A high stakes congressional election in Ohio is too close to call this morning. Ed O'Keefe is on the ground in the Buckeye State with how both Democrats and Republicans are claiming a victory. Strong winds whip flames into a wildfire tornado near Los Angeles. In the north, exhausted firefighters show us how the conditions are so extreme it's like fighting war. Trading of Tesla stock is halted after co-founder Elon Musk hints he may take the company private -- what's behind the potentially largest buyout in U.S. history. Paul Manafort's former right-hand man is testifying again in his ex-boss' fraud trial. A rookie police officer in Pennsylvania has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man.
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00:00:00well I cast of CBS this morning will be again after this short break this episode of the CBS this morning podcast is sponsored by a game flings games biggest and best sent experience in the smallest form these amazing three in one game flings are easy to use laundry
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00:00:37glad welcome to the podcast of CBS this morning Republicans are claiming victory in a closely watched congressional race in Ohio that is officially as you've heard too close to call Republican try Balderson leads Democrat Danny o'connor by more than seventeen hundred votes in the special election for seat
00:00:55that the GOP is controlled for more than three decades election officials say more than eight thousand absentee and provisional ballots must be counted before they can declare a winner ed o'keefe is in Columbus Ohio with what the close vote could mean for the November mid term elections and
00:01:11good morning good morning beyond of the Columbus dispatch calls this race a nail biter and it sure is but those provisional ballots can't be counted for another ten days even if they lose Democrats say that the close margin suggests big trouble for the GOP here in Ohio and
00:01:30across the country this fall can you believe how close this is declining to conceive Democrat Danny o'connor says he's waiting until all votes are counted we need to make sure that this process is respected because too many people at work too hard too many people want to have
00:01:46a real voice in Washington but Republican candidate George Wallace and declared victory leading by less than one point I'm going to promise to you but I'm going to work relentlessly relentlessly for this twelfth congressional publicans of controlled the suburban congressional district for more than thirty years and usually
00:02:09win by double digits but in the final weeks of the race o'connor close the gap by calling for new leadership in Washington Ohio democratic chairman David pep so that if we can learn a lesson from this talk to talk to swing voters I actually think we have a
00:02:22chance to do great things all over the state Troy Balderson he is the guy another factor in Ohio president trump who won the district by eleven points in twenty sixteen and campaign for Balderson over the weekend we have a man that's going to fight for you is going
00:02:38to fight for Ohio Mr trump tweeted late Tuesday that because he showed up in Ohio there was a big turn for the better now Troy when the great victory I love present from Democrats said the president's visit here drove them to the polls I get a sense him
00:02:56coming probably made you even more determined to vote I was going to vote anyway but that definitely pull me out Democrats and Republicans spent more than eight million dollars on this special election up big sum for a race in the middle of the summer and here's the thing
00:03:15no matter who wins this first round there's going to be a rematch because Troy Balderson and Danny o'connor their their party's nominees for the general election in November lab as always all eyes on Ohio and thanks very much California could be on the way to its worst wildfire
00:03:32season in the state's history extreme heat and wind led to the formation of a dramatic fire tornado near corona yesterday it's part of a fire burning in orange and riverside counties the huge man this you know complex fire in northern California is forcing a two week delay for
00:03:48the start of the school year eighteen significant fires are burning across California John Blackstone is at the command post for the medicine no complex in Ukiah John good morning morning well after almost two weeks of intense flames on this fire smokers causing serious problems for firefighters it was
00:04:08so thick on Tuesday they were forced to suspend their operations for part of the day and they're now doing everything they could on the ground to stop this fire from spreading more than four thousand firefighters continue to battle the Mendocino complex fires almost two weeks after the blazes
00:04:28began so this is one of your lines of defense here yeah this is a secondary liner for cal fire battalion chief Ross Fowler in his team fighting these fires has been like waging a war or on the battleground and we're trying to make sure our troops stay safe
00:04:43but we're also trying to save people's lives and property this is one place where fire crews have been victorious cutting a fire break stopping these flames as they came down this ridge but they'll need many more of these victories before this fire is out crews have been setting
00:04:57up multiple lines of defense clearing away vegetation to create fire breaks they're keeping a close eye and where the fire might be spreading our hope is that that plume will class back on itself and not been too much more to our north room like that is what's help
00:05:13this fire grow so much over the past absolutely is a plume like that and then you have to win to it turned towards on toll on the fires off and running again vertical nature of these fires is why thousands of people have been evacuated but not everyone has
00:05:27decided to leave their home I'm gonna stay %HESITATION FO I think it's going to get to me that I'll I'll leave but I don't feel that threaten right now now the threat to homes in Israel this fire has already destroyed seventy five residences and more than ten thousand
00:05:45structures are still threatened this battle is far from over officials now say they don't expect to have this fire fully contained until September Gail so long time thank you very much John Blackstone Paul manner for its former right hand man will testify again this morning and his ex
00:06:03boss fraud trial metaphor to lawyers hammered gates yesterday calling him a liar and getting him to admit on the stand to cheating on his wife and stealing from Paul metaphor this morning they'll continue their attack on gates was cooperating the special counsel Robert Miller's investigation Paula readers outside
00:06:21the courthouse in Alexandria Virginia Paula Good Morning good morning I was inside the courtroom yesterday and you could see that gates was visibly nervous under this relentless questioning from defense attorneys and while he was on the stand he revealed new details about other crimes he may have committed
00:06:37while he was a member of the term transition he says he may have been bezel from the inauguration find in a dramatic exchange metaphor to tourney Kevin downing asks gates after all the lies you told and fraud you've committed you expect this jury to believe you yes gates
00:06:54responded I'm here to tell the truth a Democrat inspired witch hunt I would quote the rig to which under president trump has continuously try to discredit the Muller probe and paint its first official trial as a case of overzealous prosecution called metaphor is it really is a nice
00:07:12man and man afford lawyers hope the jury will also see the former trump campaign chairman as a victim under relentless cross examination gates admitted to embezzling Fermanagh fort as well as more sordid details like having an extramarital affair a decade ago along with the secret apartment in London
00:07:32to house the tryst gaze testified that he committed financial crimes including tax evasion and bank fraud at mena fort's direction the trial focused on the trump campaign for the first time yesterday as gates admitted that quote it's possible he may have submitted personal expenses to the inaugural committee
00:07:51it's very likely the gates knows a great deal of what was going on in the campaign former federal prosecutor Peter Seidenberg says gates cooperation with the special counsel could lead to more indictments in the probe there be other shoes to drop in this investigation he said that he
00:08:10falsified this financial documents because manifold was upset about how much he owed in taxes in one email shown to the jury gates revealed to man for just how much he owed metaphor replied WTF how could I be blind sided like this the ana has failed so the top
00:08:26of the show a real life telling of Bella happening there in the courtroom Paula thank you president trump held a business dinner last night with a group of CEOs the corporate leaders invited to his New Jersey golf club included Johnson and Johnson chairman and CEO Alex worst case
00:08:41a year ago Gorski quit a White House Advisory Council on manufacturing after the president chose not to condemn white supremacists at a rally in Charlottesville Virginia at the time course he called the president's response unacceptable Tesla CEO Yvonne must've startled Wall Street by saying he may be preparing
00:09:00to take his struggling a lecture carmaker private the announcement sent the company's stock price soaring and let the nasdaq to stop trading Tesla shares for a short time Tony to copal is at a Manhattan Tesla dealership with the factors behind potentially the largest buyout in US history Tony
00:09:18good morning good morning that US stock prices soared because mosque is suggesting a buyout price considerably higher than what the stock is currently trading at that no decision has been made in alternately it'll be up to shareholders but take a look at these cars behind me since mosque
00:09:32started selling them as a public company in twenty ten he has never turned an annual profit this latest declaration is a sign of just how badly he'd like to fix that high profile announcements are nothing new review on Mars unlike any trouble but you've ever driven and after
00:09:53wall street's opening on Tuesday must delivered another stunner the unconventional CEO tweeted he was considering taking tests a private at four hundred and twenty dollars a share must collaborated in a letter to employees saying he'd like to free Tessler from the quote distraction that comes from being a
00:10:11publicly traded company including swings in stock price quarterly earnings pressure and people incentivized to attack the company JNV edge there is a senior writer for fortune magazine he wants the freedom to take risks and not be punished in the market for it taking it private would allow him
00:10:27to do that much of tests was trouble with investors has revolved around the company's model three sedan which only recently began shipping after months of delays I'm feel really good about where things are headed must address test those critics when he sat down with Gayle king in April
00:10:43also very frugally been %HESITATION why people have %HESITATION addressed made a tussle because they look at Tesla's %HESITATION out what has done the past and use that as a proxy for to able to do in the future if you line mosque is facing scrutiny and pressure or when
00:10:59he's operating out in public what confidence should anyone have that he can do a better job in a private company what you have to believe in Iran must the genius you know this guy we must believe he's got many private companies he's done it before you know it
00:11:12got SpaceX which may be the first company that takes people to Mars this is something that people just believe in it in him to innovate and to grow the company you gotta believe now much says that shareholders will have a choice between thinking in this deal more exiting
00:11:30if they wanna stick and it is a big potential deal dell went private in twenty thirteen I was one of the biggest buy outs on record this proposed tax idea would be more than three times as large as much as eighty two billion dollars bought a gas in
00:11:46the tank to help a lot a lot of gas a lot of money long must always keeps it interesting thank you very much Tony to Coble a rookie police officer in Pennsylvania has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed man Jonathan rose alley
00:12:01of the south white how white hall rather township police department surrendered to authorities yesterday he is accused of killing Joseph Santos last month after responding to a call outside in Allentown amusement park nicking Batista's reaction from the victim's family joins us at the table making good morning good
00:12:17morning officer Rosalee's attorneys say their client believes his actions late last month were justified and appropriate but yesterday a pencil in a prosecutor disagreed now Joseph Santos family says it wants answers and most of all justice as long as we have in our lungs we will fight for
00:12:37Joey outside of Pennsylvania courthouse Tuesday Arlene Figueroa reacted to the charge against the thirty three year old officer who killed her daughter's father his hands were up in the air cell phone video captured south white hall township police officer Jonathan Roselli shoot Joseph Santos on July twenty eighth
00:13:01I'll jump in on cars whose only was responding to calls about a man acting a radically near an amusement park this video shows the forty four year old New Jersey man hanging onto a moving car when Roselli arrive to Santos jumped on the hood of his patrol car
00:13:19Santos who was on our end leader walked will sell these car again Roselli ordered him to get on the ground but Santos refused and whose only fired five shots officer will sell you stated to the first responding officer but he thought quote the Lehigh county district attorney Jim
00:13:43Martin said Roselli who joined the force in December had pepper spray baton and stun gun on him at the time of the shooting in my opinion this was the act of a relatively inexperienced officer I have concluded that he did not have to discharge his weapon Roselli as
00:14:01an army veteran who served in Afghanistan and is a major in the US National Guard his attorneys say Roselli believes evidence will show the shooting was justified if convicted Roselli could spend up to twenty years in prison and a video is hard to watch yeah that's sort of
00:14:18one story thanks making a manhunt is underway in Camden New Jersey this morning after a gunman opened fire on two undercover detectives that happened last night as the officers were in there unmarked car waiting at a red light Camden's police chief called it quote an ambush he says
00:14:35ten to twenty five rounds were fired at the detectives one of them shot back but it's not known if anyone was hit both detectives are expected to survive after suffering what it what are called non life threatening injuries the university of southern California has a new leader this
00:14:52morning after its president resigned amid a campus sexual abuse scandal that rocked the school Max Nikita stepped down as president yesterday retired aerospace executive Wanda Austin was appointed interim president in may the Los Angeles Times published a story alleging that campus gynecologist George tendo sexually abused impatience for
00:15:10decades the story alleged USC ignored the years of complaints about tendo the chair of USC's board of trustees says they found no wrongdoing by Nikki is more than three hundred women have come forward with allegations dozens are suing Tyndall and USC tendo has not been charged with any
00:15:28crimes and denies any wrongdoing three people here in New York City are recovering this morning after being struck by lightning cell phone video captured the thunderstorms that moved across the city yesterday afternoon flashes of lightning lit up the sky and hit the buildings across all five boroughs the
00:15:45three men were hit in queens in two separate lightning strikes one is listed in critical condition at this hour to others separate non life threatening injuries I don't have you guys saw this yesterday when I was going home it was quite a light show and I thought very
00:15:59scary maybe maybe I've been watching too many scary movies but it was alright I thought to I told my kids someone was taking pictures outside because it writing is very dramatically yeah scary summer storm thank you for listening you can watch the full CBS this morning broadcast Monday
00:16:17through Saturday from seven AM to nine AM on your local CBS station for you can stream it live on the CBS all access at

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