In this bonus episode of Calls, Neal Mitchell interviews best-selling author Chris Smith on his book, "The Conversion Code". Listeners will learn how to attract and convert new leads using proven online marketing and sales techniques.

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00:00:00everyone thanks again for tuning in today I'm here with Chris Smith author of the conversion coding today we're gonna be going through tactical advice to help everyone on the call today cracked the conversion goal and that's what today is about the conversion code has been going viral you
00:00:16on a scale of one to ten the book is actually amazing sixty thousand books sell so more than sixty thousand copies of the commercial code has been you know spread throughout the universe is so is in you know six different languages you know English of course being number
00:00:33one but Japanese you know Polish Portuguese also Russian you know right pressure right now is popular for a number of things but you know we're gonna get through the commercial code will do some tackle vice things you guys can execute today next week next month that will definitely
00:00:51help you grow your brand and your business so I have a quick personal story you know I've known Chris now for about five years you at the very end the book he talks about closing you really go through the entire code but yeah I remember him teach me
00:01:07bits and pieces of the last five years but you guys have the opportunity at the very end you'll be sure to stay to the end cute day we're giveaway books so it's gonna be a great great interview today so Chris you know what the conversion coal you know
00:01:25why did you create it you know what your what why is it going viral what what what what what was the reason why sixty thousand been sold across the across the world well part of the Neil is it's a really timely topic like sales and marketing are always
00:01:40invoke you know the man and it's just a new era so it's like if you go look at all the best sales books of all time all the best marketing books all the gurus most of them you know basically came up with their codes free internet pre social
00:01:56pre video preview to pre I tunes pre email everything and so I would give the seminars on one topic Facebook at email marketing website design I would do a class on one topic and people would be so thirsty for that one thing and what what are what I
00:02:15realize was there's a lot more than one thing to crack in the conversion code it's about sales and marketing working in unison it's about like work where a lot of people right now they love our classes on Facebook they love our classes on email marketing but then they
00:02:31can't figure out why they don't convert it actually starts way back with the fact that their website is ugly and that's why no one's picking up their call so there's a third you know I was grown up I know you love video games meals like Pokemon the original
00:02:46and the new one and I I used to play a game you know call country probably before your time right place okay as you rightly so contra had a coat and basically if you put in up up down down left right left right B. a start if you
00:03:01type that in before you started it that specific combination of you know characters gave you superpowers you're invincible yet everyone has all wanted to try to think about like with all this new stuff with Facebook in text in email and blogging in content and you know all this
00:03:19kind of hostile culture that we see happening let's take a step back and let's give people that order what what is the up up down down left right left right B. a start for growing your business online that was what I thought about so you recognize there is
00:03:38a simple framework to helping a business maximize their Brandon or grow I would say I recognize that there was a complicated framework that people needed help simplify was fair if you actually just look at the copper you know we're saying there's Facebook there's hashtags there's like to lose
00:03:57their Snapchat there's all this stuff how do you turn that into money and so I think what I did a good job of his took a really complicated formula and and said here's exactly the recipe to make the best male possible online got it and I I I
00:04:14didn't include every ingredient I included the ingredients that I guarantee taste good I know they're going to help somebody's business so left to right you gave us the framework and the first you know so what's the first step to really crack in the coal was step one because
00:04:30you don't want to miss that one if you missed that one step one big step one is step one is identifying do I need to start all the way over on the internet should do I need to start from scratch or do I need to fix what I've
00:04:45done could you step one is going into it knowing that you don't know at all step one is going into it knowing that I've learned a lot in the last decade about Facebook any mail in all this cool stuff maybe I should work left to right like you
00:05:01set and and that's why the conversion code works because you start with step one and then when you're done it's ready and it's hard to figure out what those steps should be in the order they should be so step one is very simple step one is this idea
00:05:18Neil that if we're going to do add to we're gonna do emails and have a C. R. M. if we're gonna do all the other steps that come next step one is you have to look amazing on the internet your website your about page online reviews content blog
00:05:36your your your hub I call it your home online has to be amazing and the way our friend that Neil is step one is if you're going to have me and my wife over this weekend just to have dinner at your home you spend hours preparing you'll go
00:05:54shopping at Publix you a clean the place up you try to make it look better than and right because you had company coming over well the internet is very similar you're going to have people coming over everyday but I see business owner after business owner not spending as
00:06:10much time on their website in the design in the way that looks as they do on their living room for a dinner party so your your website is where you start because if your website is not beautiful if it doesn't have all this information on it where people
00:06:24can get lost which which we'll talk about the Vegas casino technique like if you don't start with a beautiful sight with the great blog with the great about paid for the great testimonials page what I call money pages if you don't start with the hub this folks are
00:06:41going to matter it is hard for people to realize like Chris I'm calling quickly I'm calling off and I'm following up by email I'm not converting well maybe it's because your websites embarrassing met maybe it's because when I went to your about page and I read your bio
00:06:58it kind of seems like a fifth grader wrote it yes so so you're essentially investing in design up front because part of that that that's your stories your storefront ill imagine from the store needs to be clean in the Senate look amazing if they didn't know you know
00:07:12they need to be able to know immediately if they're gonna buy something right away what they remember you are going to create a member or experience as it is a good point think about that apples store experience you you you feel something in the apple store but you
00:07:26feel something different and better bed bath and beyond her bath and body works like you go to Tiffany and company you go to we like to go to boss writer diesel whatever the stores are when you walk into a retail store there's an energy there's a five there's
00:07:42a that you can tell what their brand stands for the second you walk in the door and meanwhile that same website test most people would fail Brazil so you go all in on design right but that's not the and we're gonna show by the way we're gonna talk
00:07:56through the conversion code that is the end of their some of the show here's the websites I would bill here's the pages I would have here's the where the button should be will give some examples but it is more of a mindset if you don't think that your
00:08:10website is literally amazing right now you need to stay up tonight and fix it you need to find a company like curator to help you because it really does start with that you're gonna do a bunch of stuff on the spokes you're gonna do a bunch of stuff
00:08:25in a C. R. M. you're gonna do a bunch of stuff with ads and stuff like that don't do any of that until the house is clean so so essentially there's no skipping around design you can't go around that but every other part is kind of like with
00:08:43the concert because if I don't if I if I don't hit up read the first button is up right okay if I don't hit up up if I missed the first up and then I do the whole rest of the code right what happens restart it doesn't work
00:09:00in yeah yeah the try again try again so that they think of that is the same exact thing if you skip any of these steps I can't help you and then you wonder why you're not converting you wonder why you're not getting lay ups and doubling tripling quadrupling
00:09:13your business like so many people that are so easy because you're skipping steps one of the most important steps you need to look successful on the internet is not that complicated absolutely so you'll tell the people had great success nipple mean design and when you implement it the
00:09:29right way send your people have been able to grow their business by one percent Intel take their their income from a hundred fifty thousand eight hundred thousand let me give you an example of me investing in design and it's it's a story in the book I started blogging
00:09:43in creating content in like oh nine right like way too soon and I was using a wordpress theme called pieces I remember was called pieces and with that theme you have some controls you can change the color you can change the header you could move the boat and
00:09:58you can make it when somebody hovered over about and it would turn black or gold or whatever you wanted to do and I remember staying up till two in the morning you know night after night working on my site and publishing blog posting getting traffic can be SO
00:10:12proud of what I had done how would you invest and how much you just elbow grease to man it was just below it was a sweat it was time and at the time I was pretty successful so I did feel that my time is valuable but I knew
00:10:26like having a nice website was valuable so I was putting hour after hour into it will eventually I say you know what I'm not a website designer what am I doing I'm a sales guy you know the man why am I up all my design of my website
00:10:40actually remember this is crazy because I remember all my my my the night of my thirtieth birthday's this crazy I remember my wife getting as I was up late at like three in the morning working on my website on my birthday that was a present for me you
00:10:55know I mean I love doing it so I get people that want to Tinker and messed with it but then I finally realize like man I've been working on it for six months twelve months and it still doesn't look like I wanted to so I hired a designer
00:11:08and I paid five thousand dollars a one time fee to have him re design my site so I you know I had all my content I had all the stuff I have blogs and on the day that we did the redesign we were at a thousand page views
00:11:24per day so we have built up our traffic to you know thirty thousand page views a month one thousand per day well over night we went to three thousand pages a day ninety thousand pages a month we tripled our traffic by simply investing in design because we didn't
00:11:46add new content you know to me it was literally an ugly sight became beautiful because I cut a check in a triple my traffic with that tripled my time on site and that tripled my email registrations in that tripled my affinity with my readers so investing design had
00:12:02an impact on the tracks of getting people to the restaurant and that ultimately what is that you know how what was the impact on leads right because it's not just the traffic that would simply converts into you know getting it when you're finally getting them all marketing is
00:12:17math right so you know if you have a thousand visitors or a thousand page views and you triple that it which you triple your lead to trouble your traffic you triple your email last you triple your contact means you triple everything gets mad so that's what I try
00:12:35to do is is long as your traffic is growing but your time on site in your page views per visitor are not striking just keep growing right and first impressions are everything right so it does you invest in design now yet more people visiting now they have a
00:12:50better impact maybe yes you may think of it this way when you get to a beautiful sight you cannot as quick to get out of there yet when you get to a site that looks a little shady you almost have one foot out the door while you're using
00:13:01it right it's like if if there's even one thing that this site screws up I'm out but if the site looks beautiful it's got a good navigation it's got a ton of great information you'll come to settle and you lean back a little and what is it that
00:13:14you call the call of the Vegas Las Vegas track right when he called let me do this for people taking notes I want you guys to write down the the five pages that we call the money paid guy and these are the pages that you should spend all
00:13:29the time designing editing iterating and what you're referring to nail is basically you take these five pages and you link them all together in a pretty smart way so as an example it's kind of like well somebody's on my about page my about page doesn't have reviews it
00:13:47has data and bios right but if you're snooping on my about page there's a better chance you would want to read my reviews you know that somebody reading my blog right so it's five money pages they're all linked together in some capacity in again we'll show some examples
00:14:05but here's the money pages meal the first money pages the homepage your homepage matters the most because it gets the most traffic the second money pages the about page your about page guest typically the second most views of all your pages the third money page is your reviews
00:14:23page you don't have a whole page dedicated to all the great work you've ever done you can have reviews on Zillow Facebook yelp but you need a whole page on your site dedicated to those that so home gets the most traffic about kids the second most reviews gets
00:14:40the best leads then your sales page right like what do you do how do you do it what are your services right that's gonna get you the mostly and then you have like your contact page right like you always have like contact me now your your sales page
00:14:57is going to have a bunch of information and throughout that sales pays there's going to be called to action words like are you convinced now contact us %HESITATION not %HESITATION convinced yet contact us %HESITATION not yet keep reading right so throughout the sales page there will be links
00:15:13to contact us but that's the that's what you do when I talk about on site optimization K. onsite optimization is basically just understanding that your homepage really is just a showcase of the other five pages and then if you're on the about you link to reviews and sales
00:15:33of your own sales you link to about refusing contact if your own reviews you link to sales center centers are stacking the right sort of build new you're stacking them and then you're like in Tom and also an example here where somebody's you know checking out one of
00:15:49our clients about pages and they kind of get to the bottom and it's like okay well when somebody gets to the bottom where they normally do Neil they leave they close at their dot so at the bottom of each of these pages there's very clear passed to the
00:16:04other pages will show it but a simple concept would be all you're reading about me then why wouldn't you want to read what other people said about me that would be a simple example of about page linking to reviews page so it feels complicated but in theory you've
00:16:20got five money pages that you try to link all together and then that kind of big big button in the top right is that contact us right it's all kind of working towards that what we call appointment league women lead you know the key isn't that's a design
00:16:37but also the five money paid that's we're gonna put the focus on because that is where we can help you create that traffic flow in the course yeah there's a framework to stack them all together and link them together and you know this doesn't huge impact of conversion
00:16:51maybe two more things as far as the website and one that's got a house so once you've got this beautiful site with money pages intertwined yet you have to identify two things last two things number one what are your lead magnets what are the things on your site
00:17:10that you're gonna put behind a form so like as an example this interview you know this is our interview with a best selling author and we're going to teach you how to completely cracked right people will register for that that's how they got on an absolutely everybody watching
00:17:27right now gave us their info to be on this so that's a good example of something that was worth gate but let's say we run a blog post in the blog post was like two ways to start your sales calls better you know that may not be worth
00:17:45you know making somebody registered join your newsletter for so what I want everyone listening to do is you have to go and say what are our lead magnets gonna be and for us that's things like like long form videos in depth guides like we have a we have
00:18:00a article called seven Facebook business pages worth stalking plus the tools to stalk them when I was content right gives content that is great Conran content that you probably can't get anywhere else we paid a couple thousand Bucks for the person that wrote that article that article is
00:18:17great if you register to get that article you're not gonna feel like you did and get you know your emails worth nine hard drive I had to get my emails worth wit when you're basically just ask yourself what I register for what I'm putting behind a landing page
00:18:35and then if I would want to be disappointed or not when I unlocked it and if it's like yes yes you're good at all I would definitely register for that in if I did I'd be glad after I did that make sense absolutely someone missing constant but it
00:18:49was that badly enough and they go through dinner like you're disappoint you gotta has to leave magnets you can't just let people run the thing about this that the casino in Vegas that's the whole point they want you to get lost they want you to do is keep
00:19:00circling around they don't want you to leave but they also want you to stop and put your money in those machines a case right so the money pages are sort of the ones you can just walk around is gonna like Disney springs city walk right I'll come walk
00:19:16around right you can go all around is the spring you want to come in you can affect so keeping time once I keep you more opportunities from the bar but your but at the same time planning a couple trap doors so that they have to register all give
00:19:30you a good example knee on our side of people are watching go to curator dot com in if you go to our menu I think there's a tab in there that says free Facebook add greater right right will damn we build add raider we build a tool that
00:19:46will grade your ads with one click that's worth registering to use and so that would be a good example of if you go to our menu you know most of the stuff in the curator menu you don't have to give your information to see but something like a
00:20:01free Facebook add greater or something like the ultimate right right so you kind of planting these little trap doors in your menu in your foot or in your content right if you're on our sales page and your liking what you're hearing wouldn't you maybe give your email to
00:20:17watch a seventeen minute walk through video you're already reading about curator you're already on the page learning about curator but that's unlocked I'm not getting your info for that but while you're there what if this is Hey would you like to watch our founder walk you through the
00:20:33whole platform email go so you can even combine your lead magnets into your money pages right little complicated it's obviously on the book the last thing you'll see got the beautiful sight the money paid just believe magnets the last thing is what is your on going strategy what
00:20:51are you gonna blog about weekly monthly quarterly you have to figure out what you're gonna what we call cap because the website is sort of useless if people don't use it will get into that yeah but if you don't have a weekly or bi weekly or monthly content
00:21:11strategy your site will get stale so even if it's amazing itself if you don't add to it giving yourself a less to bring people back with over time so it's beautiful sight money pages onsite optimize that put your late lead magnets in there then what is my blog
00:21:32strategy longer term in your basically kind of done with module one if you will of the coat got it okay so so I think that's the that's a phenomenal frameworks was designed as the money pages is putting in these trap doors to make sure that you're maximizing all
00:21:49the money you put in causes you know you're gonna miss out on the opportunity it's just like when you invite the people or nail is just be thoughtful about that experience smell good when they get there are the chairs and I'd like is there a good like people
00:22:02call falling sway right you know they're good energy is the same thing and let us know you guys in the chat you're enjoying the interview and you're picking up some great tips for your website please let us know in the chat we're also going to take questions at
00:22:16the end of this and anyone who's question we answer is gonna get a free signed copy of the conversion code will make sure we don't send you the Polish edition of that this one is but if we answer your question on the air little later you're going to
00:22:34actually get a free signed copy of the conversion code we've got Sarah from our team monitoring the chat she's gonna send the best questions to me and they will both answer those at the end **** to keep those coming lots of great feedback people are loving it great
00:22:49stuff we love it awesome comes up awesome great info but let me just say one thing about great info now execution on the info is what matters in a man did the conversion code takes time I guess someone hires curator we spend three to five weeks architecting the
00:23:09coat that's like why people hire us is to crack the conversion code for them Hey Chris this all sounds great on busy I got money hook me up yet that that is what your writer does it if you're wondering we help you crack the conversion code all the
00:23:26pieces in vault are the pieces we sell so I know we don't always talk about curator in the conversion code and Chris it gets a little cloudy but curator helps people cracked the conversion code because it is a multi step thing we just talked about that one right
00:23:44and so we the way we help people crack the code is not solely with designing the website and landing pages so how so what's this what's that too so now you've put a lot of money in society and in design and by the way we've seen a lot
00:23:57of people do that but still not have a strategy the upper hand so long but one quick question before we get to the traffic from I want to answer this question from Cecile okay %HESITATION and I want to make sure that Cecile gets a free book so far
00:24:13team this is the first winner here because it's a great question where would we get great ideas like where do you go to get the idea as to add to your website consistently so why don't you give one in August one because you teach this stuff to what
00:24:31where would be a place to go to get a good idea for an article for that that blog strategy where would you recommend people so so people can go to places like a bus you know dot com great places beta search the wet and it'll give you content
00:24:49that's been proven socially still give you so that you know is a piece of content or blog as being shared on Facebook Twitter show you the engagement of the king is is having content but then funny contras that's proven to be valuable to people as not guessing you
00:25:05know it you think about your marketing is you don't wanna guess what's going to your dollars behind it as well so finding great ideas busted our bus single dot com is a great place to be and get free information call yeah bus sumo you can put in a
00:25:19key word so you could put in your city name and you would see the most viral articles in your city you could put a real estate homes for sale you can put is a lot of call yeah you can put it and men dot com so you can
00:25:31put in a website on bus tomorrow and it'll show you the most popular articles from that site not just your own key word searches so that's a great recommendation what what we've done a curator a level these questions come in and you guys Sarah is monitoring the and
00:25:49we will answer all of these at the end for sure but what what our clients have access to a curator we build something called curator brain and basically it's eight hundred to nine hundred of the top teams in agents in the country and all of their blogs any
00:26:06emails and ads go into curator and then curator scores those based on data that's what you're getting at like you know yes we like to be artistic in marketing but there's some science and some data there too so a cure in our our clients have access to the
00:26:25same concept as a bus to Morrow but from all top producing teams and agents around the country what are the articles that got the most clicks got the most link clicks got the most emails got the most open got the most video views got the most click throughs
00:26:39on a message so we built something called curator brain and that basically is giving you an real time every day the best articles add ten emails that are proven it's not some Facebook group guru who gives you an idea that they think it's clever or that may be
00:27:00worked in their one little market these ideas are being scored against tens of thousands of other ads so buzz soon as kind of a free tool that you can get some good ideas from if you are a carrot or client or you become one you know curator brain
00:27:17becomes your best friend because it's a great question because every great campaign every great poster page really does start with an idea and not everybody is creative not everybody just wakes up like our team and just geeks out about what the new ideas should be this week so
00:27:39%HESITATION ink a curator you know you can copy say taste and use the other curator clients marketing which is cool so you have a website in place and I wanna find ideas to get consistently you get people to the site as me much for saying it's not about
00:27:54having the size now using it and if you guys are walking with you guys or hearing thus far you know if you've been following Chris you know Jimmy curator for years al the way it works for if you hire as you were free school simply put your is
00:28:08it cold in the chat with your phone number the chat we're not going to give you a call when we get back to the interview but if you've been looking forward to hiring us in now is a great opportunity curator brain the site all this stuff is better
00:28:19has ever been before we're not just selling design we sell our brains in the communities brain you get access to that and that's amazing yeah we're gonna it like Mike was so we're going to do a little demo will show some money pages all talk about the on
00:28:31site optimization will show some ads will show some emails will show some blog posts as well that sell you a Cecilia was looking for but at the end of this interview at the end of this weapon are working to have dozens and dozens of people asking us to
00:28:49reach out to them and we have a pretty small team here today in the office so if you want us to reach out to you about building your site about helping you with your marketing put your zip code in the chat because that's going to be the order
00:29:04that we follow up so if you already know you want to talk more but you still want to watch the rest we're gonna follow up based on who puts their zip codes and first in the reason we start with the zip code is we are sold out in
00:29:16so many places and we also go stalk you online to make sure that you're a good fit before we just send you the contract so we'll follow up with everyone after the interview but if you want to be first in line for the follow up just put your
00:29:30zip code and now let's get into Neil I well you you've got the question yeah I I I call it the graveyard problem I don't know how you're going to frame it but will part of what is now that you have ideas that work really well proven ideas
00:29:47you getting people to your website now you have to put in a frame work to actually follow a lot so you my next question is you know your people they need help with marketing people need help with sales who's actually follow the leads and now they're coming right
00:30:03I'm so you who you so what is the framework you part of the commercial code is not in keeping the funnel now yeah yeah well you jumping ahead so you're jumping ahead to the last part of the code the second part of the code is actually now that
00:30:18I've got this beautiful website with all these lead magnets and I know what I'm gonna publish I need human beings visiting it it's kind of like the dinner party analogies not real fun if no one shows up right so I have seen this time and time again you
00:30:34know people spend you know thirty to fifty thousand dollars on a custom site right and then six months twelve months goes by and they're like Hey no one's using that custom site I like it and it looks great but I'm not getting any traffic early so the the
00:30:52the problem is if you build a beautiful website it still becomes a graveyard if you're not bringing people to it regularly have a quick video on Instagram this week about you know your website is over you know to make your website is not a now right since it's
00:31:10costly yeah so the the concept is that once you've got the lead magnets you've got the blog posts you've got the money pages you've got the on site optimization now we need traffic so we have to turn right we have to adds an email because your best two
00:31:26sources of traffic to a website right now that are basically guaranteed as long as you'll spend money or put in time is a Facebook ad in an email so you know I curator we call the cabin you creates then you advertise then you blast and so that's why
00:31:46we teach cabin that's why we don't just teach having a beautiful sight that's why we don't sell sites right we sell a system because the website and all that stuff we've talked about so far is actually useless if you don't do the ad in the blast so there's
00:32:03a lot of ways to get people to your site you know ad words asio you know you can do a ton of different things but we work with almost a thousand businesses and what we've learned is that the biggest bang for their Buck in time is a great
00:32:19Facebook ad and a great email and you can't just do the yeah right I mean is the key is to do the yeah but then again part of the coding cracked the code is also doing the email right is doing the email and have an idea for the
00:32:32email so that's a great point yet Neil the it people when they call me see Chris help me make some money help me that will help you write this now like the wizard of oz the code right yeah in there's one thing I want everyone to write down
00:32:47and remember if I had to help you make money today it wouldn't be running in that we would definitely go log in to the database of leads you already had we would send them a message and then we will call the ones the open that message which we'll
00:33:08get to in a second what we call behavior based follow up the last part but yeah like people are so worried about filling that Fung which is basically what you're talking about that add the traffic but they're not as excited about nurturing that fall which is the email
00:33:28it's critical that you don't just get traffic in new leads it's critical that you nurture the lead you already have because nail your sales guy do you like the leads that came in six seconds ago or do you like the ones that after six months come back and
00:33:42say Hey I have one more question what the Saudis want talk you are both like I don't know the actor I would Christmas though if someone comes in I like new lease I mean all of those people I mean people on this call you want to leave so
00:33:55I never knew lease but I know the ones in the database for a year two years to meet current said yeah like the people that are listening today those of you that are going to sign up for curator today because several people well they're probably not the people
00:34:11that heard about us on Tuesday you're having yeah they're probably the people that have been watching us and been consuming our content in reading our articles that have been on curator is all our ads all over the internet and maybe even downloaded my book right right so there's
00:34:26a way we wish conversion happened which is what you describe as all sales people are idealistic and optimistic they have to be what we wish happened was lead comes Emily gets because in the real world there some nurture in there some drafts and some follow up that has
00:34:41to happen in fact my favorite quote from the whole conversion code is quite possibly that the fortune is then the follow up so part one beautiful sight optimized part two great Facebook ads in great emails getting people to the site part three you're right we got a follow
00:35:01up now we got a hit the people love we can't just expect the ad in the email in the automation to do the converting we still need people in humans and you know we've obviously got a team of people like yourself and amber and Sarah and Tiffany and
00:35:15Jeremy and there and so the last part of the code Neil as is possible it's you've got a great site you've got traffic and you've got people coming back to the site through email now what do I do yeah in so dimension behavior based follow that comes from
00:35:31what we just talked about which is the added need and so the behavior based follow up is now following up with the concept that you just spent money on and this is the email out back right now I don't think it is the common I want to bring
00:35:44up we're gonna just listen up so when we travel people who have people tell you that you look like typically what we want Brady Wayne Brady all this is so quick quick quick notes house in Boise yesterday our house in Boise Idaho I never been there never stepped
00:35:58foot there and in the last five plus years of travel in the industry and it was interesting know Wayne Brady think it works yeah I come it'll come up to the stage as a high yeah people laughing and I tell them I'm not Wayne Brady and they laugh
00:36:13target or gets a little time to tell you what you just got in the chat Kevin Hart have you ever gotten Kevin Hart you know so I love when people tell me I'm going to read what you do I think it's the light a lot a lot a
00:36:31lot so so this entire right there seeing us together so either I'm tall or you know all experience guy so like the light right now as it is in my eyes this is just great now you feel better because the that's also so yeah so bad here in
00:36:51all seriousness you threw me off there but you know we are humans you know I mean I did you know normally when we do even an interview when I get it you know interviewed a lot on people's podcaster if you do your normal you know kinda curator pets
00:37:06you know we typically are doing a screen share you know we're doing a webcast we're doing a demo and I have definitely seen this trend Neil just towards humanizing yourself on the internet you know the people that are willing to be a human you know to have a
00:37:20little bit of a funny hair a little shiny you know to to get called Kevin Hart you gotta be willing to go there yeah and I just think this is kind of the future and power Pauline and one sided you know presenting is kind of a thing of
00:37:40the past like you know just a couple people asking where Jim is that Jim is not on today but you know I would say for people watching that kind of follow our lead whether it's Facebook livor YouTube or Instagram or even now using go to meeting you know
00:37:55we're really trying to innovate on the human angle you know we're trying to get our faces out there we want to talk to you on the phone where we're not over here hiding behind tech we're not over here trying to type our way on to the Inc list
00:38:07we talked our way on to the English so let's get into the last part of the code the follow up and then let's do some screen share of the sites and stuff is so that the fortune isn't a follow up you just as you mentioned but you you
00:38:23have to be right right and and what do you need right at that point so you have people come in you've built this final you architected that spent a lot of money has been a lot of time you who's the right person to follow up in what was
00:38:35going to happen next yeah that's a great question because a lot of times we work I mean our average customer makes four to five hundred thousand dollars a year and so the idea that they would go get in the boiler room and put on a hat sat and
00:38:48start dialing for dollars off of Facebook leads is just stop right so so we we've we've really implemented at a technique and it's all in the book of of an ISA right you have it Silicon Valley they'll call I say they still call like a sales qualifying round
00:39:05as if you are asking basically it's someone whose job is to go into that hundred leads at the time and find those five good ones how do we get those three to five appointments out of those hundred leads that came in and as opposed to the top sales
00:39:19guy that's always on the road that's doing the sales pitches following up with every lead you actually invest in humans that follow up with the leaves and then you don't really see the leads until they're ready to chat with a pro right so on our team we have
00:39:34Tiffany in amber every lead that comes and goes to them they qualify and they follow up with them day get back to him quickly they do all the stuff that you have to do around being quick and following up a lot of B. and said that the NASA
00:39:48the but then once they make contact with the lead their focus is to set an appointment for you so we think of that as ointment generation and it's incredibly difficult if you're me running a big company that just stop and follow up with blades it's incredibly difficult for
00:40:07you if you have four five demos today we take an hour with every person that we talk to so if you have four or five demos in a row you're gonna have five hours where you wouldn't be able to get back to a lead quickly so the route
00:40:22the ISA role is getting back to it every lead right away calling on texting on following up with them quickly so that they can get them from the lead states to the appointment states for you they're not necessarily trying to close a moment twist their arm and get
00:40:39him to buy anything they're just having a quick qualifying conversation with them making sure they're serious making sure that they're worth your time and I know that's been a game changer for you know one thing absolutely and now one of the things that happens is sometimes finding that
00:40:54right person for your team and I say that's an incredibly difficult to replace yourself so if you're a single agents call today in your maybe insuring hiring curator maybe they're gonna fit me with or not you what would you recommend to them in the code to help them
00:41:10stay on point your what what would you recommend that they do so they can follow up is to execute on the market yeah well I mean ultimately if if you don't have the person or even if you do the automation can be really powerful like if you're getting
00:41:27leads with phone numbers and if you had a minute when the league came menu attacks and had just got your information can you chat like that would be what you would do in real life so things like that email that goes out automatically that's got merge codes with
00:41:41a simple question same thing with the text message went when we get a lead so if one of our clients were to get is still only because we're a marketing company we don't even necessarily care where your leads come from will follow up with all of you know
00:41:55the man we don't care if it's yours fear if it's boom town if it's still low if it's %HESITATION MLS people you've got it like we kind of go after all the leads really smartly and then we call the ones that kind of bite so I would say
00:42:11if you don't have the capacity to you know have an amber how the phones all day what you're going to want to make sure is that you have simple automated emails and text messages from a CRM typically we have one call follow up also could be sales force
00:42:27it could be wise agent top producer I don't care like I had to write this book for everyone you know the reason the book went viral is because it wasn't just a sales pitch for us at every tool you need I break down at a at a very
00:42:44deep level I go deep I and I I recommend lots of options for whatever the tool is you need that are not because I'm not convinced that the tools matter as much as the using up them so if I'm if I have a number in and Tiffany if
00:43:00I have my essays or not automated emails automated text messages with merge codes there elicit a reply that is a big part of the code you don't want to optimize your drip campaigns in your messages for providing a lot of information you want to really optimize those for
00:43:20responses so as an example it might be like you know somebody comes in and they say I want to learn about curator right and the the first email might not be all here's a lot about character the first email might be okay will thanks for wanting to learn
00:43:34about us how many people are on your team and that's the whole email and all of a sudden now leads are coming in that automation's going out and then you're not even knowing about it till they reply with how many people are on their team so the first
00:43:48time you get alerted as the sales guy is when they say they've got eight person team that for you is like bone was go get that deal yet so the the there is a way through tax through email through CRM through lead routing through lead scoring through lead
00:44:03follow up to easier right yeah absolutely still valuable is still a vest and design is still not I would you add a spreadsheet with email marketing email marketing for everyone dollar plants been on there to get a thirty three X. return in those segments emails you mean that
00:44:20can create that behavior baseball was well if you have like two hundred leads are you coming from Facebook now you send out email this timely relevant yeah and they called him the open court yeah it's not that complicated you've got that automated emails that go out with the
00:44:34newly and then you've got the ones that you kind of send out manually long term right so you know it would be nice and this is the this is definitely a key to cracking the code you can't drip on people forever you know I mean you can't drip
00:44:48email months nine expect to get a big result so we're definitely fans of kind of having having that automation in place up front remember we're capping we're creating new stuff were emailing new stuff if we're doing the conversion code right so I don't feel the desperation to drip
00:45:07on someone for two years when every week or every other week I'm already creating an emailing something new and timely why would you drip on someone with the old stale stuff eight months then when you're already publishing brand new cool stuff so the the more consistently you have
00:45:27the less you have to actually put these long term crappy messages in place got it so the automation is great but even if your soul per nor that the cab strategy can work for you as well as optimize time you have clients like Kelly don't measure she's on
00:45:43the phone that she was one call a thousand we should have time if you're busy if your successor your biz with appointments you when you have time you call the most engaging that's what this framework Chris is describing really gets to you yeah that this is one of
00:45:56the biggest game changers in the code meal is that if you've always looked at Leeds and thought about them as time so Hey here's a bunch of leads that have been in our database for more than a year go get them you know or Hey here's all the
00:46:12new leads they've only been around for a week go get him that that works you know there's some contacts the Phillies older knew the man would you rather me send you the leads that opened our message yesterday that read our blog post today users answered them performing a
00:46:29behavior is a much bigger indicator that there are still serious then them having been in your system for two years right unit so you like the two years lead you like the two years leaves that are back that opened a new message that read a new article so
00:46:45it's really about you know being consistent with the follow up and then letting things like who opened or who collector who visited or what if they read you know I curator nail you can literally go into your database and say show me the leads that have been in
00:47:03the system more than a year did have been back on the website in the last month and that's the best kind of list you can build give me the people that clicked on an email or open an email in the last month but they've been in the database
00:47:18for more than two years like if you've got out and engaged lead over time that's a better late sometimes so it's really about architect in what we call the smart list you know we call them magic moments the hot leads the past clients the people that you've already
00:47:36spoken to the people that you are pretty sure going to Leicester by soon they need their own category and when they do stuff that's where these legal words and lead scoring and really kick and I think what your mission helps kind of release some less stressful like all
00:47:51have all these leads what are they doing just rely on the most wanted are actually engaging and that'll increase conversion and big big part of the conversion coat all those Keating's matter the design money pages you know that the ad emails but eventually I call if I look
00:48:07to you have to call the matching money if you have the call so you know setting up time block response about that in the book you some of the best time to call throughout the day you know eight to ten AM you know in the afternoon forty six
00:48:20so you can always get a couple hours and you get a couple points every single week from keeping that you're so busy keeping their final fresh that these are some of the most the best strategies that we've use I've optimize my time here accurate I use all the
00:48:34same tools that we provide that yeah and we're gonna do a demo of some of those pages I talked about the money pages the blog post the landing pages like how all those things are important we're gonna do a demo of that and then there's some great questions
00:48:48Sarah is putting the questions here in the chat and I'm gonna get back to that here at the end I'm gonna answer these questions and the questions I answer everybody that we answer a question is gonna get a free signed books so I'm actually gonna segue here Neal
00:49:05I pulled up a couple of examples of money pages and when when we talked about you know design and really trying to while people so it's there is going to drop these in the chat so if you see something on the screen our team is also going to
00:49:22put it in the chat but this is a beautiful sight on the real estate group and what you'll see is that they've got a beautiful video they've got a beautiful design clear headline there really selling the lifestyle I'm still yeah like I want to know where that is
00:49:39yeah the running because I'm coming I'm coming so this is a beautiful site and they do a great job but this is what I meant like see how the homepage really just leads to the about us and the reviews so one of the reasons curator people up at
00:49:58Neil is every website of all the other companies in real state at least what we see every website is search for homes search for homes your own values search for homes like one of the other ways you crack the conversion code is you actually have a different you
00:50:13you actually don't do what all the freakin competitors and all the other agents do so this is a good example of what I meant before the homepage really is just meant to link away to the other pages but if we scroll down yeah they've got some features searches
00:50:29they've got some featured listings but ultimately at the end of the page right this is kind of where we get to the folder you can notice what we're doing is we're saying Hey when you get to the end of a page we know that you're either here for
00:50:43buying or selling so we don't want to lose you at the bottom we want to give you another page that you can go to like a page where you can get a report as an example or a page where you could search for homes as an example right
00:50:58so we're we'll do that technique deal that's what I mean by the Vegas casino when they get to the bottom lay come back to the top of something else when they get to the bottom of that one linking back to the top of something else and then you'll
00:51:09even see it that at the end of this page if you're all the way at the bottom most likely you missed some things we've got the menu again or you just want to subscribe before you leave so you don't forget about the site so that's a good example
00:51:24omni are easy all pull up another one here only full of Catherine and you can see kind of the same concept right there is a featured review that looks great look look at that now yet is not always a design matters if this person's following up with you
00:51:41that's a big deal compared to some ugly bootleg Janke website following up with you said the pictures matter the fonts matter the design matters when the way ours and remember you Jimmy talking about this on the coaching call how that white space really makes everything kind of Poppin
00:52:00so it in at this point to see how there's a standard right yeah there's a standard when you get to the bottom of a website people need options people need a menu but that this is a beautiful website and this is actually just her home page you know
00:52:17the main yeah you can go further but remember what I said the Vegas casino as they go through this is her about page but guess what she's got she's got her client success stories on our about page so that would be an example of reviews and then number
00:52:31I said the contact page is one of the money pages so this is a great call to action schedule a call that goes to the page where people contact her if you were to go through hundreds of sites nail there all about the same you've got money pages
00:52:47that are beautiful sales pages homepages neighborhood pages but then as you go to the bottom of those pages and this is a great example of customisation this is a great example of what I call human companies when they're seeing Eric and his actual clients I challenge our clients
00:53:07and I challenge everybody listening to run a stock photo free business it can be hard to do you may have to hire a photographer and Pam a few hundred Bucks to go get a bunch of pictures but the difference between this being Eric scene that's something we follow
00:53:21him on IG do we know him despite watching right now so there's a big difference in you can do neighborhood pages and you can do a lot of different stuff but again there's a standard to the web not noticed kneel at the top of most of these are
00:53:35two buttons give people two choices well that's what the most popular websites in the world use like this is a billion dollar company called stripe look what they do now they give you two buttons they give you a simple menu I could go to fifty sixty Silicon Valley
00:53:53websites in a row and they're all going to have about the same layout so don't try to reinvent the wheel take a look at omni look at their about page look at their testimonial page click on their schedule page going to their menu and what you'll find is
00:54:07that there's a there's a standard to the way you know that this is a good example hopefully this a load for me here of a seller pays meal where the is basically is one of those trap doors member I was saying earlier I'm kind of timing out here
00:54:24I think I have too much stuff open bro I'll be a bad time for the website to go down during a demo let me pull this up because I wanted a flashlight into the dot on the slash dot com slash world it's like well it yeah I want
00:54:42to show people how like if I were to just go to a random site like even if I just want to curator %HESITATION I mentioned kind of what is the stuff we we may have actually lost the weather nothing's loading well we'll talk through it if I if
00:54:58I went to curator right here we go won't our team must be watching and they they fixed it knowing I would I would be irate what you're doing meals you're finding the stuff on your blog like we said that actually has some that kind of worth registering for
00:55:18mindset right I mentioned on curator there we had great my ads in the menu yelling you know so this is that concept that like if you're going to meet our team if you're gonna hire us or explore system those are those money pages I'm gonna leave wide open
00:55:35I want you to go to those I want you to dig through those read through those geek out on when you go to these the certainly you know when you identify like no this was actually worth registering for that is gonna be we're not gonna take you to
00:55:49something that you don't have to register for so that's what I was talking about earlier is whether it's your blog or it's a piece of content you create one of the things on your site where you can put that form where you can require that they register and
00:56:05for us it's things like great my ad like image a long form video content this is another example where inside of this person's site they've got a trap door page right they've got a whole page about selling the whole day it's about buying a whole page about their
00:56:21team a whole page of our views but they want to get some seller Li and so this is an example of a page that it doesn't do anything it's just the landing page the only thing people can do on this page is start to put in their address
00:56:37and then go to the next step so that's an example of sort of having a landing page tucked away in kind of head in with it in your website so you've got the website you've got all the info that these are those trap door pages to get your
00:56:54home's value to get a fifteen page custom CMA with all the listings from your neighborhood that just sold in the last week that starts to become worth my email or my address I'm saying it makes a lot of it is in the positioning of those lead magnets or
00:57:10those trap doors hopefully that makes sense for people listed some audience questions I want to get into some of the audience culinary right %HESITATION in I know Sarah is actually dropping all of the links to all the sites right in the chat in town and hopefully you guys
00:57:29get some ideas from the sites %HESITATION you those are some of my favorites but there's tons and tons of different your examples we could pull from but those are some really great looking websites and the key is you want to invest in design you get all the trap
00:57:43doors bill that was part of your presentation your listing appointment this becomes part of it is not just hiding it and there's some some size some of you guys get your ID like to see more you don't want anyone to know about it but like when you're an
00:57:56appointment after up to new shine because nine average in the ages in the world to have anything like that L. looks that great so that's one of the big opportunities investing design is creating conversations is not just having it on the internet but talking about it yeah marketing
00:58:10your marketing is how I usually describe you know it's like we know that you're Zillow premier whatever right we know that your %HESITATION scene you know years without a bad review but ultimately you've got a market your marketing you know you gotta be so comfortable with the marketing
00:58:30that you're doing yet that you actually end up marketing that marketing you gotta feel comfortable talking about it not just that you have Facebook go in super specific on the ads and how you're doing not that I hate we do email marketing now we have a database of
00:58:45fifteen thousand buyers that are ready for your listing as soon as you say yes like that yes stuff matters a lot and I will say that you know part of our secret sauce is that we work with successful agents you know part of our secret sauces were exclusive
00:59:01by market part of our secret sauces that were a little bit expensive because as the people listening right now know a lot of real estate agents are just awful at what they do so a marketing company is useless if we send people to somebody that use so we
00:59:19typically work with number one agent number two agent team organized want to go to the next level want to go from thirty to forty million from ten to twenty million from fifty to a hundred million we don't usually kind of start the fire we really are better at
00:59:34pouring gas on the fire nominee answer the questions that are on my dashboard here gonna go rapid fire through these questions meal number one how and remember if you have if you hear your question serwis helping us track this you're going to get a signed book for free
00:59:50will mail that to you today first question is how frequently should you add new and fresh content to your site that's a very good question the way that we coach it is weak coach it weekly we think that if you can create advertise and blast once a week
01:00:08and by the way Neil that really means like call at forty weeks a year you know if you hire our team they would basically do it three out of every four weeks or so throughout the course of the year SO two to three times a month if you
01:00:21have more of a marketing deal we got the we got in that we got the crew you know if you have a team you might want to actually you know weekly or a couple times a week but out once a week twice a month is a good cadence
01:00:34when when someone hires our team to do all of their marketing for them it's typically three to four times a month that their calving so that's a really good question this is a really common question right here and you know I love this one %HESITATION this is just
01:00:48a really self aware question you know a lot of people are they thanks so much of themselves and they think that they can do everything they don't ask questions like this so I love this question Lucas this is a good question you're ready what if I suck at
01:01:05writing okay what if I suck at writing how can I make my content more readable that's a great question there is in the book there's things called the the creeds right the marketers create the schedulers creating the closers create by the way just on a side note because
01:01:21we're we're talking about the book but not everybody has it I'm actually let me know in the chat you guys really quickly give me a quick yes or no do you already own the conversion code that I love to know yes or no do you already own it
01:01:38all cool thank you of on six copies make sure we get you a couple again for the court yeah okay so it's just I don't know how many people have it already but basically if you if you already have it congratulations if you don't have it Amazon audible
01:01:56I should at least mention that the people can go buy it it's really good you get the hard copy digital or audible the audible version people love the guy that read it has a really sexy raspy voice and so you'll have to spend about seven hours in your
01:02:12car with me to get through the code that was why I was worried about our think today we were going a little over here on the time but you know that actual audio book is seven and a half hours so if people really want to know how much
01:02:25there could have been today that's a lot that we could cover Neil seven and a half hours so let me go back to the self awareness question if I suck at writing how do I make it more readable you know they're just admitting that they shouldn't be the
01:02:40one walking there's a couple ways one is you can outsource it hire a freelance writer there's a great website called freelancer where they have writers there's another great website called writers access we can hire part time writers that would be kind of if you're just like I'm out
01:02:57I'm not touching that somebody else write it for me if you actually just want to get better and you want your writing to improve their definitely ask for that I would recommend grammarly as it is a great place to start if you plug grammarly and into chrome into
01:03:12your computer it'll basically grammar check in spell check at a very sophisticated level everything you ever type so grammarly is kind of a do it yourself app that would help you write better but freelancer writers access great places to and and we actually have a program a curator
01:03:30called curator marketer and when you hire are marketers they actually write the articles ads in emails for you so obviously were an option there too if people are interested in that great question all right let's see here's a a really good question look as Camaro quite today was
01:03:48bring your kid to school out what does it bring bring your kids to work get the work day so I'm very Lucas up here at the end is the sharp kid do love soccer he got a perfect score on his FSA last year out of that my friend
01:04:07and you have if you have anything you want to say to the people watching about what you've heard today here about the code I feel like I learned a lot I feel like the strategy on calves really good you create and then nothing that you create works if
01:04:23people don't know about it so that retest those you take what you love and a good job thanks for coming out Lucas we're about to wrap up here but if that is going to make some money listen guy that he was right yeah that and and honestly our
01:04:40goal is to teach complicated stuff so that a kid or you know somebody that's not quite tech savvy he is that savvy but you know people that you know maybe weren't born in the video game you know they don't know a concert as the other still going to
01:04:54say well contra thing you talk about what was poke Pokemon what but you know this generation is definitely plug ins Lucas thanks for coming gonna get to sneak in there are two more questions and then we're going to wrap it up this is a question I get a
01:05:10lot you know I I like answering this one if I am doing video and I'm doing Facebook and I'm doing Instagram and I'm doing you to write so I'm what what I would call plan on the spokes right you've got the spokes in in your your site is
01:05:26kind of the hub the question is how do I know it's something that I put out on the spoke should go in the house so if I you know do a Facebook alive or if I do it Instagram you know video when do I turn the corner and
01:05:43put that on my actual site that's a good question so the the way that we think about that is more so evergreen verses real time okay so if if you put something up on social it be a tweeter an Instagram post or a Facebook post if you put
01:06:00something out there on social day is going to be valuable for six to twelve to eighteen months that is when you might want to consider embedding it in a blog post on your site or putting in a page if it's something that is going to be kind of
01:06:14shared today and gone tomorrow that's the whole point of Instagram stories that's the whole point of social media is that you can kind of share a light weight saying that isn't the full blown thing right so I would say if it's super timely and it's just a tweeter
01:06:32a poster of video that you did today you can just let it stay on this book like as an example on Tuesday you guys should all go to our YouTube channel because on Tuesday I did hourlong class on how to change all your Facebook audiences based on all
01:06:49the changes Facebook just got forced to make and so that would be a good example of you know a pretty in depth topic that you you probably will get lost on if you can kind of understand the conversion go before you watched it but that was a Facebook
01:07:06alive that we decided you know what that should go on you too because the the title of that Neil was the best Facebook ad targeting options so it's kinda timely because it's in the news but if you think about that on you too people probably search on Google
01:07:23and YouTube all the time for like Facebook out of ice Facebook ad audiences how to target Facebook ads so if it's key wordy or if it's ever green we try to put it on the site like the video I did Tuesday with Jimmy if you go to curator
01:07:38dot com slash F. B. changes that Facebook live will get embedded on our site long term so part of it's if it's ever green part of it's what the quality of it is part of it if it's timely or not if it's key word or not hopefully I
01:07:54did a good job answering that question for you I I don't know who asked there a chat at all the classes I'm sorry I'm not saying your name on the questions that I don't go out and if you look at the next question I think is a good
01:08:04point is the curator brain is ever agree you one of the things as it up based on real time but when the community makes those changes and spends more money in the brain is just getting smarter so so that's the most powerful thing is having yes and gays
01:08:17like Dreger clients when they actually do those changes and implement the brain gets smarter and everyone is participating in yeah I think the best way to explain that is were never sure what will work the best in six months or twelve months even though people ask us all
01:08:32the time words all this had it that was why we built generator the way we built it we knew that you know as long as good ideas going curator is always people are publishing content running ads in doing email marketing we're gonna always know what's working best right
01:08:49now so we don't know what's going to work best in six months but we know that it will be at the top of curator when our clients log so that's why we built this the way that we did it Lucas you're getting massive love in the chat they
01:09:02are cat several other people like your appearance there alright last one let's see %HESITATION let's see we got our market is coming back I'm asking the last one whoever this is gets the signed book yeah here's a good %HESITATION question here which is the text post verses a
01:09:32photo posted this is right here the keeps moving on people chat more all right so a a photo is worth a thousand words that's a quote from the book you know the I actually have a part of the book Neil called image is everything and the question is
01:09:50basically how do you know when to create your own image or get a custom image or use a cool image verses when can you just kind of do claim tags there just grab like a decent image and the the way that I think about that I'm in the
01:10:04way I talk about it in the conversion code is that when you're whether it's a blog post image or a Facebook image or an image you're gonna stick into an email what I challenge people to do is can you convey everything about the campaign in just the image
01:10:23so you do get to write copy in the link does go somewhere where there's more info and there's usually a decimal places for copy right but if somebody only Saul that and they only sold that image what they know what you're trying to convey that's the way I
01:10:42think about images is one you should definitely be using images more than plain text every chance you get but then sue it's a great image that conveys the purpose of the pulse so I'll give an example is right behind us now and I hope it shows up pretty
01:10:59good on the screen but if I zoom in on this they go to learn my lesson and quit trying actually this is a good example here try to center for people like if if we put this image in in that right just this graphic and I know there's
01:11:17a little bit of words but there's not a lot of work right I can actually take those words away and you'd still kind of understand what ureter was so this will be kind of an example of a visual that tells the whole story and we haven't even read
01:11:34the copy if that was an image for an ad so you know there's ways to get really creative with your graphics when I see an image is always a picture of me or a picture of you you know we think of this as an image as well and
01:11:45that's a good example of the kind of telling the whole story with just the image and then the copy is bonus the the thing all the people with is the way people read you know Facebook stuff Neil is they usually look at the image that's what gets them
01:12:00to stop and then if that's compelling they read the copy above it so if you just have kind of a random image that doesn't really convey the point of the post they won't read what's above the image those kind of slide past your article so that the quality
01:12:15image has that stopping power necessary in the consume the rest of the copy is yeah yeah that was saying thank you same you'll get a free signed copy of the book so guys this is your last chance we're going to shut the weapon are down and forty five
01:12:28seconds everybody that asks the question you're definitely getting a signed book so thank you Neil good job man Neil came off a red eye from Boise one did you did a great outlook is thank you for the guest appearance today and that thank you for setting everything up
01:12:44today thank you guys so much for your time today thanks for tuning in whether you become a client or not I hope I was able to help your business and if I have helped your business today and I've been helping it over the years and I don't even
01:12:58know you what a great way to help my business become a client thank you guys so much

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