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00:00:45send it by Hinds honey and almond cream
00:00:57can I see the Hall of Fame
00:01:07The Three Little Pigs
00:01:10Google the pup
00:01:15Donald Duck what's the word
00:02:32who's the Hey Diddle Diddle
00:03:18the world owes me a living
00:03:23Noble cookbooks
00:04:12the walls some lullaby land
00:05:51Donovan bar another another another another another another thing at all things as Haley and the dumb thing at least the bad is something you're not a thing at all
00:06:35Three Little Pigs by play who's afraid of the big bad wind who's afraid of the old hard water who's afraid of pots and pans when they buy them what time if you use my regular life it's almost magical stop hurting and starts right Minds on their chops Faces Sometimes I don't know red ball knees when they come in and out of the cold and dry feeling that makes the skin burn when children come in door open and children's hands are rough for the cat gets grounded
00:07:35when necessary suffering and they'll be easier to come and go surprise and pulled way to keep hands smooth and lovely even in the bed rest weather and keep it young looking
00:08:02I know it is my privilege to introduce the personality behind all of the Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony
00:08:12hello everybody
00:08:25are rubber boots for a young duck don't worry.
00:08:31Bless his heart
00:08:36call Donald how our program tonight is to be a surprise party I told you not to bring that Top Gun to the studio
00:08:55boys will be boys yes the gang is gone up the entire program by themselves they named it twice appropriately the price for us no put it down
00:09:11not all don't point that kind of car
00:09:17yes I'm sure
00:09:22give it to him Clara
00:09:26bet you want to fight
00:09:31where was where are you
00:09:37you got just what you deserve shame on you and if you hit anyone else
00:09:49give me that gun
00:09:52so you don't think I'm in it well I'll show you
00:09:58they're let that be a lesson to you win from now on I want you to be a good
00:10:07just one more word out of you and I'll call the boogeyman
00:10:11oh well just clap my hands three times and they'll pop whiteout it
00:11:02I guess we got rid of Donald Duck for a while and now it's many miles will take the first surprise for my Christmas stocking
00:11:18could you come from
00:11:24well what do you want now
00:11:26Norah O'Donnell not now wait for your turn
00:11:33give me those bells
00:11:36I don't want to fight anymore how do you get back to Jill Tanner
00:11:52I know you have a big surprise for us in the Christmas stocking
00:12:05are they going to sing for me
00:12:08what is going to play the violin while there to bird Cock Robin and Jenny Wren sing the love duet from the new Silly Symphony Who Killed Cock Robin and I might mention it this is why you to guess who killed him in fact if you suspect Who Killed Cock Robin will give you well
00:12:29already Mini
00:12:49Pitch Perfect
00:14:03while we're on the subject of pictures I told you know that from now on all the Mickey pictures
00:14:33I got a surprise
00:15:40I got one
00:15:46yes city boy
00:15:58the little farm brothers
00:16:07Sophia Leone
00:16:11well the old songs are always bad
00:18:10what's this song
00:20:52well pigs what you got to say for yourself
00:20:57this is the time of the year we forgive our enemies I want you to call the big bad wolf on the phone and wish him a Merry Christmas Christmas.
00:21:17what's more of the big wolf for the Big Bad Wolf
00:21:26I'm serious about this
00:21:46I'll be right over
00:21:52we just want to send you this Christmas song
00:22:08Taco Bell
00:22:35just the same police little kids they never learn
00:22:43call Donald. It
00:22:48terrible anyway the three pigs to just say I'm sorry.
00:22:59Hello here's a real surprise Opera ladies and gentlemen
00:23:16Grifols will be princess Leonor sung by the Barnyard night and manrico the Duke of Lysol will be sung by Donald Duck
00:23:37arsene is a woman's Garden
00:24:11in or something she sees one of her lovers of protein it is
00:24:28Sonora Griezmann Rico
00:25:08another lover
00:25:37coolest words
00:25:44they come together it is a battle
00:26:00and we going downtown to go both fall to the ground
00:26:05leanora rushes to the ground beside then she realize that she has lost her lover so she takes out a vial of poisons and drinks so they can
00:26:25they open their eyes I see fairly in or around she is reading her last
00:26:34heart is pounding
00:26:40all three are dance and sing as they have never song
00:28:08Merry Christmas
00:28:56and to all a good-night
00:29:15on the Hall of Fame John's Walt Disney and his gang and wishing you all a merry merry Christmas we hope you can join us and Mickey Mouse and State Line magazine is offering sizes in the contest of letters telling why you like Mickey Mouse you'll find all of us details of the contest in the same as presented by the makers of Heinz honey, the free weights loss of business weather keeps hard working hands smooth and comfortable love to go to celebrate his personality Silver Springs

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