrew Norton I know it's been ages since we put a new episode so I just wanted to give you an update I also have some exciting news so I bet you noticed there hasn't been a new episode for like here basically we lost our main sponsor the start of 2017 in this whole thing is always been a bit of a passion project so my producer JP and I were like no problem we'll find a new sponsor will take the podcast to a new place we started talking with some folks making a few new episodes we even got some new questions lined up but before that could happen something else came up and that's the exciting news part I'm hosting and producing a new podcast it's called personal best it's podcast for the CBC which is like Canada's NPR it's been awesome making it but it's taking up all of my time so no time to make new completely optional knowledge episodes but I think you'll enjoy this new thing it's got a lot of the same stuff I love about this podcast people calling in with things are confused about asking experts dumb question
00:00:59I got weird radicals music for my pal brake master cylinder you're going to hear a teaser for that in a second and I hope you subscribe so is this podcast Dad should you unsubscribe I don't know there's not going to be any new episodes for a minute but I really hope we can get things going again sometime I want to thank everyone who subscribed to this podcast and I hope to talk to you here again soon but in the meantime I hope you enjoy personal best remember you'll hear a teaser for that right after I finish talking here you can find it on Apple podcast or wherever you download your podcast thanks so you probably have something that you want to improve about yourself
00:01:39people horrible liar I hate lying right now I want to have a conversation with cash. What seems the last two years and it's always been awkward
00:01:50and I know self-help gurus and Gwyneth Paltrow make it look so easy but something provement is hard
00:02:02green stuffed what happens if you crack open a lobster sounds like you need to talk to somebody successful because I've been dealing with this for 15 years would be nice if you could just figure out how to do it yourself or you might actually have to because we don't really know what we're doing
00:02:25hiding out in the bushes over there yeah I guess from here it looks like we are having the bushes but there's actually a thing to sit on there
00:02:32we're here to help you be your best you as best we can give him the constraints
00:02:42that's so great I'm Rob Norman and this is personal vest
00:02:51AC DC original podcast coming this February subscribe on Apple podcast or your favorite podcast app
00:03:07as weird as it sounds that was perfect

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