The Manhattan Project was a top secret collaboration between the US government and the civilian scientific community to take the theory of an atomic bomb into reality.   Spoiler alert – it worked.  This program was one of the most remarkable scientific achievements in history, especially considering it was pulled off during a time of scarcity in the world.  The fact that we had the resources to pull it off and didn’t have to worry about immediate threats like Germany, USSR, Japan and the UK will be one of the keys to success for this program as well as prosperity going forward in the USA.

The story of the Manhattan Project is a really cool one.  In this episode we don’t touch on all the details, but give an overview of the scope and implications of the program, as well as some observations that place it into the bigger picture of the Cold War, as always.

I hinted towards this book on the show by Steve Sheinkin, which was really good, especially considering it was geared towards a younger audience.
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