Join us as we uncover the truth behind the closing of BurgerFi, an Ann Arbor, MI cultural institution.
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00:00:00well yeah I listen to worst hours when it closed and obviously that's a big blow for us cuz it was like right there whatever you would come back from going out so yeah one day to go to class and it felt like it was really dark and like all the tables and chairs are like pushed over to the side
00:00:19welcome to Burger find a podcast chronicling in real-time our investigation into the mysterious and sudden closing of BurgerFi Ann Ann Arbor Michigan cultural institution that shuttered at stores without warning last April I'm your host Madden goat in and dimes. Gelfand on the afternoon of April 7th 2017 students at the University of Michigan were devastated as news broke about the closure of Fame campus establishment BurgerFi right off the bat we like to acknowledge that we know that this sounds crazy but people really really care about this place even more than we were expecting cultural institution like a restaurant or a store that's closed within the last year
00:01:05I would ever have to say BurgerFi it was tragic I live close to BurgerFi last year and like I would go there all the time but then when I found out they were closed I was sad I didn't know where else to go Salt Lake heart kind of song is very upset like to the point where they can do their work that day and I was like are you okay in there like 4 or 5 man
00:01:28we only talked about 10 people in the diag and he's over there genuine responses we have several in the same question which you heard we really didn't lead anyone on and keep in mind we're talking to people in February almost a full year since the restaurant closed in the first place
00:01:43so what is it about this place that's so important to people it wasn't the only or even the most iconic burger place in Ann Arbor there still Blimpy Burger Elevation Burger and Hunter House it wasn't the cheapest or the biggest but it was very important to a lot of people like I really couldn't complain about how much money I was spending it was worth it and some pretty strange circumstances and it left a hole in the landscape of South University that no restaurant since has been able to fill our friend Shima a Psychology major at U of M lived at University Towers last year the 19th story apartment complex which house BurgerFi is retail space we met up with her in a coffee shop downtown to discuss her Recollections of April 7th the day the restaurant closed
00:02:43remembers being completely blindsided it was really dark and like all the tables and chairs really pushed until later so I went to class and I went back came back it was like a Friday so we all that night and then we came back feel like going to stop by BurgerFi and then it was closed because there is no indication of it closing in like the weeks before there's like a weird 5 news reports at the time confirm Chimas recollection on the day of the closure and Life publishing article titled Ann Arbor's BurgerFi closes suddenly with the sign and an apology and its coverage two days later the Michigan Daily at the restaurant close quote abruptly and that quote no additional information has been released about the closing
00:03:38that additional information never came
00:03:49in early February 2018 9 months after the closure I walked over to BurgerFi is former space what are producers Robert just to take a look at the remains even though it had been so long surprisingly Lilah changed it looks like they could reopen tomorrow if they wanted to apologize in advance it was kind of a windy night
00:04:12we're standing outside for the 1235 South University Avenue BurgerFi used to be before or after the first most people have pumpkins here there's a stack up against the wall
00:04:33back at the apartment we scoured the internet for anything useful then Robert came across something pretty interesting on Yelp so very last review was March 15th 2017 and Michael T from Fenwick said yes great service order BurgerFi cheeseburger with everything and BurgerFi single and garlic aioli young the manager Winston is awesome they also have a bar so that you'll prove you was on March 15th and now this is really really crazy part March 28th 2017
00:05:16Comet from BurgerFi customer care
00:05:20we are so happy to hear this Michael thank you for your review we look forward to serving you again that was on March 28th what was the date that it closed again
00:05:31April 7th April as recently as two weeks before location close we have incontrovertible evidence but they were not planning to close this is I mean I think is pretty big so even two weeks before corporate BurgerFi didn't know that the store was about to disappear but now let's talk about that sign that she mentioned here's what the sign said the BurgerFi restaurant is now closed indefinitely with no plans of reopening the owner and staff would like to thank all our guests for their support throughout our 10-year we apologize for the short notice and inconvenience this may have caused once again thank you all the BurgerFi restaurant staff just to be sure are producers and try his best to see if there was any possibility of these letters being an anagram or something that could give us any semblance of Direction
00:06:24wait so you're all the letters then I separated them by in the consonants and vowels and then I formed words and then I itemize them in the most logical sense that I possibly could but didn't follow the rules of conventional grammar strike trap bring Bob trap Twist of toys
00:06:55and if a trap select wrap Twist of toys yes that's what I'm thinking but it's a trap so the fob is a trap and would have to bring them over and I'm okay so clearly it wasn't a secret code but we couldn't deny that there was just something off about it like they didn't even have time to properly make an exit the more we learn about the story the more that things just didn't add up knowing that the owners were still replying on Yelp Just days before the closure hastily written sign the lack of final Arrangements it just felt wrong and that doesn't even include the fact that we've learned nothing in the eight months since it happen and it hasn't even been a new tenant to occupy the former space
00:07:39it seems really improbable given how small are sample size was during the diagonal views but a stranger tip is off of the lead
00:07:53no that's like what we're trying to uncover
00:08:00dad was
00:08:02I would like to BurgerFi they are a chain but that could be a lead of BurgerFi like
00:08:09Madeline got an Robert Joseph and sand blend written by Zachary gelfand Madelyn. Ann & Robert Joseph music by Zac Efron and Robert Joseph Gallatin for the Creator join us next time as we attempt to track down that CEO and figure out what actually happened on April 7th 2017

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