My guest today is Ryu Noai, the owner of the Australian tax firm Impala Accountants. Ryu is a seasoned traveller who uses his international experience to help small businesses navigate the pitfalls of international taxes. He tells me about his adventures abroad and how his education allowed him some unique opportunities.

Ryu answers some common questions that many Australians have and he addresses some international tax issues. We also discuss the common problems people create for themselves during tax season.

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00:00:11welcome to the business numbers podcast wavy hair actionable stories and advice about business numbers from real entrepreneur on me I spend the Katamon this is episode number thirty five my guest today is June no line from impala accountants on the Gold Coast of Australia in this episode we
00:00:29talk about his journey from a small tax practice through working and traveling overseas back to Australia and opening up his own firm we talk about some tax tips that non Australians will also find valuable including online business and residency she's had some tips for this coming taxation China's
00:00:47for this episode or business numbers podcast dot com slash thirty five and if there are any conceptual terms are not familiar with check out the free basics videos on the side hi Judy thanks for coming on the broadcast yeah not a problem Bennett it's gonna be a pleasure
00:01:09to be here interested in in habitat of listen to some of your other podcasts and the really interesting thing here so when you introduce yourself to people what do you say as a high on June from empower accountants and small to take firm on the Gold Coast %HESITATION
00:01:26specialize in small medium businesses and international tax we are going to cover a couple of tax questions for the all these in the audience spot in the meantime I'd like to actually start at the very beginning for you in your entrepreneurial journey and you were studying in accounting
00:01:45and IT double degree you need yeah that's correct so three hospital maths and sciences are a war always my strong points I came to me fairly easily I wasn't too sure what I want to do career wise also thinking about engineering %HESITATION are plugged airspace engineering at union
00:02:04and I got accepted in Sydney does a little bit scared to go to Sydney at that point in my life I've never been that I didn't know anyone that none of my friends are going there so I took a bit of a safe route and did accounting and
00:02:19on tape because I figured accounting you can sort of do that anyway where is very nation sort of science and engineering sold things although the the job opportunities market fairly limited and where you could leave may be fairly limited unfunded just go to your any very close where
00:02:36a lot of my friends went so did the double great again I didn't know to much about accounting and I take it that stage bought a figured if I did a double degree can choose which while guard just let some options open and I thought maybe if I
00:02:51want one more than the other I would take it out shopping one and focusing on the Alabama I ended up doing both of them and and it was quite good I enjoy the programming and that sort of helped out in you counting world where you know some of
00:03:06the form is that you use in programming bring out to apply that to excel spreadsheet formulas sort of logic behind the the sort of basic if then else sort of thing that we learned in programming I use a lot excel thank goodness I have energy use that for
00:03:23a while now definitely like cleaning out the spread sheets all the client gives you this protein the wrong format and it's just quick video rental script also formalism something to tie it up there that comes in handy off do you need went into a accounting or IT which
00:03:41direction did you get our I wonder went straight into accounting and a what does small firm was that between six and eight papal at any one time and I really enjoyed the work it was much more interesting than the study when all studying I did not began you
00:03:59know I don't know a whole lot about accounting souls distal dairy based and and Quadros and once you can sort of see how that applied ones when I start working on I found that much more enjoyable and you know it it's not a job for everybody but %HESITATION
00:04:15%HESITATION seem to like it which is good so that that was a small so family oriented little business which I really enjoyed the sort of culture that bond off a little bit limited and by the end off a log on sort of progressed as far as I could
00:04:31about what the small firm allowed me to do was just get my hands on a lot of different things I did a bit of auditing now obviously the financial reporting intact stockpot about client contact at a very early stage ourselves giving a lot of responsibility and a lot
00:04:47of like an early stage in my career which I think helped out a lot you were not told quite a lot some of these details having come up before but this is more eerie similarities between the same thing from a small tax practice got as far as I
00:05:03could wanting to do a bit more but just to get back to what you're saying about it being more interesting the lining at university I found that as well and actually recorded an episode early this week it'll be episode thirty two Joan killing him who's created a lot
00:05:19of apps that make learning accounting concepts interesting and he's got a membership and all that sort of interesting stuff Sir the small tax practice you that you were there for about five years and then what happened next well I want to go travel and do some different things
00:05:37because of that size that was there any real job I had a pop for it a little part time jobs all of the union so I want to see more of what was what else is out there Mike German say I studies walk on that side we had
00:05:52sort of group assignments and all this sort of stuff so I met all the paper work in different fields and the counter thing and I want to sort of explore that is conveys the state where I was also quite comfortable there and there was a bit of a
00:06:05pop towards partnership there eventually Bob I wasn't sure what else is out there you know just because I enjoy that I wasn't sure if I did your honor on enjoy something else more than that sewer and also want to try with your friends very difficult to take good
00:06:23holidays when you're employed when you get four weeks off a year %HESITATION saw which side of the bargain and and had to England and our eyes are just jump in there and say that the Americans in the audience are probably going I really full wakes they get to
00:06:40it with a little thing and I also want to say you said acronym in the SCA can you just explain to people who have no idea what that means all right that's kind of the accountants program so that's a professional body that sort of regulate the counting in
00:06:57stride this are those the child accountants and then it sort of fun practicing accountants the sleepy eyes you know more exams once you finish probably spend two to three years studying and and doing exams to get like qualification and you make those qualifications to two are on your
00:07:13own practice and so does what while doing an open up on the law to to what other people doing lie allocate lament so that was really good and and the qualification it was very useful when I went to England it was yeah pretty highly valued that I can
00:07:33sort of gauge where you are in your career is based on what we've done that on all and because I have that all's idol to secure a much higher pay right than somebody who was on qualified so well worth it I didn't again I didn't enjoy the study
00:07:48that much the course is designed for the really big account holds on on the big accounting firms also comes off on some pretty horrible things that I wasn't exposed to in that small firm side because I couldn't relight the study so much time on work found a little
00:08:03bit harder to enjoy it yeah obviously yeah I got through and and want to send the got through %HESITATION tumble bus also had no say right so tell me tell me about England I'll wait here for a bit over the years so what I did there I managed
00:08:24to get a role that %HESITATION being casino groups are thou subsidiary of American group cold our cities is so that I did not say this palace and all summer because then I was in Las Vegas I worked in the head office in London and we look doctor optimal
00:08:41six or seven casinos sort of across Europe and an old in Africa at that stage %HESITATION I worked in the treasury department that was sort of my day to day role Bob I'll go hide that to work on this big electronic gaming order that all the love working
00:08:58excel again sort of showing that millions and millions of transactions to try to find out what was going wrong with their accounting system so that was really interesting and yeah are are really enjoyed working in a commercial role it was quite different to work in an accounting practice
00:09:16less pressure I would say %HESITATION more repetitive each way sort of ran the same every month sort of ran the sidewalk on the schedule so it was quite easy to know what was coming up next which is quite different to an accounting practice not having time state not
00:09:32having to talk record that was really interesting pleasant nice wonderful not interesting yes I'm so glad it and feel at times it's anyway that was a really interesting change in mind set because I was always focused on brains are productive and you know getting in your charitable hours
00:09:52every day that you know on other work very quickly through the work that all's allocated now you know I'm a daily tasks get through those and some days you know unfinished awakes working sort of two days or something up took a manager and say Hey if you want
00:10:09to go to work for this time of that these are all things everything I need to do for outing for the wake nights at nine on to say that some will pop up and that allows a really interesting changed after working for canon practice we had yeah you
00:10:23never want to be out of work where is that that icing on that you have you know that you can as you work just sit back off a little bit guilty because I was getting paid a fairly high alley right compared to the full time staff there are
00:10:38though the sub sometimes also sort of trimming markdowns why because suddenly pop up for them what I found interesting there was it was even within the one old meditation the tanks of quiet separated and one always that interested in working together some of them that that was something
00:10:55that I found interesting in a bigger organization set off to England where did you go next next up was Japan all went looking for canning worked there and end up working in a hotel in a ski resort which is really fun spent three months or four months in
00:11:14the snow snowboarding and yeah helping look after the hotel bookings also doing English the eyes on top work helping English gas industry can guess I should say so that was that was really final sort of like a job where I did lots of things absolutely can work the
00:11:33ball games the communications a lot from the tribes dice and showing people around the town will sort of black job where where did lots of different things so that was really count as well says that was three months and then yeah then %HESITATION in moved from there to
00:11:52another place in Japan and calls taking English in primary schools so again that was something of that I've never done and never really thought I'd be doing %HESITATION but that's all that was going to be my wife to sort of brush up on my Japanese and and then
00:12:08sort of do that for a little while then look at getting move into a cat any role yet again that was really fun working with you know the little kids and so take them English that does remain joyful job somewhere over in Japan full of the best part
00:12:24of the year %HESITATION and then %HESITATION role opened up at a firm that a friend was working out on the car so we decided to move back here driving Sir all all up how how long were you out of the strategy a couple years and a big reason
00:12:43we came back was also thinking if I'm gonna stay in accounting need to sort of come back and start doing it again more seriously because you know you memberships collapse if you're not doing enough training in an on court in the industry for a long time so wife
00:12:57a couple years and then yeah let's say you had a bit of exposure to having to deal with international tax situations from the point of view the axe fast working overseas and you went to a few countries so you came back to Australia back to the Gulf coast
00:13:17yes yes counsel grew up close by and had a lot of friends here and and you know the opportunity came out from a former colleague he's moved to a different and doesn't opportunity that sock came back for that and this was the last job before you I've been
00:13:35up here and practice yeah that's correct ourselves there for about six years I felt like armada picked a little bit earlier than the six years Bob stayed on because all's on shore what I wanted to do that what my next move was going to say I really enjoyed
00:13:53it than a probably stayed longer because I really like the papal and exposure in the training I got there %HESITATION so worked in the last three or four years there al all worked in international tax specialists tame and you know the lady bug me she ended up moving
00:14:10on so I sort of had at that time for a little while and that was really interesting and very different to working with just yet you normal local businesses and that sort of really take my interest diet and working overseas sort of bite me really want to so
00:14:25specialize in that area and so that was good are already a did really like that for us to hold them in high regard we still sort of send clients ate away that that that much bigger so you know the big clients tend to guide that if they have
00:14:41small on sat yeah I might not fit this sort of business model Dawson interests are I made sure I didn't burn any bridges the counting world it is cool comic quite small you know so you gonna bump into the same papal at training sessions and and things like
00:14:59that so all right Sir when I getting the point where you want to strike out on your right couple questions around that is number one why did you want your and practice and then number two what was the financial considerations before you went on on your right likely
00:15:18putting savings aside to jet take a few clients with you yes Sir firstly why a lot of them are probably stems back to when I was a kid my parents %HESITATION they came from Japan in the very low seventies my Big Brother was born over there I'll tell
00:15:33pregnant with me when they moved over here and I'll tell both self employed and we lived in this tiny village in the hills and all the New South Wales and pretty much everyone was self employed there you know builders and carpenters and things like that all artists %HESITATION
00:15:50and and until I had mine Charles I probably didn't appreciate how much value I felt by having my parents around the house a lot is that you know and my dad was a woodworker among the pottery so you know that have the shed further on like further down
00:16:11on the property so heels mostly working from there building things saw wasn't till I had my you know my first child and you know I'll be away from the house from seven to seven pretty much most days I felt like I was missing out a little bit and
00:16:26I didn't want my son to miss out on us so that was a big motivation on why I left %HESITATION and I thought the firm also can't also be the best on the Gold Coast of moving any any any system on the firms would pay a bit of
00:16:42a now what steps you know maybe after I've got more money %HESITATION and stuff like that make it less pressure about I didn't want to go work for someone else again I felt like at that stage I was ready to do something on my own on you some
00:16:56of the people like yourself and that had done that before me so that that was a big help in what a mess helping me make that decision it was quite odd %HESITATION there's a lot of uncertainty as he said are when you go out on your own where
00:17:13as you know I shan't ploy you get paid the same man every weight blah blah blah you complain you lost a little bit AC I'll say yep so I guess the challenges firstly you'll sort of how to set up the business and you know that that's where I
00:17:28got that you came in in handy aspect you specter Meryl Ahmed naked guys but told many people that have done something similar to me previously out of reach out to a whole lot of other accountants you know people that on you friends you know even if that worked
00:17:44in other firms just get a bit of an idea of what they're doing how they you know what processes that I use are had his attorney work for a couple of accounting practices before I want to get it %HESITATION a feel of what the water market might be
00:17:59doing plus software was involving quite quickly so I want to make sure that you know I also choosing the best ones where it's the fans all over the last firm I work for was quite big ourselves Muqtada for those guys to transition from one subway to another it'd
00:18:17you know it'd take great training yeah sixty or seventy papal that's a big cost downtime all these sorts of things that that made it difficult so I think that they stuck using a system that's probably not the market later the drink good things one zero which is you
00:18:38know I made it much easier for smaller practices to I guess be competitive so yeah many sleepless nights before I could tell my boss others thought it was a very how how decision and I plan to do it on a certain day but that was actually April first
00:18:58stuff that I'm not gonna do it on the back because they want the chart but I have the white another way %HESITATION at the end that killed me it was the house quite nervous also I think you can have good confidence in you have to back yourself on
00:19:14the same plenty of all the people that I work with that probably have the skills to go and do something that sells but were a little bit cautious or nervous about a lot more nervous and then may obviously %HESITATION our figures light to replace mine wage was not
00:19:33going to be that difficult that that was a big part of it as well as a sort of crown some numbers and just said well made a and X. amount of probably need to go to get this many clients that's probably fairly table in you know I I
00:19:46fighting until two years time should be fine it's always interesting when I'll see accountants on the show how they worked out the financial considerations going out on their own and they gave me these really well thought out technical ideas that I usually do with my clients making a
00:20:04big decision did you have a certain amount of savings enough to tell me the number about was was that part of the considerations is like okay if I get new clients I can survive until you know how many months or something like that yeah will also caught fortunate
00:20:20my wife was still working our older in the pop punk capacity because because we have a child who's working she does wake and plus we have savings we like the way we structured our home loan we borrowed the full amount and put an offset account which we could
00:20:36just dump all over I spend money in will kind interest only for the first couple years are also the council to build up to a comfortable stage where we figured well now would be right for you know six months to a year if we had no money that
00:20:51was that was really good having a buffalo because that there were times when I have to sort of pull money out the offset dumped him up business account world before walk while I was waiting to get paid on the first year income and work was quite lumpy so
00:21:06it wasn't just love this movie thing where I'd make the same amount every month like you do when a wide so and the timing of when you do the work to what they get paid yes sometimes quite long so you do the work said that the bill paper
00:21:21copy paste right away white white white %HESITATION so so that was quite a challenge but knowing that I could yeah after the offset just bump up the business account unit that suddenly took the pressure off if I started with nothing album that would have been a lot more
00:21:38difficult say let's move on there's a few tax questions not there is still listening however is listening because this isn't just a straight line specific this kind help anybody who has anything to do with the strength to keep in mind like if your traveling through Estrella or you're
00:21:57thinking of selling two stranding customers there will be some useful information he was position should mention the part of the reason why I know what we're going to talk about his because you did a really good presentation at the PC expo because demand that Maryland I ran back
00:22:12in March so there was some interesting bits from that and useful information from that but I thought that the listeners should learn some more about them one of those was for the people who have an online business stays a bunch of digital taxes or taxes relevant to them
00:22:30you know where they are in the world and where in the world selling to that time people should probably be aware of that they should speak to their account number yeah that that that's a tricky one and a strat is lagged a little bit on this and it's
00:22:44quite difficult to find the wrong information because the strategy is the information available in the strategy is pretty much restricted to Australian tax where as some of these digital taxes are applied to anyone selling stuff into that jurisdiction and regardless of where that based so this is digital
00:23:04taxes that the talking about things like selling streaming services ebooks are eight courses those sorts of things %HESITATION so if you're selling a book from Australia to say somewhere in Europe you don't have to challenge is striving to stay on in the country selling too often you're supposed
00:23:27to register for their equivalent of the chase taste system which might be the very I table some other so derivative of the same thing %HESITATION so if you sell a walk a sixty dollar able into side Germany you're supposed to register for taste in Germany logically business activity
00:23:48statement ever made that case Tay on that sixty dollars a book and supposed to do that in every country that sort of has a digital tax system also you can just imagine the compliance burden around that the massive for people with super small businesses so some of the
00:24:05businesses all some of the countries have like a threshold like a strategy has a seventy five thousand dollar taste take threshold %HESITATION so some countries have that so if you're a super small business one man show selling the books are a courses all for something along those lines
00:24:24in some of those countries you gonna be R. K. some of the countries have a zero threshold and pretty much most of the A. use zero threshold so since he's the one thing into that country is supposed to register for J. stay in that country and the difficult
00:24:39thing is every country pretty much have that has a different chase tape right so yeah it's quite tricky I just I just want to jump in and then say for the the people listening they you're saying GST and buys when you're describing what's happening in other countries just
00:24:56because you're describing in the Israeli terms it's a million with but it's actually called something different like that in Europe the V. eighteen yes yes accidental yet like south tax as far as I'm aware America doesn't have that system so I think selling to America you're probably going
00:25:15to be exempt from that they have like state price sows taxes generally you need to have like an establishment in that state to be caught by the way their rules all of all make sure to get a U. S. tax account to come on the podcast in sometime
00:25:31in the next couple of months they they can go through that sort of thing so if somebody selling overseas into another country they've gotta keep in mind that they may be the stage of taxes what about people in Australia non in astrology the distilling to Australians yeah digital
00:25:49taxes buying for people selling digital products into Australia they may have to read stuff but again astride his got a seventy five thousand dollar threshold so let's just selling more than seventy five thousand dollars worth of product into a strident yet they want me to read the stuff
00:26:05so people selling out of Australia %HESITATION yet if you sell something from a straight out of a strategy a band that's going to be damned to bait and exports are you want half the child's chase today or us anything else to add about the digital taxes make any
00:26:20hidden pitfalls or something people should talk to their tax account about yeah I think you're going to have to speak to someone like someone in both jurisdictions thought the country you're in and then the country selling to so it may be quite expensive process began at this stage
00:26:39are done by how all these other countries are trying to make people comply to these rules Mike I don't know what measures are in place to sort of capture these transactions anybody listening I'm already planning to get a US tax account on the podcast in future to talk
00:26:55about things like this but if there is another jurisdiction you want me to get a tax accountant from to talk about these things I just fill in the context full on the spot business numbers put custard com alright so next thing we'll talk about was travel expenses for
00:27:11people who are working online businesses online and they travel one of the things that I need to keep in mind that the way a lot of these entrepreneur tops of working I can sort of work from anywhere I tend to travel a lot and that's fine and that's
00:27:26good that's a real bonus of doing that sort of war %HESITATION the thing to look out full travel expense does is like for the straining tax system in place is if you just because you can travel doesn't mind that that's necessarily going to be deductible you need to
00:27:46have a nexus between what the expenses and the income that you're running so unless you're required to travel it's gonna be difficult to climb those expenses as travel expenses but on the flip side they say you're going to go to Thailand for three months of work that %HESITATION
00:28:03on and you work from Thailand then I discovered the still claim you know some office space in your apartment Ole co working spaces things on that those expenses you can still climb total little bit about coke accommodation just in the office space what about food meals and incidentals
00:28:21of traveling or a tourist activities if it's a June travel expense like going to a conference or something like that than most males of baby doc double males travel accommodation for those sorts of events are going to be deductible on that day save and pay for them came
00:28:40and stayed on the Gold Coast %HESITATION yet their combination should be deductible yes I suppose lies in there for an event for work or work related matter then you generally okay if you stay anywhere more than six knots you're supposed to keep a travel diary sort of love
00:29:01what you're doing it stay how much is business how much is personal or I'd say a good segue then is residency issues for estrellas wanting to go overseas for a long time people coming into Australia can you just walk through the briefly the basics of how tax residents
00:29:20he works yes a basically tax residency is very different to I guess residents in general times in times of vases and things like that goal rocks to live it live in Australia so if you missed any tax resident you're supposed to report income from worldwide sources so you
00:29:40know if you got capital gains Marseille's is supposed to report that all of this is subject to my double taxation agreement the strategy may have with the other countries where the income source but basically you supposed to report everything you get a credit for any taxes paid assays
00:29:56%HESITATION and then if your and non tax resident of Australia Yanni after pull your stride in Seoul sting counsel if you make any money from the strategy yeah Wall %HESITATION Bennett taxed nonresident then yeah that's off the any income that you need to report okay is is there
00:30:18any particular situations when people should talk to their tax accountant about residency or any the times maybe you've worked with clients and they should have already talked to you that that they may be left it a bit light is any situations like that you want to highlight yeah
00:30:37I think anytime you gonna go overseas for any extended period of time or you moving yeah mating jurisdictions talk to somebody from where you're living lacking a strand in account for example when you leaving to say what the the strong tax implications might pay and also speak to
00:30:56someone in the country going to say what he called going to qualify for residency there often just leaving Australia likes you know if you don't set up somewhere of any permanent service saves you might still be connected to a stride even though you're gone for a couple years
00:31:12I'm I'm not catches a few people out you mentioned that there was something you need to do is super contributions in this tax year yeah from one July two thousand seventeen people that are employed can make deductible super contributions where its previous to that %HESITATION if you want
00:31:31more than ten percent of your income from a wide age you you couldn't %HESITATION like deductible sit contributions so so that was a good change and it's going to allow more people to put more money into Serbia say if somebody wants to take advantage of that they have
00:31:47to make the stupid payments before the end of the financial year yes it's going to be a viable going forwards but if I want the deduction in this financial year that have to make it now yes a designee of a deductible when it's paid so that for a
00:32:02lot of papal social show all the you know the kind of super light that loses that some activity status shirt the X. does the questions then a question I usually ask all my guests before we wrap up the episode and as an accounting you're in a good position
00:32:21to to comment on what do you see other entrepreneurs getting wrong with the numbers so do you have any parting advice for other interpreters about the numbers any common themes you noticed across your clients or Krispy Kreme yes certainly with clients %HESITATION I think at the very start
00:32:44structure should be considered that is called a few different tax concessions depending on the structure you use or if you have an idea of what your end goal is you can choose a structured correctly that's a big bomb people start off often is all tried is that they
00:32:59can understand the risks that are involved with that %HESITATION in terms of numbers again I think most entrepreneurs showed but I often don is total tax accountant or an accountant talk to a lawyer and get some things drawn out shareholder agreements things like that %HESITATION often table salt
00:33:21would not lot of money sorrow you know maybe you can avoid some of those things to start with but I suggest doing that and also getting good book caving package understanding what you numbers main most people will understand the profit loss %HESITATION which you probably talk about a
00:33:38lot of people that talk about balance sheet which I'm sure yeah old job is sort of than that so he up will my looking at bank account and say Akkalkot twenty thousand and I am doing a cafe bought time I have like an eight thousand all the taste
00:33:54tell you bill the I five thousand A. pay I watch days I'm in my own another five thousand on the bills %HESITATION so they might actually be you know have no money really once I've had those debts at a sitting nine that there aren't aware of so I
00:34:08think that's where a lot of people get tripped up %HESITATION and not provisioning for tax well enough got a case now with it with a young guy and he sort of caught up on three years worth of tax and he he's going out and in his own business
00:34:22%HESITATION %HESITATION days got got over a hundred thousand dollars worth of tax debts now been spending everything is gone rather than sort of kicking aside say twenty to thirty percent of what is a site that that's a big thing when you got from point to self employment is
00:34:41you have to deal with your own taxes so %HESITATION yeah I'll say that being a problem quite a lot it was at all wanted that money to keep growing all investing pot you can't really use the I. Terry walk bank yes they get annoyed and certainly having a
00:34:58lot more aggressive about collecting debts and applying penalties so yeah it gets a bit nasty the house in a few cases where it's time to be nasty yeah I I like what you said about people don't pay attention to the balance sheet I've taken on a client's P.
00:35:16Mikey with another account bookkeeper another tax accountant depending on what does services always of providing the time and I look at the balance sheet and say what is this mess with all sorts of error is hiding in here that should have been on the profit loss and I
00:35:31really hope I climb wasn't using that profit loss I will leave with all there is to judge how well the business is doing and make important decisions you know you need to have the numbers right if you're gonna rely on the problem lost the balance sheet has to
00:35:45be accurate to yeah that's right so I guess you understand that quite well coming from a similar background to may is slack if the balance sheets correct if you to reconcile everything on the balance sheet and technically your profit should be correct whether things allocated in the profit
00:36:02loss correctly on all that that's another issue about but the process figure itself should pay yes yes so I guess people are you and I will focus on the balance sheet a lot when when we look at things whereas most people just and look at the pain now
00:36:16but one one affects the Allosaurus that's something that I think a lot of people fall short on for us if people want to learn more about you okay touchy it to talk about their tax questions where should we send them as their websites social media can handle impala
00:36:35tax dot com a you that that's a website my wash recently read on that one %HESITATION yes this is so the whole marketing part of the business is being quite interesting home again the skills that I have never been trained in so I guess going back towards a
00:36:52stop when we talk about challenges %HESITATION I've always been quite strong technically with accounting and on you know I was always confident I'll be out of date that sort of worked on as accountants were never really trying to market to promote the business %HESITATION it I we went
00:37:10off in the car to go and networking and things like that so that's been a really good learning curve enough the lack of of learned a lot sort of more on business in general you know how things operate and how you have to do things to make things
00:37:23work %HESITATION since I've been out my own so that's a really good really enjoyed the other parts of the business the Senate somethings are done enjoyed out like I'm doing a lot of mine and made at the moment I don't have that somebody of owls close sheltered from
00:37:39previously bought you know I'm sort of understanding everything that but goes into a business and you have that certainly helps when I'm talking about the clients as well but you definitely rock solid on the tax stuff I I've of college guys because the time constraints I have to
00:37:53keep the the tax advice section of this post because really really limited but %HESITATION for those who have further questions about any of those areas definitely recommend getting in touch with ju that's impala tax code in a year thanks you for coming on the podcast who really appreciate
00:38:12hearing the story some details that even I didn't are and %HESITATION obviously the great advice with the the tax about what people should talk to the Texaco so thanks for coming on not a problem then %HESITATION I enjoyed it a lot working with you other guys slack yeah
00:38:27you know some you guessed that they do some really interesting things %HESITATION such sorrow and joy being in sort of this online spaces some old best ideas are coming from people I like this right Arafat will that will wrap it up there there are things up and I'll
00:38:45talk to you soon thanks for listening to the business numbers podcast subscribe in iTunes stitch up on our website business numbers put cost dot com also on the website is free basic concepts weapon on a contact phone for submitting questions that you'd like me to answer a few

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