CEOs successfully leading growth companies require continual learning, new thinking and a guided approach. CEO BrainFood was created to be a resource and guide for entrepreneur founders and CEOs seeking insights and useful tools to help them build enterprise value, generate higher profits, and develop the talent needed to consistently win at the Great Game of Business.
United States
18 episodes
since May 6, 2019


00:58 – Michael recaps the last few episodes of CEO Brain Food01:29 – Introducing today’s topic: Three Execution Disciplines 03:25 – The strategy horizon05:09 – Discipline One: Priorities 06:51 – Discipline Two: Data Metrics 10:25 – Creating a mini game to identify the critical number 11:19 – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 13:28 – Discipline Three: Communication Rhythms 15:59 – The value of operating as a team 16:54 – Line item ownership 18:32 – The weekly huddle 20:46 – Michael teases the topic of the next episode of CEO Brain Food21:05 – Where to find Michael’s Functional Team Scorecard TWEETABLE QUOTES“I like to think of strategy in a three-year planning horizon. Thirty-six months, twelve quarters, three years. That’s your strategy horizon.” (03:25)  “So, if we have an aspirational differentiator out there – something that we’re not doing today that we need to be doing in the future to be different than our competition – then it follows that we need to be working on elements of that differentiator today in the current year.” (05:39)  “Your activities in the organization should all be focused on improving or driving one primary objective in the current period that is critical to the ongoing success of the organization.” (06:38) “People support what they help create.” (09:07)  “The right KPI is a number that directly influences that critical number and is gonna help predict the outcome.” (11:24)  “It’s important to understand that the daily meeting is not a problem-solving session. Instead, it provides an opportunity each day at a specific time for the team to communicate with each other on specific topics.” (14:53)  “With empathetic listening, we’re building trust on the team which is a very very powerful concept.” (16:18)  “Make no mistake about it. The CEO is the metronome that will help you achieve your objectives and make your goals and help you scale your company.” (20:06)  RESOURCE LINKSMichael’s LinkedInMichael’s WebsiteThe Functional Team ScorecardKPI Library🎙️🎙️🎙️Podcast production by FullCast
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