Pam Melroy is a retired Air Force test pilot, former NASA astronaut and Space Shuttle commander. Have orbited the earth on no less than three space missions, Pam also commanded the International Space Station and is one of only two women to have commanded the Space Shuttle.

How did a young girl have the tenacity see her dream through to reality after watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon 50 years ago? What does it mean to prepare your team for a mission like space? How does one embrace a position of leadership with so much riding on it? And what does Pam ask of us, having seen our home from an integrated perspective and recognising that our planet is our vessel and each of us is crew?

In this episode, Pam discusses everything from dealing with cultural variations in teams to affecting change with a systems engineering mindset. A fascinating Coffee Pod conversation infused with a strong hit inspiration for change-makers - enjoy!

United States


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