Meet the civil servants dealing with the fallout of a referendum that brings back capital punishment with a 51% majority. This week, in the final episode, it's the day of the hanging. Featuring guest star Emily Lloyd-Saini.
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00:00:10hi Matilda yeah I'm calling from ITN basically we've listen to the audio files and then can I fascinating about my editors are saying there's nothing in here this really newsworthy unfortunately we already know a lot of the stuff you know the leaks been going on Frankie the public is kind of bored what's going on are you at the apartment now I think they just want to get it over with so if we are going to publish something he's going to be real front page material if you know what I mean you know we need some Louis to the back sleeping broken something that's going to grab people's attention either that was some sex I didn't know if people could be having sex will taking drugs in that so Millennials mean I thought I could work to Chow for now
00:00:58anybody else find it spooky how quickly Matilda wants to find Giga awesome Machinery. I think it's more suspicious finding you I'm sorry that you felt like you didn't want to be part of the team anymore but when you come around things have changed a little bit since you didn't agree to leave you been demoted back down to the bottom of the ladder I will now be taking your roll
00:01:58would you like to go by so we could start the day off with a nice brain teaser as you well know I have my. Every day there was a runaway by running down the railway tracks ahead on the tracks that were five people unable to move controller is headed straight for you we are sending some distance off in the train yard next to eleva if you pull the slave at the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks however you know it's just that one person tied up on the side track you have two options 1 do nothing on the trolley kills 5 people on the main track one person which is the most ethical Choice It's Tricky
00:02:58show me a question in the first place you kill that person immediately assembling a Lynch small bug going around the town looking for who did this to choose to save for people who shop at 10:15 * are unrecognizable
00:03:58it's a great apps yet it is welcome at 4 what kind of milk is melted into my wrist on time table 2 to the nth degree my body just wax and shifts this week so I could speak now would you like me to delegate
00:04:58call the Hair has the form that we have to fill it all looks very procedural we have to come up with our proposal how everything's going to go to the Eagles going to go and we'll go home and have a Christmas dinner side off the light brown and whatever they got to do and I said piece of cake it was on the phone with Beats but no actually work and he's back on the boat where he blew why are you up so G4S going to be dealing with that and they will do too I'm sure
00:05:58box that says other considerations you just written distractions distractions distractions in the place might be helpful for cheering up the audience we can put cinnamon on the letter so that when he dies visit comes out stuff his bowels were Kentucky yeah that happens because it's all going in the Box in the forms talk about what we do when did you go get some direction as he's being hung
00:06:58instructions in Yahtzee with two battles I'm also having second thoughts about what to do about a kind of straight jacket for the penis I've been having a look at what kind of personalities we could get done and what sort of Interest might be appealing to those supporting capital punishment and they serve exporters capital punishment to see what else they were into so they Austin that they were rocks is called him his comedians dishes.
00:07:58Eastwood David Jason Nichols dentist, Massachusetts to John comedian Jim Davidson find your passport immediately brought me last without sheets By The River Deep sound of Of Mice and Men 2000 playlist to Clint Eastwood see if he's up to coming over.
00:08:58I guess the news is in the form of a bar and Doughboy. Knocking the labor pulling up on the chandelier you like what what is your favorite fish meat pie makes sense does bacon eggs and chips bodak as a vegan option of going vegan I'm thinking meat pie
00:09:53what does 10,000 people were ever going to be hanging but as a million people going to be Auntie Annie produce apology and 990000 Russian Bots we're going to have some digital vodka there for them as well to keep them occupied also to feel I don't think of some people they were going to satisfy that then they say is she's not in, she Lauren Kelly pie squash
00:10:51yeah I'm still looking for something for the thich to be doing titchmarsh spreadsheet on a lovely display at the Chelsea flower show TV giggle impersonates it so you seem to be doing very well at the moment so different
00:11:51passages getting beaten up in the street music and sucking them how how would like normal stuff I lie down snowflake crying slumber party avocado Festival in the fire we burn out of space in the box there now so I can stop the next with this form is that we presented to a friend Emily the lawyer and hopefully she'll approve it and I'll be ready to go to the select committee
00:12:47not before we go in to meet Emily I just want to remind you that she still the shoes that we're using these Cycle Therapy cycle sessions that we cycle need sorry I just want me to leave the session documents under eyes of a few questions at Today Show make sense I have noticed a lot of the categories which I text back but detailed response is. You just G4S G4S are the considerations for us which initially I was impressed but it's filled with what I can only describe as words clown noose
00:13:47I was just telling myself that doesn't play news
00:14:07spectacular Russia both questions car comes to Hammond could come have three different fraction
00:14:38Richard Littlejohn will be there giving his two benefits
00:14:45just checking the world sometimes recently I'm still here she's so excited about my progress she says I'm chronically laid-back like the blood on my hands tied to trees we haven't actually been there not just waiting guiding
00:15:22okay I want to I want to thank you for the information I want to remind you
00:15:33say bye to me. Just Livin to just wait until I take Charlotte I'm going to insist straight away that someone takes you to hospital hospital in Major League Baseball shit second chance because that whole thing is a shambles Liam Hospital Adam could you go to the select committee with you Matilda please I vote for the proposal do you really want to know why it's not ready
00:16:33Matilda at my office is going to take you 9 hours to come out and go to the meeting or come get it I'll call my dad and see if I can borrow his old wedding suit again I did get gravy on it I'm grounded bathroom it's just a couple of minutes and I'll shoot a
00:17:16Cruise Critic about the to a victim out of convenience specifically to deal out capital punishment so I just wondered if any of those things you think could could destroy the department closed down so tiny from happening if you if you could come to me today Matilda with some solid evidence yet we be having a different conversation but becomes me with mud haven't you what you're doing is actually just having a little bitch do you have friends
00:18:05desk LG V10 with them something totally totally totally insane. I can bring to you do you have something and they go out what if a civil seven to low rankings of us have been broke into a high-security prison and help to a convicted pedofile Escape what is it is that a hypothetical situation has made I have to say I'm putting my hypothetical on that it would need investigation question trouble. I'm kind of in trouble trouble like he is smoking Fentanyl patches and okay
00:19:09hi brain is Matilda a lesson the John Leslie saying that none of the other files was given them enough to run and I just ran into a lawyer hair and she says that despite the Avalanche of incompetence see if we go on file none of them serious enough Malika perspective to actually bring your pricing down I never said we didn't want to do it but the only legal thing we currently have is out of break his TV giggle out of jail so could you download the files and send them to me I'm worried that if we leave the middle just ruin Adams life but not a Saturday stop the hanging but at the moment it's a wave got so send them over
00:19:43thank you so much I can't even see this to this like me I'm so nervous and what do I do when I have to present a proposal and then I have to come to decision this is like really good and is sound of your conscience saying Adam you're a good guy you going to go to heaven and you need to listen to this really isn't a select committee and you kind of. Going to approve this proposal Jim send me one of the dog in the
00:20:38speaking for so long that they didn't have time to come to decision to take out the floor and I feel like you need to speak about 10 hours which I think that you are more than capable of every idea is a good idea but if you're not going to cooperate with me then I'm going to have to tell people that you broke so you to go out of prison and you're going to get in Lowes in trouble okay and I don't want to do that but I've got no other choice unless we were together and you were in the SEC committee meeting
00:21:38childhood in the thing with the clown and the thing with the dogs and the sign in the finding of the houses in the Photoshop thing
00:21:49the whole last 3 months if I do this then no one will find out that I broke a cloud you think must always have got a bit of a let's do this
00:22:10Mystic got a hold of me now we read The Proposal from your department to me I only have a few questions would you begin as a formality by state and not inside that the houses of government I'm so my name is and I was at my dad wants it so I applied for the Mission to Mars one way ticket but I do that first space space I'd give it a text to Patrick Moore and his is in a monocle he really saw me through some tough times unfortunately I didn't get it they said that they didn't really reply that she's going to step out
00:23:10Anna Stars I got
00:23:12the gun to my head deck
00:23:20I never thought I go skiing but now I'm 60
00:23:37just give me a text he's been speaking for 5 hours this is supposed to be a minute
00:23:48baby shot was more mad than I thought I don't do this please bring freak out.
00:24:08I'm going back to hospital gift shop
00:24:21black white black white white black white black white white black white black white white black white black white white black white black white white black white black white white that's a plus that she made a mistake and that we do
00:24:53what are you up to today good evening you're on the I'm sorry about Michael taking up so much of your time okay well I mean the wheelchair in the drip and the bill
00:25:2255 I'm so sorry wrong my name is Charlotte Quinn sweetly I'm the six of this team and I'll be taking other for my colleague week if you never had one question for you redheaded colleague on page 27 Windy right person do you mean person must been a typo yes yes we will correct that nut case this select committee is awesome and thank you very much every month
00:26:02no it's Christmas Happy Christmas Happy Christmas Happy Christmas Day what's up I didn't deserve this question strong proud proud. That people is delivered that's right and will it I have some gifts for my friend merry Christmas
00:26:59red boy on Charlotte Queen Suite on a site children Summers youngest to holding up news balloons
00:27:18most of them outside so busy I forgot my Christmas spirit infused with the with the joys of democracy allow me to forget how much of it screwed you are a migraine I'm not happy I know that he will back in the sport cabin today facial signing of the document that will find a nice this entire process and send that man to his death the brass is an official signing then we sign in the privacy of our info to Kevin it's basically just ensuring that everything is legally a okay by us
00:28:18will be the proudest moment of my life. Every time I go outside I'm getting bombarded
00:28:41what is keyboard saying can I sing a few numbers so sleepy last night is this tons of them have some money
00:29:03amazingly one of the boys in the prison service told me that he hasn't said a single word the night the Ryan decided to step out amongst the good lunch while we have a couple of hours until we signed it to document and then I said that was Speech to official hanging will take place
00:29:34let's go play hang the news on the knob
00:29:47hi brain is Matilda and I've been listening to some of the other cool things and I think we want to mess something can you put the order in for the three hours that items find was with Stevie J go on the night of the riot
00:30:08I don't need you to attend as no one in it and not even trying with you I don't want to spread the button but I just can't get around by myself anymore and I just need to know that someone else agrees with my rationale for doing what I think we should do so promise that you won't tell anybody special the rest of the team okay on the others
00:30:47I is not steal a gecko
00:30:49my God I know I already know what you know how do you know when he's sleeping prison telephone the impersonator in find the swap how do you know how well I know because a big deal anymore but I bugged you find a can I pronounce his phone and I book the office and I want some of your houses in bug you I'm just wild about today when Liam said about Stevie Google having us love wait about how we haven't spoken since the riot well I remember that thing you said about me in person it does look exactly like the color coding for the night to see if you knew how to find and for some reason I guess you must have paid him something else works out for an identical looking and passing a text and now that impersonates is about to be hung himself is somewhere I have no idea where he is in the back of my car and he stole my phone and used it only impersonator in the ranger swap
00:31:49Omnibus Anita right the next day I'm going through my call log and I don't get much traffic on my phone incoming call from a number that I didn't recognize so can I get troops this woman cool Diane it turns out that she is the impersonates at the one out there on the Gallows his wife
00:32:09right thoughts I'm like Diane who's this and she's like who's this really lovely woman I'm going to say it anyway she tells me that Stevie could go and her husband the impersonator a long time agreement with Eva Stevie Diego managed to escape from prison the impersonates would take the place of Stevie J go and exchange for payment of 5 million pounds from Stevie J go to impersonate his wife so if he goes on death row in Stevie Steve 5 million times the set for life is win win to him I know she has to do is hop of the real Stevie J go in that basement until her husband the impersonator was killed in his place and then the rooster Diego is free to go long time and where
00:33:09I got saying okay just mine you wants to die and if we leave this now will get fired probably was and the honeymoon go ahead but is just kicking the can down the road and you will spring up like Hydra head and he will come streamlined they'll be more and more and then wants institutionalize it'll never thought so I feel like licking it now just just to let you support them. If we let this man who wants to die for his crimes and then we leak It Off 2
00:33:46well the truth, and the mistake of having hung them in person will be enough to end hanging for good at the cost of one you know of one that I don't do it we don't go on holiday
00:34:18when you and I are no we never really hung an innocent man is really awesome cool hundreds of presents down the line but
00:34:28cost of one life can you can you live with that
00:34:31hello gunshot it look out there such diversity today in a Tweed suit with a pipe and use a spoon yes jellied eels I guess I brought back a lot of traditional British that is an old food at modem prices
00:35:16well I was thinking one way ticket to Siberia I just got out in the open Rose Rent-A-Car Aurora. I thought that just lost expenses of nothingness in there and I can just lose myself in in the snow in the wind and the rain just to set him an Apple Watch to Compass and heading up north just a tunnel nights not looking back and I want to see I want to talk to somebody out to cry I'll come find me and put me in this home he keeps talking about what's the next honey oh yes no yes yes yes would you
00:36:07you should apply for a recommendation
00:36:15is it that I got a job in the department in January he's on to bigger and better things I've had foreign secretary such a good job I did that the Geico voice tenderloin and the hanging overhead this afternoon
00:36:56we will sign I thought I'd give everyone an opportunity to say any doubts they might be feeling any anything they feel they haven't set speak now or forever hold your peace for one I would like to know is that this is been a long under I said all the texting process but I think I couldn't have done it without the support of my team and I want to say thank you to you will we had a job we had to do it it was the winner of the British people I'm going to carry it through
00:37:25yeah we did we just did a job that I just want to say I'm sorry if I was at the
00:37:33belligerent I just felt like that was the right way is through so much and sussan C&K Austin
00:37:41Rock siding always stop and think about what I was doing or I was
00:37:47yeah I just be really interested to hear what they have to say
00:37:56write tilde
00:38:02have nothing to say the stage very good
00:38:09you do realize that this month
00:38:13he will die if if he calls you in some sort of ghost form he might wake his dad 40 sleeping beside us in our beds just checked nothing more
00:38:55Charlotte could sweet
00:39:00Liam Liam
00:39:03Matilda's Stuart
00:39:07it's done
00:39:12for now
00:39:33intense it off yeah I didn't realize the hood was so small it look normal to me when I when I when I made it so I can say now that's done and so does you think now might be the time
00:40:07it's Christmas you guys want to come back to mine for dinner is not quite attack you but I got something in the oven shepherd's pie and bread December 25th 3:34 p.m. square and a tape
00:40:39it was by the cost and I'm pretty cyborg it gets. Emily Lloyd saying it and it even Joy this podcast about desperately so popular consensus please write us five stars on Ice tickets to the Center of the Earth

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