Three young women, all missing from the same place, all the victims of a killer stalking the quiet streets. This is the true story of the Claremont Serial Killings.
Claremont: A well-to-do suburb of big homes, imported cars, highly-educated professionals and prestigious private schools. Where residents live in luxury between the majestic Swan River and the glaring blue Indian Ocean that wrap around the city of Perth on the Western edge of Australia.
High salaries, no crime to speak of, barely a care in the world. Claremont is a lovely place to live. In Perth, it’s the place to live.
There is really only one pub to speak of in Claremont. And one nightclub, about 150m away down a street lined with boutique shops.
The nightspots are a magnet for university students and young professionals looking to have fun. Everyone knows everyone, or at least someone who knows them. In Claremont, there are barely two degrees of separation.
On January 26, 1996, Sarah Spiers headed to Claremont for a night out with friends. Aged 18, she left the nightclub in the early hours and called a taxi from a payphone. The taxi arrived minutes later. But Sarah wasn’t there.
Her disappearance left her family and friends distraught and an entire city wondering. What happened to that smiling, blonde country girl? People don’t just vanish from Claremont.
Less than six months later, Jane Rimmer was out, also in Claremont, also with friends, also blonde and smiling. That smile was evident on CCTV captured inside the hotel that night. Those grainy frames showed the 23-year-old walking through the crowded bar area. The tape recording cuts away to another camera. When it cut back, Jane was gone.
Two young women missing in similar circumstances from the same location. Police began to worry they were dealing with a serial killer. When Jane’s body was found in bushland two months later, their worst fears were realised.
Nine months on and Ciara Glennon, a 27-year-old lawyer, was out with work colleagues for a drink. Smart, professional and universally liked, she too vanished. Three weeks later, her body was found, also dumped in bushland.
Three young women, all missing from the same place, all the victims of a killer stalking the quiet streets.
This is the true story of the Claremont Serial Killings.
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since Feb. 27, 2019



Years pass and with the public losing hope that the horrific mystery will ever be solved, a new suspect emerges. Telecommunications technician Bradley Robert Edwards is arrested in a dawn raid. The 50-year-old pleads not guilty and will stand trial for three murders, rape and abduction. So what is the police case against him? And is it possible that police missed a link that could have led them to the accused man than a decade ago?


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