Twists and turns in UK politics continue, as members of Parliament choose to take control of Brexit from Prime Minister Boris Johnson - the BBC's Jessica Parker tells us what it all means. The US's largest retailer is to stop selling guns and some ammunition: Hannah Shearer from the US's Gifford Law Centre explains why the decision was made now, and what it means for gun lobbyists and licenced gun owners. We explore how easy it can actually be to switch to a carbon free lifestyle - but should we need to? And there are privacy concerns over a phone app, Zao, that wants to turn you into a movie star - the world of deep fakes seems to have gone a little too far, as our expert on cybersecurity explains. We discuss all this with Jose Martin, a radical organizer and a militant researcher of social unrest, who is in NYC - and Colin Peacock, host of Mediawatch for Radio New Zealand in Wellington.
(Image: Boris Johnson. Credit: Dan Kitwood / Getty Images)
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