As the death toll continues to rise in the Bahamas, we look at the devastating impact that Hurricane Dorian has had on some its islands with Ellison Tommy Thompson, deputy Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. Facebook is expanding into online dating. Many wonder why it took so long to roll out and others have their concerns over privacy. Also, with textbooks disappearing from many classrooms along with papers and pencils, we ask if it’s time to bring them back . And the TV show ‘Friends’ celebrates its 25th birthday. We take a deep dive behind the scenes to find out why it's still so popular – and if, with its lack of diversity, it would be made by today’s entertainment industry. We discuss all this with Jodi Schneider, Senior International Editor with Bloomberg in Hong Kong, and Paddy Hirsch, editor of the NPR economics podcast, The Indicator from Planet Money in Los Angeles.
(A man walks past damages caused by Hurricane Dorian. Credit: Breandan Smialowski / AFP / Getty Images)
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