The Broke Agent welcome's in 2017 with a new motto that's already paying off and has a bone to pick with some snobby realtors he encounters at an open house.
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00:00:09everything happens for reason folks I'm starting to believe that. Because of some religious Revelation that I've had the because I got a client at a bar on Saturday and it was awesome when you explain to you so I've been going on Brokers Caravan every Tuesday now because I'm super motivated because it's the New Year its January and because the calendar changed I decided to start trying and guess what it's working on starting to do my homework I'm going not my actual homework but homework on properties I'm going to Caravan every Tuesday for those of you that don't know it's 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Brokers Caravan you go with an agent in your office by yourself with your loser and you go check out listing and you PDF for your client check out the neighborhood just to get an idea for what the market is I was trying to see
00:01:05our house is completely out of any of my clients budget just so I have like a talking point likes you know the 20,000 square foot mansion is completely bananas just so I could say hey I saw that so I have something to talk about other than you know how is the market doing instead of me saying you're go but it's not what it wasn't do that you know I just I am so sick of saying that shit because I just I like talking about specific houses people like hearing about how is it so it's helped so much so last Tuesday I am going around with the straw my office is great because she's more knowledgeable than I am and she's just educating me on all of the areas that we drive in and it's just been so helpful show
00:01:55last Tuesday she's like let's go check out this one bed one bath condo in Santa Monica for $565,000 and it's like 800 square feet is 565800 square feet conversion on Los Angeles your drawers probably dropping to the floor for those unli you're probably saying it's only $565,000 anyway don't think twice about it but I'm like hey that's good knowledge I haven't ever looked at one-bed one-bath still have a client looking for that Saturday night after you of a beat the shit out of you see land called basketball awesome we go to The Bungalow Fairmont Hotel bar in Santa Monica which is one of the coolest bars in the world right on the beach hot as human beings on the face of the earth I shall we go there and I see this guy that I haven't seen in about 2 or 3 months
00:02:49I'm so talking to me is like I don't hate your realtor right I'm like yeah and he said on Franklin Street and we say it in unison and our eyes are popping out of our sockets and it's like we're like we're having sex it was unbelievable we knew the same kind of that you was talking about and I was such a rewarding feeling to see the wheels turning his head being like oh shit this guy knows what he's talking about he's actually seen the place that I've seen and then I started talking about the HOA ways and how does this unit is paying $25 more because it's got any of that laundry but that's extremely beneficial and if it was just it was we were five and I thought to myself if I don't go to that house on Tuesday and I decided to not get ship faced with my friends on Saturday I wouldn't have a new client
00:03:48so in that sense I've come to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason
00:03:57shop I've been going on Caravan because now I'm motivated I'm going to the gym a lot which is been great I'm working out three or four times a week doing chest pretty much because I feel like you know girls care about is just an option I'm not going to lift legs anymore even though I know supposedly rumor has it that it improves testosterone in your overall health everywhere but I'll believe it when I see it I lift legs for like a year and nothing happened I've been listening for years and I just maintain pretty much the same exact body weight and I look exactly the same seems like I have like two cheeseburgers stapled right above my stomach because all I do is bench press and fly machine speaking of flying machine I'm sitting on the Fly machine couple days ago and I work at the gym in Santa Monica that
00:04:53it's just packed with very attractive male and females males and females guys and girls and I'm working out across from this girl that's doing that kind of thrust exercise where it looks like she's humping the air but she's working on her hip flexors and lower abs she's got her feet stapled to the floor second time I use the word staple on this podcast she's got her feet into the floor and she's thrusting your hips towards the sky and I look to the left and this guy who is like a definition of post frat out of fresh out of college Master douche King he's wearing high socks low shorts so he could cover up as much as legs as possible because he's got toothpick legs I do the same thing I got you thick legs I don't want people to know that if they kick me in The Shins that I'm my legs going to snap in half so he's doing that I'm doing that but he's got a hat on to Trucker's hat that's hanging off the side of his head
00:05:53like he's one of those characters from The Hills Have Eyes like he's got a lump in his head and somehow I don't know how but his hat was hanging out the side of his head he wasn't wearing forward sideways or backwards we literally just purchased on his head like if you would have just like texting I would have fell off so we're both looking at this girl and then I start looking at him because she's completely on dressing her with his eyes and was just creepy and he starts Meandering towards what is there and he does and he project down next to her and she has to take out her headphones and she's like yeah can I can I help you he's like what are you training for she's like I'm not I'm not training for anything they start talking for like 5 or 6 minutes and then he whipped out his phone he whipped out his phone and says put your number in my phone as grab drinks later and she does it and I'm just sitting there I am
00:06:53absolutely shocked that this guy at the confidence to do that and that she she went along with it and it just made me think to myself if this just this douchebag really no other word to describe it I'm not trying to use profanities but fuck it this douchebag could do that and head on this absolutely gorgeous girl and get her number then I could go talk to people and tell them I'm a real estate agent not in the gym for say but it just kind of helped me put into perspective that your fear of rejection is really really not that bad and the anxiety you get from cold calls and door knocks and everything like what someone says no big deal Shake It Off go on to the next one
00:07:39choke my new wave motivation and me going on Caravan led to a circumstance today that pissed me off probably a lot more than it should so I go into this house with the girl that I've been going on Caravan with and there is not one not two not three not four at five listing agents standing there five of them on the same team representing the same property I can clearly understand having other members of your team there if it's like a 10000 square foot mansion and you want to make sure the people are walking off with your art or taking a bath or just taking advantage of the fact that it's an open house and they're just hanging out there all day but this is like a little 2100 square foot Grant Street listing but it's just a little thing and they got these assholes standing there like their members of globo gym from dodgeball don't just stand there with their arms crossed watching you sign in
00:08:39just standing around the room and the listing agent was very charismatic let's just say I don't mean anything about it was just a wild and I'm walking around and I see these built-ins and he's like I asked that is because she asked me what I thought about the Dolphins sound like I'm actually going to know the contractor that did those I mean maybe I will maybe I won't but I just whatever I want to continue the conversation and the guy jokingly says the architect he goes beyond neutral and then and he was like jokes on me I don't know who the fuck that is anybody
00:09:31anyway and then his for little assistant minions and by little they were 65 they would like Russian hockey players have seen it they all start laughing to like they all know who this is Dion Neutra architect ideas and then I turned to the girl that I'm with and I said you know who this guy that's and she says yeah I know and then I'll be extremely kind of shining and it's like what who cares you know about an architect that I don't know about like I'm not you know you probably don't know who broke Rodger maris's home run record in 1998 and by how many home runs but I do and I'm not rubbing down your face I understand it's completely irrelevant to the conversation and the topic of real estate but still it made me feel like shit and I just wanted to rip their sign-in sheet in half and I wanted to make the the built-ins I wanted to rip them out with my bare hands so that pissed me off but Caravan
00:10:31great tool for my real estate practice as if I'm a doctor great game I highly recommend it do your homework and it's just been really paying off the podcast this week one of these once every couple days I like it just by myself although I would like to keep interviewing people you got any crazy stories that happened you and you'll stay which I know you do everybody's got at least five or six Caravan confessions that they could tell on this podcast you liked it please review it give it 5 stars from your comment on iTunes been on me at the broke agent and only $5 I decided I need to make a little bit more money so just all take out your phones and just been on me five to ten dollars
00:11:16also if you or you know someone else that wants to get involved with the broke agent weather its advertising you got a company promote or you could write or you think you're funny or you want to create some rival mean comedy battle with me please do I'm at the broke agent on everything also follow me on Snapchat what a Shameless plug I just said have a great week. Happy New Year and may God be with you I don't know why I just said

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