Cissa and Sophie discuss Carissa's birthday, embarrassing moments, what they find attractive, tattoos, word games, and what they would do if they found out their spouses were serial killers.
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00:00:00I'm so sad and I'm Sophie and this is a little too close
00:00:15today is my birthday October 16th is the day that were recording this but it's October 16th and I'm really sit birthday birthday sex
00:00:33yes I'm smelling sexy turn herself on yeah spread that shit for myself on they know what they're doing the vs $80 body spray 25 have had time to reflect on my life as a young whippersnapper whippersnapper and I just I was talking about this not too long ago with someone about how you just stop giving like Fox like you know how many fucks to give eventually you know so a big deal anymore so there are so many things now that happened to me and I don't even think about it but when I was younger I would've been mortified and so it just makes me think about things that happened that I was super embarrassed about of the time and you know when you lay in bed and you just run through situations in your like how would
00:01:33I have handled that now why is this mean like why am I like this so what's the situation that you've had that kind of runs through your head it's a good one so I was at my friend Taylors apartment and I had to pee really bad so I ran her bathroom if he didn't realize it was known for the paper so I grabbed the baby wipes and use the Swype is fine it's later the worst burning of my entire fucking life they were so what's wrong and I'm like it is burned something you do I said I used your baby wipes and she said Sophie I don't have baby wipes there's Clorox wipes in there so I had straight white myself as Clorox wipes and it was the worst indeed it and it just like the chlorine to get inside your return you're going to die and sunset in Taylor
00:02:33where they burned right off of Barbie doll
00:02:37terrifying it was awful my gosh I was an awful experience Clorox wipes by the toilet though do you clean your toilet that most people would grab Clorox wise without until you're in that situation and like white show me whip like baby wipes I mean I'm aware that they look like baby I'm sorry about that I'm fortunate for me is when we were watching my brother's dog so my parents went inside and I they jump the fence cuz they couldn't unlock the fence for some reason I can't remember why but I jumped the fence but I got caught on the fence so like my jean pocket got caught but it and it rips like it ripped jean pocket and so mighty
00:03:37and my parents are already inside and so I just like hanging on the fence outside and myself and that I have I really struggled like I was like do I call for help because if I do call for help do I want help to come you know so yeah and there was like a neighbor outside and he yeah he saw me and he like I refuse you know because I just refuse to have this man come to lift me off my shows to be so I just kept like pushing on my way down until finally like my jeans ripped all the way off like the pocket and then I fell and I was like nah man I'm good like
00:04:18it's messed up I'm not struggling dogs getting caught on fence is not like adult women but I was like a teenager when it happened I don't know like 1617 old enough to know better I don't know if you also weren't wearing panties is what you're telling me I mean I was I don't know I can't remember I mean I'm sure it was always wear thongs even though you're like it might be uncomfortable you're like no I'm sexy right now I don't know I mean years you can't wait to discover thongs like that's all there is song song
00:05:10but now I know I enjoy a nice and Ice brief and ice boy short shorts with best yeah it's more about you know Comfort Comfort cute ones like you know and then I got a bra for $25 and not one of those unlined like pink bras no I got like a Dream Angel dream I don't know but it was I don't know how tall the whosits and whatsits $5 deal I'm sorry I just get right now I got it I got it I'm saving it I don't know I feel like I just got to have like the perfect time to Don it tomorrow
00:06:10fresh and brand new new new glasses Mia I just wonder what men really find attractive sometimes I guess I don't know cuz you know there's like a media saying we're like everything's supposed to be like this is what men find attractive but this is what sexy but I feel like the secret lately is getting more into like what girls want you so much stuff there now that I'm like this is it like this is what I need you know it's not super there's like a section there was all like Slinky lingerie like you know like a wedding night lingerie but the rest of it's like sweatpants sweatshirts sports bras there was short and I really enjoy that so so I don't feel like I said I feel like that's sexy to you though I don't everybody has like a different view of like what sexy is or what they're attracted to and I declare by the
00:07:10yeah I think I think it just depends on what you're into and what your interests are it's like a lot of factors like women like what they find attractive as well and yeah so what attracted you to your husband with something that besides his obvious crazy at the time it was his hair flowing hair and he were skinny jeans and I was really in an emo boy face the time like I was in love with Ronnie Radke and so this blonde fluffy haired forgetting skinny jean-wearing evil boy came out of nowhere and I was like that's it that's the one that's who it is yeah yeah she really obviously other things to do it's not all superficial but definitely immediately was that look like I was looking for that look you know for the first time and he was he was something it's like people who know him now so like a lot of people at the conventions we go to know him really well like
00:08:10said he was back then is just even just physically polar opposite like he doesn't have long hair anymore teenagers you don't make the best fashion choices at the time with being able to Super in except now in 2017 all the teenagers make great fashion choices I know the Instagram sure it's the white shirts with the boobies thrown on them I love it oh I hate that see that's and I hate it so it sometimes Sophie will find something that she really loves that I just hate themselves that's how we know that you know we're not exactly the same but not that close I guess that's fucking dumb but then the other part of me is like but I want it I would never wear that really years I don't understand but you this love it
00:09:10but I first met Matt while we were friends in high school before we were dating but I just really liked how he was a little bit because I'm shy when I met him he was shocked I like nerdy white guy and let me tell you I got to type and my type is I like to go search around and I go to houses in the suburbs right and then I go into the basement of the house and I look for boys in the corner it's going to be dark and they're going to be like blue light and is going to be a guy in front of it and he's pissed at me you know when I open the door and then I go you you're the one we done this more than one I mean I did took a couple tries before you rather write cavemen learn yeah and I found him and you know I would he wasn't into it at first either though he was like a little bit reluctant little shy but I drove past his house Stockton
00:10:07went into his basement multiple times I said come outside sir come outside and he was like no no no Sul we're going to get married he's like no no but it happened you now we are in a cave is within your dwelling yeah we love the same and the dirtier the better better I'm about it in the cutest way though yeah and talk about Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic to me boy I love it
00:10:41that's what I mean I have but I need to send it so I have a big box for him and Chris and it's all magic cards your husband my friends but magic cards to make them happy and I know it I never got to come back around there when I was 13 and that was like I used to play that thing yeah and now it's a thing again yeah ladies this is why you get yourself a nerdy boy because they spend a year away from you and they're not think about girls at all they got ya thing about magic cards and they're also they don't have enough money you know to spend on other women cuz there's been drawn magic cards are there cheaper than women that's true very true but he still has to spend money on me a little bit see a little bit of change when you get with someone you change them a little bit and they change you a little bit and it's not intentional like I wouldn't you know it's not like I'm trying to change but like you just kind of pick up things from the other and so yeah
00:11:41let's just wait like he's always been so much fun in groups and stuff but he's just love me and my husband are each other like me and Sam have similar personalities and Sophie and Matt have similar personalities and that's like me and Sophie are best friends and we love each other so much and me and Matt were together we love each other so much and it's because Sophie and Maddie the same person ever to like he was bless everybody and his head is in the clouds and he's just a sweet sweet soul and I must protect him at all, I feel that way about Sophie too I'm just like heaven to my little beans guys I get scared I will protect me and Sam have to have to fight for them
00:12:41it's a better person as well cuz yeah I'm kind of a hateful sometimes I call it real he's really helps me out with that that's so now I'm a little bit nicer when I first met these really rude snaps the personality type or you just say whatever comes to your dad immediately we do a little bit of filtering now I think I'll think it in my head I'll be like is this mean to other people like with this make anyone sad when I don't say it don't do it don't do that. Instruments like what would you do if you found out that your spouse is serial killer
00:13:35why I really thought about that are you right or not like my chest is BTK was Kansas and that's where we live in Kansas now and I know a lot of people who have seen him or Matt hammer head interactions with him and they had no idea like and I just can't imagine what he was doing this for years and years and years and he had stuff on their property like in the shower head and like flick keepsakes momentos I just can't imagine not knowing but of course I don't know I can't imagine being that life and people still had that conversation about you you know like I can imagine not knowing the way she do it like so you come home from work Matt's not home and you see on the news that like they found seven bodies and their Prime Suspect is not like what are you what is your first thought
00:14:35I would believe it first of all because Matt is just such a gentle soul and he looks like his love for like everyone morning animals oh yeah in the morning actually probably could maybe take your shower with your plumbing was broken for a couple of weeks and you just had kept getting plumbers in there was a problem he gets mad when he can't shower he does he has a thing about showering yes otherwise he's just me and the rest of the stores in an hour here
00:15:13yeah I know I feel like I would have to really have some hard evidence like they have to like the cops would have to come to me you would like here's a picture of him sawing a woman's head off because he can use her shower yeah I do like oh man I mean why couldn't you say no though why don't you tell him he can use the shower like that's rude of her
00:15:34the guy I don't know I mean of course I wouldn't try to bust him out of jail or anything like I'm not like Bonnie and Clyde Knitter my first thought would be I would go to Sam and be like okay but I might like are you going to murder me that's the first thing I want to find out true and why he's fucking murdering people like killer you're pretty much probably going to get life so it's like he's going to go to jail and I was going to be like dang my husband was murdering everybody you know how do you look at it but could you could you like make it work with him know when he had just like brutally slaughtered all your neighbors over a shower
00:16:22yeah I don't know I'm not read or die. But I really think I would I would be like we got to we got to cut this one on the road we divers but you don't tell him that I stay supportive and tell he is behind bars and then I'm like by the way you're crazy so I change my last name cuz I'm not trying to get all caught up in this immediately divorce after he's in custody not before he still got time to answer me to anyone if I found out anybody that I know is like cereal. Yeah. If I had been caught yet but I'm leaving the country and going to a private island ever find me come with me
00:17:21well now there's a private island in the mick. So that's a doozy 50 people but were they like a crappy people like what why did you murder these people so they stopped making Full Throttle they just stopped and I woke up one day in a frenzy I found everyone involved and I just went cry well that was a bad business decision so okay okay okay I'm on board so okay so go to the Private Island give me any of this I'm just going to pretend that I organically came up with this idea to go to the private island that way if they do locate you I can be like bro I'm just on the same island on vacation island you can tell me what you're going to be at your death
00:18:21okay well I have things to tell you now that you know that I'm am bored so I was robbed and walk in and there's a Full Throttle he has a full throttle and I was like I understand that there are more of you there are more of me or fighting each other communities building
00:18:53should start a club like a fan club a million photo photos of me and costly holding Full Throttle MSN Diamond album one day I just can't find the right contact email and I've liked my wedding vows when sample the Full Throttle out of his tux like I'm going to send this to them and be like yo I'm not playing I really like. I really like. I'm drinking one right now and it is delicious actually funny story I was at I was at work yesterday and we were talking about tattoos and like like my co-workers talking about like to tattoo regret and stuff no Rugrat no ragrets and I'm pretty over at now like I'm just like I was going to talk to you I don't even care what it means like some people are super into like other tattoos have to have like this deep meaning again and that's really cool like
00:19:53you know if it's all right that means something to you that's right but I'm more of a mi tattoo artists were actually talking about this I'm more of like a collector like an art collector like I like to have an artist's like peace like something that they were the original that they came up with and then they put on my body like I am very into like collecting art pieces and it's not about so much like it having like a deeper meaning to me like in my life it's more like that I really appreciate this artist in their work and I want a piece of their art we are all pertaining to something you enjoy at least that I like but usually I will go ahead and be like hey you know I kind of like this and then if I want you to just make it just whatever you stick with that thing and make your own thing because I don't want to dictate what it is I don't want to look at a picture off the Internet have it on my body I want my kids and I
00:20:53Sears like me like someone could be like let's go get a piece of pizza tattoo together and make sure I like pizza dough UFO's are forearms like to sit around and talk about conspiracy theories all the time in Phase the night that she was born the night that I was born in the night we got the tattoo together they're not really this quality we didn't go to a very good shop for like each of our tattoos and super Shady but you know what is an experience Galaxy one getting like I like there no name on them self or something else like
00:21:50has her name tattooed like me or her groin like on her hip and yeah it's her own and in case you forgot so I guess there's a okay so I do I have my ex or my favorite tattoos so here's what happened when I was 15 getting ready to turn 16 my mom pick me up from school and she took me to get my bellybutton pierced a week earlier and I don't I see when she was like come on your 15 so anyway she picks you up from school a few days before my 16th birthday and drives the wrong direction I'm like Mom where we going she's like has surprise for you to get a tattoo if your dad haha yes I don't seem to think and I just started spelling my name with two eyes I don't know what this thing that started when I was like 14 and you just never stopped like legally my name is II now and we
00:22:39in Britain legally it's I hear it will be soon do you want and I was like I don't know so I was like I like it I love it so now everytime I see it I'm just like oh that's who she is if I ever like on your lower back though you know that way when you're forgetting but also don't ever let kids get tattoos I was awful but it's here in Wichita when you got one tattoo under the age in your parents approved of this or like signed off on it that was going to file and so you could pretty much go in and get a tattoo without your parents from then on as long as a and sign this paper so dumb 17 year old ass went back and got some fucking nautical stars on my back because what else do the 17-year old needles in a tramp stamp super Christmas and getting those covered up with a pretty dope tattoo but it's there
00:23:39there for 10 years now reminder of why people shouldn't get tattoos when they're 17 16 15 my first one until I was 18 and you were there so Sophie went with me I fortunately did not fall into the Tramp Stamp face yet she's great yeah I'm very happy about that but I don't think I have any that I don't like necessarily think there's there's like a king's like Crown in the middle of like my back I gave it to my shoulder blades and that one I'm a little bit like about just because I feel like it's kind of prime real estate and I kind of wasted it with something and get covered though plane but yeah they need my building it's like a bigger piece I just tell people to my Crown Royal tattoo like when people ask him just like I'm an alcoholic just love I actually the reason I got that one was because went before I was old enough to get tattoos one time I saw this really like hot girl with like tattoos and she looks so cool and she had
00:24:39between her shoulder blades I saw her and I just remember thinking to myself like oh my gosh she looks so cool like I really want to be like her on Crocker Road in Donegal stars all of her hips and back and I was like okay tattoo girls go to all the teams are looking up to you watch out but yeah so I saw her and I just remember when I went to go get is my first actual like peace because the other I have two little words in the back of my heels and I had like a little hard on my finger but I didn't have any like actual like you know. He says so that was the first one I got it was because I saw that girl and I was like she just looks so cool and so yeah I went and got a crown on my shoulder blades and I kind of like it because of that like it's not like I like you know I think so like I was heavier back then but I am now so the stars of deformed overtime they still look like stars for sure but they're not they're not classy and so I'm getting them covered for Christmas
00:25:39my parents for Christmas I was like covered up what are you covering them with Mom and Dad and she's going to have Superman's torn cape and the other hand Batman's utility belt be standing on a rock looking congested as fuck that ass and I think a nice Solid Rock will cover that I think it'll work out sweet I'm excited an anchor on one of my thighs that I thought I covered up because yeah I just like a such a like large space and I have a basic ass white girl like anchor you don't think about things like that unless you have a ton of friends with big tattoos you don't plan you get sticker tattoos you just wanted you to stay with silicone my wrist I have Carpe noctem which I still really like but I think that it could have been somewhere else you know it works because it's right with army
00:26:39so can you go to the theme but part of me is like that could have gone elsewhere yeah so yeah luckily the tattoo artist when I went to get it to my tattoo I was like I really want it over on around the side but I've got that other tattoo and he's like I can cover that up real quick I was like oh my God they got so yeah he covered up with my super cool Game of Thrones sword is the cast of hipster I got to before it was a bank know I just I was super in the books and so I got that tattoo and then the show really blew up and I was like I am on Trends Trends, famous know I love Game of Thrones Game of Thrones I don't care and I don't want that when things get popular they're like oh well don't know why I like it before it was cool. No I don't care I Love Game of Thrones Always Forever I haven't even watched a single Apple now I'll ISO Game of Thrones I watch like the first 10 minutes of it with Sissy
00:27:39and her husband many years ago and I thought the puppies were going to die so I was like now I can do this and so for years we just never watched it and my husband never got to watch it because I wouldn't and then last month or the month before whenever the new season had started we've been just watch the entire show in 2 weeks that's good best show ever yeah it was so I don't know I was just so excited that they came out with the show and I was also excited that everyone got into it like I don't understand that mentality that people have like when things go like super mainstream and they decide all the sudden that I'm going to hate on it now let me know I love it I love it so much cuz it's saying that I really love all these people that aren't really into 11:30 things they were into it and I was so excited because I like my co-workers were talking about it I can talk to my co-workers about dirty stuff ever they're not into it but they loved it and then so just having so many people into something that I love I don't know I just thought it was exciting I thought it was great that there was something that everybody could watch and get into and there's so much
00:28:39what's happening I don't understand why people hate on people for being into something about things and I think the more people being into something the better because you're going to get more thing if maybe only a few hipsters look like Game of Thrones the show from the beginning it may not have continued they would have made his money like it's only doing this while it has high of a budget is it does because people love it because it's mainstream I just I don't know maybe it's because I don't care about having like a cool card and I just I like what I like and I don't know if it's super popular or it's not popular at all if I really am really into it yeah and I just thinking about animals on my cuz I just means I have more costly friends and I'm not the weird kid in the corner grocery in Cosplay cuz I have to talk about cause playing like TV shows and movies so excited
00:29:39and there's a part in it where she's just like you would ever go to that fraternity there the costly kids or whatever it is like you said dad go with them they do cosplay deal for the cool kids that's the story I'll be I'm super into it when things get big in Pokemon go forever I love it when people love what I love that's great I'm going to share it with you I don't want to be the only one that knows about something that's sad is that like this great thing that nobody knows about like conspiracy theories are getting real mainstream a look at the thing with used to be like a tinfoil Hat Thing be woke and now I love it you're crazy that didn't even happen let me show you the CIA documents yeah because a lot of us love to stay up really late at night and watch YouTube videos
00:30:39those are the password yes secureteam10 I'm give them a shout out best Channel go watch right now love it and strange Mysteries what's my other favorite Channel I live on then the guy was so many of those channels like I'll be up until 4 a.m. and I can't sleep and so the only thing I can do to get to sleep it's like word association games my brain like I played you like a through z or just I know they spent hours laying there in the dark like
00:31:03alpaca here we should probably we should try when I'm really good though I'll be prepared so the only one that I know is where you say a word and then that person a person has to go off of that and say a word that relates to that and you just keep going until one of you cannot think of a word to say how long do you have till it get to like I like 3 seconds oh damn okay so forward and then I have to say a word that has some type of Association cat Mouse dog cat
00:31:45I was wrong to okay okay okay feel one okay burrito Taco Bell
00:31:58Bell Taco Bell
00:32:05okay or window sill
00:32:09Glass House
00:32:12yard sale
00:32:15store Front
00:32:18mannequin head with hair brush
00:32:25this is hard to do I could make everything wow
00:32:30okay what do you want me around so if you are just listening to us they were determined okay cheese plate
00:32:41so we're Fort knife dinner
00:32:46damn looks like I said anything I could have said like food I don't know why it's so hard to think of something and it's because you feel like you're on the spot alien
00:33:00I didn't know we were going back into it so it that I wasn't prepared okay shoe box
00:33:15Humanity I don't know if they'll be a sentence so that's actually learned a lot I was telling when a friend of ours I saw them and they were like how's the podcast going boy let me tell you it is the world and I did not realize before I delve into this community yeah it's like a whole thing and there's a world underneath that you just don't know anything about like when we first getting into cosplay I feel like I'm going to be all fine and dandy everything can be great we can wear costumes have fun and then you get in and then six holla to Everyday yeah there's like so much so much to think about and how casting there's just so much underneath it that I just didn't see like just ways to edit promo so many different places you got to be and I don't
00:34:15different formula like everybody's got ya something that they want to tell you like this is how you should do it this is how you to be successful but I don't know crazy like we're just really wanting to do this for fun so the next step is we are going to get on iTunes and hopefully the Google Play and a couple other apps so I'm going to try to make it a little more widely available so that's really our next step and so far I'm so last night I did a Discord chat for my cosplay and everyone in my chat was like hey we left your podcast like and it wasn't even said that he totally ships Sophie and Sissa that's really good I'm glad people are already listening like it's only been 1 episode in and we're going to get better every time yes so and and this is actually really fun just because it is a learning experience I don't know anything about podcasting I don't know anything about editing so it's just really fun just to kind of like learn about something that
00:35:15no idea some great friends who do podcasts like happy hour yeah they do awesome happy hour with Johnny and Sheridan stuff they're wonderful so it's great to have support like that in this community that we are dipping our toes done too so and it's great to be welcomed into Community I always feel like you know sometimes it's like a cosplay when you're coming in as a new cosplayer you know people are threatened and then so there's like Mean Girls and the Kids on the Block who have a great job and when you feel like you're doing a little while ago I'm not doing that great start somewhere though yeah and so it feels really good to start out and be learning something and it feels really nice to have people already like Hey we're like the first time cuz I was expecting you to be like that was cool you know that was all right like good job ladies tribe but no it was really positive so I'm excited about that
00:36:15fun and I really enjoyed doing it and so we're just going to continue and get better then we're also experimenting with you too but I haven't quite figured everything out but we are going to be on YouTube so keep an eye out for that I'm going to be posting on her Facebook page you whenever we make updates or whatever were added to something so I'll make sure everybody knows as of right now we're only on Soundcloud but I think after this episode but I'm going to get us on iTunes and apply for all that and get that done so I'll make sure that you can listen to it cuz I know it's not the most convenient thing only be on on Soundcloud so yeah we're going to make sure that more people can listen to us and even though we're only going to SoundCloud we've got quite a few listens I'm so happy about it like people want to talk to text this is what we do every day every rainbow so now you get to the part of that I think that's why we made this because we were like me and all we ever do is sit around and talk at each other so we might as well try to add each other like that
00:37:15so you guys should follow us on Facebook and Twitter yes so on Twitter we are A LTC podcast and on Facebook and find a little too close podcasts yeah just make sure you keep looking out for everything I make sure you watch all of her and continue to like And subscribe and comment and we'll just keep putting this if you have any like topics you'd really like to hear is talk about or games you like to hear us play yes tell us where was looking for stuff to do games play sexy games sexy all right everybody thanks for listening make sure you tune in for our next episode always on a Thursday at 8:30 p.m. central Time follow us everywhere everywhere everywhere not to our cars don't follow us there that's the place we don't want your phone just everywhere else creepy
00:38:15yeah so follow me in real life cuz I have mace
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