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00:00:01Cheryl are you hello hello
00:00:21how's it going you know this is the first moment of this podcast
00:00:27that's really powerful I know it's like
00:00:31one giant step for whatever are you all on your Bulletproof Coffee no I'm not I haven't done it I listen like I looked at the recipe and I was just like I don't want to drink collagen and Gigi right now and also I don't want to have to put my coffee in a blender it's like it's hard enough to make coffee in the morning
00:00:56I've been in that mindset her past three years since I learned what Bulletproof Coffee is where I'm like one step away from
00:01:08and then one time I friend made it for me and I was like
00:01:12what is a taste like I never even had your drinking butter on your coffee thing is like when you put it in a blender
00:01:22just check it out supposed to blend it
00:01:26yeah that's disturbing to me that you again.
00:01:32Anyway I won't have any interior design tips or anything or snacks
00:01:49entire home
00:01:53okay great so honestly I feel like mid-century modern I don't usually like mid-century but that is the case
00:02:04I'm also very California this girl just tweeted to me and was like pick two neutrals in one color to pop and use that for accents around the room like I hate how every house in La has that philosophy it's like why are we treating color like it's like Whiskey in the Great Depression or something so I can I just have more color is it's like trying to get blush on Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1 I had to beg for maybe like the tap the brush in it and then tap all the color off the brush in the music here you go on my I can tell there's no color on that brush
00:02:53if I see one that but it will now yeah sort of you know we don't know the tricky environment overhead fluorescent lights ladies ladies are you listening overhead fluorescent lights on our set if you can imagine
00:03:20stop goddamn nightmare
00:03:24anyways so what were you going to say for your mid-century advice
00:03:32oh I guess I was just checking in on whether you like that style I have been yearning to make the punch myself into the empty and I haven't done it yet so I was kind of hoping you might give me right I don't have the space for that one so I like old houses like I like I grew up in an old house like the mid-century thing it's like I I really have to wrap my head around it I always likes like details and character
00:04:14crown molding
00:04:17I don't want a lot of glass and out
00:04:20I know I know I'm think about in an earthquake I mean we're all by myself the way the rock recreated that scenario
00:04:45I learned so much San Andreas. Me
00:04:53did my daddy could save me if my dad lived in the city
00:05:05can I catch you have not shaved cucumber no I'm not repulsed but I'm curious why are you taking away the crunch Factor like cucumber the reason I love a cucumber salad
00:05:29the crunch mulching massive
00:05:38I got some cucumbers from Chinatown in New York and they did not have the punch ability I was looking for a great where they at
00:06:03I mean all of this would have been things I should have asked for I think
00:06:13but it's been really hot New York and so I've been doing a little shape too and I do miss the crunch the crunch chicken is made cucumber water
00:06:30I did I tell because when I shaved it there was so much juice but I didn't want the salad making me too dizzy so I poured it in my water
00:06:40can I see where I am is haunted and I've been hearing some bumps and bangs some doors are on some lights are on and I'm just having a momentary freak out cuz I heard a couple bumps
00:06:54I'm sure it's great cucumber talk is still at the Forefront of my fight or flight system
00:07:02you know New York City in the Sun or a hot New York City night I love it
00:07:14I hate it I love it I don't like walking around in the heat of the day per se but I didn't realize tonight so ho your feet hit the cobblestones window shopping with no one in your way
00:07:34how is the X in LAX off the table we will know until you ask it this is about to get killed because I feel like being in your third trimester in New York in the summer must just be hell on Earth because first of all when I lived in New York I always had roommates I always had six floor walk-ups and I had to take like 3 showers a day in the summer I can't even imagine when your pregnant and plus you walk so much like you're feeling swell I mean just seems like being the Prego in New York would be horrible
00:08:34Earth Cafe here in Los angelese and dad was like looking at me so I was pregnant his trying to tell his teenage daughter his bitch ass teenage daughter let's Let Her Go in front of us and should have gotten out the guy is answering a question for me and he's coming back and I'm like a little bitch I was like yeah she would not give right away like the dad tried like 3 times because he didn't enforce anything with her I was like right way to lay down the law on being a good person but basically she just was like a little asshole I like it kept standing there and
00:09:24and then
00:09:27oh yeah that's what it was like she was like a young teenager shot like an Ariana Grande look to her like tons of makeup and like I was just like, but I just like I hate to say it but I wish pregnancy on you ASAP
00:09:45current state of health care or no
00:09:50it's always my nightmare when people immediate reactions aren't out of the way or like let the person that needs to be served serve I feel like I'm always like me to make sure I'm out walking someone and like apologizing when I do stuff in front of somebody and basically alone in the house
00:10:16yeah like I'm sorry in this moment to explain this to you too much space and I got my dogs at the groomer and I literally almost cried saying goodbye to him what type of style does he usually go for like Curly face for so it seems like his options are a little limited does hair go straight around his face it looks like he has a little Bob like George Washington or something like that teddy bear cut the classic teddy bear cut out that every girl wants for her daughter but it's growing on me
00:11:01necro bandana on him know I hate bandanas on people and I know I hate when a grown person ties a bandana around their neck like a little dog but it makes me crazy basically bandanas and sidore is making me crazy I feel like I don't have like I don't think I have any close friends that would ever wear those adornments
00:11:29oh my God it's somebody I knew walked in and out the door at that relationship would be over no matter what stage we're at it could be a parent
00:11:38why did you listen to rains coming in my last podcast release
00:11:43I do not want to come out the wrong way but me and my friends have not stop talking about it be in my room almost unbearable Will Made whenever there's like a lowland something we said we just go rains coming in I sent you way too many of the real version but that oh my God me too I love the real version like I loved every play in that genre that I saw my entire life but it's still so funny that it's such a jonra
00:12:36you nailed it perfectly I don't want to go to that Trump's meeting where he had everyone's is a mockery of it. I saw the link but I didn't click it it was those guys like surrounding him in suits and acting like such fucking little baby onesies power suit or Thursday should be wearing Lederhosen like they're like the children in Sound of Music
00:13:21I'm trying to get on board but I feel like I don't even know if I've ever seen The Sound of Music
00:13:33just guitar music listen Chauncey
00:13:40is your name Chauncey Graham but I feel like that's really close what should I name my child boy and girl name is go do you like gender neutral baby
00:14:01baby acting straight I feel like you could also do one of my favorite things which is missing you and the child father's name that's crazy
00:14:14I know a girl who whose name was able to see about jealousy I love that wonderful call Isaac did you have a snack and then I remembered it was mushy shaved cucumber
00:14:57interesting none the less. Have a great hot summer
00:15:04Rachel to have a great baby diagram have a great baby
00:15:23like you're on a professional call that's just so you do know you're calling a completely aimless podcast
00:15:36there's no job interview
00:15:40well it's cuz I'm at work and I got to pretend that I'm some stuff to do some fake work Jabber
00:15:50yes ma'am I am definitely listening to everything you're saying your call is so important to me wow wow wow that's one person who was a nightmare so I'm in that mindset do people speak to your manager
00:16:08no I'm sorry like I'm supposed to direct them to everything just to email me so I can talk to her myself so it's really great till I emailed me and some people won't take that as an answer which is always so annoyed I can give you my email I'm talking to you right now this is a down day all these procedures here so tips on owning a home
00:16:51it's not my first career choice nor do I have an integrating anything related to it so nope I live in a really cheap apartments like everyone else terribly exciting stuff it up and decorated or you just like fuck it I'll do it later when I have money
00:17:13I need my roommates like make like triple that I do basically so they've been buying everything
00:17:25I wish myself to buy my own alcohol on it maybe I could afford nice decoration versus like pictures that people have given me
00:17:38yeah when I had Apartments I never really put any thought into how they looked that I was just so I could get some shit I'm leaving I don't know like I literally have like loft beds I had 8 by 10 rooms like all the time in like loft beds and just got so it's just pure organizational you had no luxury of like what would look like
00:18:03rewind a patch of gravel are we doing like a radio play where they stranger approaches the house outside of my office is gravel and I'm like trying to walk far away were like so I gather I just placed in the planet like we walked in the other day and there is just like three plunger in front of our neighbor's apartment and there's always like how did you see like in anywhere that's decent for under like $1,300 a month so
00:18:45everywhere so expensive
00:18:49this is a nightmare I Googled the steak thing I don't know if anyone to talk to you about this apparently they're late June until early September is when things are and see what someone told me early Jen and then all these men were talking about the WASP thing where it's like I've been craving fresh figs the guy at the store told me they'd be in in June they haven't come in yet then all this regard talk about wasps which my nephew's did tell me like they don't eat dried figs because wasps go in there and die or something but I don't know if you would see a wasp but the fresh figs I don't feel like
00:19:30is that only for dried figs I'm hoping and then I look at the juicy pink a nerds am I going on I want to let you know when I'm done so I mostly knew them through so stinking Yukon have you have you had picky eater burst what is there anything interesting that you eat
00:20:13I don't know that's why I like things that I've recently gotten into eating that are interesting like things by four years I hated I just started eating cheese like recreationally like a year ago. Cheese's your fucking Edge living on the edge Choice G's long accepted it was like in pizza and then otherwise I refused to eat it and I would like the love of my life and I don't know what I was doing the same with sushi
00:20:50Virginia what were you eating like bacon and eggs
00:20:56yeah I mean just like fish sticks for 90% of my childhood and I mean nothing else I don't know I didn't really eat it and that would it or like I said hamburger is really really boring stuff
00:21:22want to completely change the topic but do you want to hear about the time I stabbed myself up before wasn't sure I just feel that sometimes but sorry I'm very distracted cuz once again none of my Tears out of the things is working let me call you back because I don't have her number but that's a good way to get off the phone
00:21:58yeah they sound effects don't work phone
00:22:03to accept press 1 to send a voicemail
00:22:09Chelsea welcome back thank you man it feels great to be back
00:22:15good how's how's pregnant life at such a dream
00:22:21I bet I don't know it's actually not that bad compared to like what I've read some women have you know you could have that thing where you puke all day for like 80 times a day for your whole pregnancy don't have that you can have sex in the third trimester don't have it
00:22:45overall it's been pretty mild for me but it's still just incredibly inconvenient
00:22:51do you like hysterically at your tweets about it about people like having annoying interactions with you yeah it's crazy it's just all continue to always be astounded by what counts as polite conversation and society as I'm both same people that be like I don't like her she's mean but it's like they're so fucking rude I just don't you know
00:23:17now you know
00:23:21so what's going on what what you've been gone awhile I know sometimes you don't want to share you know
00:23:31yeah I understand you just want to kind of be reclusive tend to your needs your tired
00:23:39but I'm listen I put out rains coming in I felt like that was you know one of my better podcasts that I've released and
00:23:51little libraries yeah I enjoyed it back you know
00:24:00yeah are you doing stand up anytime soon
00:24:03I've done it a handful times but it's honestly just like hard tired man tired I don't know how anyone does it just a few comedians that were doing since all the time when they're pregnant on my God you're a better man than I
00:24:24yeah I don't know plus it would look like today nothing Bulletproof Coffee snacks the apocalypse okay we have an espresso machine machine at our office and I really like that first night and heard about it and it but then I went back to regular coffee at a restaurant has like I like this so much better yeah
00:24:51better tasting than also it's like they're really doing that much what is the main point to lose weight
00:24:59espresso oh no sorry for Bulletproof Coffee your time on this present is just about how the capsules are plastic and every time you're making it your heating up plastic and drinking it like like out of glass more than plastic to which is increasingly so hard to do but yeah I don't know I just started being like I don't want to heat up plastic pods every time I drink coffee and I mean I'm assuming there hopefully bpa-free and all that shit but I just feel like
00:25:41plastic just in general just seems like it fucks everything up
00:25:46yeah I know it's no good I just switched a t i did I mean I didn't think about the plaster thing I didn't like the taste of it I have to go
00:25:57how would you rate the quality of this call five stars
00:26:04came home from Austin
00:26:23LOL that's true I make no promises because I could not keep up
00:26:31I usually can't keep my promises I'm not going to find it interesting but I will try my best for you
00:26:44dark chocolate covered almonds at this present moment but I did actually eat some yesterday
00:26:55so they're just I usually have three right before bed to sleep and I don't know I'm not a scientist
00:27:16is that not knowing anything I guess is trying to find a science community
00:27:22it's like I can't tell if my feet are swollen or if I've gotten corns from these slides I keep jamming my fat feet into
00:27:31Austin I can't I have to buy messages from a website literally called wideshoes.com that's crazy like this is the last resort
00:27:59do you watch any Survival TV
00:28:112 minutes the Boston that's a call you borderline cut ladies and gentlemen
00:28:18no offense I cuz awesome some nice but got to hit that grew fast you know otherwise the calls off or not
00:28:28hello oh hey
00:28:31Hi Chelsea how are you
00:28:37how are you
00:28:48yeah sorry my phone kind of hanging up on people so I was just making sure that we're still here
00:29:03so, it's been a long time
00:29:12I'm like what about this anyway what's up
00:29:19I want trains coming in thank you release a couple days before my birthday if there's like a little birthday present to me you know I was so happy to finally have some content to get out to the people sometimes I record a podcast and then I'm trying to listen to it afterwards to think about putting it out I might go as soon as I can are lying and I don't put animals like I'm like all and that coming out of my car I guess never will see now you're never annoying post podcast that always on a dime come out regularly every week I feel like most people
00:30:04well don't bring up a specific one now I have to be like yeah cuz you tried it is wonderful but I'm talking about just like the pressure to produce content with podcast on just a constant basis results and just in name garbage so much of the time that you know me being in the room artiste
00:30:27you would rather do it once a year and have it be a big blowout PS what how come so many women talk about blowouts in reference to their babies shouldn't self it's so upsetting I'm talking all these moms now and they're like yeah if your baby has a blowout you can do this at I'm like can we get a new term
00:30:47whatever happened to
00:30:53I don't know anyway I'm very well thank you for your call
00:31:012 minutes 41 seconds I'm overdoing it
00:31:06I had a dream I was like somewhere in like smells like trying to make me run in a marathon not a marathon what do you call a relay race and I'm like even though I'm pregnant or like yeah and I was like running or so out of breath when I woke up so out of breath and I keep feeling that way hello
00:31:27oh my god this is my first time calling on my first try
00:31:39kombucha have a story that goes with it okay
00:31:45okay so like my senior year of high school at there's this place that I went to every day they had this new kombucha have you seen the keepers keepers
00:32:03we'll get back to it will come back to it okay go ahead
00:32:13like realizing more Applause
00:32:35not working just a 20 minute delay that's always good for timing communicate proper sound effect go for business that's audience gasping
00:32:57okay okay works like a charm
00:33:01perfect okay so I was like $5 but then I started getting like really drunk
00:33:21and but it's not because I have alcohol in it and I'll tell you why it's because I know this is really gross but I used to have this like yeast infection in my gut like like I never heard of sibo no
00:33:40but now I'm getting so nervous the small intestine bacterial overgrowth of candida yeast infection or whatever and so when the shed. Download this is why I carry after some research the the kombucha kill the yeast and the youth have been fermenting food in my gut for like probably years and so and made alcohol there for when it kill the yeast that alcohol that released into my blood system and I got drunk
00:34:17like it was hard to walk back to school and how do you get what is the condition called sibo or something
00:34:27yeah I do I think there's it's like
00:34:35mostly antibiotics I think like if you have a history with antibiotics and like bad diet and stuff
00:34:43so you and taking a bunch of antibiotics and it caused the use used to overgrowth
00:34:49yeah just like throughout my life I've just taken a lot of antibiotics
00:34:55so now how do you resolve that situation
00:35:00will probably kombucha on Ashley but just like from what I have figured out just like improving your diet and probiotics help a lot
00:35:17well I'll be honest with you I take probiotics and take care 50 billion something or another and a blue bottle and who knows you know it's all this happy bullshit I'll tell you what I had a bunch of swelling in my pregnancy all of a sudden last week I don't know if it was the Heat or I was like getting ready for my baby shower so I was on my feet a lot but it lasted like 5 days and I was like oh my God like a something wrong cuz my feet were like Goodyear blimps with little fucking pig tails coming off there like just so swollen
00:35:52this woman and my comments on Instagram wrote this paragraph about how I feel my feet look swollen where am I great thanks asshole and then but then she said she tried lymphatic drainage massage so I was booked for a massage when I asked the lady do you do lymphatic drainage she said yes she's like oh yeah I have tons of water in your body turn the water in your body and she's like pushing up my leg in my head there's a my arms just like I'm getting like two cups out I'm like yeah right is hippie shit but I tell you
00:36:29after that massage my feet look normal on my legs and arms everything look normal it was so crazy I'm so now I'm a Believer but there's so much shit like that like there's so much I can't be shit and then like
00:36:46maybe most of it is true
00:36:50I was going to say most of it isn't but I think most men don't know a lot of it does seem to be
00:36:57I know it's hard to believe that stuff too because it all just seems like so like gentrified and just like to listen I'll tell you what when I looked at my feet gentrified know they were so flat I could see my actual feet and I was like I now I'm a Believer and this shit works
00:37:21because I thought of this is it now for the rest of my pregnancy I'm just going to have swollen ass feet and it's like you know it's hard you actually can't fit your shoes on them and stuff so it's pain
00:37:43so awesome
00:37:51oh gosh what's in the news the Warriors are not going to go to the White House I love that
00:38:01Regina Hall from
00:38:08yes I do feel about the Aunt Viv recasting phenomena
00:38:14from what the Aunt Viv recasting phenomenon
00:38:19forget it I said
00:38:23favorite snacks girl is roll out of snack from your inspiration and anything unhealthy honestly I've been kind of binging on tater tots recently it's really bad
00:38:45sorry I was reading a text Lissa nothing and yes
00:38:53how much time is it in Domino's I'm tired
00:39:01long time no see or though we're all so happy
00:39:05anything you really want to say before I go take a nap
00:39:12I wanted to ask you how you felt about tattoos so I know Tommy Hill topic but I'm graduating college like this Saturday thinking thank you kind of thinking should I get like a small tattoo between your eyes. But if it's really small and then like when you put on glasses you cover it so it's like you can hide it easily
00:39:48tattoos like behind your neck or your ear something I really never see them so where are you doing at
00:39:59I'm probably like slanted on my arm like on the inside of my arm
00:40:04right right what would it be
00:40:14what college mascot is no my God give me the prison tattoo don't do it this is this is going downhill fast just to say stick and poke doesn't mean
00:40:38you should do this but it'd be funny if I ever tried it I don't know I'm kind of don't have your roommate do it if you're going to do it get a nice tag me in five of her tattoos on Instagram
00:41:03I will and I'll give you a thumbs-up or thumbs-down but okay I just think stick and poke raises on my red flags
00:41:15yeah I mean it makes them you're an adult like I'm barely like 22 I'm still into it excuse me I am not mature I guess it's over for me it has been four years all right thank you good luck
00:41:36stick and poke I think I would be funny to get a stick and poke now imagine like in just even 10 years thinking about that since I'm being like a put it in the past tense I thought it would be funny to get a stick and poke
00:41:53also don't do it on your arm then liked it somewhere I don't know where is this like there was a time or people just always thought I would have tattoos and I didn't
00:42:07maybe I should have
00:42:09there is something weird in your later years or you go fuck me that should do this now
00:42:16there's nothing I want call from baby
00:42:25hello hello
00:42:30is this sun Chucky Freddy National icon
00:42:43holy shit I'm actually got a bed that story for you all right you know I've been watching that Bear Grylls
00:42:58nature survivalist do you know that you took Obama out on an episode into the Alaskan Wilderness and also like I've been watching I mean we have been scraping the bottom of the barrel of nature survival shows there's a show called tethered
00:43:17how to say that we watch which is literally of two people get locked together with like a heavy duty thing and then they throw me to Bear Country fun places around by 8 Bears if he's like there's no way we're running like we're together it's like on the show Chiron comes up anyway it's pretty much just what are we doing I don't know but yeah I know I've been told to watch really calming things in this final part of pregnancy like it supposed to be good for your hormones to be relaxed and stuff all I want to watch True Crime shit the keepers like I either handmaid's tale I was like oh this will be like a campy fun show to watch and I wasn't trying to get a game together to watch it and then we watch new episodes of Mike this is like so fucking dark and like heavy and yeah I survived
00:44:17shows in like true friendship Menendez brothers the keepers and it's just like what am I doing what am I doing oh yeah that's right I'm doing me I'm doing me right now but yes but yeah I know okay you tweeted that I saved it can we get into the story but yeah we had to be like in class like at Uni yeah
00:45:16we have to design like a sweetheart and we have to design hearing that probably was just saying this is why I like sitting around like or could we like holy shit looks like almost crying my cousin like that attacked by Band I can cut it on he's going off that Hallock in tonight so he was like so much like I would like to chill out of it like I don't like to come for you while you're crying I don't actually like you before I don't want to see you cry either and then
00:46:11exactly but he survived came back to Australia and died from like an infection he got from the bear attack like
00:46:28it was like a week or so often say
00:46:37are we expecting some sucking some colorful details and a windup and then some sort of peak and then a wine down with some sort of like the closing statement you should just show up at his brother was attacked and then you know he died Weeks Later from complications I'm like when you get the inside scoop you got pics you got beats of any kind where was the fucking wound did he get his head scream out like I just feel like I'm like I'm in a sea of emptiness there's no not one detail I can claim to go this could happen to me if I go to Canada I might someday have a bear's tooth in my fucking forehead screaming out God save me or something I have nothing to latch my fears onto is just a fucking nothingness
00:47:37maybe if you would had a little more empathy for this guy crying you could ask a couple more follow-up questions and you'd be a fucking star witness right now I G I said I wanted to I want you so bad but everyone is like Bailey died this shit like this is what you should do if you're going to call this show and have a bear attack story first phone really have that story but one thing you can do Google your classmates name you Google Canada try to find any kind of coverage of that bear attacks during print it out get your highlighter out highlights of cute maybe a province or a location
00:48:24but you know if you don't realize part of Storytelling is research
00:48:35I really have that you saved my your favorite saved my tweet you find it on a bed story just like someone was attacked by a bad I was like cool man thanks for filling out this last 10 minutes with you so I can Masterpiece Theater like I want just thinks that you just call and say someone got killed by a bear in a mug
00:49:19where I need to be manipulated and then fell to Pieces Just know that if you ever have to like hit the witness stand or something just you going to need more trapped
00:49:43psychology is structured you're going to fall apart I will Soul trip notes are you allowed to print notes on the stand probably not
00:49:54probably not I don't think so
00:49:58just write some notes in your hand like sweat
00:50:03but oh okay I've got a couple of like food test
00:50:12exhausted you're a skill set in that department all right food test go I'll tell you I used to be a place in New York I'm blanking on what it was called they had Australian burger with beets and eggs on it beats and nose runny egg
00:50:30is it like Outback Steakhouse Upland come on it was really good
00:50:43tell you what I'll tell you my list of things I want to eat as soon as this pregnancy is terminated does not I actually said
00:50:54describe childbirth I want to eat caviar I want to eat Pate I want to eat runny eggs prosciutto rare meat just like all the funnest things in life it's like all these fancy restaurants like that you know I like normally none of them can I eat anything pregnant so it's like pregnant I've gone back to the 50s like I'm like American food you know I want just like cooked very safe food and it's like the fancy restaurants everything's like it's a robbery covered in raw egg white and then sprinkled with like so I can I don't know it's just always like everything is raw and you're fine dining which is Sweden it's very Elemental and then this is Bear Grylls on his journey
00:51:54just brought it back together you see that's how you tell a story you bring it back to the original you think
00:52:07oh my God I was going to say you are Australians must have some sort of nature adventure and then I was like he died
00:52:20yeah what was I got like a month ago yeah I love how you say that I miss you buddy why did she died from a stingray that is the craziest death
00:52:42I don't mean to laugh that is horrible but it is just crazy after all of that a stingray took him out
00:52:52yeah the Animal Planet was like now you might know might be tonight
00:53:16it depends on the potty but I will say patay is one of those things like you know what I was young I was very small-minded and what I like to eat for the most part right Dad would make some incredible clam pasta and I would have buttered noodles like he know every kid is laying or Lotto
00:53:39but party is one of those things that I tried I think I tried it for the first time one of my closest friends moved to Italy she was living in Rome with her girlfriend of me and her and her girlfriend we drove up into Tuscany and I tried pot add some Tuscan restaurant and it was so fucking good to me it falls into that category of like when you're older and you've tried so many foods that you're bored and then you try something new and it's so exciting
00:54:10yeah that's all but some of them taste a little more minerally than others and some taste a little bit tasty I have you had my mom eat stuff like that but it's just a little much for me I'm sure I could like it my husband is very adventurous on the food like their stuff for a mic if I get in my head about it too much would like weird memes or fish like I can't enjoy it but today is good and
00:54:48even oysters I remember the first time I tried wasted my dad and my brother were eating them and they were just like slurping them down there just so happy and I was like it looks so gross but they're looking so happy while they eat it yeah then I tried it I was 5 years old like I was 5 years old
00:55:06damn. Young getting
00:55:18can I get going I thought you had like three
00:55:22oh yeah I had just like to but one of them have been what what I had asked you if you had like the live of the phone what do you think about like make phone calls
00:55:41yeah or mate balls welcome to Trump's America baby
00:55:50I like meatballs very rarely to be honest with you I'm not a big meatball person and italian-americans get real amped up about meatballs and I'm like really relate to you but I also don't say Bruce shoot and I also don't say that she another cut everything off like anyway but it's like I just text your why this is not like I don't know meatballs are just not that exciting to me it's like the texture flavor but there there's a couple places where I've had them on my God that is good but I'd still rather eat other stuff in meatballs this is not that we are citing
00:56:36yeah they hold such a special place in people's hearts you know like all my mom's meatballs all my mom's meatballs my God my mom is coming just going to make meatballs and put them in the freezer also said I wish I had that level of passion for a meatball but
00:56:57yeah at least I'm going to cuz I have some Suffocation for some reason I cannot
00:57:05300° in now I feel like this baby is pushing my lungs or something or maybe I will find out tonight
00:57:15anyway you always saying you are you near that
00:57:22like what I have to do I don't know the geography but my brother was just in Melbourne he said that the food was incredible
00:57:32yeah probably the best city set like a real city capital
00:57:39yeah it's very San Francisco apartment around me then
00:57:50what the hell on that don't listen to her I'd certainly do appreciate your you have a nice voice it's got alcohol low melodic quality
00:58:03like where you going to be like late but thank you is anyone home
00:58:08who is the god to who is it what's your relationship to the purse
00:58:21they are one of my best friends aren't fun
00:58:27yes thank you just like no sound effect by nothing just like say something sentimental
00:58:41or is it just going to be more like a hip hop Classics what's what's a hip hop class see what you do hip hop coming from your Uncle Al Jarreau standpoint
00:58:59I just want to give a shout out to my best nightly she's a top-notch last
00:59:15and that's it
00:59:26is China at my sound effects with her fucking not working but it's kind of better that it's Dustin's skillset here on the show my engineer on this but I just want to say for the record that nothing ever Works anyway Australia forever Melbourne are you coming didn't make its way over I know
01:00:06I actually just thought of saying I like that about you a lot but I love her too and I love Cate Blanchett Kate Winslet correctly
01:00:19I think so I don't know why they say
01:00:30guess what guys sound effects are back
01:00:38and I got to go get horizontal and then take a nice little rest before my lymphatic drainage I treat me any kind of interior design tips if you are a company that like wants to give me a bunch of furniture light fish finish my course design some stuff for you definitely definitely definitely keep in touch or closed well guys what an entree back into the podcast business there was only one call that was 2 minutes long that I feel like I kind of been cut should we leave it so you see the kind of calls I cut maybe I appointed it out afterwards let me know when your tweets if you think it should have been cut or not but then it's like who
01:01:38are you you're listening to a podcast like do you know that I never listen to podcasts like I don't have time I've got to watch two other than Bear Grylls and Married at First Sight
01:01:52Bachelorette hey
01:01:54that Bachelorette fucking Karin got that whole entire show cancelled I'm even get to talk about that what the fuck did she do in that pool so confused
01:02:06no one pregnant called in I was kind of hoping / dreading pregnant woman's advice
01:02:13more like X pregnant women I guess what you called moms
01:02:18IMAX pregnant
01:02:21try to think of alternatives to the word mom anyway. What a day it's been a can't breathe
01:02:33I treasure you I treasure your listenership game
01:02:39and I'll see you on the flip side peace be with you
01:02:43see if we should leave you on any kind of sound effect now that they're working so good
01:03:43Sarah audio

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