I know we're on hiatus, but if you're interested in PPC then we have something very exciting just for you...

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00:00:04hey podcast listeners is Stephanie saretsky from unbounce is call to action podcast
00:00:10I know we're on Hiatus but I'll chatting with my coworker Corey the other day and he's been putting together this really cool program for PPC marketers who work at agencies so I convinced him that those of you that listen to the podcast you work at agencies would be a perfect fit for the program and that he should give you early access and he agreed
00:00:31says you're curious to learn how you can deliver results for your clients no matter how bad their website is if you want to learn how you can match search internet for their landing pages for best results you're sending good traffic to a website or landing pages that just isn't converting or if you've been looking to add cro services to your tool set and you're perfect for the unbounce for PPC agencies program
00:00:54we're looking for PPC specialist to participate in this brand new program and you can get Early Access by going to unbounce. Com for PPC - agencies / podcast. Suntimes.com for PPC agencies / podcast deliver results for your clients no matter how bad their website is right on Downs for PPC agencies program today
00:01:23that's your called action thanks for listening

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