Discoveries in an extra-marital relationship beg the question: is being in love an excuse to kill?


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00:00:41welcome to Case Closed my name is Charlie Spicer your true crime guide we left off last time with a gun and a rental van these two key pieces of evidence can both be traced directly to Hemy Neuman emotive is not required for a conviction a solid motive would ensure a foolproof conviction and so I want to return to Hemi and Andrea the to travel together frequently for work trips that seemed innocent enough but with the records from GE energy and Emmys credit card deals things aren't adding up
00:01:18pricing hemis travels for GE proof easy everything was meticulously documented in ge's travel files from dates and locations to the names of restaurants hotels and items purchased in a 7 months before Rusty's murder His companion was usually Andrea going through her expense records as well investigators found the trips that she had spoken of in her police interviews for May 24th 2010 Excursion to Florida shortly after she was hired was there so was her July 13th to 14th trip to Minden Nevada where she said Hemi reveal he had feelings for her the fleeting moment she said the two had quickly put behind them
00:01:58investigators also found the June 21st overnight trip to Norfolk Virginia that Andrea and Hemi took the receipts showed they dined at the Sirena Cucina Italian restaurant downtown with Hemi expense form showing a bill of $154.34 including a $50 bottle of wine they also found the July 18th trip that Andrea took so long mon Colorado north of Denver where she stayed at the Hampton Inn
00:02:28I want to highlight this Longmont rip its unusual because Hemi didn't go with Andrea or so he says Hemi didn't need to join Andrea on this trip is her boss but his personal credit card records indicate he did join Andrea as something else telling his wife he was meeting with an HR representative Hemy Neuman went to Colorado to meet up with Andrea Andrea got a room with two queen beds but contrary to what she told police she would not be alone in Longmont 3 days later on Wednesday July 21st 2010 Hemi took Frontier Airlines flight 305 from Atlanta to Denver arriving at 8:20 p.m. charging the airfare on his own credit card and not the corporate American Express records showed
00:03:15that morning Andrea asked the clerk named Lindsay Clayton to move her to a room with a single bed Andrea also said the room would have two guests instead of one and she requested a late check-out for Thursday her last day at the hotel
00:03:31according to flight records Andrea and Hemi returns to Atlanta on July 23rd on the same Frontier Airlines flight leaving at 11:48 p.m. from Denver Andrea had arranged for a seat next to his with GE covering Andrea's expenses and Hemi paying his own way
00:03:50what's left out of the story from the credit card records are the statements from the hotel staff Hemi made a strong impression on them hotel clerk Ruth Ingram first met Hemi over the phone she said he wanted her to purchase flowers chocolate and a nice card to be put in Andrea's room he referred to Andrea and himself as newlyweds he wanted Ingram to purchase the items with their own money which she refused to do instead she took down a note for Andrea from Hemi
00:04:22Ingram Manor experience known to the hotel owner at a company picnic the next day and the owner corroborated her story
00:04:30Hemi cold again while night clerk Brady Blackburn was on his shift Hemi insisted it would be a great travesty if his wife didn't have the flowers Blackburn a veteran at the hotel suggested the man call the florist and have the flowers delivered Hemi was unwilling to buy the flowers directly and instead promised to reimburse Blackburn by personal check when he arrived Blackburn refused when Andrea checked in Blackburn paraphrase to nohemy left with Ruth Ingram saying Andrea Hemi says he loves you
00:05:05later and we would get flowers from Hemi she would text him not sure what else to say but thank you unbelievably thoughtful of you
00:05:18Andrea Hemi had not told police about going to Longmont and when investigators later spoke with him he's wife she recounted how he had claimed it was a business Excursion but ended up paying for himself then just two weeks later on August 12th heavy metal Rusty this was the lunch meeting that both Hemi and Andrea had told police about in which Hemi sought help getting a new job
00:05:43if Hemi and Andrea were secretly having an affair Hemi clearly hit it well an email from Rusty copying Andrea showed that the men got along famously
00:05:54MTG Andrea's husband did nothing to dampen hemis interest and Andrea four days later on August 16th Hemi sent her a highly personal message under the subject line balance he offered advice on juggling work and home responsibilities mentioning nothing about GE energy Hemmings message reflected an intimate knowledge of Andrea as a parent struggles Andrea followed by text messaging hemming a picture of herself and her daughter Sophia this prompted Hemi to write her I just saw your text messages I am so happy for you and Sophia you can't imagine thank you for sharing with me I feel like I was there standing by the doorway looking adoringly with a huge proud smile on my face it made my week it was signed Hemi with a happy face
00:06:41Andrea then sent him more pictures and album of 98 photographs taken at Sophia's birthday party
00:06:49a subpoena gave police access to the hundreds of texts and emails between Hemi and Andre in the months leading up to the murder these messages at another layer of insight into their relationship
00:07:01on Thursday August 26th Andrea departed for her fifth business trip in 4 months she would later say that she bid goodbye to Rusty dropped off the children at school and met Hemi who drove them 135 miles to Greenville South Carolina where are GE operates a sprawling plant
00:07:19Tammy made the 2-hour Greenville run frequently he usually treated this as a day trip travel records showed that Hemi and Andrea stop for lunch at the Macaroni Grill in the Mall of Georgia and Beaufort went to a Publix Supermarket to purchase a bottle of wine
00:07:36arriving in Greenville late in the afternoon they checked into adjoining rooms the record showed before having dinner together at a Tapas Restaurant and Wine Bar
00:07:46unlike the Longmont trip the hotel clerks had nothing to offer police the email traffic between Andrea and Hemi was a different matter whatever happened in Greenville that left them both real I caused you so much pain when all I wanted was to give you so much and they wrote on August 27th 2010 the day they returned I know it doesn't help but I am sorry I shouldn't have come over you are so beautiful and such a great person I discovered the mature responsible Mama Andrea don't respond
00:08:19the emails didn't disclose the reason for his apology whatever it was it triggered days of soul searching for Andrea I really don't know what to say at this point I am angry your apology is hard but it does not make the ongoing pain go away that I now have to repent and live with for the rest of my life not sure what I was thinking I'm not trying to be hurtful I'm just trying to be honest I'm not sure how to live with this
00:08:46this is the last one from me me wrote back I know it won't help but please never forget how much I love you I know Andrea reply but so do other people I betrayed them I'm not sure how to deal with that for now but my burden not yours
00:09:04another day passed before Hemi despite telling her he was done talking about the matter sent her a late-night email one last. Besides the birth of Tom and Lee that was the most beautiful experience of my life
00:09:18the next morning at 7:46 a.m. Andrea wrote back for tone sharp I appreciate that but please understand what I am feeling I'm having constant feelings of anger towards you me everything she said yes mixed with other feelings as well but selfish feelings I am trying to suppress at every moment Thursday night was one of the best I had in a long time it was such a great evening as a whole and now I feel sad I will never have that again
00:09:47it has response Hemi implored her to forget her anger and focus on something else marry me he wrote you're thinking I'm crazy and you've made your intentions clear but before you respond spend the night thinking about it it won't solve anything but you know I will give you Sophia and Ian the world together we can make it all work marry me
00:10:13a week later on September 1st Andrea had lunch with her close friend Shayna Citron it was their first lengthy discussion and sometime their busy lives with children husbands and jobs leaving increasingly little time for some of the things that used to do close friends for 8 years they had met at a book club and over the years they went together to baby showers playdates birthday parties and weekends at the Snyderman's Lakehouse Citron and her husband attended Andrea's dance recital and afterward two couples went out for dinner
00:10:49watching Andrea interact with Rusty Citron detected a change it was at that dinner that I saw for the first time that they were going through a rough time Citron said when they finally got together for the lawn watching September she asked what was going on she said something like Rusty and I are having major problems recalled Citron it all stemmed around work travel picking up the kids who is doing what
00:11:13then she told me that her boss told her that he was in love with her said Citron momentarily stunned Citron asked Andrea how she felt about her boss she said that if maybe she had not been married to be interested in him she told me some things that she had never told me before we called Citron she started talking about how everything in their married lives had always been about Rusty whatever job he had whatever problems were going on in his job
00:11:41when lunch was over a rattled Citron went to her parents house lay on the sofa staring at the ceiling fan and told her mother who also knew the Snyderman's that Andrea has checked out of her marriage
00:11:54Andrea did indeed check out of her marriage Rusty's wishes dictated Andrea's life his choice to go to business school unintentionally forcing Andre to pay his tuition his choice to move to Atlanta again forcing Andrea to make him move his choice to start a business forcing her to go back to work full-time Rusty's choices started the problems they had before his death
00:12:21problems that left Andrea open to the advances of others hemis problems on the other hand came back to money money that is and Andrea
00:12:34after the break we hear about the people have me has been talkin to about Andrea people who have a different view of hemis extramarital relations
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00:14:59we pick up with Hemi late in the summer of 2010 Hemi met with Melanie white a realtor for Coldwell Banker Melanie had known the Newman family since 2006 when she sold them their home in East Cobb as with other clients she kept in contact with them about twice a year she spoke with Hemi by phone usually Small Talk asking him if he knew of anybody who needed a realtor in one such phone call Hemi requested a meeting in person he told her that he was in trouble financially and wanted to discuss a short sale of his house he said he had moved out the night before and was staying in a Marriott Hotel in Marietta near his office
00:15:39what's the problem past wife who would recount the conversation for authorities Demi told her they always had problems but now he just couldn't take it anymore he told her that his wife never really had a job and now the family needed her to work to keep up with the bills including College tuition for his twins
00:15:58white asked him if there was somebody else in his life he told her that there was one person a woman at work who is married with two small children
00:16:07when Hemi ask wife for her advice she told him go back to your wife go back to your kids leave the other person alone she's married
00:16:16they met again that same month September telling her that he valued her opinion Hemi said he and his wife had gone to marriage counseling it was not going well and talked about his continuing money troubles he told her about an upcoming business trip to the United Kingdom in which he be traveling with the woman he'd mentioned before when white heard the dates she was dismayed Yom Kippur fell that year on the same Saturday that Hemi was to board a plane for Scotland she felt rather than going to Europe with a potential lover have you should be spending the day of atonement in Temple fasting and repenting for the sins of the previous year
00:16:55if Hemi had any pangs of religious guilt he didn't show it he told her he was excited about the trip Andrea to was looking forward to it this was to be her biggest work trip yet and she made no secret of her own excitement she recruited Rusty to help her with the itinerary both meticulous planners they created a spreadsheet and entered the places Andrea wanted to see also went over the itinerary with Hemi Hemi suggested they go to a dance club Andrea said that sounded like a fantastic idea but worried about fitting in
00:17:29departing September 18th they took the same flights and stayed in the same hotels first in Scotland and then in London meeting with GE employees at the company's operations there something then happened overseas according to a cryptic email from Andrea to Hemi after they returned on September 25th honest is good and maybe I'm not being honest enough desire versus reality as you know is a world I'm trying to ignore it because I have to so sorry not fair to you I know she wrote Hemi forwarded this and other emails to Melanie white who saved them later provided them to police
00:18:08in one early morning message on September 28th you were accounted for what that the UK trip ended with a goodbye scene at the airport in which Andrea gave him a kiss Hemi told why I don't want to lose her voice was mortified why I told him that Andrea sounded remorseful and confused and that her emotions are jumping between wanting to be with him and the getting angry at herself for thinking that way and pushing him away it is a seesaw of emotions and will continue to be that way worldwide
00:18:41while in Houston Hemi met with a long-time colleague or in a hanussen a native of England Henderson had worked with Hemi in Atlanta and became what she'd later called fairly good friend over the years she also would become friendly with him he's wife riela in late summer or early fall of 2010 as their marriage was crumbling asked hanussen to try to talk some sense into him e and persuade him to take counseling more seriously
00:19:07after going over his personal issues with Melanie Weiss hand or in a hanussen Hemi made a major life decision on Sunday October 3rd while still in Houston he sent an email to his wife children and 15 relatives and friends including wide dear Ellie Lee Tom Addy family friends he began I am writing this to everyone so as to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding I know this hurts I'm sorry to everyone I do love all of you very much he then addressed each person individually starting with his wife really he wrote this morning I got up to yet another discussion about our future you deserve to have an honest discussion yes but the truth is that I needed time to sort out my feelings to understand after all we went through how I can make it happen
00:20:00he had come to the conclusion that while he tried to be more open about his feelings with her in the last month and had tried to be more affectionate and still wasn't enough for her or him although he still considered her a beautiful wonderful person and despise their 22 mostly wonderful years together with three children this relationship is destructive the fault he said lay with him riding in staccato form with his thoughts separated by ellipses he said I'm fucked up probably do I need help probably
00:20:33another trip to the therapist he believes would do no good
00:20:38the children will be affected he knows but he had to end it you have been a wonderful wife no longer for me unfortunately not anymore
00:20:50the next day October 4th Hemi returns to Atlanta and moved out the public airing of their private troubles in the email left Ariella embarrassed stunned and she can find in a financial bind this was in stark contrast with Hemi who seemed relieved about two weeks later he had after work drinks with an old friend at the crown and Prince Pub around the corner from GE energy James vano a 14-year GE employee used to supervise Hemi Bono held him in high esteem for his logical thinking and organization occasionally socialized a couple of times after work and that office holiday parties
00:21:33would later estimate they went to the pub on October 17th about to leave his position at GE Bono told Hemi that he might be interested in the job but Hemi had other matters on his mind usually reticent to talk about his personal life at me now share that he was going through a divorce and moved out of the house and was struggling to put two of his kids through Georgia Tech somber as he took off his problems Hemi perked up when he mentioned he had met a woman and that they were together by no later said Hemi said the woman was married with children but considering leaving her husband have any shares that he was in love with her and that they had amazing sex like magic and his words she made him feel young again like he was back in high school
00:22:18conversation left Bono on E-Z-Go friends for a long time Hemi head never confided in him like this
00:22:30I want to point out a contrast here when I think Emily's friend and real estate agent Melanie summarized well this is a seesaw the Motions was Andrea really looking for something more with Hemi her messages jump from intensely emotional too strongly oppositional in the same breath with Hemi misinterpreting her feelings will never know exactly what happened on all this trips but we know that in there residual messages something very much like love underlines their conversations but are these deeply emotional moments enough to justify murder is being in love an excuse to kill
00:23:11next time we'll hear from a witness this witness he's a relationship in full force will her testimony give us more insight into Hemi and Andrea TuneIn when we return to case closed
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